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Thread: Tyson Kidds return

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    Default Tyson Kidds return

    How would you book his return? I'd like to see him continue to move away from high flying and develop a more Bret Hart style offense, maybe even bring Bret back as his manager. Let him get into the IC title picture, put the belt on Heymans man and it would be a great feud for the division.

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    Curtis Axel isn't going to have a good feud with Tyson Kidd. Also, he shouldn't stop being a highflyer because he offers much more than that but it's still a key part of his style. Any way, he'll probably be back to be a face jobber again.

    If anything, I want him to team with Gabriel again because their team had potential and would have made somewhat of an impact and would have great chemistry in the new improved division.

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    Default Re: Tyson Kidds return

    Get the IC Title from Axel and feud with Fandango. Maybe pair him up on TV again with his now wife Nattie. Then we can do Summer vs. Nattie.

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