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Thread: The Shield in the Doghouse?

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    Default The Shield in the Doghouse?

    No, I don't write this post in response to the Shield losing to Christian and the Usos or the fact they're not as high on the card as they were earlier in the year. It was bound to happen. If you get big enough, eventually you're going to need to start working with guys lower than yourself on the pecking order. That doesn't bother me. Heck, the only way Shield could have maintained their momentum would have been by taking one or both world titles by now or facing Undertaker (again) or Triple H or CM Punk. Nothing wrong with waiting for those things.

    No, I write this in response to recent dirt sheet grumblings that the Shield may be cocky. I read a recap today on Reddit of an allegedly reputable podcast that essentially said backstage buzz is that the Shield believes in the Shield. Is it possible the Shield have gotten big heads? What have you fine people heard on the matter? Is there anything to this or is it just run-of-the-mill dirtsheet click-baiting?

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    Default Re: The Shield in the Doghouse?

    Sounds like baiting to me, though I did hear that there was an incident involving Reigns badmouthing Orton in public.

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    Default Re: The Shield in the Doghouse?

    Roman Reigns called ten-year veteran Randy Orton out in front of the locker room, something you don't do. Ambrose and Rollins are fine, though, and I'm yet to see any real backlash for Reigns. There's already a thread on this:

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