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    So I went to what I believe is my 13th WWE live event last night in Brooklyn, and as is usually the case when they come to New York or New Jersey, they did not disappoint. I got yet another great show to add to the many that I've been to over the years, including Survivor Series '11 and this year's WrestleMania.

    I've been extremely lucky in that regard, and I've been there for so many awesome moments that I'll never forget. The beginning of Punk's reign, the Rock's return to the ring, Cena getting his redemption, Cena picking Bryan, the Ryder revolution, Rey Mysterio and Triple H returning at SummerSlam '07, and going alllllll the way back to my first Raw in 2002, Eric Bischoff being named Raw GM (although I had no idea of the significance of that last one at the time).

    What I want to know is, what does going to WWE shows mean to you guys as fans? And what are some of the best moments you've experienced while screaming your head off and then not being able to talk the next day (as I'm currently unable to)?


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    I've been to nine WWE live events...four Raw TV tapings, three SmackDowns and two Raw house shows.

    I was lucky enough to be front row for the house shows and got high-fived by HHH and Jericho. Nothing too spectacular happened at the TV shows...the biggest thing was probably Regal winning the IC title from Santino. I also got to see a lot of guys we probably/definitely won't see wrestle again, like Michaels, Edge, Benoit, Flair, Tyson Tomko...

    Generally, I had a good time...for some reason, I found the SmackDown tapings a lot more enjoyable than the Raw ones. We were treated to an episode of NXT season 3 at the start of one of the SD shows, which was one of the greatest hours of garbage I've ever been involved with. Hilarious.

    I also had the joy of one of the mythical "re-recorded match endings" for the last Raw taping I went to...which kinda spoiled things, to be honest...

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    My favorite moments I saw live were Jeff Hardy's return back in 2006 and Edge getting tossed into the Long Island Sound by John Cena.

    Other moments I remember are:

    Nunzio winning the Cruiserweight Championship at an August 2005 Smackdown taping.

    The 15th anniversary show when Jeff Hardy defeated Carlito in a ladder match for the IC title. Also saw Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes win the tag team titles from Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch that same night.

    Seeing Hulk Hogan during his comeback run as WWE Champion in my first live show back in 2002 was also pretty cool.

    One of these days I hope to attend a PPV or even better Wrestlemania. Everything else must pale in comparison to going to a Wrestlemania and witnessing history.

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    I lose count and always have to refer back to a recent thread I posted a list in and then add on the recent ones.

    I've been to sixteen WWE events (14 House Shows, 2 TV Tapings). The fourteen house shows were here in Glasgow and the tapings were SmackDown (Sheffield 2005) and RAW (April 2012). The list is:


    I've linked every event (from 2009 onwards) to the thread I made for them. Every one has pictures and videos except from April 2009. My best pictures were probably April 2011. My best videos were probably the DX Invasion ones from November 2009.

    As for amazing moments, well, experiencing two TV tapings was pretty cool. I've got to see some of my favourite superstars like Cena, AJ, Ziggler, Shield, Bryan etc. I was there when Drew McIntyre was on one of the SmackDown live events and was given a huge reaction and the superstars stood in the ring with him as he made a speech at the end.

    I've got to see legends like Triple H and Shawn Michaels (as DX too), I've got to see Undertaker a few times, Eddie Guerrero once, guys like Kane, Orton, Punk, Lita, Angle, Mysterio, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn recently. I remember the reaction for Jeff Hardy in 2007 was the craziest crowd reaction I'd ever heard live and it probably still is. I've seen Stone Cold and Bret Hart who I didn't think I'd ever see for a live event in 2005 and 2011.

    I remember every event I went to, for one reason or another, Chris Jericho was never there and he was really the only proper active guy I hadn't seen. I remember not going to the November 2008 show as I didn't have the money and he was there. I thought I'd see him in London last April at the RAW tapings but he didn't show during the show, only on the titantron... and then he appeared in the Dark Match vs. Punk, was a cool moment.

    Probably a lot of people I've forgot.

    Been a lot of cool moments, one at the event this year was The Shield coming out from more or less right in front of me. I remember one time when a little boy got crushed against the barrier and Triple H took him over the barrier to the ring and had pictures taken with him which was very classy.

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