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Thread: When did Scott Hall's drinking/drug problems start?

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    Default When did Scott Hall's drinking/drug problems start?

    I was just wondering this reading his wikipedia page last night. Was he cocked as Razor Ramon in '92-'95? Was it before this? When did he start hanging out with the Kliq, as I'm sure those guys must have got him into some stuff, if he already wasn't. He was my favorite wrestler in the 90's, and I just can't imagine The Bad Guy being an alcoholic/drug addict.

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    Default Re: When did Scott Hall's drinking/drug problems start?

    I've seen a few of his wrestling friends say the incident in 1983ish where Hall killed a man in self defense really haunted him for his entire life. I'd say it's safe to assume that was a big part of what drove him to drinking, so therefore I'm sure he was already a pretty heavy drinker by the time he went to WWE. Also remember Hall was friends with Nash and DDP from his first run in WCW, and everyone knows those guys liked to live it up back in those days.

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