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Thread: Thoughts on a possible new direction

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    I am not at all sure where to post this, so i decided to make a new thread. Please tell me if this belongs elsewhere.

    After last nights Raw, it dawned on me that the Triple H storyline could be more centered on his injury( the concussion) than what meets the eye, and part of a bigger storyline. They tried to change pace and give a much more real feel to his injury, trying to blur the line between reality and fiction in a new way. Since then this has occured in different storylines (Dolph, Fandango, Daniel Bryan). At Payback in the WHC title match, they focused on Dolph's injury(stemming from a legit concussion), blurring the line further. Instantly after the match, a promo about the REAL risks and injuries suffered came on, then the payback panel talked more about his injury. On Raw, they stopped the Bryan-Orton match due to Bryan getting injured. The line between reality and fiction was blurred even further here too. Now some report said his injury could be legit, but it also could be part of a further storyline blurring the line between reality and fiction. The use of social media to help further blur the line could have been used here, through reports of the injury being legit. It was used with Henry's retirement swerve, which was brilliant because everybody believed Henry was retiring.

    It could be possible that the "Big Summer Angle" is this shift in further blurring the line between reality and fiction. This could be an attempt to change direction and is the beginning of a new cycle. This could all be nonsense of course, but I do believe there is some substance to this idea. Anybody had any vaguely similar thoughts?

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    I definitely said to myself after the Bryan match "wtf Dolph now Bryan this makes no sense. Seems like overkill" If Bryan's injury is truly real and is left alone then I won't think anything of it but if they keep it going something is definitely afoot

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    Other words you are saying have wrestling is fake BUT the injuries are very real

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    It doesn't hurt the product in the slightest to be more based in reality as long as they don't over do the injury angels. There's a lot of workers on the roster and I'd really like to see these guys get written off script more often. If several of the top workers especially got to take a month off here or there for either a fake injury or a fake suspension I'd be very pleased. It gives the workers a break and allows the fans to maybe miss them a bit and pop more when they come back with possibly a tweaked character or a new direction. It did seem like there was a lot of of concussion talk recently but it's maybe a good thing to reestablish that there is risk to what these guys do and it might just set the table for more outs later. Vulnerability can make a charcter easier to follow. Especially when you know they can get beat but they never seem to like with RVD in the ECW TV Title run days as opposed to something like Super Cena in what feels like too much of the time. I'm curious is Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman being consulted on this weeks RAW writing had anything to do with it.

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