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Thread: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

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    Default Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    Let's get this straight. When Impact moved to 8:00 P.M. Eastern time I said it was f#cking stupid! Thursday is already a very competitive night for primetime. That being said, they seemed to keep their audience. Kudos! But they just announced that they are moving back to 9:00P.M. Now? It makes no sense! So when all the networks were airing original programming they moved to 8. Now that all the season finales are occurring and the networks are moving to reruns, TNA decides to stop challenging them? Isn't this the precise time that they should be airing at 8 instead of 9? I don't get the logic! Sure, it may be Spike's call but either way it is idiotic! They should air at 8 during the summer season when their competition is reruns. The move to 9 should be in the fall when the networks are airing original programming. It seems like common sense to me. Am I missing something?

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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    I haven't been paying that much attention, but I know that the first hour has been consistently lower than the second since they moved to 8pm, so I'm not sure where you got the "kept their audience" thing from. They've changed way too many times now over the past few years and need to stay at 9pm.

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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    I know I would never watch TNA over a new episode of The Big Bang Theory, so the move sits perfectly well with me (and I'm sure that show, along with others that get high ratings in that hour, contributed somewhat to Impact's lower ratings).


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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    Well maybe they moved to 9pm because Bellator wrapped up their season a month ago. Hopefully they keep this timeslot when bellator returns. Would suck to see them move back to 8pm because Bellator is back

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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    You have to remember that it is not at the same time in the entire country...for us in the mountain time zone it is currently on from 6-8 so only goes against new shows on netwrok for the second hour and goign back to 7-9 will go against network reruns for both matter, thats what the DVR is for.

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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    In one hand, I liked 8 PM cause the show finished earlier and I could do other things. On the other hand, let's face it, 8 PM is not a competitive time.

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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    I don't really care much for the time slot, but it does help when I have to get up for work 6:30 on Friday mornings.
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    Default Re: Tna Impact time slot... WTF?!!!!

    It was moved due to how viewing habits change during the late spring and summer months due to the Daylight Savings Time time-change. It's a widely-publicized phenomenon throughout the television industry, and it makes sense for TNA to be moved into a timeslot where it will gain more viewership.

    Not really anything to get upset over.

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