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Thread: Steve Austin's Podcast w/Shawn Michaels

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    Default Steve Austin's Podcast w/Shawn Michaels

    For those that don't know Austin just started up his own podcast. The second episode is with Shawn. I went into it thinking it was going to be the 2 of them pushing their new ventures for a hour. It was actually a nice talk between two guys that worked together. The prestige they held for the IC title was depressing seeing how poorly all titles are treated these days. Either way it made for a nice hour of wrestling talk.

    Link has his show

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    Default Re: Steve Austin's Podcast w/Shawn Michaels

    Thanks for posting. I'll listen to it soon.

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    Default Re: Steve Austin's Podcast w/Shawn Michaels

    Lol I love at the beginning when he's advertising being a trainer. It just sounds so silly how you can tell how he's reading right off the script. LOVE the show so far though! Hoping to hear one with DDP someday.

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