Bob Arum's presence in boxing is killing the sport that has helped make him a wealthy man.

Arum, whom fans already had plenty of reasons to be skeptical of, was in the middle of one of the sport's more controversial moments on Saturday as Timothy Bradley was awarded a split-decision win over Manny Pacquiao.

Not many, including Arum himself, felt that Bradley deserved to win the fight. Here is Arum following the fight and quoted by ESPN:

I've never been as ashamed of the sport of boxing as I am tonight.

Comments like this are not going to keep the spotlight off of Arum, and Bob Arum under the spotlight is like looking at an aging news anchor for the first time in HD—it's not a pretty sight.

Arum was in a precarious position to begin with, as he is the promoter for both fighters. A fact he wasn't exactly hiding from. ESPN also offered up this post-fight Arum quote:

I'll make a lot of money off the rematch, but this was outrageous.

Thanks for pointing out why you are the first person people will look to when they try figure out who would have and could have put the fix in for this fight.

This is not new ground for Arum. His Top Rank promotion company was the target of an FBI probe in 2004 over the possibility that the Oscar De La Hoya and (Sugar) Shane Mosley bout was fixed.

That certainly is not the only time Arum has courted controversy.

He was hit with a $125,000 fine by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in 1995 due to the allegation he put in a bribe in order to get a fight sanctioned.

He has also testified that he has bribed the International Boxing Federation to boost one of his fighter's marketability.

Did Bob Arum orchestrate a fix in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight?
Yes, he could never convince me otherwise There are way too many shady people involved with boxing to say it was Arum. No, he would not do that to Pacquiao. Submit Vote vote to see results

So maybe Arum is behind this latest boxing fiasco and maybe he isn't, but there is clearly enough evidence here to suspect that he is, and this kind of speculation is going to follow Arum everywhere he goes.

Boxing needs to rid itself of people with these kinds of shady connections. This is a sport that is in a desperate fight to stay relative, and it needs credibility to achieve that.

When Arum is involved with a fight, there are instantly going to be credibility issues, and that is the last thing boxing needs.

Boxing: Arum admits bribe over Foreman fight
PROMOTER Bob Arum has admitted in a New Jersey courtroom that he paid $100,000 (62,500) in bribes to Bobby Lee, the International Boxing Federation president, in order to have a fight approved between then-heavyweight champion George Foreman and Axel Schulz of Germany.