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Thread: Lockdown 2013: If WCW Had Booked This

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    Default Lockdown 2013: If WCW Had Booked This

    At Lockdown 2013, WCW-style:

    Erik Young would have turned on Team Sting making Aces & 8 win.

    During the World title match, Matt Hardy comes in and attack his brother but Jeff survives. Match continues, Aces & 8s arrives, tries to interfere but Sting and the TNA guys jump them and it's even until Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett appears and attack the TNA faithfull and the villains reign supreme. Devon throws a chain to Bully in the ring, Bully seems to not understand what's going on, put it around his fist, wave his hand around in the air but it catch Hardy on the temple, Hardy falls. Surprised, Bully pins Hardy for the win.

    Next Impact you have Jarrett and Steiner(and Garett Bischoff) in the ring talking about how Hogan and Bischoff screwed them. And JJ also mention how Aces & 8s was a plan all along to screw with TNA. Hogan and Bischoff cuts them off and cut their own promo. JJ said he made a deal and Dixie is off TNA forever, he's the new owner. JJ signal to security and they come picking up EB and Hogan. (Garrett is laughing). Steiner then say, "by the way, EB, take your son with you too" and Steiner starts beating the kid up and nobody can do anything. Steiner would say "it was a just a job you punk kid and now we don't need you anymore!".

    All throughout the show, Bully walks around the TNA lockerroom, saying to the guys to forgive him, he didn't know anything about this. Then Bully with Brooke go to Hogan(who is leaving) saying he wants to make up for it and give Hardy a rematch.

    Hogan is in the stands watching the title match now. Match Bully/with Brooke vs Hardy happens. You see Sting appears with his bat, he's watching like a concerned father by what may happen. Knox and Doc appears, Sting beat them up. You have Brisco and Carrott, he beats them up. Anyway so the match degenerate into a table match but there's a lot of near misses. Then a masked man appear and both Bully and Hardy fight him off and they take off his mask and it's Edge! Edge brings in a ladder and turn this into a TLC match! Near the end, EY comes behind Sting and take him out. Matt Morgan comes in and take Hardy out, AJ Styles comes in and take Edge out. Devon comes in and throw a chain at Bully again and this time he hit both Edge and Hardy with it and Bully smiles then pins Hardy. Brooke and Hulk are outraged. Bully pull Brooke by the hair, drag her to the ring and he and Devon prepares her and give her a powerbomb through the table a la May Young.

    Steiner, JJ, Morgan, AJ and EY join Devon and champ Bully in the ring and celebrate.

    This is how WCW would have done it.

    After that you could have Aces & 8s disband since there would be a new more dominant group to run things. You play it as A/8 were all hired guns, even Mr. Anderson and the job would be done. Knox and Doc could form a tag-team. You could have Anderson remain a heel but be a lone wolf of sort. Carrott would go away, Brisco could compete in the X division as a heel.

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    No, just no. Especially if Nash was booking the event.

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