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Thread: TNA Draft Round One - Falcone vs. Crippler

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    Default TNA Draft Round One - Falcone vs. Crippler

    The poll will be up for forty eight hours, when voting you should take into consideration that all wrestlers should be viewed as in their prime.

    Falcone's Card

    X Division Title Tournament

    X vs Shark Boy
    Johnny Storm vs Sonny Siaki
    Kazuchika Okada vs Paul London
    Mikey Whipwreck vs Jimmy Yang

    Delirious vs Bob Backlund

    X vs Johnny Storm
    Kazuchika Okada vs Jimmy Yang

    TNA Tag Team Titles

    The S.A.T.'s (Joel and Jose Maximo) vs World of Sport (Doug Williams and Dave Taylor)

    X Division Title Match
    Johnny Storm vs Kazuchika Okada

    TNA World Title Match

    Mr. Perfect vs Roddy Piper

    Crippler's card

    NWA-TNA Slammiversary 2013
    *NWA World Championship No-Disqualification Match
    “Prince of the Universe” Austin Aries © vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

    Since winning the NWA World Championship from Samoa Joe back at Lockdown, Austin Aries has been on an absolute tear, having excellent matches, extolling the virtues of his greatness, and in general driving the fans into a rage. The arrogant champion has many times used the “Champion’s Advantage,” intentionally getting himself disqualified or counted out, saying “All that matters is that the Prince still has his crown.” For the longest time, it seemed that no one could stop this reign of terror.

    But now, there is a chance. One man can stand against Austin Aries, one man who has had more than a few dealings with the dirty players of the game. After defeating Chris Hero on a recent episode of Impact, Ricky Steamboat became the #1 Contender to the NWA World Championship. If anyone could stop Austin Aries’ reign of terror, it would be the shining beacon of light in NWA-TNA, “The Dragon.”

    But Aries has started to into Steamboat’s head. Mocking Steamboat’s place in history, calling him the “Also-Ran” of wrestling history. “You’re a great foil, Ricky. You’re great to play off the REAL stars, the Flairs and the Savages. But you’re never the FIRST name on the Marquee, are you? All throughout your storied career, you’ve only been the World Champion one time. Well, this is MY belt now. I’M the Champion. I’M the man. And history has shown that you can’t beat ‘The Man.’ And this Sunday won’t be any different.” But when the match was declared a No-Disqualification Match, Steamboat showed a new vicious streak, beating Aries with his own belt, bloodying the “Prince.” Will Steamboat be able to rise to the top once more, or will the Prince’s Reign continue?

    *Six Sides of Steel Match
    “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “The Huntington Beach Bad boy” Tito Ortiz

    Tito Ortiz, one of the most decorated Mixed Martial Artists of the last decade, made his debut at Lockdown, attacking Samoa Joe and costing him the World Championship against Austin Aries. Ortiz has since explained that he has no loyalties to Austin Aries, he just has a problem with Samoa Joe. He doesn’t care for Samoa Joe’s “Wannabe MMA gimmick.” He questioned Joe’s toughness, his abilities, saying he was just a big dumb monster. Joe responded in the only way he knew how. By trying to kill Tito. But every time the two attempted to collide, waves of referees and armed security separated the two, driving Joe’s frustration to greater and greater levels. Eventually, Ortiz revealed that he’d be willing to face Joe in a Match…on his terms. “Slammiversary, where the big money is. And Joe, if you wanna pretend you’re an MMA fighter, then we’ll do this how I do it. Inside the cage!” But this would be no ordinary Steel Cage Match. No Ring Ropes, No Ring Posts, victory only achievable by Knockout or Submission. The stage is set for a true clash of titans, a once-in-a-lifetime match between two top-notch fighters. Will Joe prove himself, or will Ortiz’s words ring true?

    NWA X Division Championship Match
    “100% Ace” Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. “The Knockout King” Chris Hero

    For his entire TNA tenure, Hiroshi Tanahashi has been a proud warrior, and a fighting champion. Since last year’s Bound for Glory, he has taken on all comers. He has fought with respect, and honor, and always given his best. But for every proud champion, there has always been the seedy challenger. Chris Hero is such a challenger. He has mocked and derided Tanahashi from the sidelines, saying that Tanahashi works too hard in his matches, that he runs himself ragged when he could easily get disqualified and retain his belt, not unlike Hero’s good friend Aries. In fact, Hero suggests that Tanahashi is trying TOO hard to be the nice guy. Saying that perhaps there is a darker side to Tanahashi than most people know. Hero then began displaying (doctored) pictures of Tanahashi in bars, Tanahashi with women of questionable morals, and even Tanahashi doing drugs. All of these attacks against Tanahashi’s character have driven him into a rage, to the point where he has demanded to face Chris Hero in a match, even putting up a title shot. This amused Hero greatly, of course, for Tanahashi had played into his hands. But the smile was soon gone from Hero’s face, as Tanahashi informed Hero that there WAS a darker side to him than most people knew. And at Slammiversary, Hero would meet it. With this ominous message hanging over their match, who knows what will unfold in this match, sure to be an instant classic?

    NWA World Tag Team Championship Texas Death Match
    The Burke and Brown Connection © vs. The Briscoes

    For months, the BBC have dominated NWA-TNA’s Tag Team Division, combining Antonio Burke’s technical prowess with Monty Brown’s unrivaled physical might. But one team has been hounding them all the while: The Briscoe Brothers, Mark and Jay. Despite defeat after defeat, being bloodied, put through tables, and even tossed off the tops of ladders, The Briscoes keep coming back, doggedly refusing to be broken. NWA-TNA Commissioner Jack Tunney has allowed for one final match between the two teams, the first of its kind: A Tag Team Texas Death Match. With the Briscoes’ ungodly ability to take punishment, this match would seem to be in their favor. However, the BBC also has an unrivaled desire to INFLICT punishment. But there is another element to this match. For several weeks now, Burke and Brown have butted heads over who is the leader of the team. Burke does not like Brown’s proclamations of being the “Alpha Male.” And Brown does not like how Burke refers to himself as being the “Most Valuable Player.” With the team coming apart at the seams and their most bitter enemies more focused than ever, will this be the end of the Connection’s dominance?

    NWA World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match
    York and Matthews vs. The Sky Kings

    While the BBC and Briscoes have been trying to kill one another, these two teams have been fueled by the desire to see who the best team in NWA-TNA is. The Club-hopping, High Life-styling York and Matthews have extolled time and time again that they are superior in every way to the more modest team of Sydal and Jack Evans, the Sky King. And yet, no team has been able to gain a conclusive victory. Time limit draws, double count-outs, for nearly a month, match of the night after match of the night, neither team has shown who is superior. But tonight, it ends. The final match between these two teams, once and forever. One team will go on to challenge the NWA Tag Team Champions at Bound For Glory. One team will go back towards the back of the line.

    Brian Cage vs. Chad Collyer

    It’s the classic story. The veteran versus the up-and-comer. Brains vs. Brawn. Technique vs. Power. Brian Cage, with his combination of speed and power, and his fantastic physique, has many times declared that he is the future of the NWA. Chad Collyer takes exception to that. The new “Master of 1,000 holds,” Collyer is the finest student of the great Dean Malenko. And Collyer’s one mission in wrestling is to become a World Champion, in dedication to his mentor. Cage finds this idea not just laughable, but offensive. That Collyer is too boring, too beige, to fit into his view of the future of the NWA. Collyer has offered Cage this match to prove himself the future of the industry, and when Cage accepted, Collyer proceeded to put him into a Crossface Chickenwing. And then a Fujiwara armbar. And then a Cloverleaf. For weeks and weeks, a different agonizing submission, from which Cage could find no escape. Has Cage bitten off more than he can chew, or has he found some miracle way to defeat Collyer?
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    Default Re: TNA Draft Round One - Falcone vs. Crippler

    Crippler advances to the second round.

    Please pick a wrestler from Falcone's roster.
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    Default Re: TNA Draft Round One - Falcone vs. Crippler

    Crippler chose Doug Williams.
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