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Thread: NXT Royal Rumble Match Qualifying Tournament

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    Default NXT Royal Rumble Match Qualifying Tournament

    - Corey Graves (formerly Sterling James Keenan)
    - Bo Dallas
    - Connor O'Brian
    - Xavier Woods PHD (formerly Consequences Creed)
    - Adrian Neville (formerly PAC)
    - Oliver Grey
    - Luke Harper
    - Leo Kruger

    Eight NXT competitors will face off in a tournament this Saturday with the ultimate prize on the line for a hungry up-and-comer: a spot in the Royal Rumble Match! Learn more about the tournament entrants in a exclusive video.

    I'm disappointed some other guys like Kassius Ohno (formerly Chris Hero) or Bray Wyatt (formerly Husky Harris) aren't in it, but it's probably for best since they'd be best introduced with a longer build up via vignettes for several weeks.

    Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey won't win since they look destined to be crowned the first NXT Tag Team Champions. Luke Harper is part of the Wyatt Family and won't debut without Bray Wyatt. Leo Kruger had a tag team with Kassius Ohno but it's only a loose connection and he could possibly win this. Connor O'Brian could also but I feel he needs a little more development, plus vignettes with him would be good too considering his Ascension character. So it's between Bo Dallas (PLEASE NO!), Xavier Woods (sure, he's fun), and Corey Graves (best long term potential talent in NXT right now).

    I'm gonna say Graves wins.

    Hope streams some of the tournament matches.

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    Default Re: NXT Royal Rumble Match Qualifying Tournament

    Sorry, there is already a thread about this:

    First Ever PW Heavyweight Champion!

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