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Thread: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

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    Default WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    Creds to Lony very good idea
    WWE Draft Rules

    1. This will be a snake draft so the draft order will go #1 - #8 the first round then #8 - #1 the second round and so on.

    2. Anyone who has ever been employed (announcer/wrestler/manager/whatever) by WWE in the last 25 years(1987) is eligible to be drafted.

    3. You have 24 hours to make your pick.

    4. Each person will get sixteen draft picks all together.

    5. You must submit a new card for each round you advance.

    6. Minimum six matches per card/maximum ten matches per card.

    7. There must be at least one tag team match on your card.

    8. Each match up will have a 48 hour poll with the winner moving on to the next round.

    9. There are trades including in draft trades Ex. #1 pick for #4 pick and Round 4 pick or something like that.

    10. You may realease people just message me who you want and i will do it for you

    Members Signed Up
    1. wwwyki
    2. Darkmania
    3. Champ
    4. Falcone
    5. Summer of Punk
    6. Mistress
    7. BigRed
    8. Jack Nichols

    Comment if you are interested first 7 get in
    Draft order will be random and it will start at 6:30 on January 19, 2013
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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    Hi wwwyki, count me in!

    Thanks JV for the artwork!!

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    I'm in.


    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Heyman
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    This will remain in my sig until The Rock gets his WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch.

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up


    Quote Originally Posted by DC View Post
    I never thought I'd say this, but ... dammit, give Falcy a modship!
    FALCONE 4 MOD 2027 (I'm being realistic)

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    I'm in.

    Credit to Fresh Prince for the sig.

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    ME ME ME!!!

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    2 more spots

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    I'm in.

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    1 more

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    Default Re: WWE Draft Thread-Sign Up

    Im in if there is room!

    Banner Credit: Spike

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