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Thread: What If... (Ryback question)

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    Default What If... (Ryback question)

    Ryback is currently the breakout star of the last few months and has burst onto the main event scene. His popularity is growing and a lot view him as a potential Cena replacement as the #1 guy in the company. While Cena was injured Ryback stepped into a feud with WWE champion CM Punk and headlined a PPV, and his main event status has held true since then. My question is though, WHAT IF the Ryback character had not been formed?

    The Nexus group that was terrorising the WWE a few years ago contained Ryback, who was then known as Skip Sheffield. Skip was apart of the first season of NXT where he was mentored by William Regal. He was viewed as a big guy with a lot of muscle who didn't really speak and had that rather silly catch-phrase. Not long into the Nexus story however Skip Sheffield suffered an ankle injury which kept him out for around 1 year. During this time he recovered and repackaged his character to become Ryback. So if Skip Sheffield had not been injured where would he be currently? Would the Nexus story-line have gone differently? Who would have faced Punk at the Hell in a Cell PPV? Would there be Ryback?

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    Default Re: What If... (Ryback question)

    -I doubt Ryback will ever be the #1 guy in the company. At best, he'll be #2, he doesn't have the charisma to pull off being the face of the company, in my opinion. I personally doubt he'll ever become much.
    -They probably would have still repackaged him as Ryback, even without the ankle injury. No reason to think the injury really changed his career or something.
    -The Nexus storyline would have still went the same, considering Skip Sheffield was just another member and Barrett was the leader anyway.
    -Punk probably would have faced Orton at HIAC.

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    Default Re: What If... (Ryback question)

    I wasn't watching wrestling when nexus were around Thank God
    So I will answer your last question Mick Foley Probally would have fought punk at HIAC.

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