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Thread: Your Favourite Current Entrance Theme

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    Hello, prowrestling fans.
    I am Vini9909, I am new to your forums so I decided to create a new post, so in one way or another I welcome myself to the forum .

    So anyway on to my question - What current WWE wrestler's theme do you like the most, and concider your favourite. My personal opinion is CM Punk's theme - Living Color - Cult Of Personality, since Punk is my #2 favourite wrestler(#1 being Chris Jericho), and as a metal and rock fan I love the song and think is suits him perfectly. What about you?

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    Default Re: Your Favourite Current Entrance Theme

    My favorite current theme is Cody Rhodes' theme - "Smoke & Mirrors(V2)"

    Not only do I like the song, but I think it really fits him.

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