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Thread: Sorry To Ofend.

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    Exclamation Sorry To Ofend.

    I guess I ofended one of the admin. I thought this is a place that you could express your opinion about pro wrestling.
    I attended my first match live in 1957,and have seen some the best in the world. Thats why I hate to see some of the stuff that goes on today.
    Unfortionaly todays people have missed some classics.
    So as not to offend the admin in question,I will limit my threads to what people want to hear............NOT
    So if you choose to lock my threads so others can't exercise their right to free speach,so be it.


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    Default Re: Sorry To Ofend.

    If you want to talk about the history of wrestling, there is a section just for that. Don't get me wrong, people say a lot of negative things in the WWE section about todays product, but at the same time they are still fans of wrestling today.

    It's clear you don't like wrestling today at all and just like older wrestling, so why come to the WWE section at all? You don't need to inform us about the history of wrestling as we've seen it all as well and know it. The difference is we also enjoy today's wrestling as well, we aren't all 12 year old kids that need to be informed about how good it was all those years ago as we all know it.

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    Default Re: Sorry To Ofend.

    Your thread being locked had nothing to do with any of the stuff you've put in your post here. It was locked because:

    a) It was a fantasy booking thread (not a good one at that) and provoked no discussion.
    b) Your ideas were bordering on the incomprehensible, and were well and truly inane.

    The poster above has also made some very nice points which you could take on board.

    If you want to discuss this further please send me a PM rather than continue to clog up the forum with new threads. Thank you.

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