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    Cool Bring Back

    Bring back a Middle Weight Tittle. WWE has a great line up of Middle weights that aren't getting used properly.

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    Cesaro should do what Lance Storm did. Put stickers over the US title and start calling it the Swiss Heavyweight Title.


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    Actually, with Raw moving to three hours I think that they should bring back the Cruiserweight title. Back when WCW Nitro was three hours, the first hour was very Cruiserweight heavy and they usually closed the first hour with a Cruiserweight match. That formula actually worked while they did it. Let the first hour focus on Cruiserweights, second hour is for the US/IC/Tag team divisions and the third hour focuses on the World/WWE titles.

    Oh, I forgot about the Divas title. Well, since the E only allows them 2 minutes anyway I guess they could be squeezed in anywhere. BTW, I am being sarcastic. I hate that the E treats the ladies like sh!t!

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    Y'know what, merle, that's actually a great idea and would give their very disjointed and drawn-out shows some much-needed structure. So yes, dedicating the early hour to the Cruiserweights (whose high-flying antics most appeal to children), the middle hour of the show to developing the mid-card (with actual structured feuds), and the final hour to the main-event stars ... that could work.

    The Divas division could be slipped in anywhere, or have a backstage promo during the Cruiserweight portion and a mathc during the midcard portion, or whatever else.

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