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Thread: More copying of TNA?

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    Default More copying of TNA?

    Everyone here keeps going on about TNA/WWE copying each other with the love scandal storylines but haven't seen anyone make this connection yet... Garrett Bischoff and Brad Maddox. Now Brad may not be Vince's secret son (or is he?) But they were both refs who have become wrestlers. I didn't watch most of TNA when Garrett first started wrestling and don't know the full details per what was shown on TV. They both kind of have the same look in ways. Hogan publicly called Garrett the future of wrestling and Brad is highly supported by HHH. They both suck and both received pushes. Very glad Garrett was lost after Eric was banished, hoping that Brad is forgotten about after he gets squashed 30 straight weeks trying to get a contract.

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    There is nothing in common with the two of them. Nothing at all.

    Hogan called Garrett the future because he's a twit, and Garrett is his best friend's son.
    Maddox was a wrestler first and then became a referee as part of an angle.
    Garrett was fucking nothing, then a shitty referee, and then magically became a wrestler.

    People will make up any bullshit to try and make one company look stupider than the other, I swear.

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