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Thread: Early Smackdown thoughts

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    Default Early Smackdown thoughts

    The show features:

    John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio - Match of the Night
    Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston vs The Prime Time Players and Wade Barrett
    The Great Khali vs David Otunga
    Damien Sandow fan quiz
    Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd
    Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal vs The Uso's
    Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

    Overall thoughts: The show was a wrestling heavy show with quite a good few matches, so it gets the thumbs up from me. It didn't really advance any angles or storylines though since they did alot of that on Raw I don't have alot of thoughts otherwise because there is very little to comment on. If you want to see a bunch of good matches, this is for you, but if you want more than that, this isn't for you.

    Shots from the show:

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    Default Re: Early Smackdown thoughts

    Even, I had also lots of smack down a wrestle mania show's memories in my mind. I am truly addicted to watch wrestle mania because it's an outstanding show. I also like many other sports like Japanese jiu-jitsu is also most finest.

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