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Thread: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

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    Default HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    For years, everyone on these boards have called for all their Indy favorites to get a shot in the WWE. From Punk to Danielson to Kaval to Ambrose.

    They came.

    So who is to really thank?

    Once Punk came in, he changed the landscape and once he spoke, it became clear that he wanted what the Internet wanted. Was he as big of an influence in all these Indy guys coming into the WWE or was it Teiple H getting more backstage control of the WWE?

    Or was it you guys?

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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    I'm giving the credit to Trips. Trips is a wrestler. He sees that the indy guys can work, and when they get to FCW/NXT, they clearly stand out above the rest, as well they should. He's not stupid.

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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    I'm saying both.
    CM Punk showed everyone that Indy guys could come in to WWE and be successful. HHH got the backstage power, and made it happen.

    Without Punk, Trips wouldn't have had the leverage he needed to start bringing other Indy guys in. Without Trips, there wouldn't have been anyone backstage really trying to bring in the Indy guys.

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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    I will also say that is a combination of both.

    It's hard to say if Hunter has actually been taking any advice from Punk, but someone in WWE has opened their eyes to the talent on the indies thanks to the likes of Punk & Bryan.
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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    Both, but I also say the thin roster that needs depth is the biggest reason.
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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    Both. If Punk flopped like they expected back in 2006 then a guy like Damiel Bryan wouldn't have gotten a chance. When Triple H took over it became clear that he was more keen on guys like Ambrose and Rollins than management had been in the past and Punks success proves that this is the right move.

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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    I'd definitely say both, as well.

    Punk paved the way for the indy darlings to break into the WWE. He showed the audiences and the guys backstage what someone from his background could do. He proved that indy stars could be as good (or better) than the very best of WWE's homegrown talent.

    Triple H had the backstage pull to make hiring more people like Punk possible. He has the respect from management, the eye for talent, and the political clout to make it happen.

    It doesn't hurt that the fans respond so positively to Punk and Bryan, either.

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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    If I had to make a choice between Punk and Triple H far as "New Stars" go? I pick Vince McMahon. Punk has done nothing for anybody career, in fact the new stars and old stars are busy putting him over. Trips has had some disasters, Kharma, Mistico, Tensai etc. Sure he is in love with guys like Sheamus, Cesaron, and Dean, but he will bury them all if HE thought bit was good for business. He doesn't have any more Batista's in him.

    Far as the Question goes...Triple HY by a mile

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    Default Re: HHH or Punk? Who is to thank?

    Kharma was hardly Trips' fault, it was just a horrible personal situation. Maybe it will happen some day for her.

    Sin Cara = $ in Mexico.

    Did he bring Albert back, or did he saddle him with the Tensai gimmick? If he gave him the gimmick then yes it was a disaster, if he just brought him back though, that was a good move. A good heel big man that can work, is a good addition to the roster.

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