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Thread: miz turning face how come

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    Question miz turning face how come

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    One of the main reasons WWE is turning The Miz babyface is because he has two movies coming out next year that will be centered around him. Another reason is because he was starting to get cheered a lot in some of the European venues on the recent tour. The Miz as a babyface failed early in his career but now he's not really seen as "a reality TV star trying to be a wrestler" so the feeling is it may work this time.

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    Default Re: miz turning face how come

    It had nothing to do with the European crowd, if that was the case Wade Barrett would turn face. It's true about the movies and he also does a lot of charity work. This has been in the works for a while. This is very sad WWE is lacking a strong heel. That's what made wrestling great in the past. Now, heels are cheered and faces are booed.

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    Default Re: miz turning face how come

    He can give us a lot of great feuds as a face, feuds with Heels like Del Rio, Ziggler & Barrett.
    Fave 6:

    1 & 2- CM Punk & Dean Ambrose (Don't Know who I like more LOL)

    3- The Miz
    4- Damien Sandow
    5- Daniel Bryan
    6- Antonio Cesaro

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    Default Re: miz turning face how come

    I am so super stoked about this. For ages I've been convinced Miz could be a brilliant, hilarious baby face. I really wanna see how fans take to him like I think they could / should.

    Miz rocks. I know I'm in the minority, but I love the guy.
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    Default Re: miz turning face how come

    Pardon the pun but Miz will be awesome as a face, his ring work will certaintly improve as well since he won't have to be the controlling heel, he can be the comeback babyface. I cannot fucking wait, i'm so stoked.

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    Default Re: miz turning face how come

    Miz is already awesome as a face. I'm actually surprised how some folks have already taken to it. Great. His match and promos with Ziggler on Main Event this week were perfect.

    As for this no strong heel/no strong face garbage, I blame Austin. He blurred the lines between face and heel. So we can't perfectly use those simple comparisons anymore, plus as a society we like rooting for the bad guys these days, not just in wrestling but in films and tv shows too.

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