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Thread: Dead Crowd: What do you think of it?

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    Question Dead Crowd: What do you think of it?

    Like seriously, why not just stay home if your gonna go to a live event to show no reaction whatsoever? I just don't get it. Why pay all that money to just sit there in silence?

    Last Raw Punk didn't get any reaction from the crowd whatsoever. When the crowd is jacked up, the show is ALWAYS better. The performers feed off the crowd's energy. I thought the crowd at Survivor Series was pretty dead as well.

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    Default Re: Dead Crowd: What do you think of it?

    Give them a reason to care and they will. But I get it. Stay home if you don't want to make noise.

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    Default Re: Dead Crowd: What do you think of it?

    Yea when the crowd id dead, the show becomes a lot less entertaining...

    I just don't get dead crowds, If I'm ever to attend a live WWE event , I would be jumping and screaming like crazy.....
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