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Thread: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

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    Exclamation CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    I think it's very unfair to have Cena in the WWE Title events constantly, but more so I just want to see another match instead of CM Punk vs. Cena, or a Triple Threat match with the two. CM Punk is the WWE champion, so I do understand he should rightfully be in the main event, but should be fighting other opponents. I mean they have fought so many times now and it's like the WWE audience is seeing the same thing over and over again. Yeah, I realize that Ryback has been in the WWE title match 2 times now, but how many times are we going to see the same two opponents in another match for the WWE Title? I am not a Cena fan for obvious reasons, but it's not really about him, it pertains to the these same two wrestlers are always main eventing the WWE Title matches, regardless of the results. It's like its never ending now, since Punk is a heel he finds some cheating method to win the match, and Cena gets screwed, then Cena finally defeats Punk on RAW after Hell In A Cell cleanly as he is scripted to of course, yet whoever wins or loses, it's always CM Punk vs. John Cena, it's not like the title is going to change hands either, and that is another reason why it makes it so boring.

    I don't care if you are a Cena fan or a Punk fan, you do have to admit that this feud is getting really boring and repetitive even if it involves someone else like Ryback. Don't you agree? It's like the HHH vs. Orton feuds, yeah they were great matches, but there should be a limit to how many times 2 men can wrestle, why can't Vince give us a new exciting match. In addition, there are other deserving talent that should receive a title shot.

    What are your opinions?

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    Default Re: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    One on one matches between the 2 are always awesome....

    The problem is when WWE stupidly decides that it's a good idea to throw another superstar into their matches to make it a triple threat match....
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    Default Re: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    I've loved every second of their feud, most of their matches are fantastic, and they have tremendous chemistry together. Cena vs Punk is the Rock vs Austin of this generation. And I personally can't wait to see Punk and Cena headline Wrestlemania together. Punk/Cena is the best feud of the PG era.

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    Default Re: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    They do such good work with each other it is hard to be tired of their feuds.

    Thanks JV for the artwork!!

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    Default Re: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    I've enjoyed Cena/Punk their matches are always great, Punk and Cena really bring the best out in each other, it's gonna keep happening over the years to come as they are the top 2 guys.
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    Default Re: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    Yes, I'm very tired of it and Cena should be also. Punk should never want it to be over

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    Default Re: CM Punk versus John Cena: Getting Tired from It

    They'll keep having it until RR'12 when Rock wins the belt then they'll have some EC match where the winner gets a shot at Rocks title which Cena will win and then we'll have Dream Match II the Rock/Cena sequel where Cena will win and the Rock will go back to hollywood
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