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Thread: WWE RAW World Tour Live Event (Glasgow, Scotland, November 6 2012)

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    Default WWE RAW World Tour Live Event (Glasgow, Scotland, November 6 2012)

    Tuesday, my nephew and I went along to the WWE show over here which marked my fifteenth WWE live event and our seventh going together. The show was a sell-out once more as it always is when they come here, a few hundred over 5,000 in attendance. As I've said previous, the SECC is a bigger arena which the WWE has only ever used once for some reason but that is mainly used for concerts and exhibitions whereas Braehead hosts a variety of events. I expect when the Hydro Arena is completed in 2013, they'll move to that arena but we'll see.

    It was a RAW show and featured most of the main talent. I was hoping The Miz and others would be there as they'd have flown over for the taping on Monday but they ended up on SmackDown aswell. Our seats were more or less the same as last time but not as close as we were a year back when we were level with the ring and at the first row of tiered seats.
    Anyway, enjoyable show, both had a lot of fun. Here was our view:


    Match 1
    Brodus Clay and Santino Marella vs. Epico and Primo

    He doesn’t come across as very over on TV but Brodus got a great reaction. Santino got a huge cheer, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. When he came out to taunt on the turnbuckle, he fell over to ringside (planned) and then played up being scared throughout with the crowd willing him on each time he attempted to climb the turnbuckle.

    Epico and Primo are very under-rated but weren’t they a face team a few weeks ago or are they still? In the end, it was Santino and Brodus who won but not before Santino climbed to the top rope, went down to the second and then the bottom before missing with the Cobra. He eventually did hit it followed by a Clay splash.

    Afterwards, Brodus, Santino, Naomi and Cameron danced with some children they had brought to the ring.

    Match 2
    Tensai vs. Michael McGIllicutty

    Tensai is pretty big in person. He got some good heel heat when his music hit whereas no one seemed to recognize McGIllicutty’s music and he got a next to nothing reaction which is always cringey. I know of this match before the event started and wasn’t really looking forward to it, I thought it’d be devoid of reaction and quality but it surprised me.

    Crowd came alive for the big moves and McGillicutty did get cheered when he won with a roll-up at the end. Scattered ‘Albert’ chants and a group started an ‘A-Train’ chant which Tensai reacted to by marching over and confronting the group.

    Match 3
    WWE Divas Championship
    Eve vs. AJ vs. Layla

    Surprised the divas were on this early but they all got good reactions, Eve was booed loudly, Layla was given a nice cheer and AJ was cheered really loudly, she was really over. Lots of ‘AJ’ chants from the get-go and the crowd were very supportive of her.

    The match began with AJ and Layla ganging up on Eve who tried to make peace. Solid match, given a good amount of time but AJ and Layla both spent large portions outside the ring and when they attempted to get back in, they’d get bundled out again.

    At one stage, AJ jumped onto the referee to prevent Eve winning, this led to AJ rolling up Eve for the win and becoming champion. The arena loved this and AJ looked great with the belt. I knew about it ahead of time though and even though I knew it’d be done in seconds, I enjoyed AJ ‘being champion’.

    I was happy to get to see AJ as I’ve followed her since 2009 and it’s great to see her living her dream, you can tell how incredibly humble she is and grateful at everything she gets to do in WWE and after going to London for RAW in April and only getting to see her on the big screen, it was good to see her here.

    Vickie came out to huge boos, could hardly hear her at first but she said AJ can’t touch an official and she restarted the contest that Eve went on to win.


    Match 4
    John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Earlier in the night, Dolph had appeared on the screens and said he’d dominate Cena all over Europe. This was easily the Match of the Night for action and the crowd reaction. Cena got a mixed reaction and so did Ziggler, lots of ‘Let’s Go Cena/Let’s Go Ziggler’, ‘Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks’ duelling chants and at one point they were exchanging rights but because the crowd was so split, Cena would hit a punch to ‘yay/no’ from the crowd and then Ziggler would hit one to a ‘no/yay’.

    Cena was also treated to ‘you can’t wrestle’ chants which he responded to by monkey-flipping Ziggler out of the corner and taking a bow of sorts to cheers.

    Really enjoyed the crowd reaction, Vickie was at ringside and eventually got sent to the back and then the referee bump happened. Vickie came out to attack Cena but AJ ran back out and attacked Vickie. Cena then had AJ in his arms and they teased a kiss that never came before AJ smashed Ziggler with the briefcase and Cena won.



    Match 5
    WWE United States Championship
    Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder

    This was probably the worst match of the night and I expected so much more, as much as Tensai/McGillicutty surprised me at how decent it was, this surprised me at how boring the match was. Ryder was over to an extent but the crowd were only really behind him for the entrance and ‘woo, woo, woo’ and Cesaro isn’t really all that over.

    He does nothing for me, I don’t know if it’s his character or what but he’s a good in-ring talent but apart from that? I don’t see star potential in him. He worked over Ryder’s knee and eventually won with the Neutralizer but the match struggled to hold my attention.


    Match 7
    Team HellNo (Kane and Daniel Bryan) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Rhodes and Sandow)

    A video had aired earlier of Kane and Bryan duelling with their tag team champions line. Bryan was really over, lots of yes and no chants. I think there was a problem with Kane’s entrance as it seemed like it started, stopped and then started a wee bit into it which tapered his reaction a little but when he came to the ring he was cheered and throughout the match.

    A group directed ‘Idol Stevens’ chants at Sandow who until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know he had played Stevens. Sandow has the girliest screams I’ve ever heard from a man when running away from Kane. Kane/Bryan teased ‘hug it out’ and the tension between them with illegal tags and such but they won in the end.

    They did their ‘I’m the tag champions’ line and Kane had both belts, Bryan ended up being the matador before he went to leave the ring sad, the crowd ‘aww’d’ a little and Kane gave Bryan a belt and they hugged it out but then Bryan stole Kane’s belt and ran away.

    Match 8
    WWE Championship
    CM Punk vs. Ryback

    Punk was accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman and received a mixed reaction but there was plenty of support for the champion. Punk took the microphone and said he was overwhelmed by the response because he didn’t know he had so many fans in Dublin. Cue the boos aswell as the laughs for that one.

    Ryback was over as expected, lots of ‘Feed Me Punk’ chants throughout. The match was decent but Ryback really is hard-hitting. In the end, Heyman summoned the heels out which consisted of Ziggler, Epico, Primo, Sandow, Rhodes and Tensai to attack Ryback before Cena, Kane and Bryan made the save.

    Ryback then hit Shellshocked on Punk before Cena and Ryback had a stare-down. Cena extended his hand but the crowd chanted ‘Hug It Out’ instead which Cena responded to by putting his arms out but Ryback stood doing nothing, Cena put his arms down and extended to shake again and they shook. Cena raised Ryback’s hand and they taunted.

    They all left to clap hands but as everyone was leaving, Cena came back and asked us if we wanted to do something different tonight and this got a cheer, Cena said he wanted to hear better and did this a few times until we were really loud. He said that’s how he likes to end the night, he said thank you and that he loves coming over here and hopes everyone gets home safe.


    As I said, it was an enjoyable show. I want to mention about Cena, and I never actually saw the incident happen but apparently a little boy in the front row tried to reach over the barrier and get one of Cena’s wristbands but fell over and bumped his head. WWE personnel were apparently right over to him but he was okay and after Cena’s match, Cena lifted him over the barrier onto his knee and got pictures taken with him. Great gesture.


    Also, WWE's photos from the event/CM Punk meeting Circle of Champions and the Christmas lights switch-on:

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    Default Re: WWE RAW World Tour Live Event (Glasgow, Scotland, November 6 2012)

    Looked like a very interesting show. It must've felt different being in the same building, than rather watching it on TV.

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