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Thread: WWE forum Championship?

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    Default WWE forum Championship?

    Okay guys, we are planning on doing a WWE forum championship, but first we need to know for sure that there are enough posters who are interested in the project.

    Secondly and most importantly, we need somebody to moderate the championship, because I'm sure I'm gonna mess things up big time if I'm to be the moderator as my mathematics is close to zero LOL , and my English isn't that perfect which is the reason I found the TNA championship kinda complicated.

    So, any thoughts?
    and most importantly, any volunteerism?
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    Default Re: WWE forum Championship?

    So what is this.

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    Default Re: WWE forum Championship?

    I've had a brief look at the TNA Forum Championships. I'll try and summarise:

    For every PPV, the participants predict each match on the PPV. Each prediction gets a confidence rating in the form of a number from 1-X, where X is the number of matches on the PPV. 1 is least confident, X is most confident, and you use each confidence value exactly once.

    As far as I can tell, participants have matches against one another (like a PPV), and the winner is computed from the predictions (I don't know the computation method). However, new participants can join unannounced at any time, and I have no idea how that works with respect to the matches between participants.

    I think the TNA one has been going for a long time, but I've never participated in it. The people who have actually took part will have more knowledge than I.

    Anyway, if this goes down I would like to take part.

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    Default Re: WWE forum Championship?

    I'm down for this in any way shape or form. Let me ask around and I'll try to find out some exact details.
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