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Thread: Mystery Attacker Storyline

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    Default Mystery Attacker Storyline

    I got to thinking that something like this hasn't really been done in a while and it could really be used to elevate a superstar.

    Every week, someone is attacked by someone dressed in black wearing a ski mask. For weeks its talked about and people begin to wonder who the person is, this could turn into a mystery kind of storyline where obviously you eventually find out who it is and why they've been doing it.

    I have 2 superstars that I feel would fit this storyline perfectly.

    First, The Miz. WWE is lacking main event talent and for some reason Miz has been pushed back down the mid-card when he was actually doing pretty good at the top, IMO. Anyway, this can be a way to get him back in to the Main Event scene for a while at least. Have him attack Punk every week or so, and eventually interfere and cost him some big PPV match or something, after the final attack Miz can remove the mask and reveal himself. Next night on RAW he comes out and says he was sick and tired of being overlooked and underestimated, and that the reason hes not in the spotlight is because Punk took his spot, which is why hes taking out Punk. etc. etc.

    The next star I have in mind is Zack Ryder. This may sound crazy to some people, but I believe he has Main Event level talent. I'd love to see him get pushed to the top especially in a way like this with an actual storyline instead of WWE being lazy and throwing 2 new mid carders the MITB every year. He could do the same kind of storyline I mentioned above, but with Cena, turning heel. Saying hes going to take out Cena and be the next top guy, blah blah, u get the point.

    What do you think? Obviously I'm being very brief about the whole thing but I think if they actually took this kind of storyline and ran with it they could really turn it into something interesting especially if trying to elevate a guy to the next level. It would also give people a reason to want to watch every week to possibly find out who the attacker is. Also, other storylines/fueds could emerge from this one angle, wrestlers could be accusing each other of who the attacker is, giving new fueds and what not. It could really be the main story going on in the WWE for a couple of months if they did something cool like that.

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    Default Re: Mystery Attacker Storyline

    They can't do this until they reprimand Teddy Long for putting on that blonde wig and attacking Kaitlyn at NOC.

    (And TNA is doing the masked attacker thing at the moment with Aces and 8).

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    Default Re: Mystery Attacker Storyline

    Since the aces and 8s thing is going on, something that hasnt been done in a long time (well) is a good blackmail storyline.

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