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Thread: Ricardo Rodriguez: Going A Little Bit Crazy?

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    Default Ricardo Rodriguez: Going A Little Bit Crazy?

    Y'know, after he got overjoyed at AJ putting him in a 6-man match on RAW almost 3 weeks ago - then Friday on SMACKDOWN, when he went psycho on Hornswoggle - a thought occurred to me...

    Could Ricardo Rodriguez be going (storyline) crazy right before our eyes?

    Think about it. After 2 years as Alberto Del Rio's oncamera whipping boy, it's time for a character repackaging. And given his indy past as Chimaera, which began coming out when he took on Sin Cara as El LoCal on SATURDAY MORNING SLAM in a recent dark match, I think they should run with this newfound craziness gimmick.

    And to sweeten the pot, if you will, I'd love to see this.

    Ricardo pairing up with AJ after he breaks from ADR, and after her time as RAW GM is done.

    It could lead to some awesome, and hilarious segments, from Ricardo and AJ making out during one of ADR's matches - distracting him so much that he loses - to stealing ADR's car a'la Sheamus. And anyway, a crazy Ricardo would be refreshing. He and AJ could bring out the best, and the craziest, in each other.

    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Ricardo Rodriguez: Going A Little Bit Crazy?

    I'd love to see Ricardo actually doing some matches that don't involve tuxedos. Not to sure about the pairing with AJ, but if it works, it works!
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