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Thread: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

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    Default Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Seems to be the word thrown around quite often on WWE TV these days, usually by CM Punk in his quest to be universally respected as the best wrestler in the world. Storyline it may be, a lot of what others have said about respect having to be earned is very true and over the many years several superstars have come and gone but who did enough in their WWE tenure to gain respect from you?

    Obviously this list could feature names from way back as wrestling has such a history and it is likely that a lot of names mentioned will be those that no longer compete as those currently active still have careers ahead of them to earn respect.

    A bit of a tough one for me as I respect certain wrestlers in different ways but I'm just going to list the ones that immediately spring to mind when I think of that word. I'll do that tomorrow as I'm on the iPad and its taken me long enough to write up this opening.

    So, who do you respect?

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    I was a displaced refugee from the Monday Night Wars. After WCW fell I wandered aimlessly without wrestling. I got back into wrestling in 2005. I initially hated John Cena. But after watching him wrestle and listening to his album I learned he was the real deal and a fellow rapper.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    ...most of them?

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Although CenaMark is a gimmick poster, I actually agree with him. I was not a fan when he first broke out, but he works so damn hard both in the ring and outside of it, and that earned my respect.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    I'm gonna shock people here

    Miz earned my respect. All the shit he had to endure at the start of his career, people not seeing anything beyond his MTV days (even to this day) Yet he stuck it out because wrestling is his passion, he endured all the disrespect, getting kicked out of the locker-room for spilling a piece of chicken, changing in closets during this period. Lesser people would've given up.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Taker-Obvious reasons.

    Cena: The hardest worker in the business. Moreover, the most unfairly criticized performer in the history of the business. He also is judged by criteria no other performer in the past was ever judged. He is some how competing with an era that died 12 years ago and given shit for not being a bigger star then the 3 hugest acts the business has ever seen. Arguably, the best performer in the business the last 5 years match for match, nobody has put more people over, and nobody has done more of the company bidding, whether good or bad, without a complaining.

    "Hey, John we need you to push this anti-bully campaign we got going on"


    "Hey, let's call JR up so we can have a few laughs at his expense"

    Hey, John we have this Breast Cancer thing going on. We need you in Pink and Black ASAP"

    Three Months earlier

    "Let's make fun of JR's screw face caused by him having 3 strokes"

    Let us have Rock comeback and shit on you for TWO manias in a row. Have him cause you the match at one Mania, and then beat you at another as a thank you for what he did 10 years ago and a big fuck you for what you done the last 7 years.

    John had surgery on his arm asks for time off since Mania. Even made a speech after Extreme Rules about leaving for a while. It all went totally ignored a night later in favor of a feud with Johnny Ace. Is in a feud with Punk, wants to put him over [again]-so he can go home and have surgery and a well-deserved rest. They have a draw with Punk and Cena has the surgery afterward, the doctor tells him 6-8 weeks, the WWE puts it out publicly he will only be out 2-3, just enough time for HITC. Cena sends a tweets mad about the info they send out, gets in to it with Vince, they send him down to FCW/NXT he isn't happy about it, he cuts a promo and they make him retake it because he comes off "pouty". The last 2 weeks lets send out Ross and Foley to still cut promos for Cena even though you're not sure he will make it, so you meanwhile hotshot a feud with the untested greenhorn is just losing the Goldberg chants and getting over with the crowd huge.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Cena has earned my respect...there's no denying how much of a hard working, selfless company guy he is.

    CM Punk is another. Initially I didn't see the hype with him (like most other skinny, dorky IWC favorites) but his promos is what did it for me. One of the best talkers...ever.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    John Cena earned my respect at One Night Stand when he dropped the belt to RVD, to endure that crowd without breaking character took a lot of guts.

    Randy Orton earned my respect when he took the thumbtacks on bare skin during his match with Foley, he never needed to endure that to be a top star and he did it anyways.

    Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have both had my respect for quite a while, Undertaker when he wrestled Hell in a Cell with a broken ankle (even climbing to the top cage) and Michaels for not wanting or needing the title upon his return in 2002.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect


    If that guy has not earned your respect I don't know what else he could do to get it.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Cena has always had my respect. A hell of a hard worker and despite the shit he gets for being "superman" he continues to endure and continues to put over people you would of never thought in a million years would be over. He does his job and so much more and he puts his heart in everything he does, and gets almost no respect from anyone for it simply because he wont turn heel.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Guys who I did not like at first, but earned my respect…

    John Cena: When I started watching wrestling again in 2008, I couldn't stand him. Good match after good match made me change my view on him. Complete 180.

    Rey Mysterio: I didn't like him when he was winning every single feud back in 2009-2010 (Y2J, Ziggler, Punk), but now that he has taken a back seat, I really appreciate his matches.

    Miz: I thought he was talentless and annoying when he was with Jomo. When they broke up and he feuded with Cena for a while, I thought it was a waste of time. He completely won me over with his mic work.

    Eddie Guerrero: I never liked him back in the attitude era, but my wrestling knowledge was zero back then (rooted for all the faces, hated the heels). After watching his DVD, specifically the bloody match with JBL, he became one of my favorite wrestlers.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    On the current roster, it has to be Cena, Punk, Micheal Cole, and Mark Henry

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Both of these happened on the same week:

    Cena - I couldn't stand him as WWE champ and at the end of the Eddie Guerrero tribute show his show of respect to Eddie completely moved me and I had a complete change of heart on him. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't afraid to put over people (like RVD and CM Punk). He seems like a class act.

    JBL - I hated that he went over Guerrero and held the belt for so long because i just didn't like him. He was cool as hell in APA, but i never saw him as more than a mid-carder. But on Smackdown's Eddie tribute show, he put over Chavo Jr and thought that was such a classy thing to do. His backstage politics are/were lacking, but he began to turn around in my mind as far as respect went and when he went to the commentary booth his wrestlers insight was a breath of fresh air.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Other than my favorites I have to say Cena. He busts his ass and loves the business. That said I dont like him enough to buy his dvd, t-shirt, or buy a ppv based only on what he's doing on that ppv.

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    Default Re: Wrestlers who have earned your respect

    Cena - Got off on the wrong foot with him. Thought he was Maven 2.0 and wrote him off from the start. When I heard about the rapping gimmick, I didn't care for him but was glad he became something more and was alright with him being a mid-card act. When he made the step up as a main event talent, I just wasn't ready for it and didn't think he deserved to dominate like he did. This is about when I began tuning out of wrestling for big chunks but when I'd catch the odd PPV here and there I'd always coming out thinking Cena's match was good, to the point where I thought he was having the best matches on the card (this is true for Wrestlemania 23 at least). Finally, I was sold on him when he made that huge return in 08. Retold this story a lot, but was having a horrible day but that surprise really made me happy and reminded me what I liked about wrestling. Fair to say, Cena won me over and he continues to always do so.

    Guerrero - I always thought he was the seedy looking guy with a mullet. Wasn't surprised to hear he was messed up on drugs in 2001 but didn't expect to be won over as I was with his return. He busted his ass and by the time he turned face Eddie was one of my favourites on the roster. I maintain the Wrestlemania XX finish is one of the best in wrestling history.

    Bryan - Knew he was a great wrestler but didn't think he'd be more than that in the WWE. Boy has he proven me wrong this year. Genuinly believe he's the best in the world on the mic. right now, his character is just down pat and he does everything so well.
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