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Thread: Daivari forgets to be heel and saves the day

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    Default Daivari forgets to be heel and saves the day

    Daivari Shares Train Rescue Story with WWE
    Date Added: October 02, 2012

    Story By: Steve Carrier
    As noted earlier, former WWE Superstar Daivari saved passengers on a train in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week. Daivari detailed the incident during an interview with

    "I was just on the train and I was heading to the airport," said Daivari. "I'm from Minneapolis, so I was just visiting family. I got on the train and there was this guy saying racial and anti-Semitic stuff really loud, specifically at a few passengers, and you could tell they were really uncomfortable. One guy had actually pushed the emergency call button on the train. And this guy kept going on and on, and nobody was showing up to help.

    "There was one older guy sitting in a chair and he told the guy, Hey, sit down, you're making the train ride really uncomfortable for everybody. At that point, the guy just got right in front of the older guy and physically threatened him, even threatened to kill him. That's when everybody started running for the emergency call buttons. They were all hitting the buttons, and we went another stop after that, which was another two minutes. When the doors opened, nobody got on the train, so we knew there were no cops waiting to get on and help.

    "I didn't know if this guy had a knife in his pocket or a gun in his backpack, so I just went up to him, turned him around, grabbed him in a rear naked choke/sleeper hold and held until I felt his body go limp. I dropped him, locked on a body scissors and held him down until the next stop, which was about 45 seconds down the road. Then I just grabbed him by the seat of his pants and his collar and I threw him off the train. And mind you, from when this started, we probably went half the length of the trip, which was about 20 minutes. It was one thing when he was saying all that racial stuff, but when he started threatening passengers, I didn't know if it was just a big guy talking tough like he's at a bar or if he's got a weapon. By the time I got to the airport, there were still no cops at the train station."
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    Default Re: Daivari forgets to be heel and saves the day

    Thats pretty cool. Hope WWE rewards him in some way.

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    Default Re: Daivari forgets to be heel and saves the day

    Well, Vince loves legit badasses, Diavari's probably proved himself in Vince's eyes and could get a job again.

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