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Thread: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    7/11/12: Johnny G here. I haven’t had the heart to post a blog since my last one before my Young Lions Cup exit in the summer, but I think it’s about time I talked and gave you all the benefit of my wisdom.

    A lot’s happened over the last couple of months.

    F.I.S.T. remain the most dominant Campeon’s in the world, I went to Japan and thrilled the watching world, and then I come back to see Icarus is having a crisis of confidence, The Swamp Monster is an honorary member of F.I.S.T. and Chuck and Icarus are hardly talking to eachother.

    I’m not sure what’s with all you guys lately. It’s like you’ve been possessed. Am I the only normal one around this joint?

    Whatever. All that matters is I’m back, and for good. The whispers can stop. I’m not going anywhere and this weekend, me and Chuckie T are not just going to beat one team, but we’ll be beating TWO teams.

    Forget the words of Archibald Peck or The Shard, it’s ME you should be listening to.

    Come the end the weekend, we’ll be the ones guaranteed to walk into the season finale iPPV as the ones with the gold around our waist.

    Because F.I.S.T won’t be broken.


    Points will be in play at Zelda The Great as the Four Way Tag Showdown returns for it’s final play of the season!

    We wanted to make it a bit interesting though, we so have. In addition to the solid partnerships of The Swarm’s assailANT and deviANT, alongside The Devastation Corporation, we’ve introduced chaos into the mix. The two pairings joining them will be "The Winged Ring Warrior" Icarus and The Swamp Monster, and the final tandem? Well, going into their Atomicos Incredible the next night, we thought it’d be wise to let Saturyne and "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey team together and put their problems aside for just one night as they enter as the fourth team in the match!

    Four great tandems. Two on the same page, two most certainly not. All that matters is only one can walk out with a point toward title contention! Who will it be? Will we get a shock and see one of those destructible teams get the point, or will The Swarm and The Devastation Corporation show it pays to be a team and it pays to be one?

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    8/11/12: I have dreamed of this moment.

    I head into this weekend with my dream intact. When I came to The Wrestle Factory ten years ago, I dreamed that one day, I’d stand atop the mountain as the man, the leader, the champion … the one.

    I dreamed I’d be able to be looked up to, respected, loved, from all sides, holding a singles championship all to myself, looked upon as the best, a fighting champion.

    At Zelda The Great, I get that chance. I get the chance to be all those things, and more.

    I get the chance to protect the company I love, to reclaim it from the evil lair of GEKIDO.

    I don’t walk into this weekend with illusions of grandeur. I’m fully aware of the threat GEKIDO poses. I have the scars on my knee to prove it.

    But what I also have is a burning desire and spirit that GEKIDO doesn’t. For all the moves they steal, for all the Chikara athletes they end the career of, through all the pain and suffering they have caused and may continue to, they can’t replicate what myself, Eddie Kingston and our like have deep inside us.

    Fighting SPIRIT.

    I will use all my spirit, all my passion, all my love for this company and this business, and most of all, my skill to beat you 17, and when I get done bringing the Grand Championship home, we’re going to move onto the next phase and make it so you five don’t return for Season Twelve.

    Bank on it.


    The Kings of Wrestling

    The Neo-Solar Temple

    The Brüderschaft

    Have you forgotten?

    You’ll soon remember.

    Beware what lies within.

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    The Fieldhouse is rocking as we are introduced to the show by Gavin Loudspeaker. The loud and proud host rouses the public, hyping the fact this is the last weekend before the big one; the season finale iPPV, “A Change of Mind” …

    We then go straight into the first match of the evening, a four-team showdown with points in play! First out are “The Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus and The Swamp Monster. The two blatantly ignore eachother, Icarus abusing fans at ringside whilst Swampy paces around the ring. They are soon joined by Sidney Bakkabella who leads out Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassive of The Devastation Corporation! The two behemoths enter the ring and stand like the gruesome man mountains they are, Icarus standing behind Swampy as he trades verbal’s with them through the safety prism of Swampy’s weedy dreadlocks.

    Yet another makeshift, disagreeable tandem joins the fray as “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey and Saturyne are forced to join together to make one. Having done battle just weeks prior, the dislike between the two is clear, Saturyne preferring to walk alone as Del Rey shakes her head and snipes at her to “get her head in the game”. The lack of music ensures everyone knows who is coming next, and indeed GEKIDO and The Swarm are represented as assailANT and deviANT make their way out through the crowd. The two dangerous ants head to the ring and as they enter, they survey the six other participants, the three other teams looking on, knowing that with what they had shown so far this year, they could well be the tandem to beat.

    The bell rings and things go to pot immediately! The Corporation battle against Icarus and The Swamp Monster, whilst The Swarm does battle with Saturyne and Sara Del Rey! Sara is picked off as Saturyne shockingly goes to the outside, leaving The Queen to it. Meanwhile, Icarus and The Swamp Monster get pummeled by Max and Blaster, a futile attempt at teaming together to bring the big men down ending in them both being tossed to the outside!

    Smashmaster and deviANT then hook up to start things off properly. Using his pace, deviANT tries to stow away around the ring, keeping away from the big wide load. His attempts look futile as he’s tossed around the ring like a rag doll, but when assailANT enters, the two team up on Smashmaster, bringing him down to one knee. It’s only when McMassive enters that they see wise to escape from the ring, deviANT tagging himself out to The Swamp Monster, The Swarm regrouping on the outside.

    Swampy enters, his aggression getting the better of him as he unloads of Max, rocking him into the ropes. Unaware of the blind tag, Swampy continues the assault, only to be battered from behind with a kick to the head by Blaster! The dark, gangly monster throws Swampy into the corner before whipping him hard into the opposite corner of the ring, throwing him up and back down to the hard mat with a big back bodydrop afterwards! Colliding hard with the mat, Swampy gets to his feet briefly and as he falls backwards and back down to the mat, Icarus tags himself in. Entering, he shakes his head at a visibly angered Swamp Monster, mouthing to him to “watch a professional at work” …

    Swampy rips at the weeds surrounding his body as he leaves to the ring apron, but when Icarus turns … HE’S DAMN NEAR DECAPITATED WITH A LARIAT! Blaster hooks the leg of Icarus! … but The Swamp Monster doesn’t even think of interfering! The referee makes the count … for the count of three! The Swamp Monster and Icarus have been eliminated!

    Blaster gets to his feet and laughs maniacally as Swampy climbs down to the arena floor. He doesn’t even look back at Icarus before walking off without him! Icarus is tossed to the outside by Blaster, and as Swampy leaves behind the curtain, we catch a glimpse of him sharing a stare with Chuck Taylor, Icarus’s fellow F.I.S.T member, no doubt shocked and angered by yet another breakdown within the confines of the group.

    Back to the action, and to the three teams. McMassive had a woman to deal with next as Saturyne entered the ring. Keen to prove herself after defeat to Del Rey the prior month, Saturyne rocks McMassive momentarily with a couple of forearm shots, but when she plays up her success a little too much, she’s kicked and sent shoulder first into the turnbuckle in one corner of the ring! McMassive then holds her arm over the top rope before Smashmaster enters, running and delivering a stern kick to said arm! Saturyne’s burst of screams follow an attempted tag out to Del Rey, but The Queen simply moves, not allowing the tag! She smiles as Saturyne is forced to look on before having her legs swept away by McMassive, Smashmaster running and sending his entire bodyweight down atop of her!

    Saturyne is as flat as a pancake now, hardly moving, but as Smashmaster and McMassive stand tall, not even the shouts of Bakkabella can alert them to the danger as assailANT and deviANT knock them down from behind! deviANT then hits a flying front dropkick to Sara, knocking her from the apron! assailANT delivers a standing Moonsault, crushing Saturyne’s major organs and ribs even more than before and with deviANT kicking away at Max and Blaster, assailANT covers … for the count of three! Yet another relatively quick elimination, and taking the ultimate advantage, The Swarm gets rid of Saturyne and Sara Del Rey!

    Del Rey sits on the arena floor, holding her head after it bounced hard off the arena floor. Looking up, she drops her head, realizing her want to get back at Saturyne had cost her the precious taste of victory. She gets to her feet and shakes her head in disappointment, at both herself and Saturyne. As the latter rolls from the ring, Del Rey simply looks and turns her head away from her former protégée as she walks toward the curtain, her dreams of getting back on the board having gone up in smoke. As for Saturyne, her hopes that a new attitude would lead to improved success hadn’t quite gone to plan.

    In the ring, deviANT and assailANT celebrate the sly advantage they had attained, but that sly advantage ceased, because when they turn, they encounter the glaring deep eyes of intent on destruction that are Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassive! Their eyes wide, assailANT and deviANT have not a mere second to react before being downed by the two monstrosities! Big clotheslines knock them backwards, the outrageous Bakkabella seen applauding ferociously behind them.

    The match then reverts back to your typical tag team format for the next several minutes after the intense opening and quickfire eliminations. The minutes pass and in general, the pattern is of The Devastation Corporation dominating the match, but with assailANT and deviANT staying in, using their superior pace and agility to combat the overwhelming strength of Max and Blaster.

    Bakkabella becomes increasingly annoyed and irate, banging the ring apron and trying to rouse the spirits of his two hired guns. His determination to help them through a struggle against such pace seems to work, a second wind being got by the two, a minute of pure devastation (a novel concept, eh?) being delivered as they finally pin down assailANT and deviANT. deviANT especially is targeted, his lower legs getting a pounded. Seconds later, when trying to escape McMassive’s clutches, it’s clear what sort of effect this has had, trying to jump to the top rope, only to fall and collide with the ring apron, slipping to the outside. That work on the legs pays off, assailANT left alone to face the music … and the pain …

    assailANT is no small man, either physically or mentally, and he goes punch for punch, giving nothing away! He gets somewhere at first, but it’s only a matter of time, and he’s soon decked by a massive clothesline by McMassive. Blaster picks him up and Smashmaster is already climbing up to the top rope in one corner. McMassive places assailANT in position, ready for their homage to The Road Warriors. Smashmaster sets himself … but deviANT knocks him off the top!!!

    deviANT hobbles across the ring apron as McMassive lets go of assailANT and goes to meet him, and putting aside the pain, launches himself, springboarding off the ropes and into the ring … FLYING FOREARM SMASH KNOCKS BLASTER FLYING!! … but deviANT’s leg gives out and he goes down!!

    assailANT, though groggy, has recovered sufficiently and sensing the chance, he picks McMassive up. McMassive is dazed, he’s confused … and he’s a goner as assailANT picks him up! He’s on his shoulders! assailANT roars like the proudest of lines … DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! THE RING SHAKES, IT THUDS, THE BOLTS THREATEN TO UNHINGE FROM THE CORNERS! assailANT drops, he hooks the leg … 1 … 2 … deviANT throws himself atop of assailANT to provide more power to the pinfall! … 3!! The Swarm wins the four-team elimination match! The Swarm is on the board!

    Bakkabella runs around at ringside, a raving lunatic, the bell ringing a signal of yet another stirring success for GEKIDO and The Swarm! Jumping to his feet, assailANT raises both fists as deviANT hobbles across, the two slapping hands before raising eachothers arms into the air, a victorious return after their month off.

    As for The Corporation, they still have their one point, but missed out on getting their second. Bakkabella enters the ring as assailANT and deviANT leave, the black-haired, greasy, ridiculously-dressed mad manager pacing around, disbelieving at what he had just seen, his monsters successfully snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

    Bakkabella simply stands and watches as Smashmaster gets to his feet and climbs back into the ring, holding out his arms, questioning what had happened. Bakkabella gives him and McMassive a severe dressing down and telling off before ordering them from the ring … and as they leave, the look on Bakkabella’s face, as well as Smashmaster and McMassive shows nothing but defiance and a burning desire to set the record straight when they would wrestle The Spectral Envoy tomorrow night in Cleveland.
    As both teams dissemble to the back, Gavin enters back into the ring, and we’re ready for yet more action. The first man out is a returnee, “The One and Only” Alex Shelley. The man with the self-confessed “talent on loan from god” swags to the ring, his strut nearly as refined as that of a certain VKM. Jumping over the top rope, Shelley does a few spins, chewing on his gum and smirking, confidence, as ever, not an issue.

    For all his confidence, his opponent as it in energy and nefariousness, for “The Kinetic Ball of Frenetic Energy” Frightmare is next to bounce out from the curtain! He’s not alone though, he’s followed by his leader in the dark arts of evil, UltraMantis Black! Black slaps Frightmare on the back as he walks behind him, the pocket rocket dynamo of The Envoy bouncing up and down, ready for what lay ahead.

    Jumping over the ropes and into the ring, he and Shelley exchange looks, they give eachother a nod of respect, but as the bell rings, it’s down to business …

    The two circle eachother, the feeling out process starting. Shelley goes in and behind Frightmare, locking his shoulder, pinning his arm behind his back. Shelley applies pressure, but gets taken down with a snapmare, a kick to the back following, Frightmare running the ropes and delivering a running kick, forcing Shelley to the outside. He sits on the apron and as he does, Frightmare launches … only for Shelley to pull down the top rope, Frightmare flying to the outside and hitting the matting HARD! Frightmare gets up, holding his back for a moment, but as he turns, Shelley fly’s … ASAI MOONSAULT CONNECTS!

    Channelling the spirit of TAKA, Shelley rolls Frightmare back into the ring, also channeling the fighting spirit he would have picked up in the Land of the Rising Sun, rocking Frightmare, not giving him a millisecond to relax and recover, setting upon him with punches and then open handed slaps, throwing him hard into the corner. Shelley hits him with a back elbow, a neckbreaker following as Frightmare bounces out from the corner. Shelley hooks the leg, but only get a two, UltraMantis sat on a chair at ringside, his body language showing his concern.

    Shelley then pulls Frightmare over, looking for the Border City Stretch, but Frightmare struggles and manages to get to the ropes, Shelley reluctantly having to let go of the hold. A swift boot to the chest and a combined point to the head and a smile shows Shelley’s ring awareness and ring smarts, any and all chances to seek an advantage not to be passed off. It’s this superior experience of the world-travelled Shelley that provides a solid base for him to work from for the match.

    The minutes tick by and Shelley uses the technical prowess he would have built up in Japan to keep Frightmare to a stable base, kicking at the legs, weakening them enough to make them insufficient. Frightmare does manage to dive from the top, looking for Kneecolepsy (Standing Moonsault Double Knee Drop), but he takes his time, ensuring Shelley can move, Frightmare hitting the mat knee first. This spells the beginning of some severe trouble for The Nefarious Nation’s youngest member.

    Shelley rattles off some kicks to the knee, Frightmare hanging onto the ropes, using them to burst up and throw himself at Shelley. The frenetic masked manic goes on the rampage, trying to put aside the pain, but as he continues to run the ropes, he’s caught off guard as Shelley hits a spinning wheel kick. Frightmare falls into the corner of the ring and as Shelley sets himself, running and looking for a Stinger Splash … FRIGHTMARE MOVES! Shelley collides hard with the turnbuckle, Frightmare goes behind him, he rolls him up! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! SHELLEY JUST SURVIVES!

    Frightmare gets to his feet, he hobbles away slightly as he waits and watches, UltraMantis banging the ring apron, getting behind his man. Shelley gets to his feet … FrightCrusher attempt! … but Frightmare is thrown away and into the ropes by Shelley! He comes back, kick to the gut by Shelley! LA MAGISTRAL COVER! 1 … 2 … 3!! ALEX SHELLEY WINS!!

    The bell rings and as it fades, the two men get to their feet. Frightmare is in disbelief, his body language that of a broken man, Shelley though stands and raises his arms, delighted! He runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, celebrating his victory, the reception decidedly mixed given the fact he’s beaten a big CHIKARMY favourite …

    Frightmare meanwhile kneels, head in hands. He soon gets to his feet, but as he turns around … DELIRIOUS HAS SLID INTO THE RING! KICK TO THE GUT! PRAYING MANTIS DRIVER! The ring shakes with the impact, but even as UltraMantis rolls into the ring, it’s too late, Delirious has slithered away, running up to the curtain and disappearing from view!!

    The crowd is stunned, UltraMantis kicking at the ropes as he then kneels himself to check on Frightmare’s condition, his head crushed by the impact of Mantis’ own move! Shelley gets down from the turnbuckle just in time to see what had happened, but despite trying to see the damage, a glare from UltraMantis makes him think it’s time for him to leave … and he does …

    Mantis meanwhile gets to his feet and looks toward the curtain, full well knowing that since King of Trios, his former Perfect Weapon, turned Perfect Foe had taken things to the extreme degree in the dark arts of nefarious evil doings, the battles having been won as of late by the monster on the edge of insanity, but the war … the war was far, FAR from over …
    After Shelley has left and UltraMantis helps a dazed Frightmare from the ring, things are corrected and readied for what is to come, the first of three showdowns between CHIKARA and GEKIDO. First to enter the building, to the sound of no music, is the dastardly, heavy-hitting combatANT. The proclaimed leader of The Swarm marches into the ring, in extremely similar fashion to the man he is about to oppose. He stands like a statue in the center of the ring and looks toward the curtain …

    After a few seconds, the iconic drumbeat kicks in and when the tune plays in earnest, it signals the arrival of “The Militant Mat Mite” Soldier Ant! Saluting the crowd, Soldier points toward combatANT as he too marches toward the ring.

    When he enters, he shakes a stare with combatANT, but he and the crowd are forced to look on as combatANT mockingly does Soldier’s own salute back to him! As the crowd jeers, Soldier looks out to them, they respond with cheers and shrugging his shoulders, he shouts “SIR YES SIR” … BEFORE DROPPING COMBATANT WITH A SUPERKICK! combatANT is thrown backwards and the referee is forced to step in-between as Soldier marches around the ring, combatANT left to stew in the corner, holding his face, his head a mess about the brutal kick that just damn near ripped his head off his shoulders. The referee pins Soldier back before calling for the bell, officially getting things underway with the advantage fully in the court of The Colony’s leader …

    The sound of combatANT’s voice can be heard straight off, throwing verbal insults to the man he despises so much, the man he feels is in his rightful spot. Soldier nods and shouts “Show your worth!”, combatANT shuffles back … BEFORE THROWING A RIGHT HAND GRENADE! … Soldier ducks though, and as combatANT turns, he’s thrown back into the ropes with right and left hands! combatANT is rocking and rolling like the greatest of Rock ‘n’ Roll stars and as he is hung up on the ropes, Soldier salutes … before forearm smashing him over the top rope and to the outside!

    Soldier rolls to the outside and continues the assault, grinding combatANT into the dirt! combatANT furiously tries to cover up, but he’s beaten around the ring, unable to protect himself for much longer than a second. Into the guardrails, into the steel steps, knocked into vacant chairs, which fans have left to go grab a bite to eat, any weapon available is the weapon of choice for The Colony’s Chief Lieutenant.

    combatANT eventually rolls back into the relative safe haven that is the ring, but as he does, Soldier Ant follows him, kicking him all the way to the corner. combatANT covers up, but as he drops his arms, he sees Soldier launching at him … so he ducks and rolls! Soldier stops himself just before hitting the turnbuckle, but as he puts his leg up, combatANT throws up a stiff kick to the leg, Soldier collapsing to the mat! combatANT slides across and atop of Soldier, battering away at his head, ripping off his arm protector and rubbing his forearm right across the cranium of his bitter rival! It’s only a count of five that forces him to relent and relinquish the attack.

    A couple of minutes pass, the two men, bruised from the battle, slowing down. But, what doesn’t slow down is the ferocious pace and heavy hitting strikes of the two. Punch for punch, kick for kick, saluting forearm for saluting forearm, they trade blows continually, combatANT showing a heavy knowledge of Soldier Ant’s angle of attacks having watched him for so many years, an answer for everything, this ability helping him to fight back into the match after a punishing opening gambit.

    The brutal intensity of the two men’s attacks does not relent for the majority and indeed, the finish is just the same. Going to the corner of the ring having collided with Soldier Ant after a double clothesline attempt, combatANT rips at the padding of the corner turnbuckle, and as he dissembles it, he rips the string around it! He holds it high, but as the referee sees it, he snatches it away and tosses it outside the ring! Drawing the wrath of combatANT, he’s grabbed by the collar, but he defends himself, pushing combatANT away … and right into Soldier Ant! … Snap Suplex! … he slides around, makes the cover! … ONLY TWO!!

    combatANT just manages to kick out and as he stands, he ducks and sways as he tries to get out the way of Soldier’s swinging arms, but one just swipes past his mark! combatANT grabs it though, he pulls it, Soldier wincing in pain as he is taken down to the mat! combatANT transitions from an attempted Fujiwara Armbar, he takes the arm, he wraps Soldier up … CHIKARA SPECIAL IS LOCKED IN!

    Once again, for the second time, combatANT has locked in the Chikara Special! The crowd again is disbelieving that this is happening AGAIN! For all Quack’s research, it isn’t helping Soldier Ant now and after seconds of struggle, he’s forced to suffer the indignity of tapping out to the very move he’s been specially trained in since he started training as a professional wrestler! combatANT wins the battle!

    The bell rings, and yet another shard of Chikara’s fabric, it’s spirit, breaks away. combatANT gets to his feet, kicks at the ropes and raises his fist high. His head soon turns though, and when it does, it encounters Soldier Ant, rolling around to one side of the ring …

    You can see the glint in his eye, even through his mask, such is the desire to inflict more pain. He slowly crouches and moves forward, rubbing his hands like a maniacal madman intent on destruction. As he approaches the befallen Militant Mat Mite … THE MUSIC OF THE COLONY HITS! The music is just enough to throw him off his game and this is when “The Hot Property” Fire Ant races out!!

    Fire Ant slides into the ring … but combatANT is waiting for him! Fire Ant ducks as combatANT waits for him, he springboards off the ropes … crossbody connects! Fire Ant leaps to his feet, but as he does … combatANT slides from the ring!

    Pointing at his head, combatANT then shakes it, wagging his finger, clearly knowing that he’d got the ultimate victory on the night and didn’t need to do anything more. As he slowly backs away, Fire Ant looks all the while, whilst in front of him, Soldier looks through the middle rope at combatANT, a shake of his head meaning more than combatANT’s, a promise to his bitter foe that this wasn’t over, but it wasn’t like anyone needed reminding that this war … it may not ever end …
    The Colony’s music soon kicks in again, but this time, walking out with the silver shining away in the spotlights is “The Resilient Submission Machine” Green Ant, the Young Lions Cup in hand! As he walks to the ring, Fire Ant and Soldier Ant meet him on the outside. The three share a high five, Green Ant checking for a moment to see if Soldier is okay before heard mouthing “I’ve got this” as he leaves them and enters the ring, his partners heading to the back, leaving him to take care of business.

    The haunting forebodes of Rammstein’s Engel signals the entrance of the dark and twisted man that is Tim Donst. Rubbing his head, he walks down toward the ring, but stops when he sees the Young Lions Cup at ringside. Staring into it, seeing his reflection, he turns away in disgust before entering the ring, looking at it all the while, his eyes shifty and hurt by the sight of the cup that defined, and then, in his opinion, ruined his career.

    As he turns to face Green Ant, he mouths at him “I told you, it’ll destroy you”, but Green Ant, he’s not for turning and just shakes his head. This in itself, the lack of understanding, it clearly gets to Donst as he rips his jacket from his body and chucks it out of the ring. He slaps his arms and then his face, his expression changing almost instantly as the bell rings.

    When it does, Donst wastes no time in making his point. Donst dives and takes Green Ant out by the legs, swiping them away. Falling hard face first, Donst tries to lock in the SDT straight away, but Green Ant escapes to the ropes. Donst doesn’t relent, he follows him, dragging Green Ant away and dropping a series of elbows onto his back! His spine tingling, Green Ant is unable to escape the wrath of the disturbed Donst, the big, skilled technician managing to pin the champion in the center of the ring.

    Green Ant remains unable to escape for a couple of minutes, Donst keeping him grounded. Green Ant eventually wrestles up to his feet, Donst keeping his wrists locked around his waist. Donst tries to lift Green Ant up and over for a German Suplex, but Green Ant hooks his leg on Donst’s on the way down, tripping Donst up and then sliding behind him. Running the ropes, Green Ant returns and snaps Donst’s neck with a neckbreaker!

    Donst rolls away, getting up with the help of the ring ropes, but as he turns, a dropkick knocks him right back down! Donst rocks back up, he holds onto the ropes and swings his arm, but gets it kicked away by Green Ant, trying it again, only this time to be taken over with an armdrag. Green Ant tries to lock in an Armbar, but Donst hooks his leg around his neck, spinning out and away. He holds his chest briefly and when he launches at Green Ant next, he’s taken down neck first onto the bottom rope! Donst writhes in pain, going out to the ring apron, Green Ant roaring with delight, pumped up, the crowd fully on side.

    Time ticks by with much the same pattern. It should come as no surprise that two of the most elegant and imposing technicians Chikara has got to hand should be involved in such a battle of wills and skills. Donst’s power starts to make an imprint as he manages to combine that, continually trying to press the air from the lungs of his opponent, utilizing a bear hug on several occasions, as well as a couple of attempts at an illegal chokehold that the referee is forced to warn him about.

    The uncompromising approach continues, however, no letup. Just when it seems like we’ve seen it all, Donst surprises the crowd and sends a message as he picks up Green Ant and pointing toward the camera, he smirks before thrashing his opponent to the ground with a Death Valley Driver! “You watching Tommy?” snipes Donst, but he takes too much time and by the time he makes the cover, Green Ant is able to kick out at the count of two!

    Truly believing that was it, Donst is now kneeling, grabbing at the little hair that now covers his head. Rolling from the ring, Donst looks across … and there sits the Young Lions Cup! His sick smirk fills the building with dread, and as the crowd boos, he picks up the cup and rolls back into the ring with it in his hands!

    As he comes back in, he stands and looks at it, before looking down at Green Ant, struggling across the ring after a the devastating Death Valley Driver. However, as Donst snarls and gets ready to hurl it, the referee tries to intervene, only for Donst to push him away! The referee shouts at him, unable to stop him, but just when he gets ready to blast Green Ant … OUT RUNS TOMMY DREAMER!!!

    The crowd is on their feet as Dreamer runs into the ring and grabs the cup from Donst! He places it on the ground, and before Donst can hit him with a right hand, it’s caught! Dreamer laughs and shakes his head, keeping the hand locked. He then points behind him and Donst, fearing the worse, turns his head … Diving Crossbody from the top rope! Dreamer lets go of the fist as he rolls from the ring, and Green Ant gets to his feet, he hooks Donst up … Chikara Special: Green!!

    The cries of Donst only go to show his anguish, caught in an inverted invention of the submission move that led to his initial decline into infamous insanity all those years ago! He struggles, he’s in strife, and after trying, and failing to escape, he’s forced to tap out! Green Ant comes out on top!

    The crowd stands and applauds in unison, clearly delighted. Green Ant gets to his feet and immediately reaches down and picks up the Young Lions Cup. He looks at it and wipes off the traces of Tim Donst, but before he can lift it, he’s joined in the ring by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer applauds like the crowd and Green Ant, holding the cup in one hand, gets his other arm raised by the icon! The two then embrace, a nod of respect from a true wrestling great solidifying the prospectus that Green Ant would one day reign supreme atop the Chikara mountain as its Grand Champion.

    Meanwhile, outside the ring, Tim Donst paces from side to side, hobbling slightly. Dreamer, having helped Green Ant celebrate his victory, leaps over the ropes, this only serving to rub it in Donst’s face. He points at Dreamer and simply stares a hole right through him, shrugging his shoulders and disgusted, he leaves, stomping his feet and ripping aside the curtain as he leaves.

    We go to a short interlude with Green Ant continuing to celebrate and Tommy Dreamer ready to welcome some of the younger fans into the ring and enjoy the rest of his night.

    We come back from intermission and cheers are coming from within the crowd, because taking a seat near the ring is the late arrival of “The Old Timey King of Swing” Dasher Hatfield! Hatfield shakes hands with the fans around him as he smiles, happy to be back. His happiness though, it’s to be short lived …

    The cheers turn to boos, because roaring out of the curtain comes “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti! The Interception of Perfection isn’t happy, not in the slightest! He walks around the ring to where Hatfield is stood, the too eying eachother up. “What are you doing here?!” snipes Touchdown, not happy to see his Great Uncle. Touchdown swats away the outstretched hand of Hatfield, refusing his offer of an olive branch …

    Touchdown shakes his head as Dasher tries to reason with him, trying to get back to how they were, but as he walks, Touchdown becomes ever more distant, until … HE KNOCKS DASHER OVER WITH A SEVERE RIGHT HAND!!!

    The crowd are disbelieving as Touchdown viciously drags Hatfield to his feet, tossing him across the arena floor! He rips Hatfield’s New York Yankees shirt from his chest, wrapping it around both his hands and choking the life out of his own flesh and blood! Little kids reach out to help their hero from the front row as Mr. Touchdown’s face turns as red as Hatfield, his anger boiling up from deep within!

    Touchdown eventually lets his Great Uncle go, but as he does, he turns his head and scurries away when he sees Sugar Dunkerton head down from behind the curtain! The crowd roars in approval of the save as Touchdown makes it out of there as quickly as he entered, running through beside the merchandise tables and out of a side door! Dunkerton holla’s, stamping his feet as he kneels down and checks on his one-time tag team partner …

    Sugar screams “I’LL GET YOU MARK!” as he helps Hatfield to his feet, Dasher a broken man, as much mentally as physically. Dunkerton places his arm around his shoulder and mutters to him “it’ll be alright” as he guides Chikara’s favourite baseball lover toward the back, the broken spirit of the one proud Dasher Hatfield the enduring sign that the breaking of the relationship between him and his Great Nephew had effected him more than words could describe …
    The disconcerting silence doesn’t just give fans a chance to reflect on what just happened to Dasher Hatfield, it also signals the entrance of the small, dastardly athlete known as The Shard. The bulky frame becomes apparent as he walks out through the crowd and enters the ring. Flexing his muscle, he turns to the curtain, aware that the biggest challenge and match of his burgeoning career was ahead of him …

    Indeed, the challenge comes apparent when “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush bursts out through the curtain! Quack holds up an air, orchestrating the cheers, nodding his head and mouthing “Let’s go to work!” as he paces to the ring, intent in every stride he takes. He jumps the top rope into the ring, and The Shard, showing the smarts that we have become accustomed to with him, leaves to the ring apron, taking his time.

    Quackenbush smirks as he stares up and down at The Shard, probably not having encountered such a varied style of opponent, for his size, in his career. However, this was not a normal match and the change in Quackenbush’s attitude after a few seconds tells that exact story. The bell rings and his face changes. This wasn’t just about winning, it was about so, so much more …

    Shard’s pace immediately becomes a pressing concern for Quackenbush, the grizzled ring veteran unable to quite pin Shard down, the pocket dynamo managing to escape out and away from danger at all opportunities in the early goings. Quackenbush tries to catch him, but before he can. The dastardly Shard hops over his bowed body, aiming a kick right into the spine, the back a on-going concern for Quackenbush, and The Shard knows that only too well.

    Whilst Quackenbush uses the first few minutes to try and figure out what the invader is all about, Shard seems a lot more confident in his ability to physically dismantle the man he felt lured his best friend Jigsaw to The Wrestle Factory under false pretenses. The Shard seems to know a lot more about Quackenbush than vice-versa, this in itself concerning Quackenbush who becomes visibly more annoyed as he struggles to get a real grip on his small, fast, hard and dynamic opponent.

    After many minutes of this same sort of pattern, small periods and flurries of dominance from both men, Quack’s attempt at Chain Lightning fails, landing on his feet after the attempted triple Moonsault attempt, only to be elbowed in the back and then taken down with a backbreaker onto Shard’s knee! Covered, he only just manages to kick out, a near fall and very nearly the biggest win of The Shard’s career to date!

    Shard isn’t ready to stop there though, continuing the onslaught, arching the back over his knee, even going as far as to lay Quack’s stricken body face down across two bottom ropes in the corner of the ring, leaping from the top and hitting a diving double foot stop to the back! Rolling around in pain, screaming such is his anguish, it’s a damn near miracle that Quack is able to stretch out one solitary hand to grab the ropes, not strong enough to kick out with any reasonable force.

    Shard rattles off some punishing boots, swarming around Quackenbush, not just targeting the back now, but any body part that is on show and has showed a weakness. Quackenbush’s elbows enable him to battle back when forced back into the corner of the ring, Shard missing with a running dropkick, colliding hard with the corner turnbuckle. Running the ropes, Quack stops, holding his back, but just manages to duck and roll as Shard tries to take advantage, looking for a big clothesline! Shard stops himself on his feet, but as he turns … jumping knee strike from Quackenbush! Shard is thrown back into the ropes! … Vertical Suplex on his return! Quack keeps the arm hooked though, he lifts him back up … BRAINBUSTAAAAHHHH!! That’s what those in the industry call the Inazuma Suplex Special! He makes the cover! … BUT SHARD KICKS OUT AT A NEAR FALL!

    Shard tries to escape to the ropes after a phenomenal kickout, but as he does, he’s dragged back by Quack! Shard kicks out, forcing Quack back, but as he gets to his feet, he tries to rattle off some palm thrusts, only for his fist to be caught and Quackenbush to catch him with a palm thrust of his own! … and another! AND ANOTHER! Shard’s hung up on the ropes, he stumbles out, Quack jumps … Hurricanrana! The shoulders of Shard are pinned to the mat! … 1 … 2 … 3!! Quackenbush overcomes the pain and odds to emerge victorious!

    The bell rings and Quack, holding his back, stands in victory, clearly pleased, though favoring his back. After having his arm raised by the referee, his head is turned and he looks around just in time … to see 17 standing in the ring!!

    The hostage-taker of the Grand Championship looks on, and stops in mid-punch, not expecting Quackenbush to see him! Quackenbush smirks as he looks straight at his evil polar opposite. The two share an intense stare, but just when it looks like they’ll battle again … The Shard joins 17 and the latter puts his arm across his partner and can clearly be seen mouthing “they’ll be other days.” … 17 and The Shard then slowly walk backwards before leaving the ring …

    All the while, whilst Shard walks away, 17 looks on at Quackenbush, nodding his head. Quackenbush doesn’t take his eyes off him, nodding himself, and he himself can be seen mouthing “I’m onto you”, this seeming to alert 17 as he stops in his escape from view, Quackenbush smirking and pointing at his head before turning back around and celebrating with his adoring public …

    17 meanwhile, he remains stood like a statue, he looks on, clearly wondering, just like those that could hear, just what Quackenbush had meant. Was he onto GEKIDO? Was he any closer to figuring out who had leaked the Chikara Special? Did he know the identity of 17, the only GEKIDO member that remained a mystery? All these questions, and as of yet, precisely no answers.
    After Quackenbush eventually leaves, he’s replaced by Gavin Loudspeaker, because the introductions for the co-main event need to be made. Indeed they are, and first out are the challengers, and the roof is nearly blown off the Frontier Fieldhouse when Archibald Peck, and most importantly for the natives, home town boy Colt Cabana come roaring out of the curtain! The Leader of the Band and Boom Boom look pumped up, Cabana having some fun on his way to the ring, a group of young males in the front row bowing at his feet! The feeling of this reaction seems to be doing special things for Archibald too as he and Cabana pump eachother up even further with a pep talk inside the ring, slapping eachother’s chest, knowing what a huge night this was in both their careers.

    As the challengers wait and watch, they are joined by the champions they are looking to dethrone as “Itery” by Wiggly & The Trap Door signals the entrance of the reigning, defending Campeons de Parejas; Chuck Taylor and “The Bees Knees” Johnny Gargano, F.I.S.T! The two men smile as they hold up their titles before high fiving eachother and making their way to the ring. Putting aside recent problems, one of the most talented and successful tag teams in Chikara’s storied history enters the ring.

    The four men about to do battle share a stare as they line up toward the center of the ring. Peck and Cabana joke around, but there is no joking from Taylor and Gargano, the two shrugging their shoulders and scoffing at the attempts of their opponents to make light of the situation. After the official introductions are done and dusted, the referee completes the preparations and rings the bell; the first or our two championship battles is underway …

    Taylor and Gargano waste no time, they attack right from the bell! Peck and Cabana are caught totally off-guard, not even the reaction of the ferocious natives able to rouse them as they are delivered into opposing corners of the ring, and then into eachother, their craniums colliding! Taylor throws Peck from the ring, following up by launching a suicide dive through the middle ropes!

    Cabana tries to battle back against Gargano, but Gargano moves out the way of an attempted Flying Butthole, and as Cabana hits the corner of the ring hard, he stumbles out … Hurts Donut!! Gargano covers, hooking the leg! … 1 … 2 … 3!! F.I.S.T wins the opening fall in double-quick time!! The crowd, still stood, are now stood in nothing but shock, a furious opening burst. Peck starts to get to his feet, only starting to fully appreciate what has just happened. He puts his hand on the ring apron, only for Gargano to stamp on it! As he falls and holds his hand, Taylor throws himself across the arena floor, a running dropkick knocking Peck backwards, the back of his head flying into a guardrail at ringside!

    Taylor then hops to the ring apron as Gargano continues the beat down on Cabana, heavy strikes bearing down on the Chicago-made star, a lesson he had no doubt picked up from his exploits in Japan. Even when Cabana tries to launch a defence, he’s stopped, unable to tag out as Peck takes a couple of minutes to put aside the butterfly’s surrounding his head and get back up to the apron. These futile attempts inspire more confidence in Taylor and Gargano, the one fall advantage enabling them to utilize quick tags and a certain bending of the rulebook to advance their plan even further and put the title hopes of Cabana and Peck in severe jeopardy.

    This dominance continues, Cabana and peck still kept apart. Infact, Peck is knocked back down to the arena floor, and whilst the referee peers through the ropes to check on him, Taylor and Gargano double up on Cabana. After a bit of Sole Food from Taylor, Gargano hits another Hurts Donut! He makes the cover, but as the referee turns and starts the count, Peck summons all his spirit to slide into the ring and break up the count at a near fall!!

    The crowd roars as Peck fights off both Gargano and Taylor with punches, even hitting a couple of DDT’s for good measure! Pumped up and beating his chest, The Leader of the Band throws Cabana to the corner and after climbing out of the ring, he stretches down his hand and taps Cabana on the back, tagging himself in! He jumps over the top rope, yelling to the heavens, the crowd’s raised hands making for a great background, the champions rocked as Archibald Peck puts his team back in contention!

    Peck takes it to the legal man Taylor, throwing him into the corner of the ring. He’s surprised though when Gargano strikes him from behind! Peck turns … and wags his finger! HE’S HULKING UP! The crowd roars! YOU!!! Strikes to the head, Gargano is rocking and rolling! … and he then gets his legs swiped by Cabana and pulled from the ring where Cabana is lurking! Gargano is able to wriggle free as Taylor comes at Peck from the corner … Unchained Melody connects! Peck hooks the leg … 1 … 2 … 3!! WE’RE ALL TIED UP! It’s two-all and it’s sudden death for the Campeonatos de Parejas!

    Gargano rolls back into the ring, but not quite in time! He drags Taylor to the team’s corner as Cabana slides in himself and slaps Peck on the back, the two going back to their own corner. A small break is taken as both teams compose and after Peck stays in the match, Cabana going to recover on the ring apron, he’s taken by surprise as Gargano runs and hits a dropkick in the corner! Peck’s head smashes hard against the turnbuckle, falling out … small package by Gargano! … 1 … 2 .. CABANA BREAKS IT UP! Cabana goes back to the outside as Gargano smashes the mat, pointing at Cabana and complaining to the referee.

    After an exchange of tags for a couple of minutes, Taylor and Gargano gain real and clear control, but it only takes the slightest hint of miscommunication between the two to allow Peck to leap between their bodies and to the corner of the ring, tagging out to Colt Cabana! His rage pent up from the very start of the match and all that has happened, Cabana enters and takes it to Gargano and Taylor! Punches, kicks, whips into the corner … Flying Butthole to Taylor! … Flying Butthole to Gargano! The two rock and roll as they stumble from out of the corner … Cabana grabs their heads … and thrashes them against one another! Taylor falls to the mat and rolls from the ring as Gargano’s left in there alone!

    Gargano is stunned and is about to be dizzy as Cabana lifts him up onto his shoulders … he’s taking him for a ride with an Airplane Spin! He lets Gargano go and he drops to the mat! He then looks over at Peck in the corner. The two stare and smile and Cabana nods his head … whilst Marchin’ Archie climbs high onto the top turnbuckle! He’s looking for the Cranial Crescendo! …but Taylor jumps up to the ring apron and throws him to the mat below! The crowd showers Taylor in boos and Cabana showers him in pain as he knocks him off the ring apron and to the arena floor below!

    The crowd applauds, delighted the villain has been dispatched of, but when Cabana turns back around … leaping double knee! Superkick! … Hurts Donut! Three times the pain, three times the impact! Gargano falls atop of Cabana, he hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 …3!! F.I.S.T. retain the Campeonatos de Parejas!!

    Taylor slides into the ring, the titles already in his hands. As Gargano gets to his feet, his title is thrown to him by Taylor before the two high five and embrace. In the most severe danger, under the most pressure their title reign has ever been under, they had come out on top … JUST! As the two jump around and celebrate, they move from the ring to the arena floor as Archibald Peck, holding his head, starts to come to, crawling over toward a floored Colt Cabana …

    Taylor and Gargano are joined on the outside by Icarus. The Winged Ring Warrior and the campeon’s share an awkward stare, a tenuous couple of months in their relationship. However, with victory having been achieved, the success brings them together as they all slap hands, Icarus looking like he finally feels like he belongs in F.I.S.T. for the first time in a long time. The World’s Most Dangerous Trio are together as one once again.

    Back inside the ring, Peck helps Cabana to his feet, the hometown son looking absolutely devastated at coming so close, yet so far from hi ultimate dream. Even still, the crowd stands in unison and give the two a rousing reception, appreciating their efforts and knowing on another day, it could easily have been a different result.

    F.I.S.T. simply look on and laugh as they start to leave, Peck and Cabana left to rue what could have been with just a little more luck, but alas, they hadn’t just failed to become the Campeo’s, they were now completely off the board and the road back to three points would have to start all over again …
    After a victorious Taylor and Gargano are long gone and following the standing ovation given to Archibald Peck and Colt Cabana for their efforts, attention turns to the main event and the conclusion of Zelda The Great. Gavin Loudspeaker re-enters the ring. “Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time for your MAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNN EVENT OF THE EVENING!”. Loudspeaker exclaims at the top of his voice …

    Kenny Pickett’s “Riddle Me This” hits and that can mean the entrance of only one man; the challenge, the proclaimed “Wrestling Riddle Wrapped Inside an Enigma” … Jigsaw! Running out from the curtain, Jigsaw raises one fist high into the air, he orchestrates the public in their cheers as he paces down the aisle and slides into the ring. Bouncing to his feet, he kicks at the ropes, pacing around the squared circle as he looks out on his fans, nodding his head, chants of “JIG … JIG … JIG” filling the air …

    An air of overwhelming, forbidding silence replaces the chants for Jigsaw and that can mean only one thing, and that is dread and devastation, because next out, emerging from deep within the crowd, as usual, Grand Championship draped from one hand is the hostage taker of that very title … 17! Dragging it across the dirty arena floor like it’s nothing, 17 tosses it toward ring girl Scarlett, showing no care for the title as he rolls into the ring. He immediately steps toe to toe with Jigsaw, no fear in his eyes, just the same sort of determination that goes hand in hand with that of the man he faces tonight.

    Opposing the man that tried to end his career back in July, and very nearly succeeded, Jigsaw’s heavy breathing through his mask fails to mask his intent and excitement at getting the chance for revenge. All throughout the intros, he stares a hole right through 17, the two not moving an inch, the mental game as important in these early goings as the physical one about to erupt. The pre-match rituals are done and dusted and then, Bryce Remsburg calls for the bell and the moment Jigsaw has waited for so long was upon him. The chance to become Grand Championship and bring that belt back to Chikara from the wrath of GEKIDO had arrived.

    The bell rings and 17 slowly approaches Jigsaw, but as he does, he’s surprised when Jigsaw doesn’t engage in a tie-up, instead, he drivers his shoulders into his gut and pins him back into the corner of the ring! Jigsaw is forced to relent when the referee counts to five, and as 17 tries to strike out with a kick, Jigsaw catches the boot! He smiles, “not this time” he quips, before taking 17 across the ring with a Dragon Screw, wrenching the leg in the process! 17 tries to roll away, but he’s dragged back by the wrestling riddle.

    17 kicks out, trying to get free, but as he does, he returns, taken over with a snapmare, Jigsaw kicking out at his back! Jigsaw then runs past him, running the ropes before driving another boot into 17, this time at his chest. 17 is thrown backwards, hitting the mat hard and Jigsaw covers, but only for one. Not willing to let the momentum subside, Jigsaw throws 17 hard into the corner turnbuckle, so hard in fact that 17 falls down and to the mat below. Holding his back, he rolls out to the ring apron and out of harms way … or so he thought …

    17 tries to springboard back into the ring, but Jigsaw leaves a boot in, it colliding with the stomach of the masked invader who keels over. Doubled over in pain, Jigsaw delivers an axe kick to the back, tossing 17 across the ring. Walking like a man possessed, Jigsaw looks out on his admiring public and nods his head, heavy breath seen through his mask, the thought of retribution and revenge bringing out the never-before-seen dark side of the man.

    Time ticks by and the same pattern continues, Jigsaw continuing to inflict pain and bully 17 all over the ring and even across the arena floor and into the crowd at one point. Taking a page out of GEKIDO’s playbook, Jigsaw takes advantage of the referee being back in the ring, handed a winter scarf by a fan, and kneeling down, he starts whipping the back of 17 with it! As he stops, 17 crawls from danger, back toward the ring, shouting at the referee through his pain, but getting no sympathy from anyone for a predicament he had brought on himself.

    17 shows continued glimpses of perhaps gaining a route back into the action, but just when it looks like a strategy is in place and success may be on the horizon, he’s struck down by an intent and determined Jigsaw. 17, like other members of GEKIDO, show a liking of stealing their good polar opposites maneuvers, 17 at one point countering out of an attempted big back bodydrop and very nearly connecting with both the Quackendriver I and nearly a Quackendriver II, only to be thwarted each time, taken down with a spear to end the brief flurry of a counter-attack that looked to be building.

    However, after a couple of minutes more of Jigsaw dominance, it comes to an end. Jigsaw’s burning desire for revenge and retribution should be a good thing, indeed it had been for much of the match, but it becomes a detriment to his ability to think clearly and rationally. Having hit a Jig ‘n’ Tonic on 17, Jigsaw, instead of covering, lifts him up and tries it again, however, in the seconds it takes, 17 manages to wriggle free, and standing in front of Jigsaw so the referee can’t see, he rakes viciously at the eye before swiping away Jigsaw’s legs!

    17 kneels down atop Jigsaw and unloads with vicious closed hand shots! Then slapping the face, 17 smashes Jigsaw’s head down hard several times and as he gets to his feet, his heavy breath protruding through the mask, seething, 17 paces around the ring as he looks down at a dazed Jigsaw, grabbing at his mask, mumbling to himself. The normally, cool, calm collected assassin had been turned into a pain-hungry madman.

    Jigsaw looks to get to his feet, but as he does, 17 grabs the arm and rolls through … he hooks him up … Chikara Special attempt! … he doesn’t quite lock it in though! Jigsaw grabs out at the ropes and JUST manages to get free! Jigsaw is pulled away from the ring, but he waves his legs, kicking out at the knee of 17. He crawls away toward the ropes and out to the ring apron. 17 follows him, grabbing him by the neck and flipping him back inside. Jigsaw gets to his feet, he turns, clothesline attempt from 17, Jigsaw duck and rolls, 17 runs the ropes … dropkick levels him! 17 gets up, but he turns into a Superkick! His body crumples, he collapses to the mat, Jigsaw hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 … NEAR FALL! Literally a quarter of a millisecond separated Jigsaw from the Grand Championship!

    Clutching at his mask, the disbelief is clear. 17 is layed out cold and Jigsaw isn’t ready to let him rest, bringing him to his feet. As he stares into 17’s glazed eyes, he points at him … and then makes a slit-throat motion. Even through the fabric of the mask, you can sense the deep, burning intentful eyes that lay behind it, Jigsaw is stood, he’s still staring, enjoying the moment, but as he moves slightly forward, having signaled for the Jig ‘N’ Tonic … BACKFIST!! Jigsaw goes down! He’s in a heap on the mat, 17 falls atop of him! … 1 JIGSAW IS DOWN AND OUT! … 2 .. HE’S NOT MOVING! .. 3!! 17 IS STILL THE GRAND CHAMPION!!

    The ringing of the bell fades, but 17 isn’t done! As he shakes away the cobwebs, he moves to the arm, he lifts it up, provides torque … and wrenches it backwards! The screams of Jigsaw reverberate around the building, like the most haunted of haunted houses. Satisfied, 17 let’s go of the arm. He gets to his feet, holding his head briefly. He looks down at across, Jigsaw awoken from his slumber such was the excruciating pain he was enduring.

    The Grand Champion waits, watches … and smirks. His evil face soon leaves and as he gets to the outside of the ring, he gets his hands on the title he’s retained for a second successful time. He shows his dust as he handles the title, he simply drags it along the floor from one hand, like he did when he first entered the building. As he walks through the crowd, without so much as looking behind him, the curtain is ripped aside as “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush rushes from the back and enters the ring …

    Quackenbush immediately tends to his protégée, his friend, his partner. By the time he’s satisfied Jigsaw is getting cared for by the various officials present, he turns his attention toward 17, but there is no sign of him. Just like that, he has disappeared into thin air, leaving Chikara to wallow once again in the dangerous situation of being in the midst of a war they can’t seem to control …

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    We’re in Cleveland, Ohio tonight and we start things off in style as we’re treated to an unscheduled appearance by that “Boisterous Ball Hog” Sugar Dunkerton! There is no fun in his eyes tonight though as he paces toward and into the ring. Grabbing a microphone, Dunkerton references what happened last night when his friend Dasher Hatfield was brutally assaulted by his own flesh and blood, Mr. Touchdown.

    Dunkerton says that where he comes from, you don’t beat up on your own family. He says that whilst Hatfield might not be in the physical or mental state to vow revenge, he is, so he’s sending out a challenge! With that, Dunkerton rips off a pair of jogging bottoms and jumper he had worn to the ring, revealing his wrestling gear beneath! He wanted a one-on-one match with Mark Angelosetti RIGHT NOW!

    Dunkerton stands, and he doesn’t have to wait long, and he gets his answer when “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti swaggers out from behind the curtain. Smirking, he removes his football helmet, shoving it into the waiting arms of the glutton for punishment that is Veronica Ticklefeather. A nod of Touchdown’s head seems to suggest he accepts said challenge as he makes his way to the ring also, no fear, no sign of stepping back from the challenge set forth.

    He enters the ring and as he stands and stares at Dunkerton, he suddenly breaks out into a smile and then a laugh. “Where’s your boy Dasher?” he snipes, Sugar not surprised at the brazen attitude of the upstart. Dunkerton’s had enough … SLAP TO THE FACE! The referee calls for the bell, we’re starting this thing off!

    Touchdown is surprised as Dunkerton lays into him with strong right hands, backing him into the ropes before clotheslining him over the top rope and to the outside! Touchdown takes the chance to shout at Veronica, holding his busted lip as he get to his feet, and as he turns, he sees Sugar Dunkerton readying himself to fly, so to get out of harms way, rolls back into the ring! However, although the lesser of two evils, Sugar is still there and delivers his trademark “bouncing of the ball”, pounding Touchdown’s head up and down against the mat continually, this sequence acting like a glorified try-out for the NBA!

    Touchdown holds his head as he gains his footing once again, he turns right into trouble though, a series of clotheslines, followed by dropkicks and then even a perfect crossbody hits Touchdown, the latter leading to a count of two, Touchdown powering out just in time. Taken aback by the ferocious nature of Dunkerton’s offence, normally so jovial in spirit, Touchdown takes any chance he can to get away, even going as far as to duck behind the referee’s back, raking at the eye of Dunkerton on the referee’s blind side, kicking him in the knee, allowing himself just a little time to get his breath and some composure.

    Touchdown goes for the neck of Dunkerton, forcing him back into the corner. He backs off, he swings, but misses, lent in the corner himself, Dunkerton unloading with some fierce knife-edge chops! Touchdown rushes out of the corner to try and regain some momentum, but Dunkerton leapfrogs! He runs the ropes! … POUNCE! Touchdown is knocked across the ring, Dunkerton slides over on his knees and hooks the leg! … 1 .. kick out! Dunkerton drags Touchdown to his feet, and although the brash upstart tries to fight back, he’s restricted by his right shoulder, still feeling the effects of the Pounce just moments prior.

    Sensing a chance, Dunkerton continues the assault upon the shoulder for the next several minutes. Though the action is back and forth, with neither man having a real sense of control, Dunkerton’s targeting of Touchdown’s shoulder adds to his advantage. It comes into play in real terms when Touchdown tries to surprise Dunkerton after a failed backslide attempt, Touchdown getting to his feet and attempting his Running Shoulder Tackle, it connecting, but doing more damage to his own shoulder.

    Dunkerton, having fallen from the ring, returns. He gets rocked as Touchdown uses his good left side to unleash a series of clothesline that knocks Dunkerton to the mat. Touchdown is building momentum and as he holds his shoulders, he looks at it, putting the pain aside. Dunkerton stumbles to his feet, he turns … and Touchdown runs and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker! This time, he’s the one making the cover! … NEAR FALL!! Dunkerton JUST kicks out and The Interception of Perfection can’t believe it!!

    Touchdown stands and watches as Dunkerton holds his neck. He lays prone before starting to make his way up, but only with the help of the ropes. As he turns, he doesn’t take the roars of the crowd’s warnings into account and as his head turns, he turns into a Shoulder Tackle! He bounds against the ropes, but Touchdown kneels down and holds his shoulder, it hurting even more now, Sugar returns off the ropes, he kicks Touchdown square in the head! Before he can crumple to the mat, Sugar transitions him into a Small Package! Touchdown is all tied up! The referee starts the count … 1 … 2 … 3!! Sugar Dunkerton emerges victorious!

    Dunkerton and Touchdown emerge from the small package, but only one man has the sweet taste of victory, and it certainly isn’t Mr. Touchdown! Dunkerton bounds back into the ropes as he celebrates his win, but before he can react, he’s struck down low, where the sun most certainly doesn’t shine!!

    An irate Mr. Touchdown instructs Veronica to throw him his helmet, which she does. He swings it in his right hand as Dunkerton kneels and holds the crown jewels, but as he looks on, wincing in pain, unable to defend himself, Touchdown starts to bring the helmet back! … BEFORE DASHER HATFIELD TAKES HIM DOWN FROM BEHIND!!

    Punch, kick, slap to the chest!! Dasher Hatfield is atop of his nephew and is going to town on his own flesh and blood! Months and months of anguish and torment have come flooding out of every one of Dasher’s pores. Angelosetti made to pay for all that he’s done! Touchdown desperately tries to cover up and Hatfield is eventually pulled away by Dunkerton, saving his Throwback friend from himself …

    As he does, a desperate Mr. Touchdown rolls from the ring, falling to the arena floor, Veronica feeling obliged to run around the ring to tend to him. Back inside the ring, Hatfield and Dunkerton stand united. They look over at Touchdown, then back at eachother. They share an awkward stare, the first time they’ve been in the ring together, conscious, for oh so long. Tension is not an issue though and The Throwbacks unite in a hug!

    The usually jovial pair have been brought together by the transgressions of one brash young man, and the Cleveland faithful are loving every moment of it. Hatfield motions a home run as he goes to the ropes, Touchdown’s football helmet in hand. He calls at Touchdown, halfway toward the curtain and he looks around as Hatfield throws the football helmet right at him! Touchdown grabs it and crawls on all fours behind the curtain, vowing revenge all the way, Veronica following behind.

    Dunkerton and Hatfield share the widest of smiles with eachother as they climb to opposing turnbuckles and pose and celebrate a slight bit of retribution. Though he may not be a member of the CHIKARMY in physical form any longer, the spirit of Dasher Hatfield remains, it burns bright and has erupted at A Piece of the Action!
    After Touchdown’s scramble to the back and The Throwbacks glorious dominance over the Interception of Perfection, we have a minutes break before we go right back into the action and a rematch from last month, with Gran Akuma first out of the curtain. The Mysterious Warrior from Afar is as pumped and intense as usual as he jumps the top rope and enters the ring. The penultimate weekend of the season, Akuma looks to continue an impressive return that started back in June.

    A familiar face comes next when the troubled "Venomous, Vile Serpent from the Nile" Ophidian appears, slithering out from behind the curtain. The venomous creature from the heart of Egypt’s fair land slides across the floor and into the ring. Kneeling in one corner, he rocks back and forth before jumping to his feet … “OPHIDIAN LIVES!”, the battle cry he had adopted was being shouted out once again as he stares forward, Akuma doing the same. After the events of last month, there was much more to this match than a win and both men and indeed everyone in attendance knew it …

    As soon as the bell rings, the two collide, both immediately going for eachother! A test of strength comes to fruition, both men planting their feet and trying to force the other man backwards. Akuma though, muscle-bound and strong manages to push Ophidian back into the corner of the ring. Trying to smash an elbow into his head, he misses when Ophidian ducks and rolls across the ring, Akuma immediately rushes forward, only to be tripped up! Ophidian runs the ropes, he looks for a kick, Akuma rolls out the way, and he swipes Ophidian’s legs away from him!

    Ophidian rolls to the ring apron, but as he uses the ropes to get to his feet, he tries to springboard, only for Akuma to rush forward, hitting the ropes and knocking Ophidian down to the ring apron and then the arena floor below! Ophidian struggles to his feet, but he’s unaware of the danger lurking and as he gets up, Akuma fly’s ... … SUICIDE DIVE! OPHIDIAN IS DOWN! AKUMA IS DOWN! Bodies on the line, all in the name of the glory that comes with victory!

    The battle is fast and ferocious, no margin for error, no time to breath hardly. A couple of minutes tick by and as you’d expect with two such heavy hitters, the action is fraught, Ophidian’s pace ensuring he can stay out the way of much of Akuma’s severe devastating strikes and manevours. When Akuma misses with an attempted German Suplex, Ophidian wriggling out the way, he manages to nail a bridging suplex of his own, but only for a count of two, Akuma kicking out.

    Ophidian, breathing heavy, seems distraught by just that alone, but as he stands and waits like a predator stalking it’s prey, his head is turned. Ophidian looks out to the audience and seems in a trance, before furiously shaking his head! Grabbing at his mask, he paces the ring, kicking the ropes. He stops, looking back again. “NO! YOU’RE NOT HERE! YOU’RE NOT REAL! YOU CAN’T BE!” he shouts. Ophidian seems to be having a breakdown and after emerging from this troubling psychotic episode, he suddenly bursts forward … and delivers a double knee strike to Akuma who was leant in the corner of the ring! Akuma’s surprised, he stumbles out, kick to the gut by Ophidian … EGYPTIAN DESTROYER! Akuma is driven to the mat like he’s nothing like a piece of dirt, Ophidian covers! … 1 … 2 … 3!!

    As the bell rings, the fury of Ophidian doesn’t cease to exist, his wrath transitioning into a submission as he grabs Akuma and locks in the Death Grip! “I LIVE! YOU DIE!” he screams as he wrenches back and forward, the torque being put on Akuma’s neck as painful as anything he has suffered since his return. In the end it takes the senior official, a junior official and even Gavin Loudspeaker to prize the deranged Ophidian from the clutches of the warrior!

    Getting to his feet, Ophidian paces once more, he looks where he had just prior, he shakes his head. “I won’t let you get to me. YOU DON’T EXIST!” as he exits the ring and walks through the crowd and out of the building, to the opposite side of where his attentions had been fixated for the couple of minutes before.

    Ophidian finally got the win he was craving, but at what cost to a previously improving mental state?
    After Akuma is helped from the ring, something you don’t see him often needing, we change pace and go to two-on-two action with points very much in play, and a first time encounter. The forbidding music of The Spectral Envoy marks the entrance of one of Chikara’s most exciting and much loved tag teams, Frightmare and Hallowicked. Chikara’s incoherent duo make their way to the ring, keen to take their place back on the board after a long time off of it.

    However, this task won’t be an easy one, as they soon suspect when that Sidney Bakkabella chap makes his way out. Smirking, the man with the outrageous mustache and hair, a throwback to the territory days, rambles on for a moment about The Devastation Corporation recently becoming the Texas Tag Team Champions and soon to be Campeon’s. After he’s stopped his wittering on, he introduces us to his monstrosities; Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive ... The Devastation Corporation!

    The two big units stop their way out beside their irrepressible manager come agent. He looks from side to side and smirks evilly and the music kicks back in at the exact time they rip their masks from their faces and head down toward the ring. Climbing over the top rope, they stand like the intimidating statues of pure decimation and destruction they are. Hallowicked and Frightmare meanwhile, they consult in the corner, Frightmare hoping from side to side, the kinetic ball of energy he is, but The Nightmare Warrior, he stands, he waits, he watches, his eyes not moving as he glares toward Chikara’s newest heavy hitting duo …

    The bell rings and Hallowicked immediately goes for Smashmaster, Frightmare on his heels as a result. By the time he joins Hallowicked, he’s already in the crosshairs of McMassive and is knocked across the ring with a running big boot! As he falls to the mat, McMassive then turns and helps Smashmaster who has been pressed into the corner by Hallowicked. The incoherent turns, but is lifted up by McMassive, Smashmaster running the ropes behind and then leaping and hitting a running crossbody, squashing Hallowicked to the mat! The early cover is made, but only for a two, the arm of Hallowicked just emerging from the mat!

    McMassive goes to the ring apron, Bakkabella applauding his monsters work as Smashmaster lifts Hallowicked to his feet by his stem. Knocking him back into the ropes, Hallowicked returns, only to be smashed back down to earth! Hallowicked is up again, he puts up his fists, but it’s no good and as Frightmare climbs to the ring apron and The Envoy’s corner, Hallowicked is tossed into him, knocking him back down! Smashmaster then goes to his corner and tags out to McMassive … the big man comes in, he stomps his foot, he runs like an express rain … big running elbow! Hallowicked is stunned, he stumbles out and gets taken back down to the earth with a delayed vertical suplex, McMassive making the watching world take note of his dominate strength.

    The following minutes see much the same pattern continue, Smashmaster and McMassive exchanging tags, ensuring Hallowicked stays in their corner of the ring, cutting it in half, Frightmare’s anguish clear, his desperate to enter the ring and save his partner building by the second. It’s only when the inexperienced tandem take too long soaking in the boos of the crowd that Hallowicked can escape from their clutches, and just when all hope seemed lost, he was able to leap across toward Frightmare and make the tag!

    Jumping the top rope, Frightmare entered, ducking the oncoming freight trains, running the ropes and spring boarding off of them, hitting a Moonsault! However, the Moonsault was only hit on Smashmaster! He goes down, but McMassive moved and when Frightmare gets up off the mat, he turns and is goozled by The Walking Cataclysm! Frightmare struggles and manages to kick McMassive in the knee! He continues to kick at the knee, eventually chopping McMassive down to one knee! … ENZUIGIRI! McMassive is rocking and rolling, Frightmare senses his chance and after pushing Blaster over atop of his partner, Frightmare climbs to the top rope, he sets himself as Bakkabella pleas with him and looks on in fear! … Leg Drop!! McMassive rolls off of Smashmaster, Frightmare covers him, but can’t hook his massive legs! … and this proves to be a fatal blow to his attempts for the win as Smashmaster manages to kick out … powerfully!

    So much power went into the kickout that Frightmare is tossed halfway across the ring! Hallowicked, slightly recovered, enters, taking the arm of Frightmare and after he climbs to Hallowicked’s shoulders, he dives off and hits an elbow drop! Smashmaster rolls from the ring as Frightmare plays to the crowd, ‘Wicked returning to the outside as he claps his hands, Frightmare with the momentum as he sizes up McMassive, The Spectral Envoy back in with a chance!

    Hallowicked and Frightmare are now the ones making the quick tags, the combination of pace, skill and lightning speed making for a tough job for The Corporation. However, the bruising offence of Max and Blaster can never be taken for granted, as is proved when Smashmaster knocks Frightmare down with a big lariat, and when Hallowicked tries to enter, McMassive steps in, grabbing The Nightmare Warrior and throwing him behind his back with a massive Fall Away Slam, Hallowicked crashing right on top of his protégée and partner!

    Frightmare rolls away and Hallowicked is left to fight alone. Smashmaster and McMassive ignore the referee as they take it in turns to hammer away at Hallowicked, punches unloading for around a minute, The Gen-1 Original stumbling between the two deadly destruction machines. Eventually, enough is enough and Hallowicked is allowed a couple of seconds grace … BEFORE BLASTER THROWS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A CHOKESLAM!!

    Dragged to his feet, the pain does not stop there. The Corporation’s thirst can’t be quenched, not that easily at least, and McMassive takes Hallowicked and busts him over his knee with a backbreaker! He’s left lurched across his knee though, and as attention is turned … Max Smashmaster has made his way up high! He’s set and it looks as though The Death Blow is about to be administered! … but Frightmare has other ideas, rushing across the ring and knocking Smashmaster down to the turnbuckle!

    Bakkabella leaps up at ringside, angered and worried. McMassive lets go of Hallowicked as he meets Frightmare and pounds away, throwing him across the ring into the opposing corner, he sets himself, he’s looking to run full steam ahead once again, but as he starts … Hallowicked puts the pain aside to put out one leg and trip him up! Blaster falls face first as Frightmare dives across the ring! … DROPKICK! McMassive rolls away and Smashmaster is still sat on the turnbuckle, holding his most prized possessions, but he’s soon about to be dealt an even more severe blow!

    Getting to his feet, Hallowicked motions to Frightmare who crawls up alongside Smashmaster on the top rope. Hallowicked positions himself in front of them and as he stands tall, Frightmare is on Hallowicked’s shoulders! He grabs the neck of Smashmaster! … … Headless Horseman has been initiated! Smashmaster is powered down to the mat! He’s down, he’s out, and he’s about to be covered! The leg is hooked! … 1 … 2 … 3!! The Spectral Envoy are back on the board!!

    Bakkabella is verging on insanity at ringside, but that doesn’t matter, not right now at least, because the ringing of the bell isn’t even allowed to fade before one of the most disturbing images of recent years emerges …

    The black curtain is ripped from its rails and clad in their black robes, out emerge The Dark Army of Obariyon, Kodama and Kobald. They form a guard by the curtain and kneel and as they do, smoke emerges from where the curtain just was and it’s then a shadowy figure appears. This figure seems to be carrying something … someone on its shoulders … the figure emerges out into the light and it soon becomes clear it’s Delirious … and what he’s carrying, or who he is carrying … is UltraMantis Black!!

    The Rider of Insanity’s Edge smirks as he drops Black, who is clearly unconscious, layed out in front of his former Perfect Weapon. The crowd is shocked, little kids are stood stunned, Hallowicked and Frightmare meanwhile, they remain inside the ring. They can only stand, watch, bemused, frozen, not in fear, but in pure shock and awe of what they were seeing.

    As The Batiri start to get to their feet, walking past Delirious, who kisses them on the head, they eventually disappear from view. Delirious stands atop of Black and it’s then he reaches into his pocket … AND BRINGS OUT … THE EYE OF TYR!

    The shards we had seen months ago had been reincarnated, brought together, The Eye of Tyr … was back?

    Hallowicked and Frightmare are forced to watch as Delirious lifts it up toward them. He points down at UltraMantis with his other hand and laughs manically. Frightmare wants to go from the ring to protect their fearless leader, but he can’t, as an arm is put across him, by Hallowicked. He looks at Frightmare and shakes his head. If anyone knew the danger of Delirious and the Eye of Tyr, it was him …

    They can only watch as Delirious puts the Eye of Tyr around his neck and grasps it in his hands. He looks to the heavens and starts to mutter to himself. “BAH … BAH … BAH … BAH”, this continues as he slowly turns on his heel and leaves, Black still not moving an inch, still seemingly unconscious, Hallowicked and Frightmare especially struggling to comprehend what had just happened …

    Maybe the most fateful stage of the mental war had just been fought.

    Had UltraMantis Black fallen victim to his own weapon of war? Had UltraMantis Black fallen under the control of Delirious?

    After the events of the last couple of minutes, the show is stopped, Frightmare and Hallowicked rushing from the ring to where Black was layed, but he was still out cold. He’s eventually lifted to his feet and dragged backstage, a minute taken for everyone to compose themselves and prepare for the next action …
    Rammstein’s “Engel” soon blares out and introduces us to our first team for the Atomicos Incredible coming up. First out, the disturbed Tim Donst, followed by the arrogant broad Saturyne, then behind them, with small signs emerging of a burgeoning relationship, The Swamp Monster and Icarus! Buoyed by the success of F.I.S.T the prior night, the founding member and the honorary member head confidently to the ring, Saturyne swaggering, Donst wavering, looking around in disgust as he, as per usual, sits slouched in one corner of the ring, his mind ravaged by the memories of last night’s confrontation with Tommy Dreamer that cost him his match against Green Ant …

    They are soon joined by their opponents, and after the iconic beat of The Colony’s song kicks in and flares up, Sara Del Rey joins Fire Ant, Green Ant and Soldier Ant in front of the curtain! Four of the very best Chikara has to offer, as well as four of the longest-serving roster members come to the ring, slapping hands with the fans in their path. As they enter the ring, the opposition scatters to one corner of the ring, well, all except Tim Donst that is …

    Donst sits, waits and watches. He does eventually join his team on the other corner, but as he walks past the opponents, he stares a hole through Green Ant especially. He then makes his way to the ring apron, and Icarus does the same. Saturyne and Swampy remain, and the latter just looks at her before she holds her hands up and debunks to the apron herself. The Colony and Sara Del Rey then consult as the final preparations are made and the bell is eventually rung …

    Swampy remains inside the ring and Green Ant starts things off alongside him. Green Ant uses his superior technical skills to tie Swamp Monster up in knots for the majority of their first minute or so, a test of strength followed by a dominant collar and elbow tie up, and then an octopus stretch. Disgruntled, Swampy nearly lost his cool again, only for Saturyne to sense this and tag herself in! Smirking, she entered, a confidence in her stride, but The Swamp Monster clearly wasn’t impressed.

    Green Ant decides to let someone else have a go, and the crowd cheers when he tags out himself … to Sara Del Rey! The queen enters, the two warrior women who had waged war now for a couple of months would oppose eachother again. At first, the battle seemed quite close, but a sly rake to the eyes by Saturyne saw her gain the advantage for her team. Saturyne then engaged in a flurry of dropkicks and even a diving crossbody from the top rope, but her arrogance cost her, neglecting to make the cover, instead getting up and mocking Del Rey’s pose. As she played to the crowd, she was unaware Del Rey was up and when she turned, she was kicked straight in the face! An axe kick to the back saw Saturyne collapse in a heap, scurrying to her corner. However, she found no help, Icarus and Swampy not wanting to help her after her earlier behavior, Donst not looking entirely bothered by the shindig in general.

    This sees the start of a passage of play that sees the young rookie taught a lesson by her more experienced opponents, not just mentally, but physically. Indeed, as the match continues and tags are eventually exchanged on both sides, Saturyne is forced to pay the price for her actions, no love lost between her and her team. Tim Donst for his part doesn’t seem overly bothered by any of them, not just Saturyne herself, the fractures in the team proving to be an inroad for The Colony and Sara Del Rey, the seriously disturbed natures of the mentality of all four opponents a cause for their own concern if no one else’s.

    Despite having problems within the ranks, the ruthless aggression and lack of caring on the part of Tim Donst seems to radiate throughout his three partners. Donst takes the lead and Saturyne, Icarus and Swampy, surprisingly, follow him. Donst directs traffic as they manage to eliminate Del Rey, Green Ant and Soldier Ant, allowing the smaller man in Fire Ant, weakened ankle from months of bruising GEKIDO battles, to be caught in the opposite half of the ring, the dastardly four doing their best to ensure Fire Ant for once can’t be a force for the remainder.

    This seems to work, an added incentive being that the other two thirds of The Colony and Del Rey can’t get into the match, their frustration mounting by the second. The one thing that does improve Fire Ant’s chances is his pace, and it eventually comes to his aid when he manages to duck and roll an attempted double-team attack from Icarus and The Swamp Monster, the two’s head being crashed together as Fire Ant leaps to his corner and in comes Soldier Ant!

    Soldier immediately goes to work and he hammers away at Swap Monster and the legal man Icarus and as they are downed, Saturyne enters, but she gets caught with a saluting headbutt! Donst stood on the ring apron disinterested, this allows Sara Del Rey to climb high and smirking, she looks down at Saturyne below and leaps down from the top … and hits a frog splash! She hooks the leg! … but Donst sneaks in from nowhere and kicks her in the back of the head! Donst is swarmed right away and all hell breaks loose as all eight competitors make a mark!

    Soldier and Del Rey combat Icarus and Swampy because Fire Ant, hobbling, is launched upon by Donst, Green Ant trying to come to his aid! Green Ant then accidentally collides with Fire Ant and is then tossed from the ring! Del Rey is thrown into Fire Ant by Donst, a half nelson choke grabbing the aim from the lungs of Del Rey and as Saturyne gets to her feet, she steps across Donst and slaps Del Rey right across the chops before too tossing her from the ring, Del Rey landing right on Green Ant, who was just getting to his feet himself!

    Soldier then grabs Saturyne by the neck, but gets a kick aimed right at the side of his head, knocking him sideways! It’s Tim Donst! Saturyne steps forward again to try and get involved, but as she does, sick and tired of her interference, Donst grabs her wrist! Donst shakes his head and can clearly be seen mouthing “do what you want” before hopping from the ring and leaving!

    The crowd are in disbelief as Donst leaves the building! Down to three, things start to fall apart! Saturyne shouts at Donst and she soon has bigger problems when Icarus and The Swamp Monster, despite their problems, unite, and taking the lead of Donst, having had enough of Saturyne’s attempts to steal the spotlight, they decide to head for the hills to! In the one sign of agreement you’ll ever see from them, they leave the ring, and now, the rookie is all alone!

    Saturyne looks on, her team-mates abandoned her. Is that the slightest hint of regret on her face? Having seen her actions blow up in her face, Saturyne fears the worse, and as she turns, having witnessed the couple of minutes of severe loss of both partners and respect, she gets leveled with a Saluting Forearm! She goes down and with no one left to help, Soldier Ant ties her up, he roars … “SIR YES SIR! … before synching in the Chikara Special!

    She battles at first, she shows fight and determination, but her spirit and confidence evaporating and the pain of Chikara’s famed move way too much, it doesn’t take long at all for the Intergalactic Luchadore to tap out! The Colony and Sara Del Rey emerge victorious! JUST!

    The ringing of the bell provides the end to what had recently become a forgone conclusion. Soldier lets go of the Chikara Special as Saturyne rolls away, and as she does, Green Ant and Sara Del Rey roll back into the ring, all smiles as they high five and embrace Soldier Ant, who had battled hard and with an element of help and a bit of help, had helped secure the victory for his team.

    The trio are soon joined by Fire Ant, still hobbling, but as usual, despite the on-going problems with the knee, continues to swim against the tide and get the job done, whatever it takes. The awesome foursome celebrate, their arms raised as they do a lap of the ring, posing to the fans and taking in their adulation. They all pass Saturyne, slouched on the arena floor. She looks up at them, but can’t bring herself to keep her eyes on them for long, embarrassment running rife as she stares at Del Rey and bows her head before taking her battered and bruised ego and doing what her partners had did minutes prior, leaving the building.

    We head into intermission with The Colony and The Queen of Wrestling celebrating in and around the ring, posing for photos and in general, having a good time before business got serious again as their attentions turned toward a vital season closer next month in Philadelphia …

    After the break and as we return to the action, we get treated to an exhibition of the most intense, extreme wrestling you’ll ever likely to see in Chikara, and it was all served up by two of the best in the world. First out to enter, making his first appearance since King of Trios was “The Generic Luchadore” El Generico! “OLE!” he shouts as the masked helper of poverty-stricken Mexican orphans runs down and slides into the ring. Pacing around the squared circle, he points one finger high up into the air as the crowd chants. Chants of “OLE!” fill the building as Generico hops from side to side, awaiting his opponent …

    Generico doesn’t have to wait long to welcome that opponent, because Alex Shelley emerges from the curtain almost before Generico’s music had stopped playing. Chewing on his gum and smirking, Shelley rips off his shirt as he heads to the ring. Climbing inside, he and Generico share a stare. As the bell rings, the two circle eachother and with respect clearly between them if nothing else, they shake hands and get ready to push eachother to the limit.

    They tie up from the get go, but before they clinch, Shelley moves in and then behind Generico, striking him hard in the spine! Generico rocks around, surprised, Shelley though points at his head and smirks, an early sign of what may be to come. Generico though, he’s no fool and when they go to tie up again, he ducks in and behind Shelley, swiping his legs from him! This time, it’s Shelley’s turn to be a bit taken aback. The two stare at eachother and those two early exchanges only serves to put that sign of respect that was seen moments prior right out of their minds.

    They now engage in a test of strength, Shelley getting the upperhand, pushing Generico back. Generico returns the favour, countering his strength, Shelley then does the same, but Generico lets go, Shelley lurching forward as the masked Luchadore wriggles beneath him and through his legs. Generico runs the ropes, Shelley dropping to his stomach, Generico continues, he returns, Shelley waits … but Generico leapfrogs him! He lands on his feet and Shelley turns … Armdrag! … and another! … and another! Generico jumps up, Hurricanrana attempt! … but Shelley keeps him placed on his shoulders, he runs forward … Powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle! NO! Generico just avoids contact and as Shelley powers toward him, Generico lifts a big boot right in-between his eyes!

    Shelley stumbles back … SPEAR! The damndest spear you’ll ever see! Generico hooks the leg! … but only for a two, Shelley kicking out! Generico isn’t going to let Shelley rest easy though, bringing him to his feet. Shelley is too preoccupied with holding his midsection to notice Generico running the ropes, levelling him with a spinning heel kick. Shelley is thrown toward the corner, but as he tries to help himself up, he looks and sees Generico rushing at him! YAKUZA KICK! – NO! Shelley moves, Generico’s leg is caught on the top rope, Shelley runs the ropes … and hits a running diving shoulder to the planted left lag, taking Generico down!

    This marks the start of Shelley’s momentum phase, stopping the pacey nature of Generico’s attack in its tracks. Transition to a slower, more methodical style, Shelley starts to assert his dominance, showing the sort of skills that made him such a force in his short-time in Japan. Shelley in particular pays attention to the back when he gets the chance, utilizing stiff kicks and a couple of double knee backbreakers to end Generico’s attempted resistance. A single-leg Boston Crab had Generico in severe trouble at one point, the back arched in the most un-natural of positions, but Generico’s never-say-die attitude enabled him to gain enough energy and fight deep inside to drag himself to the ropes.

    Shelley’s over exerting confidence is both a blessing and a curse, as he discovers. When he starts to get too big for his boots, the crowd turning on him as they get behind Generico, he takes them to task, keen to make his mark and show his skill to the tenth degree. Dragging a dazed Generico to his feet, he smiles as he shows his condition off to his fans. With them and Generico in the palm of his hand, he’s atop of the world. BUT, what must come up, must come down, and the time he spends being his usual mocking self serves to only hurt him when Generico suddenly gets a burst of energy from nowhere and blocking an attempted big boot by Shelley, he throws the leg down before throwing Shelley across the ring and into the corner with a big Exploder Suplex!

    Shelley crashes into the turnbuckle as Generico stumbles around the ring. The crowd’s cheers and chants of “OLE!” in his head, Generico gets a second wind as he bounds on his toes, he launches at Shelley … YAKUZA KICK! IT CONNECTS THIS TIME! Not wanting to take the risk, Generico doesn’t go for the Brainbuster, instead he lets Shelley come forward, he lifts Shelley up, he’s atop his shoulders, Generico spins him around … Sitout Powerbomb! The mat shakes with the impact, Generico hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 … 3 – NO! Shelley kicks out just before the referee’s hand can come down to the mat for a third fatal time!

    Shelley knows he desperately has to defend, so gets to his feet, but he’s not truly ready to defend himself, as is found out when Generico pushes him around the ring with punches and kicks, eventually driving him into the corner! Generico bounds off of the opposing turnbuckle, he leaps at Shelley … OLE KICK AGAIN CONNECTS! – NO IT DOESN’T! Shelley ducks, he rolls, he’s up! Generico looks around - Shelley grabs him … SLICED BREAD #2! THE COVER! … 1 … 2 .. AND ANOTHER NEAR FALL! THIS TIME GENERICO KICKS OUT!

    The crowd pops - “OLE! OLE! OLE! OLE! … OLE! … OLE!” - they are on their feet and right behind their hero! Shelley holds his head in his hands, he hit the Sliced Bread out of desperation and he was oh so close to snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! Shelley gets to his feet, he seethes, almost foaming at the mouth. He crouches as he sets his deadly sights on Generico. Generico eventually gets up, but as he shakes away the cobwebs, he’s unaware of the danger that lays behind, and as he turns … kick to the gut, Shelley tries hooking the leg up, maybe for the Golden Gate Swing, but as he lifts him, Generico wriggles out and behind, he swipes the legs, giving him a chance to catch his breath …

    … Shelley quickly spins around and up to his feet, he swings his arm, it misses, he then aims a kick, Generico jumps up as it misses. The two men stand, nose to nose … and Generico laughs! Shelley can’t believe it, he screams as he kicks Generico in the knee! Small Package! - … 1 … 2 … NO! AGAIN!

    Both men are up, Shelley tries to grab the leg of Generico, Generico thrusts it forward, Shelley bouncing into the ropes, he’s not able to respond as Generico follows him to the ropes – YAKUZA KICK AGAIN! Shelley is wobbling! Generico stops him from falling over the top rope, he brings him back to the center of the ring, hooking his arm around his neck, he lifts him up – BRAINBUSTAAAAHHHH!! Shelley’s head is caved in, the canvas almost burst such was the impact, Generico crawls over … he hooks the leg! … 1 … Shelley is down … 2 … he’s out! … 3!!

    Such is the raucous cheering of the audience, the ringing of the bell can hardly be heard above their amazement and delight at their man man coming out on top. As Shelley’s head emerges briefly from the crushed canvas, the referee coming to his aid, Generico falls back into the corner and dips his head, gaining some breath. He soon emerges though, he rushes to the center of the ring! OLE! One solitary single fingered salute high into the air sees the crowd chant along, added gusto this time now The Generic Luchadore has come out on top.

    As Shelley starts to be helped to his feet, just about conscious and with it, Generico has left, doing a lap of the ring and slapping hands with the fans. He and a dazed Shelley share a stare and a nod of respect, if nothing else. Shelley starts to come to the realization of how close, yet how far he was from victory and he’s left to rue both that, and the pain endured to his precious cranium as he sits against the ropes inside the ring. Meanwhile, Generico remains in and around the crowd celebrating his victory, this only serving to rub salt into the wounds of his beaten opponent …
    We then move onto the penultimate action of the event, and what was scheduled to be a Trios Showdown between Chikara and GEKIDO. First out, as usual to the sound of no music, just boos was GEKIDO’s The Swarm ... assailANT, deviANT and the ant that had emerged as its own Chief Lieutenant, combatANT. The three archaic ants head into the ring, they stand as a group, the intimidation factor marked and in their favor. You may not be able to see their eyes, but that doesn’t hide the evil intent that lurks within.

    Chikara’s protectors soon make themselves known, but with one added exception. Whilst “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush and “The War King” Eddie Kingston appear, there I no sign of their scheduled partner, Jigsaw. The two men don’t seems surprised by that fact, given the pain inflicted on him by 17 during last night’s Grand Championship match. They head to the ring together, teacher and student, mentor and protégée.

    They enter and The Swarm, having the numbers advantage, don’t even think of moving, instead standing their ground. The five men share a stare with the sort of feeling that only a full season of war can bring. Kingston and Quackenbush seem aware of what is to come their way, a disadvantage in the numbers department right from the get go. The Swarm’s confidence only seems to be building as they realize Jigsaw won’t be taking his place in the match, courtesy of their very own 17.

    The confidence though, it’s dented, because as the bell rings, sensing the numbers is not in their favor, Quackenbush and Kingston attack right from the off! The Swarm can’t resist, even with the extra man, Quack and Kingston throwing them from the ring one by one! To add to it, Quack launches himself over the top rope and puts his body on the line as he levels the three evil ants! Quack gets to his feet and roars before throwing combatANT back into the ring where an intense Eddie Kingston stands, The Master of a Thousand Holds going to his corner.

    Powerless to defend himself, combatANT is layed into by Kingston, The War King’s devastating strikes more than enough to put combatANT on the backfoot. combatANT tries to fight back briefly, but he’s caught and taking over with a quick Capture Suplex! Kingston sits atop for combatANT and starts to unleash some punishing blows. Giving them a taste of their own medicine, Kingston even attempts to rip the mask from combatANT’s face! He’s only saved when the ref tries to step in, allowing combatANT to escape and crawl to the corner, diving to make the tag to the Big Blue Bruiser himself, assailANT …

    The big wide load climbs in and immediately squares up to Kingston, the two brawl around the ring, trying to choke eachother at various points. Eventually, assailANT chokes Kingston enough to force him back into his corner. Lifting his boot and squashing King’s windpipe, he is backed away by the referee and gets a telling off. However, it doesn’t have the desire effect, Kingston grabbed by both deviANT and combatANT who keep Kingston pinned in the corner with an illegal choke of their own!

    The next few minutes see Kingston cornered, grouped up and shall we say, swarmed by The Swarm, the evil trio doing their best to whittle away at the big unit’s usually defiant defence, utilizing quick tags and some rather questionable, dirty tactics behind the back of the referee to gain any and every advantage they can. Every little moment when Quackenbush tries to enter, he’s rebuffed, either by the referee’s refusal to allow him in as the illegal man, or one of The Swarm cutting him off before he can come to the aid of his star trainee.

    One slight moment of hesitation on the part of The Swarm nearly allows Quack to get a route back into the match as he gets the tag from Kingston, after many minutes, and as he enters, he reversed an attempted Snake Eyes from assailANT, wriggling out behind him, rolling him up from behind and very nearly locking in the Chikara Special! It’s only assailANT’s strength that allows him to get to the ropes. But, the attempt itself is enough to rattle assailANT and his partners, the momentum threatening to swing back toward Chikara’s all-star tandem.

    The momentum does swing back, and it’s very nearly fatal. After Quackenbush manages to keep The Swarm at bay and even dominate them alone for a couple of minutes, Kingston is allowed the chance to recover, so when Quackenbush is in control of deviANT, he is able to fend off the interest of combatANT and assailANT, giving them a taste of their own medicine. However, Kingston is visibly limping and it isn’t long before the opposition will take advantage.

    Quackenbush tags out to Kingston before ridding assailANT and combatANT from the ring apron, but deviANT remains and the toll taken on Kingston’s health is clear for all to see, the quicker man in deviANT able to evade capture and use Kingston as a launching pad to hit Quackenbush with a Spike DDT! Going down, Quack was soon pulled from the ring as combatANT and assailANT grabbed onto him, knowing deviANT was in control of The Last of a Dying Breed and that the end could perhaps be in sight …

    deviANT runs roughshod around Kingston, taking him down with a snapmare and then a stiff dropkick to his front. Smashing against the mat, Kingston is now down, deviANT climbing up high in the corner. The Swarm roar at ringside as deviANT sets himself, he points at Kingston … before falling from up high! As he crashes to the mat, the camera pans around to reveal JIGSAW! JIGSAW IS HERE!

    The crowd goes wild as Jigsaw runs around the apron, he swings around the pole, runs the full length of the apron and throws himself and his 173 pounds atop of combatANT and assailANT, and even his own partner Mike Quackenbush at ringside! The four men fall to the arena floor, but inside the ring, things are just as chaotic!

    deviANT starts to stumble to his feet, holding his back, but as he does, and when he turns around, he turns into the most extreme danger … BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE!! … AND BEYOND! DeviANT crumples to the mat like the broken men he now resembles, and Kingston is now far behind, collapsing on top of him, not even able to muster the energy to hook the leg … 1 … 2 … 3!!! Against all the odds, Chikara’s all-stars come out victorious! … EVENTUALLY!

    The match is over, even if the war wasn’t. Jigsaw and Quackenbush roll back into the ring and as Kingston crawls away from the prone, deviANT, he’s mobbed by his partners and friends, the three embracing, one of the biggest wins they have had this season, without a shadow of a doubt. Kingston and Jigsaw especially, who have frequented the ring against eachother and dished out their fair share of pain over the course of this season don’t just shake hands, they share a nod of respect and the love that can only come with friendly, raising eachother’s arm high into the air!

    Quackenbush meanwhile, he stares to the outside. He rubs his chin as he watches and wonders. It was clear that despite the victory, his mind was still ravaged. He wouldn’t stop until the indemnity of who leaked the Chikara Special to combatANT and GEKIDO as a whole had been uncovered and pronounced to the world.

    As the all-stars continue to celebrate, The Swarm scurry away with their heads bowed, heading out of a side exit, not only to escape with the little dignity they had left in defeat, but to not watch the upcoming couple of minutes of celebration that would ensue between Quackenbush, Jigsaw and Kingston, a successful end to their penultimate appearances of the season.

    But there was still one issue to sort out …
    It was time to move onto the seventh and final match, and it’s the big one. It’s for the Campeonatos de Parejas and is the second such title match in two nights, and will, as per usual, be contested in a Two out of Three Falls match …

    First out are the challengers, to the sound of silence. That can mean only one thing and indeed, The Shard and 17 appear from through the crowd. In what has become regular fashion, 17 drags the championship along the dirty floor like it’s nothing before throwing it to the floor and entering the ring alongside his partner. The two men pose, 17 standing still as Shard flexes his muscles. The two talk intently in one corner, 17 taking the league as he pokes Shard in the chest and seems to be making some rather remarkable statements that GEKIDO’s pocket dynamo is quite clearly fully taking on board.

    They soon meet their opponents, they are the remaining Campeon’s, The World’s Most Dangerous Trio; Johnny Gargano, Chuck TaylorF.I.S.T.! You’d be mistaken for thinking we were in a parallel universe, the crowd, such is their intense hatred of the invaders, choosing to CHEER - yes, cheer, not jeer! - the two villains! Taylor and Gargano seem pleasantly surprised and simply take it in their stride as they head to the ring.

    Not backing down, Taylor and Gargano square up to GEKIDO’s finest, showing no fear and no intimidation and willing to live up to their moniker and prove they were just as dangerous as the men trying to rip the fabric of CHIKARA from its seams. You can sense the importance of said match, F.I.S.T. taking on the default position of being the protectors of Chikara’s way of life … whether they like it or not. As final preparations are made for the action that lay ahead, the two teams return to their respective corners, 17 and The Shard looking as ready and determined as ever before, their latest step in their grand masterplan within reach, if only they could defeat one of the greatest tandems in Chikara history!

    Their determination is clear right from the bell, because even before it can ring off, they go right at Gargano and Taylor, attacking them right from the start. Not allowed even a chance to catch a breath or discuss who will start the match, the champions, for the first time, feel the full force and fury of GEKIDO, soon coming to appreciate what others in their position had too felt throughout this season.

    Gargano and Taylor’s iconic, yet dastardly overconfidence serves to undermined their early chances of any sort of dominance, not on the ball right from the off and after not showing the proper respect to the danger posed by the challengers, they are made to pay for it. When 17 leaves Shard alone in the ring, he disposes of Gargano before making a beeline for Taylor. Taylor puts up his fists in defence, but Shard instead swipes at his legs. Taylor crawls to the corner, but is pulled out, Shard attempting to lock the ankle. Taylor struggles valiantly and eventually kicks Shard in the gut and manages to dive to his corner and tag out to Gargano, himself having just returned to the ring apron having been unceremoniously dumped to the outside.

    Gargano enters and rattles off some strikes at an oncoming Shard, knocking the little man back. Gargano throws Shard into the ropes, hitting him with an elbow smash when he returns. He holds his back briefly having crashed hard to the concrete arena floor but soon puts it out of his head as the thought of retaining the titles crosses his mind. Picking up Shard, he dispatches him hard into the corner, so hard infact, he pops back out of the corner … and throws a boot straight at Gargano! He tries to stand his ground as Gargano swings, looking for a Roundhouse Kick, but Shard does the matrix, twisting his body to avoid said manevour, rolling through and tagging out to 17! 17 leapfrogs the ropes and in one fluid movement, snaps down on the neck of Gargano!

    Gargano is down and before Taylor can even think of a response, Shard leaps across the ring and hits a dropkick, Taylor falling hard into a guardrail at ringside! Back inside the ring, Gargano now grabs at his neck, but as he peers around, his arm is caught, 17 drags him down … Fujiwara Armbar is locked in! 17 only has to wrench the arm once and Gargano taps out right from the off! 17 and The Shard gain the first fall in just a couple of minutes!

    The crowd sits in shock as 17 lets go of the arm and gets to his feet. An excitable Shard bounces up and down, but 17 calms him down and points to the turnbuckle. The two look at eachother, 17 smirking. Shard soon goes to the corner … and jumps to the top! The crowd start to stand one by one, knowing what is coming and as 17 guards Gargano, who remains down, he walks just an inch away as Shard fly’s through the air … and hits a double foot stomp from the top! Gargano’s chest can almost be heard bursting as 17 lays down ever so calmly and makes the cover! The Campeonatos de Parejas are going home with the invaders! - NO! Taylor slides in and breaks the pin up at the last chance saloon!

    Shard kicks away at Taylor, the two trading punches and brawling all the way across the ring! 17 meanwhile, disturbed at their championship chances being snatched away takes it out on Gargano with heavy kicks, and after he rolls away, he joins The Shard as they play out the numbers game against The Kentucky Gentleman. GEKIDO’s chief tormenters continue on their path to the ultimate destruction of Chikara as Gargano and Taylor are thwarted at every turn as they try and oppose and overturn the momentum of two men without any real identity other than those of men skilled in the art of wrestling and showing that no matter who you are or what you represent, they treat everybody the same. With disdain.

    It’s only when 17 attempts a Quackendriver, the stolen manevour of the man he has modelled himself on, that things threaten to take a turn, Gargano sliding out from behind and when 17 turns back around, he lifts him up and delivers a Lawn Dart right into the corner, 17’s head bouncing off the top turnbuckle padding! This allows Gargano to tag out to Taylor and boy does he make it count! Upon entering, and seeing Shard hoping over the top rope, he battles against both men, no fear in his eyes, just determination. This time, the numbers game doesn’t work. Not a jot. 17 and The Shard are both driven down and beaten down, no margin for error afforded, no error made by Taylor.

    Just that brief little moment sees the match turn on its head, Gargano and Taylor showing the skills that have made them the first ever two-time Campeons, 17 and The Shard, however skilled, not as skilled in the art of tag team wrestling as the men they oppose. Apart, they are spectacular, together, that cutting edge and inexperience as a tandem threatens to be their undoing. The quick tags continue, and if anything, get quicker and quicker. The work is mainly being done on the smaller man, Shard’s legs a target, not just for the speed they possess, but as Gargano can attest to, the lethal diving double foot stomp that nearly cost F.I.S.T. the titles minutes earlier.

    17 becomes more and more annoyed, not happy at the shoe being firmly on the other foot. Every time it seems Shard may slip away, out and to his corner, he’s dragged back into the danger zone. Whilst 17 becomes visibly more angered and on edge, his dreams of killing Chikara meaning more than any title ever could, Taylor and Gargano’s confidence continues to grow, it now being backed up by the sort of tag team work that has made them one of the best in the world.

    17 eventually loses it completely, entering the ring and attacking Taylor. Gargano enters too and 17’s reckless abandon only serves to hinder GEKIDO’s cause as he is dumped neck first on the top rope by Gargano before Taylor nails him with a nice dose of Sole Food. 17 goes down as Taylor turns his attention to Shard, with Gargano not keen to exit. The pocket dynamo gets to his feet and as he turns, the slightest bit of angst becomes apparent in his body language as he sees the opposition lurking.

    As he stands, he’s not given a seconds notice before Gargano launches at him! Shard though sidesteps him, Gargano bouncing off the ropes, Shard wriggling underneath and through the legs of Taylor! He gets to his feet, Gargano bouncing off the ropes and just stopping before he collides with his partner! The two wipe the sweat from their brows, but as Gargano then runs on to hit The Shard, the smallest man in the company again manages to slide away and as he does, Gargano hits the ropes … and falls over them to the ring apron courtesy of 17 pulling down the top rope! Gargano gets to his feet, but as he does, 17 steps up onto one of the ropes and nails an Enziguri, Gargano falling to a heap, first onto the ring apron, and then down onto the arena floor!

    Taylor doesn’t waste any time, knowing the momentum is threatening to change, he launches at Shard and downs him with a clothesline! Before he can finish running through however, 17 launches a boot right at his head! Taylor is thrown backwards and as he bounces off the ropes, 17 kicks him in the gut this time … he hooks him up … QUACKENDRIVER!! 17 strikes right at the heart of Chikara with its patriarch’s signature move!

    As Taylor falls to the mat, 17 drags the pained carcass of the legal man Shard atop of Taylor, he can’t muster the energy to hook the leg … 1 .. Taylor is down … 2 … he’s out and Gargano is nowhere in sight! … … 3!!


    The ringing of the bell doesn’t just indicate the end of the match and the reign of F.I.S.T. as the Campeons, it may just signal the start of the end of Chikara …

    As Gargano’s hands emerge above the canvas, brief hope that the pinfall was done by Taylor, he slips back down to the arena floor as the full realization of what has just happened starts to dawn on him. Inside the ring, The Shard rolls off of Taylor and 17, holding his face briefly, rushes across and brings him to his feet, bringing him in close and patting him on the head and then the back, making sure to focus on the words he is saying, making it clear to a brutalized Shard just what they had managed to accomplish.

    As Taylor rolls around on the mat, still in too much pain to comprehend what had just happened, 17 and The Shard leave the ring. As they get to ringside, they look at eachother and high five, the latest step in their grand masterplan having been undertaken. As they are handed the Campeonatos de Parejas, they stare at the gold, but clearly feeling it is tarnished, it’s clear by how they are acting that the symbolism of what they had done on this night meant more than any touch of that historic, precious gold ever could, or would.

    As the two start to leave through the crowd, job done once again, Taylor starts to grab onto the ropes and as he drags himself up, his view of 17 and The Shard having left and Gargano crawling back into the ring brings home just what a monumental disaster tonight had been, a clear difference to the feelings that F.I.S.T. had just twenty four hours prior when all seemed well.

    Taylor and Gargano stand and simply stare at eachother, unable to think about, nor accept what had just happened, their reign as the Campeons ended so abruptly and so decisively.

    One fact remained through it all. GEKIDO didn’t just hold all the championships.

    They held all the cards and as A Change of Mind approached, one thing was for sure, for certain, an undeniable truth, the mortal danger Chikara had been subject to had never been as threatening, never as large as it was now.

    Would there even be a Season 12?

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling - JUNE POWER 10 WINNER

    Man, this fic is on fire. I can tell you have been fired up about Chikara recently and it shows big time here in this fed. Anyone not reading it is missing out. Anyone with the Fed of the Year award in their sights will have to go through Chikara in my opinion. You had one hell of a 2013 so far Kem. Congrats man.

    And fuck Tim Donst!!! He's up there on my most hated heel's list for fan fic. Seriously hate that dude in this fed, which is a good thing.

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    13.11.12: Blood’s thicker than water? Maybe you should take some of your own words into consideration, “Uncle Dash”.

    Afterall, it wasn’t me that viciously attacked you at A Piece of the Action, was it? It also wasn’t me that needed my best friend to help me do it. It was all you.

    Family? Family has never and will never matter to you. ALL you ever have or ever will care about is Baseball and The Throwbacks.

    I had to listen to years to our family sharing their delight at your accomplishments. Do you know how sickening it is when your nearest and dearest wouldn’t mention the fact that I had won a football game single-handed, yet you do one good deed, or one good thing and it’s spoken about like it’s never been done before?

    Let’s not pretend like we’ve ever got on, Dash. We haven’t. I’ve been in your shadow for years. I had enough of being in this season, so I did something about it at Chikarasauras Rex.

    If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave it there.

    I am moving up in the world and one day soon, I’ll be atop this company as its Grand Champion and most dominant wrestler in its history. I’m not willing to forgive what you did, but I’m willing to forget it. For your sake.

    Just don’t go expecting an invitation to the celebration when I become the best in the world.


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    When they arrived just a little over eight months ago during our great Canadian debut, no one could have envisioned the impact they would have had. GEKIDO changed the face of Chikara. The Swarm took out years of hurt and torment on The Colony and a fierce war have been fought ever since.

    The epic battle at King of Trios, which The Swarm decisively won, lives long in the memory of all, but of The Colony especially. Well, we’re heading fast track toward A Change of Mind. We’re returning to the newly reopened ECW Arena and we’re not taking that lightly. We’re bringing the galaxy of Chikara stars with us, and we’re doing it right!

    With that in mind, are your bodies ready? We hope they are, because one more time, as we say goodbye to Season 11, the battle of good and evil will take place when The Swarm meet The Colony … ONE MORE TIME!

    When this war started and got into its groove, The Swarm started to be matched in their knowledge of The Colony, the latter starting to learn what their evil polar opposites were all about. It now all comes down to this. The season finale and a chance to end the year on a positive note.

    But for one team, the season will end on a sour note. For The Colony, that very thought is a foreboding one. As for The Swarm, they hold all the cards, GEKIDO hold all the titles. Can they strike one more potentially fatal blow into the hearts of Chikara’s iconic trio when they meet in Philadelphia?

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    18th November, 2012

    In the Hudson River Valley, in the city of Poughkeepsie, a selection of students are being put through their paces inside the House of Hardcore School. Stood in one corner monitoring their progress is the hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer.

    Two students finish up a series of armdrags before Dreamer declares the session over and they and the various students gathered around the main ring start to collect their bags and gear and head out of the main building.

    Dreamer then stands in the center of the ring and starts to talk to the camera …

    Dreamer: You know, when I left the WWE, I didn’t imagine this possible. My own wrestling organization, my own wrestling school, the ability to mould the ideas I had conjured in my mind for years. It was a pipe dream, but thanks to the support of my fans, my friends, my family, my dream has come true …

    Dreamer rubs his chin as he looks around and appreciates his surroundings.

    Dreamer: The chance to be able to train those men and women you just saw leave is the privilege of a lifetime and if I can install in them -


    Dreamer is unaware as TIM DONST sneaks up behind him and smashes him in the back of his head! Dreamer rocks into the ropes and as he bounces back, Donst pulls him down and throws a piece of lacing from his boots around the neck of Dreamer and starts to pull!

    Purple starts to invade Dreamer’s face, his lips turning blue. Donst gets to his feet and chucks the lace aside as he looks down, his face damn near maniacal. Donst is seething, his lips pursed, his eyes bright and wide, that of a madman. He paces around the ring as Dreamer lays flat, but he isn’t done.

    Dragging Dreamer to his feet, Donst viciously throws him from the ring, Dreamer luckily landing on matting beside the ring. What’s not so lucky is when he’s taken across to a bench and Donst, with no compassion, lifts him up and slams him hard into the hard brown wood, Dreamer’s back bouncing off it with a sickening thud! He tries to roll away, but Donst places his foot on his chest and shakes his head. He isn’t done just yet …

    Donst again drags Dreamer up, this time by his hair. He rips at it, raking a lock of it before throwing it to the floor and stamping on it! He rubs his own head, it’s shaving what initially led to his downfall, and seemingly remembering that very moment clearly in his fuzzy mind, Donst hammers away at Dreamer before throwing him face first into the stainless steel lockers at one side of the building …

    Donst kneels down beside a downed Dreamer, a slight trickle of blood starting to emerge courtesy of the steel … as he lays barely conscious, barely coherent, Donst stares into his eyes …

    Donst: Don’t …

    Donst brings his head up … BEFORE SMASHING IT HARD TO THE FLOOR BELOW!

    Donst: Ridicule me …


    Donst: AGAIN!

    ONE MORE TIME! Donst shoves Dreamer’s head down one more, unforgiving time, the damage having been done long ago.

    Donst slowly backs away, laughing to himself. The camera keeps half an eye on him as he throws his arms to the front and storms out of the door and onto the street … the camera is soon dropped to the ground and said holder of the camera can be seen kneeling down and attending to Dreamer …


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    What we saw in a special update sent to us by Tim Donst yesterday was very troubling to say the least. Tim Donst has been unhinged for some time, but no one expected him to go as far as he did.

    As you saw, in a video that we had to edit for everyone’s own good, Donst went to Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore training facility in New York and beat down the hardcore legend in front of his many students and even his watching wife.

    The Board of Fun condemn these heinous actions, but the attempt at punishing Donst has been taken out of our hands. Tommy has already been in touch, and though hurting, he wants to be at A Change of Mind … but he wants to compete! Subject to the relevant doctors note being sent to us and Tommy Dreamer being in prime condition to compete, it’ll be “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer versus Tim Donst at the season finale!

    However much none of us agree with the actions of Tim Donst, his disturbed state and the enduring return to winning ways he’s seen can be attributed down to the severe mean streak he has adopted. If there was any man in Chikara with the capability, both physically and mentally, to compete with a man of Dreamer’s experience and knowledge, it is probably Tim Donst.

    From Dreamer’s point of view, this has turned extremely personal, extremely quickly. Tim Donst, in his opinion, has made an enemy out of the wrong man. Dreamer wants one last hurrah and wants to put Donst in his place, once and for all. Not only that, but there’s the small matter that this match will take place in a city and building that Dreamer knows only too well.

    Will he succeed on what Tommy Dreamer has called “his last great day out”, or will Tim Donst continue his mental decline and physical rise from the ashes?

    You still don’t see?

    What more proof do you need?

    They’re colluding.

    He’s colluding.

    You can’t see what’s in front of your own eyes.

    When they strike, they’ll destroy.

    Nothing left but chaos.

    You’ve been warned.

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    The Board of Fun convened for its weekly board meeting and up for discussion was the situation regarding Mr. Touchdown. Mark Angelosetti posted a blog up just after our last weekend swing and he wasn’t happy with what happened between himself and his Great-Uncle Dasher Hatfield. Touchdown is not happy that a non-contracted wrestler was so able to assault him at A Piece of the Action.

    Well, we agree. Kind of. He’s right, Dasher Hatfield is not contracted. However, the fact this family disagreement has bled its way into Chikara shows doesn’t sit well with us. After all, Chikara is all about action, not family bickering, right?

    Well, with that in mind, we’ve come to a decision. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti will get a chance to take out his frustrations on his opponent at A Change of Mind, because he will be competing in Philadelphia. His opponent? Oh, it’s "The Old Timey King of Swing" Dasher Hatfield!

    … oh, and before we forget, in addition, if Dasher Hatfield can put aside the ring rust and come out with the win, we’ll be only too happy to provide him with a contract to return as a part of the Chikara roster!

    The CHIKARMY has wanted this and as a Season 11 ending present, we have given it to them. Family will wage war inside the ECW Arena at A Change of Mind and one way or another, this family feud will come to an end … once and for all …

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    17 has changed Chikara. For the worst. He reigns as one half of the Campeonatos de Parejas and of course holds the Grand Championship of Chikara. He’s seen off many of the finest Chikara has to offer on his road to dominance; Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, F.I.S.T., no one and nothing has been able to stop him and his group of invaders.

    Until now, maybe. Whilst the Campeonatos de Parejas won’t be on the line when we play Philadelphia, the Grand Championship will! Whilst 17 has killed off many of his rivals over the past several months, there’s one man he hasn’t faced and vanquished, so he’ll get that chance at A Change of Mind.

    In Philadelphia, it’ll be 17 defending the Grand Championship of Chikara against “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush!

    17 hasn’t just copied Quackenbush out of hatred, he’s done it out of a begrudging respect. 17 has admitted that he feels he should have always been in Quack’s position. No one has an idea as to why he feels this why, or what, if any history he has with Chikara’s patriarch, but he has shown himself to be equally as skilled as the man he will oppose in the heartland of hardcore wrestling for our season finale.

    This will be the last match of Season 11, and thus, the pressure is on. 17 has only one aim, to kill the current Chikara and then recreate it in his image. For Quackenbush, the thought of letting this season end without bringing the Grand Championship home and finding out once and for all who leaked the Chikara Special is not a thought he wants to entertain.

    The battle for ultimate supremacy will go down at A Change of Mind on iPPV.

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    At King of Trios, we saw the debut of Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassive. The Devastation Corporation entered the 10-team Tag Gauntlet and came out on top, getting one point on the board. Despite now standing with zero points, they remain a potent and deadly force and they’ll get another chance to prove that when they compete at A Change of Mind.

    However, it won’t be any old match. To win that tag gauntlet back in September, they defeated legendary tag team Bradshaw and Farooq. Well, that’s not been forgotten and The Acolytes want revenge!

    With that in mind, we’re delighted to reveal that in Philadelphia, with points in play, it’ll be Sidney Bakkabella’s Devastation Corporation taking on Bradshaw and Farooq, The Acolytes Protection Agency!

    You couldn’t wish to pit two more dominating, decimating and deadly tandems against eachother. One, a protection agency renowned for their willingness to fight to the death, all in the name of a dollar bill. The other, a tandem only a couple of matches into a career, but already carving their name as one of the feared forces in pro-wrestling.

    These four goliaths will meet in Philadelphia. Only one team can walk out with a point toward title contention. Can The Acolytes make it two points, or will they be swiped off the board as The Devastation Corporation once again gets a point?

    30.11.12: Oh my, what a year it has been for my loyal followers and me.

    When this fine year started, my focus was intense, my goals clear. I wanted to become the Grand Champion of Chikara and I wanted to see my Spectral Envoy reign supreme as the 2013 King of Trios winners. Neither has come to fruition.

    The reason? Delirious.

    The man I once trusted as my most loyal servant and formidable animal of war against my rivals betrayed me, betrayed Hallowicked, betrayed all evil entities when he, of sound mind again, betrayed The Spectral Envoy. Delirious in his true form no more. Instead, in his place, an imposter who has recruited The Batiri to form his very own Dark Army, to do his bidding with one set goal: to deliver the most amazing infliction of pain to myself, Hallowicked and Frightmare.

    What happened at A Piece of the Action has the whole world talking, and indeed, it troubled me too. However, another aspect of this declaration of war troubled me, for Delirious showed the world an artifact long thought dead when he saw fit to shatter it into a million pieces at the end of last season.

    I saw it with my own eyes. The Eye of Tyr – GONE! It was obliterated and that is what troubles me. How did it become resurrected and what powers does it now possess? I was told of its powers and that reincarnation of said artifact would bring the deepest curse to the person or persons responsible for its resurrection. Delirious, I hope for your sake that thing you pulled out in Cleveland, Ohio was simply an imposter, like you yourself.

    I can assure you, despite the speculation I’ve read, he didn’t use this weapon on me, he simply took me out with my very own Praying Mantis Driver on the concrete backstage, BUT, be assured Delirious, revenge will be mine. When we head around the great states of this fair land next year, your pain and suffering will be intolerable.

    They says wars finish but the battles always continue.

    I disagree. The battles are surely not over and Delirious, for as long as I have breath in my body and as long as I have people with true loyalty by my side, I won’t stop.

    I can’t stop.

    This war will continue and my day will soon come.


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    hey man! this is my favorite thread ive ever read PERIOD! i mean on any forum this is phenomenal will you continue after season 11? i hope to god u do!

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    Boy, do we have a treat in store for you.

    We here at Chikara headquarters are aware of the people wondering what the situation regarding The Shard would be. What with the other elements of GEKIDO being tied up for the season finale, we’ve been asked what Shard will be up to when the season finale comes calling.

    Well, wonder no longer! The Shard competed in a first-time-ever match on our last weekend swing, and he’ll be doing the same at A Change of Mind. In the great city of Philadelphia, it’ll be The Shard one on one with El Generico!

    Two of the most exciting, athletic and skilled athletes we’ve seen in Season 11 will round the season off in style as they step into the ring with eachother for the very first time!

    Who will round off their respective seasons in style and who will be left to rue defeat and wait for a chance to put things right in the off-season? Join us on iPPV later this month to find out!

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    Their story has gone back years. They were partners, they were friends … but now, they are foes and at A Change of Mind, they’ll wage war once again.

    Inside the confines of the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Delirious will take a ride back from the brink of insanity as he combats UltraMantis Black!

    UltraMantis was brutally ravaged at A Piece of the Action last month, but would not confirm just what had happened. However, what he did say was this was now about more than Delirious’ “lost years” under the spell of the infamous Eye of Tyr.

    Delirious, for his part, we are sure wouldn’t agree. It’s about revenge and retribution and his plan to give UltraMantis back the two years of mental pain and anguish he suffered has only just begun. The question remains, who will come out alive at A Change of Mind and will either man ever be the same again?

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    07.12.12: I did try and warn you. Myself, The Shard, The Swarm, we sent out clear warnings about what was to happen, but you didn’t listen. You didn’t respect. You didn’t appreciate what we were capable of …. But now, I trust you know. I trust your realization has come full circle. GEKIDO now stands as the single most dominant entity that this organization has ever, and will ever see.

    You disregarded us and it worked to our advantage. You were the makers of your own downfall. You ridiculed us, you brushed us off, you regarded us as a threat to be dealt with in the same way as many others over your ten years of existence.

    The difference between those that come before us and GEKIDO is we get things done and we make good on our promises.

    I promised to become the Grand Champion of Chikara. I delivered.

    The Swarm promised they’d become the 2012 King of Trios. They delivered.

    Myself and The Shard promised we’d win the Campeonatos de Parejas. We delivered.

    …but most of all, I promise to defeat Mike Quackenbush inside the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

    I will deliver.


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    We have something special in store for our return to the ECW Arena. The ECW Arena is used to fast-paced, skilled technical bouts that can blow your minds and change your perception of the industry. Chikara loves to do just that and has done in its more than a decade existence.

    We have a very special presentation for A Change of Mind, so we can announce that when we go live on iPPV, we’ll be starting things off in style with the return of a FRENZY!

    Six of the best will all step into the same ring at the same time to do battle for the right to say they emerged victorious at the seasons close. Those competing include; Sugar Dunkerton! … Grizzly Redwood! … Gran Akuma! … Ophidian! … Archibald Peck! … and a mystery sixth entrant!

    No one is quite sure who the sixth guy is. Indeed, the only person that knows is Wink Vavasseur and he’s promised the mystery sixth person will be a shock, a surprise and a “blast from the past”. Who will join us with the five announced to rock the ECW Arena and kick things off in style at A Change of Mind? … and just what will these six athletes do to kick things off in style? Find out when we go LIVE on iPPV!

    …But that’s not all!

    Eight matches are set, and now, so we can announce the ninth and final match for our season finale spectacular inside the ECW Arena!

    You may have noticed there have been some rather high-profile roster members left off the card. Well, plans have been finalized, and six of the very best Chikara has to offer now, and ever will all do battle in a Trios Showdown which is sure to round off the season in true fashion.

    It’ll be the all-star trio of "The War King" Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey tasked with the toughest of assignments as they take on "The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor, "The Bees Knees" Johnny Gargano and "The Winged Ring Warrior" Icarus of F.I.S.T!

    All these men have mixed seasons and for F.I.S.T. especially, things have gone from okay, to bad, to worse. All men and women in this contest could do with a win to round off their seasons in successful fashion, but only one trio and three of them can come out of A Change of Mind with the plaudits.

    That’s now all nine spectacular showdowns set for A Change of Mind. Not one of these matches can be underestimated. There is a lot on the line and every match matters. It’s the biggest card in Chikara history.

    Join us on iPPV, for Chikara will once again, as always, thrill and excite the world.

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    15.12.12: Don’t let Zelda The Great and A Piece of the Action fool you.

    My Devastation Corporation can be temporally halted, but they can’t be stopped.

    I am smart enough to know that dips will occur, but they are just that. People must be aware of the danger Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassive pose.

    Confront them; they’ll knock you down in a blaze of glory with stiff strikes, mat-bursting slams and leather-filled boots to the head. An indication of the sort of intense destruction they will cause in Season 12 will become apparent when the once iconic, now defunct and derelict Acolytes attempt, unsuccessfully, to combat my monsters inside the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

    You ride in here again after the beating you took at the King of Trios tournament and you believe the outcome will be any different?

    Like last time, The Devastation Corporation will walk out with one point toward title contention and Bradshaw and Farooq will be left a bloody and beaten mess, their specs of blood the only thing breaking up the pristine white of the mat.

    17.12.12: Do you believe us now?

    Do you believe what we always told you?

    Dominance wasn’t just an idea, it was a formality. It couldn’t be stopped, it couldn’t be postponed and resistance was futile.

    Now the fun really begins.

    Whilst my friends The Swarm defeat The Colony and 17 annihilates your hero Mike Quackenbush to keep hostage that Grand Championship, I’ll be in action too. I’ll be going toe to toe with, and defeating El Generico and proving in the process why I am not just an invader. I am a serious professional wrestler.

    There seems to be a thought process out there that we’re just fighters, we’re opportunists, there at the right moment and take advantage of elements of luck.

    There’ll be nothing lucky at A Change of Mind when I beat El Generico fair and square.

    When this season comes to a close this weekend with GEKIDO standing tall as the dominant force and the killer of the Chikara you all knew and loved.

    Maybe then you’ll truly believe.


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    19.12.12: I find this all a little bit ironic and sickening.

    During our two reigns as Campeons, all me and Johnny were told was how pleased everyone would be when those titles would be taken away from us. No one liked our tactics, the way we conducted ourselves, our beauty, our talent …

    Yet when it suits, you all jumped on the bandwagon. When it was 17 and The Shard opposing us, suddenly we were the hot properties, we were the flavours of the month and you all got behind us, cheering us on, chanting our names.

    Suddenly, for the first time ever, F.I.S.T. was popular.

    It sickened us.

    You’re not fans, you’re puppets! You don’t care about us, you just cared about the result. Here we stand without those belts and all you care about is who will win them back from GEKIDO.

    What about us? What about F.I.S.T?

    Well, I’ll tell you what, you sit back and enjoy yourselves. Be happy in the thought that you are puppets, dangled on a string, played like an accordion. You keep on being oblivious and obnoxious and F.I.S.T will carry on being the World’s Most Dangerous Trio, with or without the Campeonatos de Parejas.

    Johnny said it best …

    F.I.S.T. won’t be broken.


    20.12.12: Oh Mantis Black, is that fear I detect?

    Are you, the person who once had all the control and all the power, now fearing what is to come?

    Oh yes, I think you are.

    Fear is ripping your insides apart, because you know what is to come. It is now unavoidable and that fear strikes right into your black heart.

    You uphold yourself as a bastion of evil, a man who’s mind knows no bounds, but even you Mantis Black, even you feel helpless, don’t you?

    You have no control and you have no knowledge of what is to come and that, that is the thing that scares you most.

    The Eye of Tyr. Resurrected. But for what? How? What powers does it now possess?

    A curse? What curse? No worries were had by you when you fooled Sinn Bodhi into taking possession of a fake plastic Eye of Tyr two years ago.

    The only curse you have Mantis Black is the one that has infected you ever since you took my two years from me.

    We will go to war at A Change of Mind.

    Just you and me Mantis Black.

    At the season finale on iPPV, there will be no change of mind.

    Not for Delirious.



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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    21.12.12: Tomorrow night, I face 17 at A Change of Mind and the Grand Title of Chikara will be on the line.

    This is it.

    The season finale, the last match of the season and the year, a match between two very different men. One who wants to wrestle for respect, admiration and the love of the game … the other, a monster who wants to wreck what myself and many others have created.

    In truth, this goes way above the Grand Championship. This is about the future of something special to me, special to all the boys in the back and special to all the fans reading this blog. What’s been created has fill our hearts with joy and GEKIDO, more than any other group, threatens to tear it apart, to rip up the fabric of this company, bit by bit, piece by piece.

    …but I won’t sit ideally by and allow that to happen. I don’t just want to beat 17. I want to humiliate him, to injure him, to send him away … for good, so, I have an idea. How about we make this about more than just those few pounds of gold?

    How about we add some stipulations? Specifically, how about, if you win 17 and I don’t become the Grand Champion, I’ll RETIRE from professional wrestling?!

    Oh, but that’s not all! Because if I win, I want something in return. If I manage to defeat you for that championship, YOU will be forced to leave this place and NEVER return!

    Think about it 17, you get the chance to do what you always wanted to: You get the chance to rid Chikara of me, take my place and remodel this company in your own image. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

    See you in Philadelphia.


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    On Saturday the 22nd of December, from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, the world will bear witness to Chikara’s Season 11 finale, “A Change of Mind”, to be screened live on iPPV at

    Nearly ten months of action, over twenty nights of thrilling combat and dozens upon dozens of matches all lead to this moment. A company shrouded in gloom attempts to rise from the ashes as the threat of GEKIDO is again faced up to, for one more fatal time as we face the final hurdle before the seasons end.


    A Change of Mind will open with a little something we’re calling FRENZY! Six of the best we have to offer will step into the ring, at the same time, with a chance to emerge victorious and end Season 11 on the highest of highs. The wrestlers? The Leader of the Band Archibald Peck, Gran Akuma, The Loutish Lumberjack Grizzly Redwood, Ophidian, Sugar Dunkerton and … a mystery sixth man!

    Whilst the mystery man will shock you, the other stories in this match are so fascinating; the improving mentality of Peck and Ophidian, the increasingly successful returnees Sugar Dunkerton and Gran Akuma and the little fury that is Grizzly Redwood, a man who feels he’s not been given a fair shake of the whip since he split with his fellow Roughneck Brodie Lee. Only one man can come out on top in this furious spectacle and we’ll find out who when these impressive men duke it out to start off our iPPV this coming weekend on!


    When Dasher Hatfield introduced his Great-Nephew at The Thirteenth Hat, the season premier, little did he know what would happen over the corresponding nine months. The problems started with Touchdown’s emerging arrogance as a result of his college jock background; continued with his actions at Chikarasauras Rex, where he was responsible for Dasher Hatfield being forced to leave town, and it will end at A Change of Mind this weekend when a family at war collides as “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti faces off with Dasher Hatfield!

    However, this won’t be any normal match, because if Dasher wins, he’ll win back his Chikara contract and get to return home to the major leagues! Hatfield has had enough of stewing and being without his friends at Chikara. He’s ready to, against his better judgment, end his argument with his Great-Nephew and then move onto what he’ll hope will be a more successful 2013.

    They say blood is thicker than water. Not where these two are concerned, and Mark Angelosetti especially. We’ll find that very fact out when they collide as the caravan and its occupants roll into Philadelphia this weekend!


    The first battle between these two teams came to fruition at King of Trios when The Devastation Corporation made its grand, and devastating debut, finally beating The Acolytes to win the 10 Team Tag Showdown on Night 3. It’s been a mixed time since then, but they’ve proved they are as dangerous as any other entity in Chikara. Well, the battle between these two bruising tandems isn’t over. King of Trios was just the beginning, and for one night only, The Acolytes will return to try and settle the score at the iPPV!

    The Acolytes are not the usual fits you’d expect from Chikara, but they are a hell of a team. They brawl with the best of them and fit in well when they debuted at King of Trios. Were excited to welcome them back one more time for a special showcase of two dominating teams. We know this is going to be enthralling, if not all that pretty. Don’t shield your eyes though, because this is one of those one of a kind matches that only Chikara can give you … and it all happens this weekend!


    Tim Donst’s decline into mental oblivion didn’t seem like it could get much worse, especially after he attacked Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lynn on Night Three of this past September’s King of Trios tournament. Well, we were wrong. As seen on a recent Special Update, Tim Donst took things to the extreme degree. Donst went to Dreamer’s wrestling school in Poughkeepsie, New York and brutalized and battered Tommy Dreamer in front of his own students, inside the very ring he’s been using to train the next generation of wrestling talent.

    These actions compelled the Board of Fun to act, but before they could, Tommy Dreamer got in touch. Despite essentially being in semi-retirement, Dreamer wants want last chance at glory and a chance to revenge and redemption. So it was signed, sealed and will be delivered this weekend. Tommy Dreamer versus Tim Donst! The war of words, the pain inflicted upon eachother, the humiliation that Donst sought a few weeks ago in Dreamer’s own backyard, it will all come to an end at the single biggest event in Chikara history!

    Can Tim Donst back up his words with actions and put an end to the extreme era in its own backyard inside the ECW Arena in Philly, or can Dreamer shine one last light on his career and go out with a bang in perhaps his final wrestling matches? A lot at stake, both mentally and physically, but only one man can be declared the man when all is said and done …


    Unlike most of the other battles to be contested at A Change of Mind, this is as much about what happens within the two respective trios than their opponents. With nothing else planned for these six, it’s been announced F.I.S.T. will contest a trios showdown against Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and Sara Del Rey.

    F.I.S.T. for their part have seen their brief resurgence stopped in its tracks after Taylor and Gargano lost the Campeonatos de Parejas. They will team with Icarus and look to get back on track against their opposition. Kingston and Jigsaw have not had a trouble-free year, a couple of epic, bruising battles, their friendship having been tested to the limit in light of the threat posed by GEKIDO. They seem to have recovered their friendship to what it is, but there’s no doubt the troubles of the past few months have taken their toll on those two Gen-1 warriors.

    Who will end the season as victors and begin their preparations for Season 12 in high spirits, and more crucially, who will be left to rue a loss and an off-season of contemplation and improvement ahead of a new season? Six of Chikara’s all-stars will go into battle inside the ECW Arena and it’s sure to be “interesting” …


    The Shard finally proved to the world his talent. A man fragmented by the fame he never had would put that aside when he, alongside 17, became the holders of the Campeonatos de Parejas at A Piece of the Action. Now, with 17 and The Swarm engaged in their own battles, The Shard will try and show he can make it as a singles star as he forges his own path.

    The battle though, it couldn’t get any tougher, as for the first time ever, it’ll be The Shard facing off with El Generico on iPPV! Two of the quickest to have graced a Chikara ring will showdown at A Change of Mind and will thrill the watching world as they go toe to toe, aiming to impress and more than anything … win. This is both a chance for The Shard to secure his status as the rising star of Chikara, despite his questionable motives, but for El Generico, a regular occurring special guest, it’s a chance to drive himself even closer to contention for a possible Grand Championship shot. This is a battle not to be missed, keep your eyes peeled, because with the speed these two men wrestle at, you might just miss something if you dare blink.


    Who knew that one precious artifact and its powers could lead to an evil war that threatens to tear a city apart, wherever the soldiers of war fight? Well, that’s what the Eye of Tyr has managed to do. It’s effects lifted from Delirious after years of control, first by UltraMantis Black and then by the villainous Brüderschaft, Delirious has now made it mission to pay Black back in kind for those two years. This season has been all about revenge and retribution and on the whole, has been a painful lesson in karma for Chikara’s Chief Nefarious.

    The once clouded mind of Delirious has been cleared and he has never been more dangerous than he is now. When you add in the fact he has recruited his own Dark Army in The Batiri, that is only amplified. A battle of two former comrades, a teacher and his pet, at the biggest show in Chikara history … it doesn’t get any bigger than this. An added aspect to this battle is what it’s done to Hallowicked, a man forced to wage war against a man who he teamed with for a long time and become friends with, the original Incoherence and one of the teams that helped propel Chikara’s tag team division to such great heights. However, Delirious has now made Hallowicked as much of a target as Black, blaming him for what has happened to him and vowing to make his life as miserable as he can.

    A Piece of the Action saw a troubling turn as UltraMantis Black was brutalized by Delirious, the last interaction before it was confirmed they’d go into combat once more live on iPPV. When Delirious produced the resurrected Eye of Tyr, that was when EVERYTHING changed.

    The Eye of Tyr’s involvement seemed to be over, simply a piece of history to be written into the story of these two men far into the future. Instead, it now stands again as a threat, but this time to UltraMantis Black himself. He no longer has control of it. He no longer has control of Delirious, and those two facts may be the most troubling aspect of it all.


    This all started when Jose and The Two Franks, now known as The Swarm, left the Wrestle Factory in a cloud of shame. Chikara claims they couldn’t handle the methods of Mike Quackenbush. They claim they were unfairly treated. Whatever happened, happened. The only thing for sure is they now stand today as the evil polar opposites to The Colony and have been the greatest foe to Chikara’s iconic trio since they made their mark during our Canadian debut earlier this season.

    Feeling wronged and feeling as though they should rightfully be in The Colony’s spot, they’ve made it their mission to destroy The Colony and make their lives a living nightmare. And they’ve succeeded. Their greatest battle came at the 2012 King of Trios, when The Swarm shocked the world by walking out with those ever so precious medals! Now, they’re going to do it again. The Colony and The Swarm will again do battle, no medals on the line this time, but important all the same.

    Soldier Ant and combatANT have taken on respective roles as leaders of their two groups, combatANT especially showing an intense hatred of the man he has opposed and saw fit to copy and malign at all opportunities. Their battle last month was brutal, bruising, sometimes hard to watch, one can only wonder what the six men have in store for us when Chikara hits iPPV once again.

    Who knows, this could be the last time we ever see these trios collide, because if it came down to it, either trio would do whatever it took to eliminate the threat of the opposition and ensure they were eradicated from view. Who will make it to next season victorious? Will either trio emerge unscathed from this match? Will ANY of them make it to next season, or is this some, or all of them’s final stand?


    It’s not often a wrestler with 17’s track record for destruction and decimation admits to modelling himself after another athlete, but that is what he has done since making his mark in Chikara back in March. 17 is obsessed with the career of Mike Quackenbush and obsessed with being better than him. It’s that obsession and wanting of acceptance that has led to this war, against both Quackenbush and his creation, Chikara. It will all come down to the season finale. 17 versus Mike Quackenbush for the Grand Championship of Chikara.

    But with a twist. Stipulations have been added, set down by Quackenbush and accepted by 17. If 17 wins, Mike Quackenbush won’t just lose the match, he’ll be forced to RETIRE. On the other hand, if Mike Quackenbush emerges with the Grand Title in his possession, 17 will be forced to leave Chikara, never to return! Never have higher stakes been on the line whilst a championship is up for grabs.

    But, like admitted several times in the past few weeks and months, this is not just about that title. It’s about a whole heap more. The future of Chikara is on the line and up for grabs. Mike Quackenbush doesn’t need telling about what could happen if he loses this weekend and is forced to retire, another soldier of the good cause eradicated at the hands of 17 and GEKIDO. You could well argue this is the most high profile, important matchup ever contested inside a Chikara ring.

    When the tellers of professional wrestling history look back upon this weekend, this match will be discussed. In either a good way or a bad way, this one match alone will change the course of history, its outcome inscribed on Chikara forever. Can 17 make the final step in his quest to become the new Mike Quackenbush and with it, the chance to recreate Chikara in his image? … or can Quackenbush himself bring the title home and in the process, drive one of the invaders out of Chikara for good? All the questions the watching wrestling world has will be answered this weekend.

    A Change of Mind is only hours away. We play the ECW Arena in Philadelphia and as you can see from what is listed above, there are many matches planned, lots of surprises in store and more on the line in every match that you could ever wish to imagine. Join us on iPPV as we again thrill the world and sign off the season in style!

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    Archibald Peck - would go the mystery man, but it's too unknown

    Dasher Hatfield - Love his wrestling style

    APA - can't keep them down for long and they'll be looking for revenge

    Tim Donst - Chikara's Raven

    F.I.S.T. - the toughest pick for me so far

    El Generico - will pull out a win, in what could be the showstealer

    Delirious - this one can go anywhere

    The Colony - if they all didn't have masks on, this would be a bloody war

    Quack - he can downright nasty when he has to be

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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    … Win and Lose …

    The Devastation Corporation and The Acolytes will do battle once again, The Shard and El Generico shall showdown and a Frenzy will occur, as evidenced by rapid-fire still images of the six men involved, a shadow cast over the mystery sixth man …

    … Championships and Failure …

    We see the depressed image of F.I.S.T. following the loss of the Campeonatos de Parejas … then shots throughout the season of the continued struggles of the likes of Ophidian and Tim Donst

    … Family and Friends …

    Eddie Kingston and Jigsaw through the season is relived; first the wars, then the stars and showdowns, then the handshake and the attempted right of passage back to their friendship of old.

    On the other hand, Dasher Hatfield and Mr. Touchdown, a furious looking Touchdown after being attacked by Dunkerton and Hatfield at A Piece of the Action; a crying, comber Hatfield after the events of Chikarasauras Rex …

    … Dead or Alive …

    A still image of Delirious standing above a downed UltraMantis Black at A Piece of the Action.

    … Good or Evil …

    Fast action shots of The Colony, followed by a slightly slowed version, black and white in version showing the very best, and sadistic of The Swarm.

    … Career or Company …

    A shot back to when 17 defeated Eddie Kingston for the Grand Championship and the stare that engulfed the occasion as Mike Quackenbush looked on at the threat ...


    The ECW Arena feet as a whole are on their feet as Chikara returns for the first time in twelve months! “CHIKARA … CHIKARA ... CHIKARA!”, the chants of the wrestling organization they all know and love rise up, their voices rasping such is the effort they’re putting in. This is the first wrestling event back inside the ECW Arena and boy, are the Philly faithful making it count …

    Chikara is live and A Change of Mind is being broadcast to the watching wrestling world on iPPV! The camera spins around and does a double take of the audience before shooting straight to the Commentation Station. As per usual, LEONARD F. CHIKARASON is there and alongside him, DR. KEITH LIPINSKI … the two are all smiles and as their names flesh up on the screen, Leonard especially takes a breath as he looks around before addressing the audience.

    Chikarason- Oh my golly gosh! We’ve live, we’re exclusive, we’re on iPPV … and we’re back in this grand building! We’re back at the ECW Arena! It’s that time of the year; it’s time for our season finale!

    Lipinski- This is a real thrill, my first iPPV here at the station! To be able to sit here and call the action up close and personal is a real privilege! Let’s hope that by the end of the night, Chikara goes back to normal and GEKIDO’s threat is eradicated, or at least stopped in its tracks. However, for now, let’s enjoy the action, because we’re diving straight in!

    Chikarason- Ladies and gentleman, get ready to set aside any boundaries to your imagination as we present to you … A Change of Mind!

    As the groove of the smooth tunes of Kenny Pickett and Creation kick in, we get treated, one by one, to the entrances of the combatants for the opening contest. Set your minds at zero. It’s time to get frenzied up in here …

    First out walking down the ramp is Grizzly Redwood. The loutish lumberjack with an attitude bigger than his size stomps to the ring, his happiness absolutely overwhelming …

    Chikarason- Grizzly Redwood, he scares me. My new-born baby may be bigger than him, but this guy, he can be ultra-dangerous when in the wrong state of mind …

    Redwood is soon followed as Gran Akuma bounds out through the curtain. Smirking, he points at the ring and slaps hands with the fans as he too heads toward the ring …

    Lipinski- Gran Akuma suffered a setback against Ophidian last month after a previously successful return. Can he get back to winning ways right away here tonight?

    Get ready to march! The crowd stand and cheer as the budding romance between the fans and Archibald Peck continues as The Leader of the Band appears. Peck looks at his waist, still clearly perturbed at not being able to come out with one of the Campeonatos de Parejas belts last month, but despite this, heads to the ring with a spirit in his step …

    Chikarason- Despite not walking in here as a tag team champion, Archibald Peck remains in a fun loving, marching state of mine and a win here would set him up brilliantly for next season.

    The fourth man out from the back is the troubled Ophidian. The masked Egyptian warrior is clearly in mental anguish, his head snapping from side to side, his mind wandering as he looks around, almost scared as he tentatively makes his way toward the ring …

    Lipinski- Ophidian has gone from a tortured soul, to a recuperating one, to a person halted by mental weakness. We have no idea what happened to him last month during his victory over Gran Akuma, but it certainly wasn’t a pretty sight to behold.

    The penultimate athlete to make his entrance is the biggest fan favourite of them all and the crowd goes wild as Sugar Dunkerton bounces out from backstage! Chikara’s Boisterous Ball Hog dances his way down the ramp, in confident mood having made his return recently and having had an unofficial reuniting of relations with his Throwbacks partner Dasher Hatfield last month.

    Chikarason- Sugar Dunkerton’s a good friend and someone I get on well with. He’s pleased to be back, not just as a Chikara roster member, but to have reunited with Dasher Hatfield. He’ll be hoping that by the end of the night, The Throwbacks are united once again as more than friends and can team once more inside this ring, together.

    The five man inside the ring look on, but as they do, no man or woman emerges from the curtain, the sixth entrant not making themselves known. All five seem rather perturbed and slightly taken aback by this, but must retain their focus as the frenzy nears its start.

    Chikarason- Well … that’s a big strange. We were informed to expect the mystery sixth person to make their interest, but … well, they haven’t.

    Lipinski- Obviously whoever it is isn’t ready to appear just yet. Are they even here? What’s happened to them?

    Chikarason- I guess we’re moving on …

    Inside the ring, the five men stand around the ring, all staring at eachother, confused at the lack of a sixth athlete, but their focus remaining on eachother. The referee stands between them all in the center of the ring. He soon calls for the bell and things go from calm to chaotic right away!

    Sugar Dunkerton vs. Ophidian vs. Gran Akuma vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Archibald Peck vs. ? ? ? ? ?


    The bell is hardly given a chance to ring before Akuma launches at Ophidian and drives him from the ring! Akuma doesn’t stop there though, going to the ring apron and then diving atop of Ophidian on the arena floor! Retribution in mind for last month, Akuma piles on top of the serpent and punches rain from his fierce fists! Back inside the ring, the other three look at eachother and Redwood, after providing a cut of his jib to the other two prior, finds himself on the receiving end of some double-team magic from Dunkerton and Marchin’ Archie!

    Redwood is beaten around the ring and though he ducks an attempted double clothesline, his attempt at a springboard dropkick goes wrong when he comically falls down onto the mat before being baseball kicked from the ring! As Redwood falls, Sugar laughs, but that’s when he’s rolled up from behind by Archie! … but only for a count of two! Sugar’s not laughing anymore, but Peck smirks, his evil side emerging for just a moment. “Every man for themselves” he mouths, but before he can get the words out, Sugar rocks him with punches, the two now trading blows, that very sentiment now in clear focus as they go hammer and tong in the center of the ring, the crowd unsure of who to root for most.

    As they continue to battle, Akuma gets to his feet having finished his beating of Ophidian, sliding back into the ring, and after Dunkerton hits Peck with a strong elbow smash, Akuma batters him from behind with a big kick to the back of the neck, Dunkerton falling into the ropes and as he bounces back, Akuma takes him over with a German Suplex! Akuma gets up and pumps his chest with his fist as he lets out a primal roar, what happened last month only serving to increase his intensity, if that was even possible.


    The match has continued with the action scattered around both the ring, and the arena floor also, Ophidian spending most of his time out there. His frazzled state of mind continuing, when he’s not preying on vulnerable opposition in and around the sides of the ring, he’s out in the crowd of the ECW Arena, trying to rip off the masks of small kids and shouting at the adults as he continues to search, but no one truly knows what for.

    As for the other combatants, the action is, to coin a term, frenzied. Redwood preys on the earlier disagreement between Peck and Dunkerton to pounce and take them both out, and when left alone with Akuma, uses his sly skills of evasion, aided by his quickness, to put Akuma under the pump, annoying The Warrior as he tries, and fails at several attempts to grab Redwood, only just managing to kick out after being nailed with The Logger (Diving Double Dropkick), followed by a series of standing moonsaults. This was as good as it got for Redwood as he soon got caught up in the three-way war between the aforementioned, his small frame being pulled from the ring and delivered into the steel steps at ringside by an ever-infuriated and mentally maligned Ophidian …


    The final stretch commences with Dunkerton and Akuma falling after a big-time collision, both men hitting the other with a clothesline. Peck marched in, confident this was his chance, but as he played to the crowd, Ophidian slithered in and him and Redwood, showing a weird sense of professionalism, worked with eachother to batter Peck down and as Redwood held him up, Ophidian came from the top rope, but much to Redwood’s surprise, he didn’t just hit Peck with the diving double knees from the top, he hit The Loutish Lumberjack too! Both men dropped and rolled as Ophidian got to his feet, pacing around the ring, looking upon Dunkerton and Akuma that only now start to come to around him.

    Ophidian shows no fear though, only determination. As the two get up, he grabs them both by the head, ready to collide them together! … only for the two men to reverse out their predicaments and together push Ophidian into the corner, head first! Akuma immediately swings, but misses with a wild arm; Dunkerton runs the ropes … spinning heel kick! Akuma goes down! … and Dunkerton starts to do a bit of dribbling! Bouncing Akuma’s head off the mat viciously, Dunkerton shouts and bounces as he senses a shift of momentum in his direction!

    Dunkerton kicks Redwood as the little man falls through the little ropes, but Peck hits him in the back of the head! He smirks, but he isn’t smiling when Dunkerton, his back to him, lifts his leg and forces it right into Peck’s knee! Turning around, he takes Peck over with a snapmare and runs the ropes in front of him, returning with a big kick to the face! … thrown backwards, Peck’s head hits the mat hard as Dunkerton makes the cover! … 1 … 2 .. Akuma breaks it up! He stands as Sugar gets to his feet, but out of nowhere, Ophidian launches and nearly breaks Akuma in half with a spear!

    Ophidian gets up, he’s forced to duck and then roll out the way of Dunkerton, he’s successful, but as he gets to his feet, he nearly gets clobbered whilst against the corner turnbuckle, just managing to raise an elbow, Sugar forced backwards! He tries to return, but Ophidian uses the ropes to jump up and launch a knee into the face of Dunkerton and as he runs forward … a running double knee attack sees Dunkerton thrown like a ragdoll back into one corner of the ring! He slouches, he’s defenceless … OPHIDIAN with a Cannonball! The air is suddenly ripped from the chest of Dunkerton as his slouch becomes a full on laying down … Ophidian stands, his heavy breathing seen through his mask, destruction lay all around him and he moves toward Dunkerton, looking for one more final and ultra-devastating moment …


    The lights are out, the only occasional flicker coming from the camera and phone’s taking pictures, anticipating the moment. A sense of foreboding rises from deep within, this sort of situation not alien to this building, and as the lights suddenly come back to life, Ophidian is still stood there, but as he turns, he turns to stone, his body stoic, frozen in fear … BECAUSE THERE STANDS AMASIS!




    Ophidian rolls, he screams in agony, clutching at his eyes! Amasis is emotionless, his eyes empty, glazed over. Seconds later, Amasis is at the top rope … he’s looks down below before flying through the air! … 450 SPLASH! The crowd is on their feet, they can’t believe their eyes, and neither could Ophidian … if he could see through the mist! Amasis has covered Ophidian … the leg is hooked!!

    1 … 2 … OPHIDIAN IS A LOST SOUL … 3!!


    There’s nothing funky about this pharaoh tonight.

    Amasis gets to his feet and his glare stares downwards toward the rolling Ophidian. Not able to grab both, Ophidian cradles his stomach before he rips at his mask as he rolls from the ring and crashes to the arena floor below, his face pinned to the concrete, as much in shame as in the horror and pain of what had just happened.

    All the men involved in the prior contest now seem almost forgotten. Redwood is nowhere to be seen, Akuma holding his stomach as he trails from the ring, but as for Dunkerton and Peck, they both lay on the opposite side of the ringside area to Ophidian, but all attention seems to be on ensuring the best care is given to The Venomous, Vile Serpent from the Nile …

    Chikarason- Amasis … is alive?! After all this time?! We haven’t seen him since High Noon, and now, one year later, he’s come back to seek the ultimate revenge on his former partner!

    Lipinski- Ophidian has claimed, time after time, Amasis is dead, but he was wrong. So, so wrong! I guess we have our answers as to what has haunted Ophidian in recent months; it was the ghost of Amasis and The Osirian Portal!

    Amasis leans over the ropes and looks at Ophidian, his eyes not wandering from his former friend, partner and comrades befallen carcass. No smirk though, no wide smile … no satisfaction. His eyes continue to pierce a hole through the man who one year ago threatened to end his career. Yet now, twelve months on, Amasis had been reborn, maybe for one minute, maybe for one night, but the only thing that mattered was that a taste of revenge had been taken.

    You get the feeling Amasis’ true haunting of Ophidian had only just begun.


    As we go to the back, we see none other than “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush walking through the hall. Dragging a bag behind him, Quackenbush looks ahead to simply one of the biggest nights of his career to date.

    Quackenbush is clearly a bit pensive and he’s soon stopped in his stride, the camera spinning around to reveal his star graduate standing in front of him; “The Last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston! The two share a stare, and Kingston is the first to break the ice as he leans forward and embraces his trainer and pats him on the back …

    Kingston- I guess this is where I wish you luck in pounding that piece of trash into the dirt?

    Quackenbush chuckles slightly as Kingston’s smile disappears.

    Quackenbush- Ed, you know I appreciate it, but you also know, I don’t need any luck tonight. There’s going to be nothing lucky about me breaking every bone in his body and bringing that title home where it belongs …

    Kingston- I get ya, I get ya …

    Quackenbush- No, no Ed, I don’t think you do. I don’t think ANYONE gets what this means, to me, to this company. There’s going to be no luck tonight, no sly winner. Me and 17 are going to damn near destroy eachother in that ring, but there’s one thing I know in my heart of hearts … I won’t lose.

    Quackenbush shakes his head vigorously …

    Quackenbush- I can’t.

    Kingston looks and nods, in recognition of the fact that Quackenbush is only displaying the sort of intensity and one-man attitude that made him himself the first ever Grand Champion.

    Kingston- I can respect that, but Mike, just a word of advice, from a man who beat you to win that Grand Championship one year today nearly to the day … don’t let this eat you up inside. I did, and it nearly destroyed me. I was THIS CLOSE to losing my mind and losing my friend. Don’t make the same mistake.

    Quackenbush takes in the warning and as Kingston looks him in his eyes, it’s clear he’s desperate for his mentor not to allow himself to get too deeply involved with the GEKIDO threat.

    Kingston- Learn from mine.

    Quackenbush and Kingston share a nod of respect and shake hands, but before Quackenbush can leave, Kingston places an arm across him, pulling him back just slightly …

    Kingston- But Mike, I hope you win; I really do, because if you lead us into next season as Grand Champion … you better know I’m going to be the first in line to take that belt from you …

    Quackenbush steps back a little, taking a slightly altered, defensive position. As he does, Kingston removes his hand and Quack steps forward again …

    Quackenbush- I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Quackenbush continues on his way, a flicker of a smirk covering the face of Kingston as he walks in the opposite direction.


    We’re back at the Commentation Station where Chikarason and Dr. Keith are sitting and waiting for us.

    Chikarason- Things continue to interest me. Two of the hardest men, both in physical and mental terms, facing up to the threat of GEKIDO. It’s clear from Kingston’s words that he is worried about the man who trained him in this great art.

    Lipinski- Eddie Kingston fears that Quackenbush may be “too keen” to get the job done. Is that even possible? I’d suggest Mike Quackenbush’s love for this company and what he does is the strongest dynamic he’ll have when entering that ring with 17 later tonight..

    Chikarason- Eddie’s right though, and like he suggested, you can lose a lot if you go too far, he almost did himself. Like Kingston, I too hope that Mike is not setting himself up for the most monumental of falls …


    The beat of CHIKARA’s premier football extraordinaire rings out and that can mean only one thing, and ripping the curtain aside and bursting out in front of the Philadelphia public is “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti!

    Angelosetti snarls as he rips his helmet from his head, throws it down to the floor before making his way toward the ring, throwing his arms our to swat away the outstretched arms of the fans gathered around the ringside area …

    Lipinski- Since debuting at the start of the year, Mr. Touchdown has done nothing to dispel the notion of the jock football players. Infact, he’s embraced it.

    Chikarason- He’s mentally demolished a woman, turned on his great uncle and turned on the fans that welcomed him into the CHIKARMY with open arms. I hope he gets what’s coming to him tonight.

    Angelosetti is now in the ring, pacing around as he removes his shirt and shoulder-pads, the snarl remaining as he looks toward the curtain, the crowd welcoming Touchdown with chants of “NERD! NERD! NERD!” …

    The raucous reaction from the crowd can mean only one thing, and indeed the man bouncing out of the curtain and posing to his faithful is none other than “The Old Time King of Swing” himself … Dasher Hatfield!

    Hatfield hops around like an excited puppy, he swings the baseball bat he trustily carried in one hand, but soon hands it to one delighted young fan in the front row. He smiles and pats the boy on the head before turning his head and encountering the steely glare of a once much-loved family member.

    Lipinski- This man has pride and passion running through his veins. He spent months trying to lead Mr. Touchdown on the right path, months trying to get them back on the same page, but now, all that is forgotten. Now, more than ever before, IT’S PERSONAL!

    Chikarason- Mr. Touchdown is a talented athlete, one of the best we’ve seen, but this is the biggest match of his young career. When tasked with a tough opponent, who just so happens to be his own flesh and blood, can he really get the job done on the biggest stage he has faced?

    Dasher climbs to the ring apron and continues to stare a hole through his Great-Nephew. As the crowd chants for the Baseball extraordinaire, Touchdown snipes back … “SHUT UP NERDS!” … and as Dasher heads into the ring, Touchdown circles him and can clearly be seen mouthing “This ends tonight … Uncle Dash …”

    Hatfield does the same to Touchdown, walking around him, gazing up and down. This was no longer just about personal pride and a family split right down the middle, it was about so much more. It was about a career, a livelihood, it was about the potential of Dasher Hatfield being forced from Chikara by a defeat, but this time … for good.

    Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti vs. Dasher Hatfield


    Hatfield’s rustiness is clear for all to see right from the off, a test of strength going the way of Touchdown, nimble enough to burst around to the back of Dasher and knock him in the back of the neck, throwing him forward into the ropes. An axe kick caves in the spine of Hatfield as he grabs the ropes, Mr. Touchdown showing no hint of remorse as the referee’s forced to step in as he applies an illegal choke for a good four seconds before relinquishing. He holds his hands up in innocence, before driving a knee into Hatfield, who falls through the middle rope and crashes to the outside!

    Touchdown takes a few seconds peace to take to one knee … and Tebow to the watching world on iPPV! The crowd jeers as Angelosetti smirks, stomping one foot and shouting “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!”, approaching the ropes. As he gets there, Hatfield puts one hand on the apron, trying to swipe Touchdown’s foot with the other. As he crawls up to the ring apron, Touchdown reaches over and grabs his neck, but as he reaches, Hatfield manages to escape his clutches and uses the ropes to launch himself over them and Touchdown!

    Doing a forward roll and getting to his feet, he turns around but Mr. Touchdown is too quick, Big Boot! … DUCKED! Touchdown continues into the ropes, he bounces out … and stops just before Hatfield can take him out with a clothesline! Touchdown points and laughs … BUT DASHER KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A FIRM RIGHT HOOK! The crowd are on their feet and as he stands above his Great Nephew, Dasher can hardly contain his excitement and the release that has come with getting some sweet revenge, if only a small dose.


    Despite regaining the early initiative, it was soon lost again as Touchdown takes control, Hatfield attempting a Home Run, only to slide crotch-first into the ring pole in the corner of the ring. Touchdown spends the next few minutes whittling down the defences of his former Throwbacks comrade, the ankle being targeted with precision strikes. This, along with Hatfield’s lack of ring conditioning after months on the sidelines see him struggle to keep with the much younger, fresher opponent. His tactics at times questionable, for much of the time after a fast start, Touchdown remains in total and utter control, no underhand moves needed to gain an unfair advantage.


    Touchdown’s ultimate control threatens to come to an end after Hatfield dodges at attempted Shoulder Tackle, but as Touchdown bounces out of the corner, having hit the turnbuckle head first, he turns around and into Hatfield … and the old-school sportsman goes truly old school with a DDT! He covers … but Touchdown won’t be denied and he kicks out at the count of two!

    Hatfield isn’t about to stop there though, dragging Touchdown to his feet and throwing him into the corner of the ring. He runs and nails an elbow, Touchdown stumbling out, dazed and confused, knocked down to the mat below. Hatfield again tries the cover, but as he does … Touchdown rolls him up! He’s got the tights too! … HATFIELD JUST GETS OUT AT A NEAR FALL!!

    He gets to his feet, shaking his head, doing away with the cobwebs, Hatfield is also up though, he lifts Touchdown up, he’s going for the Suicide Squeeze … Touchdown wriggles off of his shoulders! He’s too his feet, shots rattled off to the back of Hatfield’s neck, kicks to the kidneys, Hatfield being forced down to one knee. Touchdown smirks as he Tebows once more before running the ropes; he returns … running front kick right to Hatfield’s noggin! He’s thrown backwards and Angelosetti pounces, throwing himself atop his Great Uncle and hooking the leg! … BUT DASHER KICKS OUT!

    This one kickout seems to send Touchdown and his mentality into a tailspin. Stamping his foot and screaming, he can’t seem to believe what’s happening. Shaking his head in contempt and sheer aggression, he goes to the corner of the ring, reaches down … and kicks up his trusted football helmet! As his intentions became clear, he turns around, the crowd on their feet and giving him a piece of their mind. Touchdown though, he smiles just a little, his eyes widening as he looks toward his own family, his eyes resembling that of a man that sees no stricken family member in front of him, just a man separating him from the biggest win of his CHIKARA career to date.

    He starts to swing the arm the football helmet is held by, but as he does, and as an oblivious Dasher starts to get to his feet, the crowd suddenly raises its voice, and it soon becomes clear why when SUGAR DUNKERTON slides into the ring! The crowd is jumping with joy as Touchdown is forced to stop right in his tracks! He tries to swing the helmet right toward Sugar’s head, but Basketball’s biggest fan blocks the attempted shot and takes the helmet from him! Touchdown seethes, but before he can react any further, Hatfield launches forward and takes him out with a Lou Thez Press! He hammers away at Touchdown before pinning his shoulders … but Touchdown kicks out!

    Sugar is now on the outside, having thrown the football helmet aside. He smashes the mat with his left and right hand, the crowd clapping in fast and furious fashion. Touchdown and Hatfield get to their feet and they are now nose to nose! A family feud hasn’t just ignited, the very fabric of a family bond has been ripped apart and Touchdown shows as much as he kicks Hatfield square in the knee! He drags Hatfield to his feet, pushes him into the ropes and when he returns, he scoops him up for a Back Bodydrop … Flea Flicker connects! DASHER IS OUT! The crowd deflates, Sugar’s head is in his hands, Touchdown’s smile has returned as he crawls forward, rolls Hatfield over onto his back and makes the cover, hooking the leg! … 1 … 2 .. KICK OUT! HE’S KICKED OUT! DASHER HATFIELD IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!

    Touchdown smashes the mat with his fists, getting to his feet and kicking the ropes. Dunkerton raises his head, relieved, the crowd jumping for joy once more. Touchdown is not ready to let things spin out of control, so he again drags Dasher to his feet … but Dasher grabs him by the neck and chokes him, bringing him down to the mat, he rolls him up into a Small Package! … Touchdown is caught up in the spiders web! … 1 … 2 .. TOUCHDOWN STRUGGLES, BUT IS UNABLE TO BREAK FREE .. 3!!


    As the bell rings, Hatfield is barely able to get to his feet before Sugar slides into the ring, runs and lifts Hatfield into the air, The Throwbacks reunited!

    Lipinski- The Throwbacks are back as one! The ultimate glory, the ultimate victory over a man whose made both their lives the wrong side of tough over the course of this season.

    Chikarason- I’ve known Sugar and Dasher for years, so no one sees greater pride in them reunited, and more crucially, Dasher with a new and improved CHIKARA contract, than me. This night’s already the best of the season and we’re only two matches in!

    Lipinski- Um, hold that thought Leonard …

    Hold that thought, because as Dasher and Sugar embrace and smile widely at the positive outcome, Mr. Touchdown, his hair ruffled, his mentality frayed, is now up to his feet behind them and to say he’s not in the greatest of moods would be a severe understatement …

    Just as he starts to swing his arm, looking to catch the two out, it stops, because they turn and catch him in the act! Stopped in his tracks once more, Angelosetti looks at his former partner and his Great Uncle, his thirst for victory not quenched, but their thirst for revenge most certainly satisfied. They smile as they look at him, knowing they no longer need to look back in anger.

    This smile and the smiles and chants of the ECW arena public does nothing to help his mood, and in the classic eight year old strop we’ve becoming accustomed to from him, Angelosetti stamps his feet and screams at the top of his lungs before jumping through the middle ropes and bowing his head as he paces quickly from the ring and behind the curtain!

    Lipinski- Revenge has been had and how sweet it is! Mr. Touchdown may never be the same; his arrogance has led to his downfall on the biggest night of the season!

    Sugar and Dasher do a celebratory lap of the ring as they bask in the richness of revenge and victory, a successful conclusion to what had been, previously, an extremely troubling season for them both. As they sign off for Season 11 in the swell of a loving crowd, attentions would turn toward Season 12. With The Throwbacks back together and with recent uncertainties only serving to make them stronger, could they be the tandem to wrestle away the Campeonatos de Parejas from the grasps of the perennial destroyers of 17 and The Shard?


    The luscious Scarlett Bordeaux is standing by backstage. As she stands with a microphone in hand, approaching to her left from down the hall are the two big, muscular, intimidating frames of Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassive, their hollering, greasy manager Sidney Bakkabella walking between them.

    As they stop, Bakkabella steps in front of them, Max and Blaster standing either side of a clearly concerned and taken aback Scarlett.

    Bakkabella- Don’t worry hot lips, I’ll take care of this.

    Scarlett scoffs and looks completely offended as Sidney takes the mic and pushes her gently to one side. His two monsters then step in a bit closer to either side of him.

    Bakkabella- So, here we go. Season 11 finale. Philadelphia. Live around the world on iPPV! … BUT! … all anyone is talking about is the impact these two beasts beside me have made since their debut at King of Trios …

    The camera pans up and down at both Max and Blaster, as imposing figures as CHIKARA has ever seen.

    Bakkabella- The Texas Tag Team Champions, the tandem that has wreaked havoc over all territories, over all systems, destroyed and decimated EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in their path … and now, it leads us here. It leads us to the epic moment of our careers to date.

    Bakkabella clasps his hands together as he looks to the skies and twirls his quite outrageous black mustache.

    Bakkabella- It leads us to the night where The Devastation backs up its already storied legacy by putting Bradshaw and Farooq where they should have been ten years ago … THE RETIREMENT HOME! … HAHA!!

    Blaster and Max look at eachother and with a snarl and then a smirk, the two touch fists as Bakkabella looks up at them and nods his head, their goals clear for the world to see.

    Bakkabella- Gentleman, I know why you take on this challenge. It’s a chance for one last moment in the spotlight. I can’t blame you, you’re not the only one going for that one last bastion of warriors pride here tonight, but the difference between you two and Jerry Lynn, the difference is you won’t be walking out of this arena without help.

    Bakkabella’s wacky nature relents, his seriousness explained by the rapid change in his facial expressions, a straight face as he peers straight into the camera lense.

    Bakkabella- Acolytes, get those dollar bills ready, because when all is said and done, and as you lay beneath the mountain of destruction that are my Devastation Corporation, you’ll be the ones paying … not for protection, but for MERCY!

    And all of a sudden, the smile returns! Bakkabella slaps each of his heavyweight titans on the chest before he takes his leave. The two Man Mountains stand as tall as brass, as imposing as they are scary. Eventually they leave too, the camera remaining on the Chikara logo stationed in front of the camera …

    Lipinski- The Devastation Corporation are not to be messed with and if anyone could match the brutality of the infamous Acolytes Protection Agency, it’s these two inexperienced, but volatile, vicious fighters.

    Chikarason- Whilst true, the grizzled veteran instincts alone of Bradshaw and Farooq will provide the sort of test that Bakkabella’s monsters have never and may never face again their careers.


    The iconic beats of The Acolytes Protection Agency ring out and as the curtain is ripped aside, a delighted howl rises up as the Heartland of Hardcore welcomes two of the baddest and most brutal men to have ever stepped foot inside a wrestling ring … Bradshaw and Farooq!

    The two men, donned in their cut-off sleeved shirts, wrist tape on, have the look of two angered vets looking for revenge. As they stomp down the aisle toward the ring, they ignore the waiting hands of the fans, their eyes piercing a hole through the ring they’re about to do battle in …

    Lipinski- We thought it was a special, one-time appearance just for King of Trios, yet here we are, the season finale and The APA are back once more!

    Chikarason- This will be their second and final appearance in a CHIKARA ring and I’m sure they’ll be looking to go out in style.

    Bradshaw and Farooq enter the ring, raising one solitary fist each as they stand in the center of the ring. They look around, the surroundings fitting their smash mouth styles, their gaze turning toward the curtain, “…APA … APA … APA …” bounding off the four walls of the ECW Arena …

    The slow, slightly foreboding instrumental tones ring out and as they do, Sidney Bakkabella waltzes out from behind the curtain. He hangs his arms out to his side and then, to either side of him emerge the two figures of destruction that are Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassiveThe Devastation Corporation!

    The two beasts rip the black masks from their faces, their snarls apparent as they then head down toward the ring, their footsteps sending a thud all around as the dastardly Bakkabella smiles gleefully as he places himself at ringside and looks on in pride and delight at the two “men” he leads into battle.

    Lipinski- They look terrifying on television, but worse in person. They tower above anyone and everyone in CHIKARA and even the intimidating Bradshaw and Farooq must be taken aback by the sheer tour de force that these two are.

    Chikarason- Maybe so, but they’ve been wrestling for decades. Farooq made history as one of the leading African-American wrestlers in history and Bradshaw in a former life has been a World Champion. If anyone can stop the seemingly unstoppable Devastation Corporation, they can.

    Lipinski- I know I’m probably stating the obvious, but I’ve got the distinct feeling this ain’t going to be for the faint hearted.

    He says that because Max and Blaster are now in the ring and waste no time as they head straight toward The Acolytes. They stop just short of them, but their noses almost touch, no backing down from either side.

    As the referee gets between them, the two tandems do depart, but not without a glare that shows the burning enthusiasm for both to come out as the victors. The applauding hands of Sidney Bakkabella adds to the background as both teams split to their opposing corner and the bell is rung, the match getting underway.

    The Acolytes Protection Agency vs. The Devastation Corporation


    The experience of Farooq and Bradshaw makes a definite impact on proceedings early on, a telling factor as they head full steam into impact, taking Blaster and Max to task right from the off, the two ferocious beasts stumbling into trouble as they became too keen for some early success, this putting paid to their chances early on, each man catapulted out of the ring. As they are, The Acolytes follow them out and staying true to the history of their surroundings, Max and Blaster are giving a severe initiation to the dirty, old dilapidated building as they are beaten from pillar to post by the two grizzled veterans.

    Rolled back into the ring, Max and Blaster are rocked to the opposing corner of the ring before the referee tries to restore calm. He does, but as Blaster is left in there, Bradshaw unloads with closed right fists, an attempted big boot missing, but as Blaster tried to gain an advantage, he was caught on the way back, and just like that, a Fall Away Slam threw McMassive across the ring! The ring shaking, Bradshaw smirked as he then delivered a series of falling elbow drops to the chest from a standing position, crushing the chest of Blaster, the big man only able to crawl over to Max when Bradshaw was ticked off by the referee for an attempted illegal choke, showing there’s still a bit of Layfield left in him.

    The pattern continues for another couple of minutes, brief, faint hope for The Devastation Corporation being vanquished as quickly as it appeared, Bakkabella already looking concerned, shouting and hollering at the referee and The Acolytes, desperate to try and attempt to turn the tide.


    Despite some semblance of domination early on, as the battle wares on in its length and ferocious nature, the condition of The Acolytes becomes a major concern for them, allowing Max and Blaster, utilizing quick tags, to whittle down the bases of the two big men, bringing them to the mat and making sure that any offence they do launch is frenzied and not very certain.

    Bradshaw’s storied back and neck problems serve as nothing but a target and indeed, the knees and elbows are constantly delivered into the spine and the back of the neck as the former World Champion is cornered from his partner, Farooq becoming ever more annoyed and fearful as he’s unable to make a lasting impact, entering the ring several times, all of them unsuccessful, the numbers game proving too much, the counter-attack not sustained for anything but a few seconds.


    The APA have since taken advantage of a slight hint of inexperience and lack of cohesion in The Corporation’s work, shifting themselves back into contention. Their brutal, smashmouth, hard to bear offence causes real problems for Max and Blaster, struggling to contain their momentum as the match moves forward at a breakneck speed with The Acolytes in total control.

    Blaster is knocked out of the ring after an attempted interference, leading to Farooq and Bradshaw being left in there alone with Max. The big wide load is hard to stop, so Bradshaw and Farooq brutalize him with hard shots, taking him down to first one knee, then a second, but Bradshaw isn’t happy to stop there, giving him a taste of what Blaster had to deal with earlier as he throws him across the ring with a powerful Fall Away Slam! Farooq follows up, already on the top rope, flying off and nailing the Diving Headbutt! He covers! … but Blaster slides in and interrupts the count!

    Bradshaw runs across and aims a kick at him, but it misses and Blaster pulls on the ropes and Bradshaw tumbles over them! … but lands on the ring apron! Farooq sees danger for his partner and launches at Blaster! - but the big man moves! … and Farooq collides with Bradshaw, knocking him to the arena floor, where he collides hard with the guardrail! Farooq is groggy, but turns around, and ducks the attempted big boot by the big man, and as Blaster hits the ropes, he returns and gets kicked in the knee! Farooq snarls as he hooks him up! … DOMINATOR?!!! - NO! You can almost feel the deflation of the crowd as Blaster manages to wriggle out and in front of Farooq!

    Farooq can hardly react before he’s knocked sideways with a vicious big boot! The big man Max starts to get to his feet, and just in time. As he wipes away a trickle of blood from his forehead, Blaster climbs to the top in one corner of the ring. He points down and that’s when Smashmaster picks up Farooq and sets him up across his knee! Everyone knows what’s coming, and with Bradshaw nowhere in sight and Farooq defenceless … THE DEATH BLOW CONNECTS!

    Max drops an arm on Farooq, but doesn’t hook the leg! … 1 .. BRADSHAW IS IN THE RING … 2 .. HE’S CLOSE .. BUT BLASTER KICKS HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! … … 3!!

    The deflation of the result is clear, the ringing of the bell only matched by the boos and general moans of the Philly faithful. Bakkabella jumps for joy at ringside as Blaster and Max get to their feet, the befallen carcasses of Bradshaw and Farooq laying beneath them.

    Lipinski- What a brutal spectacle that was! It was all we thought, and in something of a shock result, The Devastation Corporation get back on the board with the biggest win of their careers to date!

    Chikarason- I thought they had lost the chance there for a minute, but their superior age and better conditioning just tipped the balance and means they are in the hunt for the Campeonatos de Parejas!

    Bakkabella enters the ring for a brief moment, using a minute or so to pat his charges on the chest before parading them in a circle around the ring, showing them off to the world. The big and wide loads of CHIKARA snarl as Bakkabella smirks, an evil intent lurking beneath his eyes, sheer delight written across his face.

    Lipinski- I don’t like that slimy creep, but you’ve got to admit, he looks onto a winner with Max Smashmaster and Blaster McMassive.

    Chikarason- They are a hot, skilled, strong, enthralling unit. Dislike Bakkabella by all means, but these two need no underhand tactics, they need no help, they go out there and for better or worse for the CHIKARMY, they leave a trail of bodies in their wake.

    Lipinski- There’s no doubt about it, Season Twelve is shaping up to be very rewarding if their first few months at the end of this season is anything to go by.

    The Corporation have now left the ring and are making their way up the aisle toward the curtain. Back inside the ring, Bradshaw and Farooq have had a couple of minutes and have now made their way up to their feet.

    As their jelly legs disappear and they start to take things in, they look out on the thousand or so packed into the ECW arena, those very people responding with a rousing applause, knowing full well this may very well be the last time these two are seen together as a tandem, either in CHIKARA, or anywhere else.

    The two stone-hearted, strong spirited titans of tag team wrestling look out and then at eachother and share an embrace before smiling ruefully and raising the arms of eachother into the air, bringing another ovation and a chorus of “APA … APA … APA!”, the sound reverberating all around, the iPPV audience doubtless aware of the reception they are receiving.

    The two then bow and shrug their shoulders and it’s then that the camera pans away from ringside and to momentary darkness …


    We cut to an office and we are faced with the back of a black chair. A mysterious figure sits upon it, and it’s then that the knocking of a wooden door can be heard. The chair then spins around to reveal the man holding court is none other than the esteemed Director of Fun, Wink Vavasseur!

    Wink- Come in.

    The camera stays on Wink and as the creaking door opens, his face drops …

    Wink- What do you want?

    ? ? ?- We need to talk.

    Wink gulps as the slamming of the door shut can be heard, but before the person in question can be revealed, we fade out from the office …

    Season Eleven is coming to a close …

    … but Season Twelve is just around the corner

    The New Frontier

    From The Palmer Center in Easton, Pennsylvania

    Saturday February 9th, 2013


    Lipinski- Did you hear that?! Our Season Premier in 2013, in just a couple of months, will be LIVE on iPPV!

    Chikarason- Let’s just hope that when we get there, we stand tall and united and that Mike Quackenbush reigns as the Grand Champion. For all our sakes.

    Lipinski- Season Twelve is coming fast around the bend, but there’s still a whole lot to sort out in Season Eleven. We’re not done tonight. Not by a long way!

    The camera pans to a gap in the crowd and walking along amongst them, to the deafening sound of silence, as per usual, is one fifth of the criminal GEKIDO, the fractured human being known as The Shard!

    His beats his two clenched fists together as he emerges at ringside, the entire crowd getting sight of him, the jeers rising up from their voice boxes as the one of the most impressive members of the villainous group rolls into the ring, going to one corner and flexing his muscles to the crowd, showing off his finely chiseled frame.

    As he does this with one arm, the other, that holds the one of the Campeonatos de Parejas drops it, the referee picking it up, the contempt GEKIDO shows for its held titles not diminishing, even on such a grand stage.

    Lipinski- I don’t like their tactics, their motives, their intentions, but make no mistake, The Shard is one talented man. You can disagree with a lot of things, but not his unmistakable talent once he steps foot inside that squared circle.

    Chikarason- He has a lot of that, but it’s hard to appreciate it given what he’s been involved in over the past several months.

    As The Shard looks on toward the curtain, the lights darken just a tad and that’s when some very familiar music starts to play, the walls bouncing through the sound …

    The crowd jumps to their feet, their hands clapping, their hearts filled with joy, because after a few seconds, the red and white bearing El Generico strides out from behind the curtain! Generico raises one finger high into the air as he then starts to bound down the aisle toward the ring!

    Lipinski- We’ve seen a lot of him lately, but it never gets old seeing El Generico in CHIKARA! He’s putting aside his charity work with orphans to join us tonight!

    Chikarason- What a man he is!

    Generico slaps hands with his enthusiastic public as he does a lap of the ring before rolling in. The Shard steps forward but not enough to stop Generico doing one more “OLE!”, this leading to the crowd joining in the chorus, his familiar war cry reverberating around the ECW Arena.

    The Shard stands motionless, he stares dead ahead, Generico stopping and shrugging his shoulders in his signature style as he hops between both feet, his body nimble, ready for the challenge that lay ahead. The referee soon calls for the bell.

    The Shard vs. El Generico


    The two tie up from the get go, Shard’s dynamic frame ducking in and behind Generico, a couple of hard elbow shots to the kidneys being reversed when Generico traps his leg, spinning out and behind him. Attempting a German Suplex, Shard wraps his legs around Generico’s before slithering out and when Generico faces him again; he’s taken down with a dropkick! Shard makes the rather hopeful cover, and Generico powers out at two!

    Generico bounces to his feet, running the ropes and attempting a Leg Lariat, but he collides hard with the ropes as Shard ducks and rolls! Generico gets up and the leg having been hurt, Shard grabs it and drags him down … he’s looking for the Ankle Lock! Generico is aware though and furiously scrambles and gets a tight grip of the bottom rope! Shard runs the opposite ropes though and when Generico gets up, he’s thrown back into the ropes with a running double knee strike to the gut! He stumbles back out … snap suplex! … and the cover once more … But Generico kicks out at a near fall!

    Shard shows the viciousness of his attitude and offense as he dumps Generico from the ring, The Generic Luchadore hitting the arena matting hard, The Shard standing like a glass statue and again flexing his muscles, both literally and figuratively.


    The match follows a strangely, with GEKIDO’s presence involved, clear and concise pattern, no hint of any outside involvement or underhand tactics. Instead, the two men battle back and forth with the sort of skill and strength they’ve both become renowned, and certainly in Generico’s case, revered for.

    After a fast start, it boils down to a war of wits, verve and a bit of nerve, a mat-based battle breaking out between the two. Generico has times of real and clear control, his taller and stronger frame seeing him power Shard down toward the mat and keep him there on several occasions. The Cloverleaf almost comes into play at one point, only for Shard’s quick rebuttal courtesy of a schoolboy.

    The Shard, for his part, shows that severe pace is a match for anyone and anything in professional wrestling, enough to get you far. Indeed, Generico struggles to pin Shard down in-between his points of control, the pocket dynamo able to wriggle away and outrun and outfox Generico, keeping himself in the game and frustrating his opponent, Generico unable to get a hold of Shard for long enough to gain an advantage for anything longer than a minute at best. A seesaw that shows no signs of breaking, both remain in the hunt and both have positives and negatives to contend with as the match continues …


    The match has been going on a fair while, and though the pace slowed down during the middle stages as both men tried to get a stranglehold on eachother, the pace picks up again as the seconds tick by, mainly down to a rather intense series of punches and kicks they exchange in the center of the ring following an attempted roll up by both men within seconds of eachother.

    As the punches and kicks subside, Generico swings his boot and a Roundhouse Kick knocks Shard backwards into the ropes, he returns and is caught … Exploder Suplex! Shard hits the corner turnbuckle back first! His body a crumpled mess upon the ringmat, he is motionless and defenseless and Generico, looking from side to side, suddenly gains some momentum, he hops on one foot, and then the other … and then launches a knee into the face of The Shard! The pocket rocket flies out from the corner, but he has no time to hardly roll because as he lays back first … Generico springboards off of the ropes and nails a picture-perfect moonsault! He hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 .. SHARD KICKS OUT AT A NEAR FALL!

    Generico won’t be denied though, he jumps to his feet and begs for the support of the crowd … and gets it! Chants of “OLE!” rise up once again and Generico can feel it, on top of the world and ready to end things, for good. The Shard, for his part, is struggling, resorting to scraping his way toward the ropes. Just as he reaches out his hand to use their help, Generico quickly swipes it away with a swift kick to the forearm! Shard rolls away and shouts in pain, furiously kicking his leg as he sees Generico coming ever nearer, but Generico grabs one of those legs … and then the other … he turns him over … THE CLOVERLEAF IS LOCKED IN!

    The crowd roars as Generico pays homage to the greats of days gone by, his body moving back and forward as he proves torque, the back of The Shard contorted in the sort of way the human body just wasn’t designed for. The Shard gets his hands free, but he’s in the middle of the ring! There seems no escape, no relenting from the pain, but that’s when Generico just tries to rejig the hold and get it in tighter, and this allows Shard the wriggle room, literally, to crawl and stretch a hand out and grab the ropes! Holding his back still though, Generico is up and this sight stirs him as he stares a hole through The Shard, who stares back at him, holding his spine in the process.

    Generico runs toward him, but his enthusiasm counts against him when The Shard trips him throat first onto the bottom rope! Generico bounces away and The Shard, not be denied, a fury in his step, gets to his feet and he methodically climbs his way up to the top rope in the corner! Everyone seems to know what is coming, and like he has for the last few months, The Shard flies through the air … and lands atop of Generico with the Diving Double Foot Stomp! Generico is down, he’s out, The Shard jumping atop of him and hooking the leg … 1 … 2 … GENERICO KICKS OUT WHILST IN THE LAST CHANCE SALOON!!!

    Clutching his mask and smashing the mat, Shard can’t believe it, neither can the crowd, but their delight is unmatched, their hands rapidly being clapped as they try and spur on their man. Generico writhing in agony, Shard gets to his feet, he looks down, staring vacantly, his heavy breathing seen through his mask, but even though we can’t see his face, his desire is clear. Generico is still down and The Shard isn’t about to let sleeping dogs lie, so he once again starts to climb his way up toward the top rope!

    Generico is struggling, rolling to his back, and then to his front, but when he rolls to his back once more, he looks up to the heavens and is aware of what is coming, but unable to move in time, and just a second later, the only sound heard is that of his chest collapsing under the weight of a second Diving Double-Foot Stomp!! The Shard lands atop of him once more and lays across his prone carcass … the referee again makes the count: 1 … Generico doesn’t move … 2 … Shard remains layed over him … … 3!!

    The sounds of flattened rib cages and crushed dreams become the backdrop as the ringing of the bell fades. The Shard rolls away from Generico, but his back is clearly still hurting, putting his body on the line in an attempt to do what was needed to beat El Generico on this night. Grasping at the ropes in one corner, The Shard stumbles up to his feet, but quite clearly not coming out unscathed, even if he had come out with the win to his name.

    Lipinski- What a match! I said it before it started, but there’s no doubting this man’s talent and he showed that against one of the best this business has to offer.

    Chikarason- I hate to admit it, but I’ll give a begrudging respect to The Shard. I still hate him and all he stands for, but he went in there and didn’t need Derek Sabato or GEKIDO to help him get the job done. He did it fair and square.

    Lipinski- I’m sure we’ll see El Generico again in Season Twelve, but as much as we may hate to say it, it’s The Shard that ends Season Eleven on a high. Let’s hope that’s not a sad and worrying omen for what is to come later tonight …

    Shard has now rolled out of the ring, the crowd not willing to give him any sort of respect, but not booing him either, a general silence greeting his departure from the ring and through the crowd, not even bothering to wait around to take one of the Campeonatos de Parejas belts with him.

    Back inside the ring, Generico continues to be attended to, Jon Barber helping out the various medical officials who provide pressure to his chest and try and pinpoint the exact area of concern. Chants of “OLE!” continue, a familiar tale, but the sight of El Generico down and out most certainly is not a sight familiar to the CHIKARMY.

    The Shard’s ability to compete in Season Twelve may still be in doubt until the main event had happened, but as far as El Generico is concerned, he’d be back and he’d no doubt be better than ever before …


    We’re backstage in one of the locker rooms, the camera pans to one corner and sat on his backside leant against a wall, his knees lifted up in front of him is the deranged and maniacal Tim Donst.

    His hair now back to almost it’s former glory, the events of when it was shaved from his head seems to have spurred on the recent change in the attitude of one of CHIKARA’s bright young stars. His head slightly bowed, he raises it a little, his eyes piercing a hole through the camera, which sweeps low and stations directly in front of him.

    Donst- Six months of pain, torture, self-doubt. Six months of losses, no titles, no coverage. My career has become a shambled, all because of one moment, all because of one action. When I lost my hair, I became a laughing stock.

    Donst rubs his hand, his hair now there, but the memories of that defeat back at Chikarasauras Rex remaining.

    Donst- Who’s laughing now?

    Donst raises his head further, he raises a faint smile too before a scowl again crosses his face.

    Donst- Not Tommy Dreamer, that’s for sure. He’s spent the last few weeks licking his wounds, whispering quietly to himself, trying to convince his family, his friends, but most of all, HIMSELF, that he has what it takes to step foot inside the arena that he made his home one more time.

    Donst snipes, his words intended to have the very sort of same effect on Dreamer that his loss at Chikarasauras Rex did to himself.

    Donst- Tommy Dreamer has stopped mocking me, patting me on the head and calling me a good boy, recognizing my talent, telling me that I’ve “got it”, now he’s wondering deep down whether he’s even got it himself anymore.

    Donst’s voice starts to highest, it’s strength rising as his anger starts to bubble to the surface.

    Donst- I remember when he first turned up, Kingston bringing him in from the cold like he was still relevant, to create some buzz or whatever they call it these days.

    Donst’s head now raises even higher, his knees separating a little, he leans in a touch closer to the camera, now on the wrong side of intimidating.

    Donst- I remember sitting there as a young kid, amazed and in awe of this guy, this “legend” who had the same love of the business I did, who went out there every night, whatever the circumstance, and had his ass kicked, but kicked his fair share of ass too, a guy that never got things easy, a guy that didn’t get given anything and instead took it. It’s just a shame that facade soon slipped.

    Donst rubs his chin before he strokes his hair …

    Donst- I should have seen it sooner, but The Brüderschaft did one good thing for me. It made me see the light. Tommy Dreamer, his era, his ilk, they are nothing but a SHAM! A sham in a time where blood and guts was needed, was oh so easy. You didn’t need skill in ECW; you just needed the sheer stupidity to damn near kill yourselves for the entertainment of gap-toothed nerds who had nothing better to do than watch men bleed. And boy, Tommy sure was stupid enough.

    Clearly feeling his words are not enough, Donst shuffles forward, still on his knees, but now closer toward the camera, which lifts slightly to meet his face, just inches from it.

    Donst- Tonight marks the end of the end. This is Tommy Dreamer’s last night. Say goodbye to your hero. Bow at his feet, shake his hand, get his autograph, give him a standing ovation … do it all. But be assured, by the match’s end, when I stand over Tommy Dreamer and I raise my fist into the air; know for now and forever that Tim Donst was the man that eradicated extreme.

    Donst peers deep into the camera and scoffs before he gets to his feet and the last thing seen of him is his feet leaving to the right, the banging of a door heard soon thereafter …


    A select few in the crowd know the song that plays and a few cheers are mixed in with the boos that come as the entrance music of the original F.I.S.T hits and out from behind the curtain comes “The Bees Knees” Johnny Gargano, “The Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus and “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor!

    The three all touch fists and then high five, showing they are seemingly back on the same page, and just in time for the Season Eleven finale as they all head down toward the ring …

    Lipinski- F.I.S.T are here and by the looks of it, they’re back on the same page and determined to get themselves back on the right track after a hard couple of months.

    Chikarason- They’re nothing if not determined. They’ve always had hard times, but F.I.S.T has always remained strong and together. You may not like their tactics, but don’t expect to see F.I.S.T breaking apart anytime soon.

    Icarus, Gargano and Chucky T enter the ring and huddle together in one corner, Taylor acting as the defacto leader as he defiantly makes his case to his partners, the importance of this occasion lost on none of them. Their attention soon turns to the curtain though, because their opponents are ready to make their presence known …

    The entire crowd certainly knows what this music means and as their glares turn toward the curtain, “The King of Diamonds” Eddie Kingston rips the curtain aside and steps out! As always, Kingston is hyped and ready to go, but as he starts to walk to the ring, he’s soon joined by his partner, first “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey and then Kingston’s best friend turned championship rival over the past several months … Jigsaw!

    Lipinski- This is an all-star CHIKARA trio if ever there was one! Three of the very best, all three, of both sexes, right up there in the hunt for the Grand Championship over the past few months.

    Chikarason- Whilst true, they’ve also been unsuccessful. We’ve seen these three grow over the years and heading into Season Twelve, regardless of who holds that title, this is the start of the road to redemption for these three. Their potential future shots at that Grand Championship rely on them performing in matches such as these.

    It’s almost as though the words of Chikarason are ringing in the ears of these all-stars as they head toward the ring, intent in their every step. They enter the ring, but F.I.S.T don’t run away scared, they front up, their mouths gesticulating that they have no intention of failing in their quest to get themselves back on track.

    Del Rey especially has a point to prove, everyone remembering her failure to win the Campeonatos de Parejas against Gargano and Taylor just a few short months ago.

    As preparations are completed, the trios split and go to their respective corners. Bryce Remsburg is the man in charge and it’s not long before he calls for the bell and the final match of the first-half is underway!

    F.I.S.T vs. Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and Sara Del Rey


    It’s like Icarus has learned nothing from past mistakes, his arrogance reigning as he begs to start the match. He’s enabled to, but when he turns and sees Kingston opposing him, he soon regrets it, especially when he gets hit with a series of hard knifedge chops! Rocking back into the corner, he tags out right away to Chuck Taylor, Kingston snarling as The Winged Ring Warrior gets out of dodge.

    Taylor starts to yodel as he circles Kingston, shouting “BRING IT ON BUDDY!”, but he does, leveling Taylor with a lariat! He too rolls to his corner, and Gargano, never backwards in coming forwards, leans over and pats Taylor’s back and tags himself in. Would it be 3rd time lucky? Maybe so as Gargano catches Kingston with a rake to the eye behind the referee’s back, but he’s soon opposed as Del Rey and Jigsaw run into the ring and take him out! Indeed, all hell nearly breaks loose as Icarus and Taylor also enter the fray. After a minute of intense and furious brawling, the all-stars get the upper hand and send F.I.S.T packing to their corner!

    Smiling, the all-stars bump fists, Del Rey staying in as she flexes her muscles and squares up to Gargano who comes out fighting. The two trade punches, but The Bees Knees gets control as he trips Del Rey up. Instead of continuing the attack, he mockingly sits down and pats her on the head, but this is a mistake, because The Queen grabs the arm of Johnny and locks in an Armbar! He struggles and manages to get to the ropes, but when he lets go, Sara pulls him away and drops an elbow right to the heart, proving her point. Tagging out to Jigsaw, the remnants of F.I.S.T are forced to watch on in horror as Jigsaw springs over the top rope from the outside and drops a leg on Gargano, an obligatory cover only manifesting a count of two.

    Jigsaw shoots a rocked Johnny Gargano off into the ropes, a back elbow smash knocking him right back down to the mat. As he stumbles backward and tries to gain his senses, those senses are knocked out of him when Jigsaw delivers a Shining Wizard! He again makes the cover … but Icarus and Taylor jointly work together, for once, to pull Gargano from the cover and then out of the ring. F.I.S.T are now together on the outside, desperate to bide their time, Jigsaw stood tall inside the squared circle, CHIKARA’s fine icons on top early on.


    As you’d expect from a match containing such a copious amount of talents, the middle is frenetic, and with so much on the line personally and professionally, all six are determined to make their point, and do so. The middling moments see all six enter the ring at periodic times, even some tenuous signs of dissension between both trios, so determined to do a job and prove themselves that they almost lose focus of the bigger picture for their respective trios.

    It’s F.I.S.T however, shockingly enough, that come out of this period the better and apparent stronger trio, managing to coexist even in times of small turmoil. It has to be said that most of this coexisting happens when Taylor and Gargano, F.I.S.T’s chief tandem is in the ring, but Icarus makes his own impact, upsetting the apple cart of the all-stars by using the sort of dastardly, underhand tactics that have made F.I.S.T into the group they are today.

    If not for Jigsaw being on his feet and ready to pounce, the match could have been ended relatively early, Gargano hitting the Hurts Donut before Taylor nailed a bit of Sole Food, the cover on Kingston only being broken up by Jigsaw with a Diving Double Foot Stomp from the top rope, the commentators remarking his very own move was used in a victory by The Shard earlier in the night.


    The match rages on, as fractious and as chaotic as it was at the start. Icarus is now in the ring, and after having struggled earlier in the series of attacks, he has taken control of Sara Del Rey, a dropkick and then a spear almost leading to the count of three. Getting to her feet, Del Rey fights Icarus off with a few kicks, and even an axe kick, but bouncing off the ropes, Icarus jumps over a ducked Sara Del Rey and when he lands on his feet, he sweeps the legs of The Queen of Wrestling from under her! Icarus then jumps to the corner, makes the tag and Gargano slingshots himself over the top rope and splashes down atop of Del Rey! He hooks the leg! … KICK OUT AT TWO BY DEL REY!

    Gargano isn’t happy, but as he bends down … Del Rey rolls him up into a small package! … Gargano JUST kicks out! Del Rey gets to her feet, so does Gargano, he takes a giant swing, but she ducks, wriggles through his legs … and jumps to tag out to Jigsaw! Jigsaw jumps the top rope … and takes Gargano out! Taylor enters and he gets taken out too! Jigsaw lifts both men to their feet as Kingston nods at him, telling him what needs to be done, but as Jigsaw tries to smash Taylor and Gargano’s craniums together … Icarus enters! He runs like a bullet train to save his partners … only for Jigsaw to shove them into him! They collide!

    Jigsaw then tags out to Kingston, The War King entering, stood, his arm raised, signalling for the Backfist to the Future. He smirks, his evil intent clear, and as he waits, Icarus is the first man to his feet, still a bit dazed, but he stumbles around … only to see Kingston waiting! He freezes in fear … BEFORE SHOVING TAYLOR IN HARMS WAY! … BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE! … DUCKED! TAYLOR HITS KING WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

    Kingston crumples, but a furious Taylor launches forward and shoves Icarus backwards! Icarus can’t believe it, and he responds! F.I.S.T is falling apart as Taylor once more pushes Icarus! Gargano gets to his feet and he grabs Icarus and steps forward, looking at both his partners, he lets go of Icarus, shakes his head … AND LEAVES! Gargano exits the ring and without so much as a look back, he walks and disappears behind the curtain!

    Icarus and Taylor can’t believe it and Taylor, having seen his partner done it, gets the idea and sets off himself, but not before rocking Icarus by declaring “WE’RE DONE!” … Taylor jumps to the arena floor and starts to leave, but as Icarus looks around, without a friend in similar tights to his name … SUPERKICK BY JIGSAW!! ICARUS IS DOWN!

    Taylor doesn’t so much as look back, exiting through the same curtain as Gargano just moments earlier, Icarus is a broken and beaten mess upon the ring mat, Jigsaw smiles and as Kingston starts to resume his footing, dazed and confused, Del Rey fly’s through the air over his head … and connects with a diving headbutt from the top! Jigsaw pushes Kingston who falls on top of Icarus, he doesn’t hook the leg … but he really doesn’t need to! The referee counts to 1, Icarus is down, his hand comes down a second time for 2, Icarus is not moving, Jigsaw and Del Rey stand above … 3!!

    The bell tolls, and metaphorically, the bell is tolling on more than just this match. As Eddie Kingston rolls off of Icarus and is helped to his feet by Jigsaw, Sara Del Rey having a sly smile as she gets some semblance of revenge for her title defeat of a couple of months go, a history-making few minutes had just been played out to the whole world.

    Lipinski- I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think we’ve just seen the end … the true end of F.I.S.T.

    Chikarason- The win for the all-stars is impressive, but you’re right, what a story this is. It’s survived regeneration before, but this time, it looks like the entire fabric of CHIKARA’s most successful ever trio has come apart at the seams …

    Lipinski- Of all the possibilities for tonight, the end of F.I.S.T was at the very back of my mind, but I think Icarus just caused that very idea to become a reality.

    Kingston, Del Rey and Jigsaw parade around the ring, arms held aloft by eachother as they end Season Eleven on a high. But despite that, as they stop the lap of honor and look at eachother, whilst even shaking eachothers hands and respecting the respective battles they had fought on this night, attentions were already firmly turned toward next season.

    For next season, whoever was Grand Champion and whatever the makeup of Chikara Pro Wrestling, Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and Sara Del Rey would no longer be partners, friendships that had lasted the test of time wouldn’t matter. They’d all be rivals, and all that matter would be the Road to the Grand Championship and the quest to be the best …


    We’re in a darkened room, the only light comes from the door, it’s cracked open, the light shining in to show a shadowy figure in the distance, stood, lent up against a wall. Green tassels hang down from the mask, the feet adorned with no footwear …

    Delirious- Neo-Solar Temple …

    Delirious paces across the room …

    Delirious- Brüderschaft …

    …and back.

    Delirious- Mantis Black must pay …

    Delirious suddenly shoots forward and runs toward the camera …

    Delirious- TWO YEARS!!

    He bows his head a minute before he throws it back up, the only thing seen his piercing eyes and long, brown beard …

    Delirious- WAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!

    The camera is rocked as Delirious grabs it and throws it to the ground! As it lays there, Delirious can be seen running away out of the door …

    ***CUT TO THE RING***

    Lipinski- I would say Delirious has lost his mind, but I don’t think he ever had it to begin with.

    Chikarason- The longer this war with UltraMantis Black rages on, the more it becomes clear the calmer Delirious of earlier this season changes into the sort of maniacal madman we’ve become used to. That’s not good news for anyone, least of all UltraMantis Black … something’s got to give tonight …

    The haunting forebode that Rammstein gives off is the perfect backdrop to what is to come, and as the curtain is ripped aside, out from the back walks the troubled soul, now with hair, but with a ravaged mind … Tim Donst!

    Donst stops, he looks from side to side and shakes his head before stomping down the aisle toward the ring, glaring at the fans around him that aren’t exactly giving him a fairytale welcome.

    Lipinski- A once bright young star, Tim Donst, over the course of the last three years has steadily turned into one of the most dangerous and troubled men that Chikara has seen.

    Chikarason- I remember seeing Tim in the crowd at shows when he was a kid, when he first started out at The Wrestle Factory, to say he’s changed since then would be an understatement. He’s not the same kid that set foot inside this place five years ago.

    Donst enters the ring and immediately goes to the far corner and slouches down to his backside, sitting up against the turnbuckle and putting his glare totally toward the curtain. His music eventually fades out and it’s then that the chants begin …

    “ … EC-DUB! … EC-DUB! … EC-DUB! … EC-DUB!”

    Donst snarls, and as the crowd begins to quiet just a little, they soon explode when some very familiar tunage starts to play …

    The iconic beat that has been used to herald his arrival will be used once more. The Philly faithful get to their feet and they explode as they welcome home “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer!

    Dreamer steps out into the limelight, and it doesn’t take long for a smile to cross his face. He beats his chest as he looks around him, overwhelmed, but as he slowly starts to walk down the aisle, as soon as his eyes turn toward the ring, where Tim Donst lurks, his attitude, his emotion, his look, it all changes …

    Lipinski- Tommy Dreamer has appeared twice inside a CHIKARA ring, but tonight is special, because this is his single debut, perhaps the last singles match of his career!

    Chikarason- It’s the place where he made his name, a place where he has done, and still does call home. Right in the heart of Philadelphia as we are, what better place for him to show Tim Donst, and the world he still has it?

    Dreamer circles the ring, staring at Donst all the way. He eventually climbs to the ring apron and steps inside, keeping his beady eye on the moves of his opponent. Donst though, he’s not ready to attack from behind or gain an unfair advantage. Instead, he sits, watches and waits, his face not changing. If he had any emotion, he’s certainly not making it clear to anyone but himself.

    Dreamer stands in one corner and as the referee makes final preparations, Donst at last gets to his feet, pulling himself up and stumbling from the corner. Though his energy doesn’t seem marked, his eyes alone make it clear he’s not all there. He continues to stare at Dreamer, and experienced, he stares back. No man gives anything away as the referee calls for the bell. Chikara was about to go to the extreme degree …

    Tim Donst vs. Tommy Dreamer

    After the bell rings, Donst steps forward, looking for a test of strength, but as Dreamer looks in agreement, Donst launches his knee into the gut of Dreamer! The crowd jeers as Donst snarls … but Dreamer comes back with a punch! … and another! … and another! Dreamer rocks Donst back into the ropes, the youngblood protecting himself in the corner, the referee stepping in-between, much to the chagrin of the bloodthirsty Philly faithful.

    Dreamer relents and he steps back, but when Donst launches forward and tries to catch him unaware, Dreamer catches his arm before grabbing Donst’s newly grown brown locks and pulls him down hard to the mat! Donst holds his hair and head as he rolls from the ring, but as he stumbles away, shaking away the cobwebs, he’s soon caught out as Dreamer follows him outside and grabbing him, Dreamer delivers him back first into the guardrails at ringside! Donst bounces off hard and Dreamer raises a smile as two fans just beyond that guardrail chant “EC-DUB!” …

    Taking Donst around the ring, Dreamer delivers him into the ring pole and then bounces his head off the Commentation Station table before rolling a dazed Donst back into the ring. As he rolls forward, Dreamer rolls him back onto his back and hooks the leg … but only for a count of one, an arm up by Donst who immediately tries to crawl away toward one corner of the ring.

    Donst grabs at the ropes and when Dreamer approaches, he flicks out his leg, almost catching Dreamer who backs off, Donst doing anything to save himself a minute. But, as he kneels and tries to help himself up with the ropes, he’s brought back down to earth again when Dreamer crushes him in the corner with a Stinger Splash! Howls rise up as Dreamer pays tribute to The Crow, Donst, when stumbling out, being taken down with a drop toehold, Dreamer than locking in a sleeper as Donst is layed prone on the mat.

    Donst straight away tries to fight, his legs flailing away, Dreamer tries to keep it locked in, but the desperation of Donst spurs him on and he just and just manages to find a way to hook his leg around the bottom rope. Dreamer is forced to let go, and he steps back for a moment, but when he returns, Dreamer moves an attempted strike, and as Dreamer hits the ropes, Donst capitalizes and spins Dreamer around, hooking his arms around the ropes and trapping him!

    Dreamer looks on in fear, knowing what is coming, and Donst, spurred on through his blurred eyes and dazed mind, starts to unload with right and left hands! The referee shouting in his face, it doesn’t stop him, and he only stops for the obligatory five count, but starts right back up again! After a rapid twenty or so shots, the referee finally drags Donst back, and before he can return, manages to get Dreamer free of his predicament! Donst gets right in the face of the referee, intimidating the official, clearly to be seen mouthing, “how much do you value your health?” …

    Shaking his head once more, still coming to terms with the onslaught he suffered from the get go, Donst looks down at Dreamer, taking a moment to weigh up his options. After considering them, Donst goes a bit old school and after circling Dreamer for a moment, he starts to unload with rapid boot strikes to the downed Innovator of Violence! Time and time again, Dreamer’s chest is damn near caved in, Donst taking out months of anger and frustration in one fowl swoop, the intensity of the strikes only matches by the intensity that burn deep within his eyes.

    Dragging Dreamer to his feet, Donst holds his head up, looking in his eyes, before pushing his head and driving the back of his head and neck against the turnbuckle in the corner! Donst keeps him there and hammers the head off of the top turnbuckle, time and time again! Dreamer stumbles out, only for Donst to take him over with a Belly-to Back Suplex! Donst covers, but only for a two, Dreamer just able to get an arm out and survive.

    Donst isn’t done there though, and dragging Dreamer to his feet, he pushes him into the ropes and when he returns, Donst strikes a hard boot to his spin. Grabbing him around the waist, Donst spends a few seconds squeezing the breath from the body of the hardcore icon before driving him over with a bridged German Suplex … but only for the count of two, Dreamer again escaping, this time with a kickout! Keeping a hold of the waist, Dreamer spins around, Dreamer seated on the mat, Donst letting go, only so he can deliver a couple of hard knee strikes to the spine. Dreamer shouts in agony, every scream of anguish bringing joy to the eyes of Donst.

    Donst runs the ropes, returning with a couple of running elbow smashes to the back. As Dreamer drops to that back, Donst runs the ropes again and drops a series of elbows on the chest, the entire upper body of Dreamer starting to be dissected and ravaged. Dreamer rolls around in pain, this only serving to improve the mood of Donst, switching fast from a state of mental anguish to that of his past glories, an arrogance starting to develop. This arrogance becomes clear when he shows the ultimate disrespect, daring to pin Dreamer with one foot. Though never an obvious attempt, the sheer action of doing so puts the fans even further against him and only serves to improve his mood further.

    A chance for Dreamer to get back into the match is soon taken away from him, a reversal out of a neckbreaker the only one good moment as seconds later, when trying to knock Donst down with a clothesline, he gets knocked sideways himself, flying across the ring and hitting the turnbuckle, returning only to be caught with a Neckbreaker with even more intent than it would have had before.

    Donst smirks as he looks down at Dreamer, he waits for so long that Dreamer is able to get to his feet, crawling to two legs with the help of the ropes, but as he turns … he’s brought back down to earth by a sliding forearm smash, otherwise known as the Sliding Donst! Donst doesn’t bother making the cover though. Instead, he stands, looks and scoffs before backing off to one corner of the ring and dropping to the mat. He looks forward and sits and watches as Dreamer once more, like a grizzled pet waiting to be put out of its misery, desperately scrambles toward a rope, a turnbuckle, anything that can support him.

    As he eventually gets to his feet again, Donst starts to get to his feet too, smirking as he looks at the befallen icon stood across from him. Dreamer looks around and Donst launches at him, like an express train … KICK FROM DREAMER! Donst doubles over! … DDT! … BLOCKED! Donst battles away with back elbow smashes, but Dreamer comes back with some of his own, back and forth, no quarter given, Dreamer is getting a second wind and Donst is rocking! … RAKE TO THE EYE! The crowd boos, but Donst is as clever as he is evil … SDT! The front facelock STO connects, Donst makes the cover! … 1 … 2 .. DREAMER SURVIVES! AN ARM UP JUST IN TIME!

    Donst dared to dream, but they were crushed, and he shows a semblance of sheer disbelief. Smashing the mat with his hand, he holds his head in them as he slowly gets to his feet, frustrated, but when he turns, he’s shocked, because Dreamer is already basically at his feet! Such is the shock, Donst can hardly react before Dreamer squares up and comes at him with all he has left, in one desperate last stand! Donst is rocked and rolled, Dreamer even going as far as to grab Donst by the throat and throw him back violently into one corner of the ring!

    Dreamer gets his legs moving as they start to batter away at the midsection of Donst, eventually whittling him down so that he’s sat in the corner of the ring! Dreamer walks back a few yards before turning … and crushing Donst in the corner with the cannonball! Donst rocks out and falls forward as Dreamer drops atop of him and hooks the leg! … but only for a count of two! Donst kicks out and though Dreamer, and the crowd are gutted, a roar that emanates from all four sides of the arena gives the undeniable feeling a change is underway and a big momentum could be underway.

    Donst holds his chest as he gets to his feet, struggling for breath, but as he hits the ropes, Dreamer opposes him, no room for rest, Yonkers favourite son shooting Donst off into the ropes, dropping him with boot when he returns! There’s no rest for the wicked though, and Donst is dragged to his feet and thrown halfway across the ring courtesy of a Fallaway Slam! Dreamer again makes the cover, but this time, Donst shows the ring smarts he has, putting his left leg up on the bottom rope, the only escape from the predicament.

    Dreamer gets to his feet and as he looks around, he responds to the roars of the Philly natives with a roar of his own. Beating his chest, he retreats to the corner and kneels down, sizing up his prey. Donst for his part uses the trousers of the referee to drag himself to his feet, still struggling, seemingly unprepared for the onslaught he now faces. He turns, but as he does, Dreamer kicks him low, he hoists him onto his shoulders! … Dreamer Driver – NO! Donst slides off his shoulders, he runs the ropes, attempted clothesline, ducked, Dreamer turns, he ducks a Roundhouse Kick! Donst looks around … KICK, DDT! He gets it at the second attempt … he hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! DONST GETS AN ARM UP!

    It’s Dreamer’s turn to be gutted, banging the mat with a fist. He gets to his feet and dragging Donst up, he delves punches into his face, backing him up into the ropes. He backs off and swings his right arm, but as he does, Donst drops to his knees. This action causes Dreamer to stop, and that’s when Donst raises his fists, shouting and telling Dreamer to “do your worst” … smirking and shaking his head, Dreamer walks toward a prone Donst, defenceless and waiting for whatever he has in store for him … Small Package! Dreamer was duped, he’s caught in Donst’s spiders web! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! THIS TIME, IT’S DREAMER’S TURN TO GET OUT OF TROUBLE!

    Dreamer gets to his feet, Donst a bit slower, still struggling, he stumbles forward and almost gets caught with a haymaker, but just manages to duck, Dreamer fly’s forward and hits the ropes, he grabs them and turns himself around, Donst caught unaware, thinking he was going to fly over them, Dreamer launches his body at Donst, the youngster dodges, Dreamer carries on … and smashes into the referee! Their heads clash, both dazed, and before Dreamer can react, Donst run the ropes directly opposite Dreamer … … LARIAT!! Dreamer goes down, the force enough to knock down even Stan Hansen’s ghost!

    Dreamer is a trampled mess, the only bleak look to the pristine white ring and seconds later, Donst falls on top of him, but can’t muster the energy to even hook the leg … 1 … 2 … Dreamer shows no signs of life, let alone consciousness … 3!!

    The bell rings, and the crowd’s sound dims, their hearts sinking. Despite the “hometown” love and support, Tommy Dreamer couldn’t get it done, and just one mistake had cost him a glittering moment in perhaps the last spotlight of his distinguished career.

    Donst, upon getting to his feet, throws himself back into the ropes, holding basically every part of his body. Though the win was oh so important, his body was truly hurting, and despite his words, he’d been proved wrong in his thoughts that Tommy Dreamer had nothing left.

    Lipinski- Tim Donst claimed Tommy Dreamer and his era, and his ilk were long gone. Well, Tommy just proved there was life in the old dog and Tim Donst only just came out of that match unscathed, let alone with the win!

    Chikarason- Dress it up any way you like, as much as we disagreed with Donst’s actions, he did what he said he was going to do. He beat Tommy Dreamer and he proved he still has it in him to be a elite player atop the Chikara mountain.

    Lipinski- … but did any of us really doubt that?

    The referee leaves the ring, Dreamer being rolled out and brought round with the help of smelling salts. Donst remains inside the ring, looking around, the snarl on his face indicating his mood hadn’t become too positive over the course of the match and this was very much nothing but one step on the road to recovery.

    As he starts to leave the ring, walking down the steps and across the arena floor, he starts to come near Dreamer, who is now sat out, but not all there. Stopping, Donst shakes his head in apparent disgust, and despite the pleas of medical officials and the referee that had just taken charge of the match, Donst’s shows no compassion, nor respect, delivering a swift strike kick to the head of Dreamer which knocks him right back down, his head bouncing violently off the mat beneath him!

    Lipinski- Well I guess in Tim Donst’s case, you can’t have both talent and class.

    Donst smirks, his mood brightened by that one solitary act of idiocy and arrogance, this the lasting image we are treated to of him as he takes his leave with a win in his back pocket.

    Dreamer meanwhile is down and most certainly out this time, more than smelling salts needed to raise him from his slumber. Chants of “TOMMY DREAMER!”, broken up by fierce clapping can’t even rouse him, but does give just a small indicator of how beloved he is to the Philly faithful.

    ***CUT TO THE BACK***

    We’re now in the back and the joy of defeat is now paralleled by a scene of defeat. Indeed, the lovely Scarlett is stood by once more, and this time, the person beside her is the man who lost earlier in the night, “The Perfect Athlete” himself, Mr. Touchdown … Mark Angelosetti!

    Angelosetti’s scowl doesn’t give the impression he’s in a good mood, and indeed, you’d be quite right in that thinking.

    Scarlett- Mr. Touchdown, earlier tonight, you lost to your Great-Uncle, meaning Dasher Hatfield now has a contract and will be a Chikara roster member once more in Season Twelve.

    Touchdown gulps, his lip curling …

    Scarlett- Your thoughts?

    Angelosetti looks at Scarlett and scoffs …

    Mr. Touchdown- Do you think I needed a reminder of that?

    Scarlett tries to respond, but Touchdown’s head shoots forward to stop her.

    Mr. Touchdown- Do you think I needed to be reminded of my failure, let alone the fact of what it’ll mean for next season?

    Again, she tries to respond, but Touchdown snaps at her and she backs away. Touchdown steps forward so he’s in the foreground of the picture, his wide eyes staring deep into the camera.

    Mr. Touchdown- I know what this means. The jerk fans get to laugh at me, Sugar Dunkerton gets to laugh at me, Dasher Hatfield gets to laugh at me … my WHOLE FAMILY gets to laugh at me. I failed. Failure wasn’t at option, yet it just happened, so I bet your next question is - “what now?” …

    Touchdown looks back for a second and Scarlett gives a brief nod. He smirks and looks back toward the camera.

    Mr. Touchdown- What’s next is I’m going to the gym and I won’t leave. I’ll stay there 24/7, I’ll get bigger, I’ll get stronger, I’ll get plain BETTER and in Season Twelve, I’ll be back …

    Touchdown nods his head, enthusiasm replacing his anger, at least for now … he leans in closer to the camera.

    Mr. Touchdown-
    … and better than ever!

    Touchdown finishes his strong statement of intent, but just when he looks to leave, the camera spins around a little to show Dasher Hatfield and Sugar Dunkerton standing and laughing! They both wave sarcastically before walking away down the hall.

    The camera spins around and an irate Mr. Touchdown is literally hopping mad, his head looking like it’s about to burst from his shoulders such is the anger building within.

    Mr. Touchdown- Believe it.

    His teeth gritted, Touchdown stomps away, a frightened Scarlett left as the image the camera catches, and the only noise seemingly being the things Touchdown is throwing around off-camera.


    Lipinski- It’ll certainly be interesting to see how, and if Mr. Touchdown can bounce back next season, with the added problem of The Throwbacks being there, everywhere he goes.

    Chikarason- He’s brought it on himself, it’s his bed, he’s gonna’ have to lay in it.

    The camera pans around the ring and shows the audience, on their feet and waiting to see what’s next in what’s already been a packed, exciting night …

    … but it was about to get a whole lot more intense and dangerous.

    The iconic drum beats make it clear who is coming, and as the music kicks in, the fans hands jump into the air, a defeating ovation breaking out from all as The Colony make their way out from behind the curtain!

    Soldier Ant marches, Fire Ant runs and Green Ant flexes his muscles as he holds his Young Lions Cup, the three making their way down the aisle, the keenness they all hold to gain revenge plain to see.

    Lipinski- Whilst we saw the apparent death of one iconic trio earlier tonight, this trio is not capable of breaking, The Colony are as strong as ever!

    Chikarason- As strong as ever, yes, but not without their troubles. They’ve never faced a threat that looms as large and dangerous as The Swarm. Tonight is their chance to put everything else behind them and FINALLY get the win that has so far eluded them in trio’s matches against them.

    The three good ants enter the ring and as they do, they stand to attention, Soldier leading along the line, the three fired up and ready to go, all high-fiving before climbing a turnbuckle and posing to the Philadelphia natives. Green Ant places his cup on the ring apron and as he looks around, he shouts “OUR TIME!” as he and his comrades all look toward the curtain …

    … and it doesn’t take long for them to say hello to their opponents. Everyone looks around, wondering where they will come from, but eventually, The Swarm appear; combatANT, deviANT and assailANT making their way through the bodies toward the ring.

    As The Colony look on, their emotions changing as they stare toward their evil polar opposites, The Swarm reach ringside and as a group, encircle the ring, the occasion tense and dramatic. Both trios knew what this meant, especially The Colony.

    Lipinski- I have a really bad feeling about this. The Colony can’t lose tonight. Surely?

    If Season Eleven has taught us anything; it’s not to underestimate anyone, especially The Swarm and GEKIDO. They aren’t to be messed with, but if anyone can beat them and stop their charge, it’s The Colony.

    The Swarm eventually climb up to the ring apron. combatANT and deviANT stay on the ring apron, combatANT pointing and sharing a war of words with Soldier. Meanwhile, assailANT beats his chest and as The Colony gather in their corner of the ring, Fire steps forward and makes it known he wants to start things off.

    GEKIDO’s Big Blue Bruiser steps forward and The Hot Property of The Colony does the same. The intensity of the battle can be felt, like a burning fire. Bryce Remsburg is the man in charge for this epic battle and knowing things could break down unless he did so, he calls for the bell …

    The Colony vs. The Swarm

    They circle eachother to start, but assailANT is the first to start making moves, traipsing around Fire and trying to corner him and get to him, but the pace of the smallest man in the match provides a problem, assailANT never quite able to get a grip of him, quite literally, The Hot Property evading him at every turn. Even deviANT and combatANT try to grab Fire Ant from the apron, but nothing succeeds. The annoyance finally getting to him, assailANT throws himself forward, only for Fire Ant to duck and roll and then swipe the legs of assailANT when he gets to his feet, nailing a running senton splash afterwards!

    assailANT holds his gut and as he gets to his feet, he backs away from an oncoming Fire Ant into his corner … and deviANT makes the tag! He jumps the ropes, jumping Fire Ant in the process. He runs the ropes, but when he returns … he gets tripped up, face-first onto the unforgiving matting beneath! Holding his face, he tries to retaliate, but Fire Ant backs him off into the ropes before dropkicking him from the ring! deviANT hits the arena floor, but this enables combatANT to jump in behind Fire Ant. He’s unaware, so when he turns … headbutt from combatANT!

    combatANT hits a few others, but Fire Ant returns the fire, excuse the pun, with a few of his own! combatANT is forced back himself, and Fire, looking at his corner, smirks as he tags out … to Soldier Ant! Soldier enters the ring and opposes his polar opposite, the man who’s stolen his moves, his character, EVERYTHING! Soldier doesn’t even bother saluting, but does march his way over before kicking combatANT square in the knee! combatANT falls to his left knee, but his right knee is then targeted and he falls to both! Soldier makes yet another quick tag, this time to Green Ant and using his speciality, he roars across and rolls combatANT up with a La Magistral! combatANT is caught! … but gets out at a count of two!

    He jumps to his feet, but Green Ant is up to and he takes him over with an armdrag. A couple more follow, The Resilient Submission Machine pinning combatANT to the mat, holding the arm down. Green kicks at the arm before dragging combatANT to his feet. Putting his arm over the top rope, Green runs the opposite ropes before throwing his leg up and booting it to the heavens! combatANT falls to the mat and rolls away in pain, but before he can go too far, Green drags him back to his corner, and keen to continue the momentum, makes the tag to Fire Ant.

    The Hot Property springboards off the ropes and in, dropping a leg and hooking combatANT’s, but only for a two. Fire is not for relenting though, and when a rocked combatANT gets to his feet, he’s forced back into the corner of the ring. Running to an opposite corner, Fire turns on his heel and runs back … nailing a running dropkick! He kneels and as combatANT falls, he falls over his body and to the mat! He gets up again, but he’s quite clearly not 100% in focus and this shows, Fire able to down him with a couple of back elbow smashes and even a spinning wheel kick!

    deviANT and assailANT look concerned on the outside, their hands raising out from the corner, but to no benefit to combatANT, now dragged back to the corner of The Colony, where Soldier tags himself in. Soldier grabs combatANT in a full nelson and as he holds him, Fire runs the ropes and delivers a kick to the chest, Soldier immediately taking combatANT over with a Full Nelson Suplex! He makes yet another cover … but is denied the win at a count of two as assailANT and deviANT kick him in the back and break up the cover!

    All hell breaks loose now as they are swarmed, ironically enough, by Green and Fire Ant, the four men battling away, eventually to the outside! Whilst Soldier looks on, his eventual turning around meets with combatANT who swings an arm and hits him in the side of the head! Soldier Ant hardly moves though, instead he whacks one right back at him! Saluting, he then spins and hits the Saluting Forearm Smash, combatANT rocked back into the ropes. The Colony’s Chief Lieutenant isn’t done there though, and roaring “SIR, YES SIR!”, the crowd getting to their feet and applauding, he shows undeniable and almost indescribable strength as he lifts combatANT up! combatANT lays in his arm over his head, and as the four on the outside look on, their eyes widening in shock and fear of what is to come, Soldier puts everyone’s health on the line as he throws combatANT right atop of them! FOUR!

    Bodies fall like dominos, Soldier Ant the only one that survives! Rapid applause starts as Soldier marches around the ring, his mask not able to hide his emotions as they come spilling out in that one single moment. “CHIKARA … CHIKARA … CHIKARA!” is the chant as Soldier stands and waits for someone, anyone to challenge him. However, he’s standing away from the ropes, so he’s unaware that one of the five downed souls has crept around the ring. Soldier Ant turns, after some warning from the crowd, but is powerless to resist as assailANT takes him out with a big crossbody! He stays on top of Soldier Ant … but only for a two, Soldier getting an arm out from beneath the big bruiser’s mighty frame.

    assailANT rolls off of him, and Soldier gets up, albeit a little slower. assailANT runs the ropes once more, but this time, is forced to stop in his tracks as Soldier does a backward roll and dodges out of the way. Getting to his feet, he has no second to rest, assailANT trying to crush him in the corner! Soldier though gets his hands up, so though he’s caught in the corner, his body is safe, for now. He fights with his arms to get free and ducks an attempted haymaker, the hand of assailANT hitting nothing but turnbuckle! Soldier then grabs the outstretched arm and twists it around and behind his body! Letting go, Soldier than delves his elbow down the spine of assailANT before throwing him forward, head first into said turnbuckle!

    All four that were on the outside are now up to the ring apron, so in the corner that contains The Swarm, Soldier quickly ushers assailANT away from a possible tag. Driving him into the ropes, Soldier attempts an axehandle smash to the head, but assailANT slides between his legs. He stays layed and as Soldier looks around, his knee gives out as assailANT strikes out at it! Soldier drops to one knee and assailANT takes advantage, crawling across and tagging out to deviANT!

    The pocket rocket enters the ring with a ferocious intent, running across and shooting a kick straight across the chest of Soldier, throwing him backwards! Soldier hits the mat hard and deviANT climbs atop him and shows the devious nature he possesses as he unleashes left and right fists that threaten to cave in the skull of The Colony’s chief of staff. Soldier throws deviANT off of him, but when he gets to his feet, he’s again taken down, this time with a Lou Thez Press of all things! AGAIN though, Soldier manages to throw him off him, and even manages to get to his feet and be aware this time, but deviANT still catches him with a flying knee strike!

    Soldier rocks back into the ropes and bounces out, so deviANT delivers another flying knee strike, this time with his left knee! Again though, Soldier stumbles out from the ropes, so deviANT stops messing about and downs him with a Roundhouse Kick! Soldier falls like the oldest oak in the most magical forest, and all of a sudden, the tales and fortunes of GEKIDO change. Their body language changes as Soldier lays down and out, Fire and Green Ant on the outside, concerned for their friend and concerned for their plight.

    deviANT shows he’s not done copying Fire Ant yet, a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker on his knee doing more harm to Soldier! Dragging him to his corner, deviANT looks at his two partners before tagging out to the vicious combatANT. combatANT enters and rattles off some headbutts on who he has called his “age-old” rival, saluting and mocking Soldier as he takes him on a trip around the ring, throwing his head from the turnbuckles, even going as far as to choke him in one of the corners, very nearly going past the five, and therefore, a potential DQ.

    He soon returns to his corner, again tagging out, this time to assailANT, the big man re-entering the match. Unlike last time, assailANT is now in control of Soldier. Soldier threatens a comeback, the slight delay in the tag allowing him one punch. However, assailANT’s scoff can be heard through his mask, and as Soldier tries to run, he’s caught and assailANT throws him across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Soldier tries to escape out of the ring, but knowing this would allow another member of The Colony to enter, assailANT runs and crushes him with a big splash, stopping him in his tracks! His lungs damn near deflating, assailANT covers … for a one, for a two … KICK OUT! Soldier is near enough to the ropes to reach out a hand and grasp the ropes, saving himself and his trio.

    Pulling Soldier by the ankle, assailANT puts him in the corner of the ring, dropping a series of spinning elbow drops, right to his heart. He drags Soldier to his feet, The Colony’s founding member struggling for breath, but even more so after assailANT delivers a discus back elbow which knocks him flying into the corner! This too isn’t the best of places to be, as he finds out when assailANT, second time around, manages to crush him in the corner!

    Fire, struggling to contain himself, runs across the apron, trying to grab at assailANT, but he just narrowly misses as assailANT walks out from the corner and casually throws Soldier down face first to the mat. assailANT looks back at Fire Ant but brushes him off before going to his corner and tagging out, deviANT returning to the match. His first action is to hit a running knee drop, rolling through and mockingly kneeling right in front of The Colony’s corner. They become furious, but the referee having to hold them back allows The Swarm to strike. deviANT quickly tosses Soldier across the ring and assailANT and combatANT choke him with their feet in the corner! By the time the referee has turned around, the damage has been done, The Colony continuing to get even more agitated.

    deviANT drags him up, and though he flails his arms for a moment, Soldier is powerless in his resistance, powered into the corner so hard, he falls right back out. As he lays on the mat, assailANT begs for the tag, and deviANT agrees, he tags him in … and GEKIDO’s “Big Bad Muscle” climbs to the top! Everyone’s heads start to rise as assailANT, the biggest man in the match, perches on top, high above anyone else in the building!

    The crowd gets to their feet, sensing a big moment and as he stands, he looks out before diving off, the big man’s flying through the air! - BUT MISSES!!! Soldier Ant moves at the last possible second!

    The crowd comes unglued, and this is the moment they’ve been waiting for! They clap furiously as the ring shakes from assailANT’s bruising figure hitting it! The Swarm become agitated themselves, The Colony hopeful! assailANT and Soldier Ant face their own trios and start the long crawl toward them! Soldier though is still struggling from past onslaughts, a little slower, so when assailANT tags out to combatANT and he enters, Soldier is still a few yards away … and gets caught by the foot before he can tag! The deflation is instant as he is dragged away from all hope … KICK TO THE FACE! Soldier battles away, kicking with all he’s got! He unleashes one that forces combatANT to let go, and with all his might, with all the energy he can musters, he leaps … AND MAKES THE TAG TO FIRE ANT!!

    Fire Ant leaps the top rope and enters, and he goes to town! combatANT is dispatched with a dropkick, then the incoming deviANT the same! … ditto for combatANT! All three get up, but Fire Ant knocks them all down with clotheslines! … all except deviANT! He’s ducked and is behind Fire Ant! Fire Ant looks around, leaping kick by deviANT, replacing Fire once again – DUCKED! deviANT stumbles, he looks around … LEAPING KICK FROM FIRE ANT! The true one!

    combatANT and assailANT are up behind him though, laying in wait! Fire Ant looks around and freezes, not in fear, but in the face of the opposition, but as he does, everyone’s attention is caught as Green Ant fly’s over his shoulders and takes them down with a big crossbody hit from the top! Bodies lay strewn everywhere as Green Ant instructs Fire Ant to the corner of the ring. He does so, and as Green Ant keeps watch … Fire delivers a lovely looking running senton splash to combatANT! He hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 .. KICK OUT! NOT QUITE YET!

    Green and Fire then team up, taking it to assailANT and deviANT! They are rocked back into the ropes before getting a double clothesline for their troubles, thrown over the ropes and to the outside! Green Ant isn’t done there though and he soon follows them, running the ropes before leaping through the middle ropes and taking both them, and himself out with a suicide dive! Suicide indeed! He’s down, so are they, but the fans around them are on their feet. “CHIKARA! … CHIKARA! … CHIKARA!” again the chant echoing throughout the arena.

    Fire Ant remains inside, but as he’s looking at what is going on, he’s left combatANT behind him. Though he turns and he’s still down, when he approaches him … he’s rolled up! SMALL PACKAGE! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL AGAIN!

    Fire Ant escapes, combatANT getting to his feet - LOW BLOW! … and the referee’s back was turned! GEKIDO have done it again! Fire Ant crumples to the mat as the dastardly combatANT stands and smiles!


    Soldier is alive and he threatens his own mental sanity as he unleashes the full force of his own head right into that of his evil polar opposite! …again … and again! … and again! combatANT rocks and rolls, he’s in Soldier’s clutches, who uses his last remaining energy to lift him to his shoulders, he’s prone and in trouble! … but not as much trouble as when Soldier drives him to the mat below with a backbreaker, but with a detour onto his knee in the process!!

    Soldier isn’t done there though. He gets to his feet and stands firm and salutes! … before making his way to the top rope! He wastes no time, and after Green Ant spears assailANT on the outside, who was just about to hop onto the ring apron, Soldier fly’s though the air … and a diving headbutt connects! He’s damn near destroyed his head to do it, but combatANT has finally felt the full force of the true Chief Lieutenant in CHIKARA!

    Soldier, though hurt, looks out the corner of his eye as deviANT starts to get to his feet, and as he clutches at the ring apron, Soldier shakes his head! The Colony won’t be denied! BASEBALL SLIDE KNOCKS DEVIANT AWAY FROM DANGER!

    Soldier screams and shouts, the most ferocious “SIR, YES SIR!” you’ll ever hear, and as Fire Ant starts to crawl across the ring, Soldier Ant points erratically, Fire Ant’s pace becomes more pronounced, the huge moment spurring him on, he reaches out his arm and it eventually covers combatANT! The referee drops to the mat! … 1 … 2 .. GEKIDO FINALLY HAS NO SAVING GRACE! … 3!!


    The celebrations make it clear how much this means, Green Ant throwing his body into the ring and embracing Fire Ant who stumbles rather gingerly to his feet. Even Soldier gets brought to his feet, Green Ant acting as the man to get them all together as, for tonight at least, they extinguish the threat of The Swarm!

    Lipinski- They’ve only gone and done it! Eight and more months of agony and torture at the hands of GEKIDO has all but been forgotten, because on the big stage, when it really mattered to Chikara and its fans, The Colony has come out victorious!

    Chikarason- This is a momentous victory! Nothing could ever make us forget what happened at King of Trios, but this goes some way to rectifying the stain on the history of CHIKARA that it was.

    Lipinski- We said at the outset that The Colony was stronger than ever and could not be broken. They’ve just proved it!

    The Colony as a group are now more up and together, looking at eachother in sheer delight. The three start to circle the ring, taking in just what a big win this was, both personally and professional, the first hit, with hopefully the second to come …

    But on the outside, it’s a different story. assailANT and deviANT are knelt on the outside, looking in, peering from below the ring apron, disbelieving. They start to drag combatANT away, but The Colony don’t care, looking and waving, finally able to be as mocking as The Swarm has been to them for so long now.

    The Swarm, beholden by their disappointment, have their heads bowed, and even with the memories of the King of Trios medals and all of GEKIDO’s mayhem that has been achieved fresh in their thoughts, nothing can mask how gutted they are, not even their masks themselves, dragging their defeated bodies from the ringside area and making their way out through the crowd, sheepishly it’s got to be said.

    Lipinski- If what’s happened isn’t just more encouragement for Mike Quackenbush in his all-or nothing war with 17 later tonight, I don’t know what is!

    Chikarason- You said it, it’s all or nothing. Mike Quackenbush should use this as momentum. The Colony just showed GEKIDO can be tamed.

    Lipinski- I have a feeling the Grand Championship is coming home!

    The last image seen of the ring is The Colony stood in a line, and one final raising of their arms into the air by Bryce Remsburg, even a cheeky pat on the back given by him to all three as he leaves the ring, the three left as the victorious states they are, almost like Rocky reincarnated.

    Now more than ever tonight, the chants of “CHIKARA!” that continue are meant with even more passion, belief, and most of all, faith. Faith that tonight could be the night GEKIDO’s threat is extinguished. For good.



    ***TO THE BACK***

    The camera rushes through a hall and comes to a stop on a body writhing in pain on the cold, hard concrete floor. The camera zooms in a little to reveal it is actually Blind Rage, the oldest companion of one UltraMantis Black …

    The camera zooms out and from a darkened corner of the hall, four shadowy figures walk forward. Clad in black cloaks, it’s Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon, alongside the leader of The Dark Army, Delirious!

    As they approach, The Batiri fall back as Delirious slowly kneels down. He looks to smell the befallen carcass of Blind Rage, still seething in pain. Delirious pulls on his ragged, brown beard as he looks down at a man he was once associated with.

    Delirious- I should have known Mantis Black would call on past allies to help him in his hour of need …

    Delirious leans in closer as he holds the face of Blind Rage and looks into his old comrades eyes.

    Delirious- Infact, I did know.

    Dropping the head of Blind Rage to the floor, Delirious turns his head and looks toward the camera …

    Delirious- Mantis Black, resistance is futile. It’s coming …

    Delirious all of a sudden jumps to his feet and races toward the camera, his face filling it as The Batiri lurk in the background behind him …

    Delirious- WAR!

    Delirious paces away from the scene, The Batiri soon following him. All we’re left with is the fading image of a beaten Blind Rage layed on the floor.


    Lipinski- They’ve been friends, comrades, partners, but now, they are foes, rivals, the arch evil entities that come together to wage war. The epic battle of evil is here!

    Chikarason- Delirious has been waiting for this moment. He had a taster a few months ago, but this is the moment he’s wanted for so long. His mind has been clouded for so long, but no longer. He’s cold, he’s calm, he’s calculated. He’s the most dangerous person UltraMantis has ever been faced with …

    The lights darken a bit, setting an ideal scene for what we are about to witness …

    Hybrid Stigmata plays and trudging through the curtain out into the dim lights, dressed in a black cloak, is Delirious. The maniacal madman bows his head, and he’s soon joined by the contents of his Dark Army, The Batiri. He looks to each side and patting them on the heads, he shakes his. Almost telepathically knowing what he means, they turn and leave back behind the curtain.

    Delirious then slowly makes his way down the aisle, the gaze from beneath the cloak fixated on nothing but the battleground that lays before him.

    Lipinski- He’s as menacing as they come. His physical profile may not be large, but his mental one is. He’s not just a man, he’s a madman, a monster, an entity that in whatever mood, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

    UltraMantis Black did just that. He had years of success, a lot of it with Delirious by his side. His tactics in garnering that support are now scuppering his future. After tonight, UltraMantis’ future may be as bleak as it’s ever looked …

    Delirious reaches the ring and slithers in, turning his body and laying, chest first, his head between the ropes, peering outside and up toward the curtain.

    The music stops, the lights remaining faded, the arena bathed in but pitch black, Delirious waiting, watching …

    Delirious soon locks eyes with his great friend turned great foe, his most bitter of rivals emerging through the curtain as Cradle of Filth heralds the introduction of “The Great and Devious” UltraMantis Black!

    Unlike Delirious, he didn’t need even the support of his comrades as he steps out in front of his public alone and ready to fight. His robe and trusty staff are nowhere to be seen. This evil insect isn’t here to pose.

    Lipinski- I don’t think Delirious has done himself any favours by apparently taking out UltraMantis Black’s fiercely loyal subjects.

    Chikarason- Maybe that’s what he wanted? Delirious is insane enough to want UltraMantis Black at the peak of his evil.

    Black remains by the curtain, standing, his fists clenching as he looks down at Delirious. The tension mounts as he does so, it at burning point, and as the lights start to come up … Black rushes down toward the ring! Delirious rocks back, but before Black can slide into the ring … the referee slides outside and stops him in his tracks!

    Black furiously tries to get past, but he needn’t, because Delirious rolls out of the ring willingly and makes his way toward Black! The referee gets that he can’t keep them separated for any longer, and he shouts “RING THE BELL1” … and it rings! He jumps out of the way! … THE WAR IS ON!

    Delirious vs. UltraMantis Black

    The leaders of the evil nations waste no time and go at it right away! Neither show no fear, nor favor, brutal, hard hitting strikes unloading upon one another, spilling all the way up the ramp toward the curtain! Black tries to choke Delirious against the curtain, but instead nearly gets his cranium crushed on account of the steel surrounding it! … he puts his leg up though and stops the momentum, rattling off an elbow, which makes Delirious fall backwards momentarily.

    Black follows him, but as he stalks Delirious, who backs off, it gives the latter the time to recover, he tries to retaliate with a punch, but Black blocks it and throws Delirious into the guardrail! The referee getting a count of twenty, Black rolls into the ring … but then straight back out! Black isn’t ready to let Delirious off the hook, a new and very deep content pouring out from every inch of Black. He didn’t want this, but now he’s got it, and he was taking Delirious to task.

    Delirious puts up his fists, swinging like a fighter against the ropes, but none of the shots connect, and he gets delivered back first into yet another guardrail! Delirious rolls around on the mat, and soon gets taken on a tour of the ring, his chest kicked, rolling around on the greasy matting. When returning to the base of the aisle, Delirious looks up toward the curtain and he starts crawling … but he isn’t alone! Black is following him and they get halfway up the aisle …

    … BEFORE THE BATIRI APPEAR! The Dark Army swarms around UltraMantis! Delirious looks up, points and laughs manically as Black backs off, knowing it’s not wise for even him to argue with these numbers. BUT, as he backs off, he suddenly stalls and stares forward. The Dark Army looks around … and there standing are Hallowicked, Frightmare and … CROSSBONES! Black has an army of his own and they are here in his hour of need! Kobald, Obariyon and Kodama have no time to respond before they are pummelled with right hands, the fight spilling up the aisle and behind the curtain!

    Sounds of fists flying and bodies crashing can be heard as Delirious looks on, but when he looks around, he sees something worse as UltraMantis stands above him! Shaking his head, he grabs Delirious by the beard as he attempts to flee, and dragging him to his feet, Black leads him back toward the ring and throws him inside! He’s hardly able to get to his feet before getting another kick to the gut, his body tossed to the opposite side of the ring. Black stands, and in the ring for the first time, he looks around him and nods his head as the crowd welcomes their evil hero. “ULTRAMANTIS! … ULTRAMANTIS! … ULTRAMANTIS” they chant at the top of their lungs, Delirious on his knees and looking up at perhaps the most sickening sight he could imagine.

    Delirious stands, and he swings again … and catches UltraMantis! Mantis responds with a right hand though, before driving his shoulders into his gut, forcing Delirious back into the corner of the ring! Mantis drives his shoulders into his gut, time and time again, Delirious eventually falling to a seated position! As he sits, Black looks around, and he walks back behind him, but then stops and looks back at Delirious. He cranks his head and looks directly at the Perfect Weapon before launching from the corner … PANIC ATTACK! BLACK CATCHES DELIRIOUS WITH HIS OWN MOVE! Delirious’ head bounces out from the turnbuckle and Mantis throws him forward, rolls him over and hooks the leg!

    … but only for a count of two, Delirious kicking out! Delirious is well, delirious, dazed as he stumbles to his feet. Black is up and as Delirious nears the ropes, Black tries to catch his back, but as he tries for the Backstabber … Delirious holds onto the ropes! Black crashes to the mat, and when he gets back up, he looks around … only to be rocked with a Headbutt! Black falls backwards against the ropes! Delirious launches, his mind ragged from the early onslaught … but Black ducks and dives, Delirious hits the ropes, bounces off … and Black catches him with a Mongolian Chop! - NO! Delirious blocks it! … Hurricanrana! He traps Mantis’ legs on the mat! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! SO CLOSE!

    Delirious immediately jumps to his feet, UltraMantis too, but Delirious shoots him off into the corner of the ring and follows him in … and a Neverending Story begins, a series of vicious clotheslines throwing Black in and out of the corner! Black is taken to town, Delirious putting aside the pain that must be flowing around his body, smelling blood, and pouncing. The crazy, intense and damn near inconsistency of Delirious continues to cause Black a problem when he eventually stumbles out of the corner, only to be thrown down to the mat with a bulldog! Black is hardly able to roll away before Delirious runs the ropes and comes back, dropping a knee on the chest of UltraMantis, right into his black heart.

    The pattern doesn’t change as Delirious drags Black to his feet, punishing and brutal shots continuing to be the order of the day, a snapmare followed by a running kick that sends Black shooting backwards, and this time, rolling to the outside! Delirious smirks, stroking his beard before dropping to his back and rolling from the ring, joining Black on the floor. Indeed, his intentions are not good, as evidenced when Delirious is only stopped from using a steel chair by the referee who rushes across! … this in itself just spurs Delirious on, using the distraction to hit Black where the sun don’t shine before raking him in not one, but BOTH eyes … and this time, he connects with a Mongolian Chop!

    Delirious gets a measure of revenge as he tosses Black into the same rails that he tossed him into earlier, Delirious dragging the carcass of Black around the ring, like an animal dragging his prey back to his lair. Black is down and prone to attack, and Delirious doesn’t let up in his onslaught, kicking Black several times as he screams and shouts, his words not that coherent, but his emotions clearly raised. Some two years of what he called “invisible torture” is now pouring out and though Black gets some rest bite as he’s tossed back into the ring, it’s only temporary as Delirious slides in himself! Delirious doesn’t get to his feet, instead he crawls across and like an alligator stalking a human being, he wraps his arms and legs around Black and starts to squeeze the life from him!

    Black tries to respond, to return the fire, but Delirious headbutts him once more, and again, and several more times, forcing Black to relinquish his counterattack. Black doesn’t give up though, his evil nature matched by his desire not to give up, knocking away with his hand before pushing away an arm of Delirious and this in turn gives him the chance to somehow, someway escape out of the major predicament. As he rolls away though, Delirious follows him, and it’s only Mantis getting a hand to a bottom rope which saves him, holding onto it for dear life, a stern kick out making Delirious back off and hold his knee. Delirious returns, running like a madman, but Black dodges and Delirious goes through the middle ropes and crashes hard to the arena floor!

    His back hits it hard and he gets to his feet, falling into the ring apron. Holding his back, Delirious lifts his head as he grabs at his beard and bangs his head with his hand. Delirious isn’t allowed the space to recover though … because Black reaches over the top rope and grabs him by the head! … and drags him back up to the apron! Delirious tries to punch his way back into it, but Black lifts him up and over with a suplex! … DELIRIOUS LANDS ON HIS FEET! … he runs the ropes, Black turning, unaware, Delirious comes back toward him … leaping clothesline! Black is down, Delirious covers! … 1 .. KICK OUT BY ULTRAMANTIS!

    Delirious can’t believe it, and jumping atop of Black, he pins him to the mat and starts hammering away with fierce right and left hands! Delirious unloads like a machine gun, rapid shots providing no relief. He only rolls off of Black when the referee forces him to, but soon returns, dragging Black to the corner by his ankle. Stroking his heard and pacing around in a circle, Delirious places the head of Black perched looking down on the middle rope before running the ropes … and coming back with a running dropkick that damn near decapitates The Angry Insect Evildoer! He makes the cover! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! BLACK GETS A LEG ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!

    Delirious is incredulous! He can’t believe it, and it sends him even more over the edge than he was previously. Delirious drags Black to his feet, and as he looks into his eyes … “WAAARRRRR!” … Flatliner connects! Black is out! Delirious hooks the leg once more! … KICK OUT AT TWO AGAIN BY BLACK!

    Delirious drags Black across the ring, his mind wavering. He props Black up in the corner as he makes his way to the opposite one. He looks back at his great rival and lets out a battle cry as he launches … PANIC ATTACK! – BLACK MOVES! Delirious collides with the corner turnbuckle! He stumbles around and a dazed Black catches him and hooks his arms for the Praying Mantis Bomb! … but Delirious wrestles away the initiative and eventually gets free! He runs the ropes … crossbody! - ROLLED THROUGH! Hook of the leg by UltraMantis! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! IT’S DELIRIOUS’ TURN TO SURVIVE!

    Both men get to their feet … but Delirious hits out first! Black responds with an open handed slap! The two exchange blows time after time! … until Delirious nails a roaring elbow which sends Black flying! Blocks bounds back into the ropes … and returns with a roaring forearm! Delirious is now rocking, bouncing against the ropes, but he stumbles back out and aims his hands at the throat of Black and pushes him back into the corner of the ring!

    Black struggles for breath and to get free and he eventually forces Delirious to let go of his throat before pushing him back violently! … STRAIGHT INTO THE REF! The senior official goes down! This effects Black more, and Delirious capitalizes and strikes Black where the sun doesn’t shine once more! Black falls to one knee before Delirious strikes him down with a kick to the spine!

    Delirious drops to his back and he soon slides from the ring. What he does next though, is worrying, because he goes to the Commentation Station and picks up a spare steel chair! The crowd gives him a piece of their mind and he looks at it and snarls before rolling into the ring! With the referee still down, Delirious lurks over a befallen UltraMantis Black! He waits and watches as Black gets to his knees, and it’s only when Black looks up that he sees the danger! It’s almost as if Delirious wanted him to see the pain he was about to feel, but as he pulls the chair backward … HALLOWICKED RUNS OUT AND SLIDES INTO THE RING!!

    Delirious is stopped in his tracks as Hallowicked stands between him and the smashing of Black’s cranium. Delirious tosses the steel chair to the side as he steps forward and places a hand on Hallowicked’s head. He nods his head as he looks into his eyes. The two stand as UltraMantis gets to his feet …


    WHAT THE …

    Black crumples to the mat, and the crowd can’t believe it! They don’t have it in them to even boo, standing in stunned silence! Hallowicked bows his head as he steps to the side. Delirious delights in picking an unconscious Black up, he hooks his arms as he places him between his legs … he holds him high into the air! … PRAYING MANTIS BOMB!!!!

    Black’s head smashes to the mat, the ring shaking! Hallowicked calmly leaves the ring as Delirious drags Black over onto his back! He doesn’t even bother hooking the leg as he lays over him, the referee slowly but surely dragging himself across, unaware of what has just happened! …

    … 1 .. BLACK IS DOWN! … 2 … BLACK IS NOT MOVING! … 3!!

    The ringing of the bell doesn’t just signal the end of the match, it signals the end of what one of the most incredible minutes in CHIKARA history.

    The crowd stand in stunned silence, boos only now starting to operate, but still shielded by the pure shock. Hallowicked continues to stand at ringside as Delirious gets to his feet, and stood above his befallen victim, he looks up to the heavens, laughing like the maniacal madman he is …

    Lipinski- What the … what have we just seen?!

    Chikarason- I’m just, I’m at a loss for words.

    The Commentation Station falls silent. Delirious meanwhile takes one last look before he slides from the ring. He joins Hallowicked, patting The Nightmare Warrior on the head before leading him up the aisle toward the curtain …


    Frightmare stands, his arms wide, speaking to his fellow incoherent, but getting no response. He stands with no comprehension of what has just happened, and before he can even hope to get an answer from his partner, his comrade-in-arms, his best friend and trainer … HE’S MOBBED FROM BEHIND! Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon pounce and knock him down to the floor! Vicious kicks are unloaded, but still, Hallowicked shows no hint of a reaction!

    He simply stares, no movement, and as the onslaught continues, Delirious leads Hallowicked back behind the curtain … The Dark Army continue the attack on Frightmare, pummeling him into submission, his fight fading little by little as the kicks reign down on his body.

    Lipinski- SOMEONE STOP THIS!

    Chikarason- This is just … what is going on with Hallowicked? He just superkicked his most trusted colleague and then watched, entirely emotionless, as his trainer, his best friend was assaulted in front of his eyes!

    UltraMantis starts to come too, and he crawls toward the rope, his eyes meeting the downed Frightmare, The Batiri stood above him. This seems to job Black into life, but as he tries to move, pain still coursing through him, The Batiri simply up and leave, cackles the sound as they disappear into the night.

    Black rolls from the ring, but he struggles up the aisle and falls to his knees as he looks down at Frightmare. On this night, yet another comrade had apparently left his side, his head bowed. Chants of “ULTRAMANTIS! … ULTRAMANTIS! … ULTRAMANTIS!” continue, but as he sits, his Spectral Envoy literally laying in tatters, UltraMantis Black knew The Dark Army now stood as the gravest threat “The Great and Devious” had ever faced …

    ***CUT TO THE BACK***

    As we go to the back, we see the esteemed Wink Vavasseur, Director of Fun, pacing around in his office. The door soon opens and into the picture walks the two suited gentleman, clad in black sunglasses, whom have been providing his protection since earlier in the season.

    Wink- Where were you two earlier, HUH?! Where were you?!

    Wink looks at them, right in the eyes, or at least, he would if they’d take those darned sunglasses off.

    Wink- I don’t want to hear it!

    Wink holds up his hands as they both try to respond, but aren’t able to get even a syllable out before being shouted down.

    Wink- You knew there was a danger of him coming, I told you as much, but you were too busy off doing whatever you do when my back is turned to stop him coming in here!

    Our friendly Director of Fun stops stomping around the room, stands and looks at his two henchmen ...

    Wink- I pay you to police the buildings in which Chikara appears in and restore any lost order.

    The two security guards finally try to intervene, but when they do, Wink snipes and shoots them down in flames ...


    Wink raises his volume to the highest yet for just a moment, before rubbing his head and chin, trying to clam himself.

    Wink- Start doing your job. Help me to help you, to help them or I’ll replace you!

    Scoffing and clearly furious, Wink adjusts his dollar bill glasses as he storms from the room. The two black glasses guards break their stares for just a moment to look at eachother and shrug their shoulders, before returning to their normal posture.


    As a locker room door slams, the man that walks out of it starts walking forward. The man that walks forward, emblazoned in blue tights and a lightning bolt-adorned jacket is none other than “The Man of a Thousand Holds” Mike Quackenbush!

    Quackenbush clenches his fists, but as he turns the corner, he encounters something quite unexpected … the sight of some of those has has trained lining the hall that leads to the curtain!

    Gran Akuma is there, down the hall a little bit is Dragonfly, the man put into retirement by 17 earlier in the year. He smiles at these two and as he walks on, he encounters tonight’s returnee Amasis, his pats him on the chest and whispers “welcome back” and a wink as he continues on, passing Sara Del Rey, a woman he’s had severe issues with, but shares a nod of respect to as he passes her ..

    … and it’s then that he reaches the curtain, and there stand some of his prized pupils; Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and all three members of The Colony; Soldier Ant, Green Ant and Fire Ant

    Looking like a proud father, Quack nods his head as he looks at them all in the eyes, the sense of importance and occasion lost on no one.

    Quackenbush- Guys, you’ve done yourselves and this company proud tonight.

    Quackenbush nods, meaning what he say. Kingston, Jigsaw and The Colony share a stare and a nod, the all-stars having set up the stage for Quackenbush to succeed.

    Quackenbush- Now it’s my turn to do the same.

    The nod takes on a meaning of more than admiration for others now, a personal determination, backed up by one of the single worst years of his career.

    As he looks around him, Jigsaw steps forward from the back, the long-time partners and friends staring at eachother, each knowing the other better than they perhaps knew themselves.

    Jigsaw- Mike, don’t do it for us, don’t do it for you, don’t even do it for the fans. Do it for Chikara.

    Jigsaw beats him on the chest, but then it’s Eddie Kingston’s turn to say a few words, and like always with The War King, it’s short and to the point.

    Kingston- Bring the belt home boy.

    Quack smirks as he shakes hands with Kingston. “DAMN RIGHT!” he mouths as his eyes meet the curtain, the entrance to the battle he’s about to face.

    The other wrestlers gather around and watch on, a pumped-up Quackenbush with desire burning bright in his eyes. As if it didn’t seem important before, now it really did. This meant more than the title, but the Grand Championship of Chikara and the ridding of 17 from the company was the ending everyone wanted.

    We fade from one of the most inspirational scenes in Chikara history.


    We go to the Commentation Station for one last time, Keith Lipinski and Leonard F. Chikarason sit there, their expressions as straight laced as you’ll find. Even them, the usually fun-loving and comedic pairing, were aware of what the end of A Change of Mind would mean for Chikara going forward … whatever the result …

    Lipinski- Well this is it. Over nine months of war, many, many matches with lots on the line, Grand Championship defences, bitter fights in, and out of the ring. It all comes down to this… 17 versus Mike Quackenbush, Grand Championship on the line, as well as their careers!

    Chikarason- Quackenbush wins, he becomes Grand Champion and 17 is forced to leave! If 17 wins, Quackenbush has to RETIRE and 17 has total and utter control of Chikara. It means the world. This is it.

    Lipinski- Let’s just hope that at the end of this night, Mike Quackenbush stands proud as our Grand Champion.

    Chikarason- Hope is all we have left.

    With that sombre thought, attention turns to the ring. Standing inside is Bryce Remsburg, ready to be the man officiating the battle that lays in the not-too-distant future.

    But we’re not about to have one grand introduction into the war that comes next, we’re getting right into it …

    The crowd jumps to their feet in expectation, strobe lights bursting around and shooting around the ECW Arena. The curtain ripples and its soon ripped aside as bursting out is none other than “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush!

    Quackenbush looks to each side, nods his head and smiles before he starts to walk to the ring, the pace quickening as he slaps hands with the fans on the way.

    Lipinski- COME ON MIKE! Do it for yourself and do it for Chikara!

    Chikarason- I’ve known Mike years, we traveled together and I’ve seen him wrestle a lot of matches. This is BY FAR the biggest. This is it. Do or die.

    Quackenbush lurches above the ring on the top turnbuckle and puts his one signature pointed finger up into the air before jumping down to the mat. The ring shaking, he paces around it, taking off his jacket and launching it down to the arena matting below.

    “CHIKARA! … CHIKARA! … CHIKARA! … CHIKARA” is chanted, right to the heavens, bringing a smile to the face of the man who created the little engine that could in front of only a couple of people a decade ago. His intent can’t be hidden, his pride neither, and as he runs the ropes and stretches, he soon starts to scan the crowd, looking for the pocket from which his opponent may emerge from …

    He doesn’t have to wait long until he gets sight of the Grand Champion, 17 appearing on the right side of the building, his blue and gold outfit shimmering away, making his arrival. The Grand Championship dragged like a useless bit of trash by his arm, scraping the floor, he makes his way toward the ringside area, Quackenbush’s expression soon changing, the anger and intensity building from deep within him.

    Lipinski- They’ve never faced eachother one-on-one, yet this stands as the most intense, hate-filled rivalries we’ve seen in Chikara’s storied history.

    Chikarason- 17 has been here months, yet stands as half of the Campeonatos de Parejas, as well as the Grand Champion. That has never happened. NO ONE has held two titles in Chikara at the same time.

    Lipinski- It’s the sort of man Mike Quackenbush is up against tonight, this is no fly-by-night looking for a bit of spotlight. 17, love him or hate him, is the real deal and tonight, he stands ready to press the destruct button on Chikara.

    Chikarason- Let’s hope Mike Quackenbush stops him before its too late.

    17 reaches the ringside area, and after tossing the Grand Championship at someone at ringside, he slowly walks around the ring, locking eyes with Quackenbush at the same time.

    17 climbs to the ring apron and enters the ring, showing no fear as he walks around the ring, and Quackenbush too. Quackenbush’s lip curls as he comes face to face with the man whose made his life a living nightmare, the first time these two foes have ever come to blows in a one-on-one environment.

    Remsburg stands between them for a few moments, but sensing the occasion and that neither man wants to wait any longer, he calls for the bell! … the final match of Season Eleven, and perhaps the most important match in Chikara history, is underway!

    17 (c) vs. Mike Quackenbush

    17’s cold and calculating nature is soon replaced by an arrogance backed up by the titles he holds in his possession. The double champion doesn’t approach Quackenbush right from the off, instead, much to the disbelief, turned anger of Quackenbush and the crowd, he starts swaggering around the ring, mocking the exact moves of the late Chikara great, Larry Sweeney!

    Quackenbush’s face is that of thunder, and he soon lets out the lightening, 17 clearly not knowing what he’s letting himself in for as Quackenbush pummels him with right hands before grabbing him by the throat and tossing him across the ring! 17 gets to his feet, but the same thing happens, this time tossed to the opposite side of the ring! Bouncing off back first and getting to his feet, 17 is powerless as he is grabbed again, but this time, he’s tossed into the turnbuckle and hits it back first, crashing hard to the mat!

    17 holds his back, but he tries to roll away, and gets as far as the ring apron before he’s caught by the outreached hand of Quackenbush! 17 is dragged to his feet, and holding his body against the ropes, Quackenbush hammers away at his chest with forearm shots, 17’s body rebounding into the ropes, only staying on the ring apron because of Black’s desire to keep him there.

    About ten shots later, Quackenbush’s assault recedes, but not before he grabs 17 and in a harkening back to seconds earlier, he tosses 17 back in the hard way. Quackenbush gets down to the mat and hooks his leg for the cover! … but only for a one, an easy kickout by 17. Half expected it, Quackenbush propels to his feet, and with the fans on his side and belief in his heart, Quackenbush continues to move the match forward. When 17 reaches his feet, holding his back, he tries to kick out, and succeeds with a couple of hard shots to the knee, but as he doubles over and takes the time to recover, he takes too much, and when he runs and attempts a clothesline … he’s thrown down neck first on the bottom rope!

    Bouncing violently off, 17 rolls around in extreme anguish, but he has no time to recover, trying to crawl away, but getting dragged back! He kicks out and tries to escape again, this time crawling, but Quackenbush takes him over with a snapmare before running the ropes, and with 17’s back facing him, he slides across the mat and delves an elbow deep into it! 17 collapses forward and to the mat, Quackenbush again making the cover, this time securing 17’s right arm under his body so he can’t get an arm out! … so he kicks out instead! 17 immediately rolls away, and as Quackenbush gets to his feet, he takes a moment to ponder his next line of attack as a backdrop of cheering fans lay behind him.

    He allows 17 the space to recover briefly, the double-champion dragging himself to his feet, but with the help of the ropes with one hand, his other hand holding his back as he tries to stretch the pain out. What he’s unaware of is he’s about to get a whole load more, and when he turns, Quackenbush delivers a thrust palm strike, knocking him back into the ropes! Quackenbush stands back and attempts another … so 17 dodges in desperation! It works as Quackenbush hits the ropes! … ENZUIGIRI BY 17 SENDS QUACKENBUSH FLYING FROM THE RING! - NO! He holds onto the ropes and falls onto the ring apron!

    Quackenbush grasps the ropes, but as 17 tries to nail him with some punches, Quackenbush blocks them, battling against his spaghetti legs. His work though, it goes for nothing, 17 bringing him down to his knees! 17 backs off for a second as he shakes his head and adjusts his suit around his uncomfortable back, but as he returns to the scene of the crime … Quackenbush bursts through the ropes and spears 17 right out of his shoes! He’s layed over 17! … 1 … 2 .. KICK OUT BY 17 IN THE LAST CHANCE SALOON!

    Quackenbush rolls away, now inflicted with his own share of pain, shaking away the cobwebs of the Enzuigiri he was caught with. As he gets to his feet, 17 does the same, but it’s clear whose had the worst of the opening, Quackenbush quicker off the mark, grabbing 17 for a snap suplex. 17 wraps his legs around Quackenbush’s, stopping him from following through, so he instead pushes GEKIDO’s lead sergeant off into the ropes, 17 returns but slides through his legs, Quackenbush turning on his heel and before 17 can get up … he drops an elbow!

    17 continues to try and fight to get up, but a couple more elbows stop his charge!

    Quackenbush leaps to his feet … he has Chain Lightning in mind! … a first jumping moonsault connects! … a second jumping moonsault connects! … he attempts a third! - 17 ROLLS FROM DANGER! Quackenbush hits the mat face first and 17 runs the ropes and delivers a sliding dropkick, knocking Quackenbush across the ring! 17’s still not in the best of health though, retreating back to the corner of the ring, his back still hurting, the irony of this injury not loss on Quackenbush who has spent months trying to stop 17 from permanently rendering his already weakened back useless.

    17 gets to his feet in the corner and Quackenbush does the same, his lip busted upon a bit by his hard face-first meeting with the mat. 17 is the one this time who attempts a suplex, but he too fails, Quackenbush sliding off and behind him! Quackenbush runs the ropes and when he returns, he slithers in and behind 17, putting him in a full nelson! Quackenbush lifts him up! … but 17 reverses out, Quackenbush rolling through and to his feet! 17 attempts a Roundhouse Kick, but it’s ducked, Quackenbush again wriggling behind him! … and this time he gets him locked into an abdominal stretch!

    Quackenbush exposes 17 to his mastery of the wrestling craft, synching in the hold in no time at all! 17 waves his free arm and tries to punch to get free, but Quackenbush stretches it out even more, even using his knee to dig into the back of 17 whilst he has the hold locked. 17 though is nothing but resilient, and after having the hold locked and with 17 showing no signs of giving up, Quackenbush lets him go, the masked man falling to the mat below.

    As he lays there, Quackenbush turns him over and grabs the arm! … and focuses his attention on the wrist! Quackenbush looks for an eye for an eye, retaliation for the wrist injury 17 gave him earlier in the year, but 17 manages to knock him out of the way, kicking him very nearly out of the ring! Quackenbush grabs the ropes just in time and turns around, grabbing the arm of 17 again and dragging him and his kicking legs to the corner of the ring. 17 tries to get free, but he fails as Quackenbush lays him straight down on the mat …

    … before climbing up to the top rope! He’s high above the ring and as he looks down at 17, he shows no fear, no respect, no playing of the waiting game as he dives off, looking for the senton bomb! - 17 ROLLS AWAY! … but Quackenbush shows his awareness as he manages to roll through and get to his feet too! He’s near the opposite corner now and turns his head … ONLY TO GET MET BY A RUNNING DROPKICK FROM 17! Quackenbush’s head and upper neck collides hard with the turnbuckle and when he stumbles out, 17, layed on the mat, swipes his legs violently from him!

    17, favouring his back, but doing his best to put it behind him, is in no mood to not take advantage of a rare slipup, so he drafts Quackenbush to his feet … before depositing him over the top rope, Quackenbush bouncing onto the ring apron and falling to the outside with 17 in hot pursuit as he climbs out of the ring and follows.

    17 shows his mean streak for the first time in the match, dragging Quackenbush to his feet and without a second’s thought, delivers him straight into the ring apron! Quackenbush bounces off, but isn’t allowed to fall as 17 grabs him, hooking his arm and lifting him up! - THE PATRIARCH IS DELIVERED GUT-FIRST ONTO THE EDGE OF THE GUARDRAIL!

    Quackenbush stays on top of the guardrail, shouting in pain, but 17 can’t help but smile, clenching his fists and delving it right deep into the side of his bitter foe and keeping it there for a good few seconds! As the referee’s count continues, 17 slides back into the ring to break it … but isn’t done yet! He immediately climbs back out to the ring apron, looking down at Quackenbush, still layed over the top of the guardrail. The fans start to clear, fearing what is to come, and they were right to! … 17 DIVES FROM THE RING APRON AND DROPS A LEG OVER A PRONE QUACKENBUSH!

    Sheer hatred burning through, 17 puts not just his body, but his life at stake for one shot at the infliction of pain on the man he hates most! 17 lays as injured as Quackenbush, both men down and most certainly out. 17 is able to make it up first, but only barely dragging his body back under the ropes and into the ring … the referee continues the count though, and as he does, only slight flickers of life are apparent from Quackenbush, but the crowd remain hopeful, they spur him on, applauding, 17 shouting at the referee to “end his misery”, but as the count gets to eighteen, and then nineteen, Quackenbush is close … and he just, JUST gets back into the ring before the twenty!

    17 isn’t ready to let him get away with things though, kicking at his back when he gets back into the ring! Quack battles back up toward his feet, but as he struggles up, he gets a swift kick to the knee, 17 lifting him up for a snap suplex … but his knee collapses on him, his injured back working against him! Quack slides off behind him and runs the ropes, but when he attempts a clothesline on his return, 17 sticks out an elbow! Quack is stopped momentarily, but as he again launches himself toward the Grand Champion … 17 bursts around and batters him with an uppercut, sending Quackenbush flying!

    Quackenbush bounces against the ropes and as he struggles to defend himself, 17 pounces and drags him forward by grabbing his arm! … and then dragging him to the mat! The crowd has every right to be concerned as 17 tries to synch in the Fujiwara Armbar! Quackenbush struggles though, waving his left arm and managing to crawl quickly, and furiously to the ropes! Quackenbush is saved, but not out of danger, as he discovers when 17 runs the ropes and comes back, dropping a running knee on the arm which stretched out toward the ropes!

    Rolling away, Quackenbush holds his left arm, but as he does, 17 grabs it. He smirks as he changes the hold to his wrist, Quackenbush shaking his head, almost pleading, but as he lays prone and defenseless, 17 does the unthinkable … and lets go of the wrist … “That’d be too easy …” he mouths … before throwing the arm back down to the mat below and stomping on it without mercy!

    17 drags his great foe to his feet, shooting him off into the corner of the ring. 17 follows him in, a hard clothesline connecting! Quackenbush stays upright, but is groggy, and is soon taken to the turf when 17 again runs at him, like an express train behind its schedule, a Stinger Splash sending Quackenbush down! There’s no rest for the wicked though, as 17 drags Quackenbush toward the corner once more. Smiling, he points at Quackenbush as he slides to the outside, dragging Quackenbush closer to the corner. The crowd soon become aware of his dangerous intentions, and they become clear to everyone watching, and Quackenbush himself when his leg is thrown into the steel pole! The crack can be heard as Quackenbush rolls away in agony, 17 standing like a statue, having started to dissect Mike Quackenbush, limb from limb.

    17 slides back into the ring and bringing Quackenbush to his feet, he lifts him up, and its third time lucky for the double champion as he this time manages to nail Quackenbush with a suplex! He hooks the leg! … but The Man of a Thousand Holds gets out at the count of two! … crucially, not able to kick out, instead raising a solitary arm!

    The crowd raise from their slumber, their hands clapping furiously as they try and get behind their man, their chants and cheers louder than they have been since the match’s start. Getting to his feet, 17 looks around him, shaking his head as he looks out at the public. The camera zooms in, 17 seen mouthing “it won’t make a difference”, his lip curling as his head turns and he looks at Quackenbush, hobbling as he tries to crawl toward the corner. Like a wounded, stranded dog, Quackenbush continues to crawl toward the corner, but as he gets there and places his hands up onto the middle turnbuckle … 17 bursts forward and throws a dropkick his way, Quackenbush’s head bouncing off of the turnbuckle!

    Before he can fall down, 17 grabs him from behind, Quackenbush powerless to resist … and he’s taken over with a Tiger Driver! … his shoulders are pinned to the mat! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! Quackenbush survives … JUST! The crowd roars, again trying to get behind their man, but he doesn’t, and can’t respond. His arm slightly hurt, his leg with a steel imprint upon it, his head rattled, Quackenbush is barely with it as 17 stands above him, his demeanour and the way he’s going about things making it quite clear how confident he feels, and who is in the ascendency.

    The onslaught now bears on the edge of being fatal, Quackenbush resorted to grabbing the tights of 17 as he manages to drag himself up to a kneeling position! He looks up at 17, but their eyes are hardly able to meet before he’s cruelly thrown back down to the mat by 17 with a cold, hard slap! Bending down, 17 slaps Quackenbush around the back of his head a few more times, the boos continuing as the sheer contempt and disrespect 17 feels for Quackenbush comes pouring out.

    Swift kicks are soon thrown into the gut of Quackenbush, the Founder tossed around the ring like a rag doll. A strut starts to become apparent as 17 walks around the ring, feeling like he is the master of said ring, and it was hard to argue with him. The crowd have given up even booing him, sat on their hands, forced to watch as Quackenbush is dispatched to all sides and corners of the ring. Quackenbush gets to his knees momentarily, and 17 shows him that was a mistake as he grabs his face and claws away at his face, pulling his mouth apart and grabbing at the eyes! 17 is apathetic to the referees count, but when he gets to four, 17 lets go, not wanting the match to stop when he was having so much fun.

    17 drags Quackenbush to his feet, not easy because the latter is not moving freely and 17 is having to do it all himself. Hooking him up, 17 lifts him up, Quackenbush seated on his shoulders! He roars “END TIME!” as he runs forward toward the corner turnbuckle! … POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! – QUACKENBUSH MANAGES TO STOP JUST SHORT OF THE CORNER!!

    17 follows him in, shock that he manages to avoid collision with the corner, but Quackenbush dodges! His left leg gives out as he does so though, so when 17 stops himself, he has free reign to kick out at Quackenbush! Quackenbush backs away, but when 17 runs the ropes and launches toward him, Quackenbush grabs him by the neck … and nails the neckbreaker from nowhere! He hooks the leg! … 1 … 2 .. KICK OUT BY 17! The crowd jumps, the referee’s so hand to counting the three! The crowd continue to stand and applaud though, sensing their support can rouse Quackenbush on.

    Quackenbush gets to his feet, but is clearly hobbling. 17 is holding his neck as he pulls himself up, but he’s only able to get to his knee before Quackenbush starts to unload with some Kobashi-style chops! 17’s chest starts to go a beetroot red, but he hits out and hits the left leg of Quackenbush, an undeniable target! Quackenbush hits a couple more chops, but again, 17 puts the pain aside to hit another kick out to the leg of Quackenbush, but this time hard enough to make Quackenbush relinquish his assault for just a moment longer …

    Quackenbush goes down to one knee for a moment, holding his left leg, and when he goes to respond once more … 17 hits a roaring elbow! Quackenbush’s legs turn to jelly, rocking and rolling like Elvis would himself … dropkick from 17! Quackenbush still doesn’t go down though! He’s as resolute as he is passionate, instead thrown back into the ropes, but when he stumbles back out, 17 aims a kick in the gut and hooks his arms, lifting him up! … BRAINBUSTER!

    Quackenbush crashes brain first to the mat, but 17 has done as much damage to himself, holding his back as he lays on the mat! He struggles over onto his stomach and starts to crawl toward Quackenbush, all the while, holding his back with his right hand. He eventually gets to Quackenbush, but he’s taken his time, one solitary arm being draped over his body! … 1 … 2 .. NEAR FALL! QUACKENBUSH WILL NOT BE BEATEN!! HE SURVIVES AGAIN!!

    17 smashes the mat as he rolls away from Quackenbush, holding his back even still. As he gets to his feet, he points at the referee, clearly threatening him as he wonders how the Brainbuster wasn’t enough. Quackenbush is still not moving too comfortably, so as 17 drags him toward his feet, by the hair no less, he remains in control, as he has been for so long, he lifts Quackenbush head and looks into his eyes … BEFORE BEING TAKEN DOWN TO THE MAT! SMALL PACKAGE! … 1 … 2 … ANOTHER NEAR FALL!

    The crowd thought that was it, jumping for joy, only to realize it wasn’t quite the end. Yet. 17 gets to his feet quickly, Quackenbush following, though not as fast, 17 starts to loose his cool as he rushes like a headless chicken … but collides with the ring post in the corner, shoulder first as Quackenbush ducks and rolls! Quackenbush sees his chance and rushes behind 17 who rebounds out of the corner … bulldog connects! 17’s head hits the mat hard as he rolls away and toward the ropes. He tries to crawl out to the ring apron, but Quackenbush reaches out and grabs his leg, pulling him back toward the center of the ring!!

    17’s legs wave as he tries to get free, but Quackenbush instead throws it down to the mat several times. 17’s counterattack stops momentarily, and Quack looks to take advantage, dragging 17 to his feet and shooting him into the corner of the ring. Quackenbush tries to follow him in! … but his left leg gives way and he collapses to one knee! He gets to his feet once more, but it’s given 17 time and he rushes out of the corner … CLOTHESLINE! - ducked! Quackenbush turns on his heel, Shard stopping in his tracks and turning … kick from Quackenbush! QD II attempt! 17 wriggles free and in front of Quackenbush, rolling Quackenbush up for the cover! … but Quackenbush rolls through too! They both jump to their feet … Quackenbush has got the arm of 17 locked, he brings him down to the mat! … Crossface is locked in!

    … but 17 gets his leg up and wraps it around the shoulder of Quackenbush! Both men let go of their potential submission maneuvers , they both spin up and to their feet … kick by Quackenbush to the back of 17! Diving chop block to the left shin by 17! Both men stand to their feet and look at eachother, nose to nose, their weaknesses no longer factoring too much as their intensity to succeed takes over!

    Strikes from both men rain down like rain from the sky, unholy intense power from each and every single one of them as nine months of warfare come down to one epic battle for ultimate supremacy. Each man starts to back away from the other as the shots start to take their toll, but the headshots are soon replaced when Quackenbush feigns for a head shot, only to duck under and behind 17! He clubs him in the back, once again targeting that area before lifting him up … and nailing a vicious Backdrop Driver! 17 is taken down almost dead on his head, Quackenbush slides an arm across the Grand Champion, not mustering enough to hook the leg! … NEAR FALL! 17 GETS A HAND ONTO THE BOTTOM ROPE! … Quackenbush drags him back near the center of the ring, and hooks the leg this time! … ANOTHER NEAR FALL! This time, 17 is able to get an arm out!

    Quackenbush gains his footing, shaking out his left leg, and as he looks around him, he sees the crowd on their feet. “QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!” is the chant, getting behind their man, knowing this spell of the game was do or die. Quackenbush stands, poised and ready to strike, like a viper, 17 struggling as he scrapes around on the mat and shakes his head.

    He crawls toward the ropes, but as he grabs it, thinking he’s safe, his mask is grabbed! Quackenbush wants to know his identity and he starts to rip it from his head! The crowd roars, but 17, in pure desperation to protect himself and his identity, rattles off some elbow shots and when Quackenbush eventually lets go, he readjusts the mask and launches at Quackenbush! … SPEAR! - NO! Quack moves and 17 nearly falls through the middle ropes and to the outside! He grabs out and stops himself just in time, but when he turns … running knee strike to the head! Quackenbush tosses 17 to the mat, he grabs his arm and legs! … CHIKARA SPECIAL! … 17 BATTLES AND WRIGGLES HIS WAY BENEATH THE ARCHED RIGHT LEG OF QUACKENBUSH AND SLIDES AWAY FROM HIM!

    Quackenbush turns … but 17 dives at his knee, but Quackenbush jumps! 17 slides past him, but Quackenbush lands hard on the injured left leg and falls to his knee! 17 runs up to Quackenbush and grabs his arm, twisting it and flipping Quackenbush over onto the mat! His back is pinned to the mat as 17 hooks his arm up … OH NO! CHIKARA SPECIAL IS IN! 17 HAS GOT THE CHIKARA SPECIAL LOCKED IN ON THE MAN WHO CREATED IT!

    Quackenbush tries to battle, but unlike 17, despite it being his very own move, he’s powerless to resist as the move is not just in, but locked in and doing its damage! The crowd chants the name of Mike Quackenbush once more, but as they try and lift him, it doesn’t seem to be working, Quackenbush screaming, his eyes bright and wide, but the pain etched on his face!

    “JUST QUITE MIKE!” … “GO HOME MIKE” … “LOOK AFTER YOUR WIFE!!” are the cries from 17 as he provides his own commentary! Quackenbush is almost in tears, the pain becoming too much, but knowing he won’t give up, he can’t give up … can he?

    The fans continue to heap faith upon him, but as the seconds continue to tick by, Quackenbush’s fight fades, and 17’s resistance becomes ever stronger as he readjusts the hold to make it even more effective! Quackenbush is fading as the seconds go by, one by one, he fades enough that his arms start waving, his eyes starting to close, there’s hardly no response as Bryce Remsburg looks on … he looks as conflicted himself, he holds his head in his hands and shakes his head …”MIKE!” he shouts, but there is no real response. He’s got to do his job …

    … “DO IT!” shouts 17, Remsburg shakes his head, a look of pure hatred as he locks eyes with 17! … and he calls for the bell!


    The ringing of the bell doesn’t just indicate the end of the match, but the end of an era! The crowd deflates, still standing, but disbelieving. For the second match 9in a row, the most improbable and depressing scenes has come true.

    Bryce Remsburg can’t bring himself to raise the hand of 17, leaving the ring. 17 has let go of Quackenbush, who drops to the ring mat. A trampled mess, he is stood over by 17 who looks down, his lip quivering. He adjusts his mask, but doesn’t seem too perturbed by the fact the Grand Championship hasn’t been presented to him. He’s more concerned with what he’s done to CHIKARA’s body and soul.

    Lipinski- I can’t believe this, I just can’t. Chikara is not Chikara without Mike Quackenbush. This can’t happen.

    Chikarason- It can, and it has. We feared it, our nightmares have come to pass. GEKIDO is in full control. They own the night and they now own us.

    Lipinski- I can’t believe we just saw Mike Quackenbush’s last match.

    17 smirks as Quackenbush rolls away and out of the ring, dropping to the arena floor. As he does, 17 reaches out of the ring and grabs the Grand Championship from a ringside official.

    As he does, he turns and is met with the sight of some of Chikara’s finest coming out of the curtain. Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, Green Ant, Soldier Ant and Fire Ant all appear, their faces stoney, their hearts melted by the happenings of tonight, their dreams of CHIKARA’s success and GEKIDO’s death having been extinguished.

    17 for his part takes great delight in lifting his Grand Championship up, coming to the ropes closest the curtain and draping the title over it, so the whole world, but especially those gathered on the aisle, can see. Kingston seethes as he stands and watches Jigsaw and The Colony rush down and help a hapless Quackenbush to his feet.

    Lipinski- How has this been allowed to happen?!

    Chikarason- Doc, I really hoped our fears wouldn’t be realized, and I never wanted to contemplate this, but I might as well say it, because I bet we’re both thinking it … is this the beginning of the end?

    As Jigsaw and The Colony try and help Quackenbush, he thrusts away their arms and shakes his head. They all back off as Quackenbush takes one embarrassed glance backwards, faced with the image of a smiling 17 holding the Grand Title right in front of him. Dipping his head in shame, Quackenbush walks away from his trainees and starts to walk up the aisle toward the curtain.

    As he does, he passes Eddie Kingston, but doesn’t even glance in his direction as he pushes past him and leaves behind the curtain, failure in his eyes.

    Chikara’s finest now gather together and are forced to watch the sickening scene; 17 inside a Chikara ring, Grand Championship in hand, and he is soon joined by the other remnants of the now dominant GEKIDO.

    The Shard is there, holding both Campeonatos de Parejas belts above his head, The Swarm too are alongside the champions, combatANT, assailANT and deviANT, despite their earlier defeat, proudly waving the medals they won at the recent King of Trios as a sign of the ultimate defeat Chikara has suffered for much of the year, culminating in tonight.

    This is the lasting image we’re left with, GEKIDO stood tall, all with the very possessions that Chikara holds dearest, all as their hostage, and now, having achieved the greatest prize of all, the goal they set out when they arrived back in March.

    The retirement of “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush ….


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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    I wish I had followed this more or even knew the wrestlers but to be honest I barely know anyone involved. What I can say though is that I am so impressed by the effort you put into this and from what I've seen it's very well done. I tried to learn as much as I could with your previews before this big show and was really into the main event with Quackenbush having to retire. Love the way you wrote that with him just refusing to give up no matter what he endured. I'm going to try and get into everything more and try to stay following this into your next year. Eddie Kingston for Grand Champion!



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    Default Re: CHIKARA Pro Wrestling

    Somewhere in the bowels of my computer sits a notepad document with a running list of my favorite shows in fan fic so far this year. I haven't seen the list in a while, but I'm sure there are shows like RT's Main Attraction, T-Money's Battle At The Dome, WMS What Price?...Glory!?, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting about right now. I'll definitely have to find that list and make an edit because this finale was absolutely spectacular. The Dreamer vs Donst rivalry is something I can't commend you enough for. Some marvelous booking of the ECW icon to elevate the Donst character. Just a really well written feud with an absolutely fantastic blowoff match. Even though Dreamer/Donst has been my favorite feud to keep up with here, it fails in comparison to the drama & urgency of the main event here between Quack vs 17. Absolutely stellar writing that really makes me want to go back and give this entire project a closer look. What a great fucking finish.

    I tip my hat to you for this show Kem. Your Chikara has been a solid rock for fan fic all year and has pretty much wrapped up my pick for fed of the year. This show definitely solidified that. Congrats man.

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