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Thread: Should Cena surpass Flair?

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    Default Should Cena surpass Flair?

    Flar is 16 time, it looks like Cena will eventually overtake him. Should he?
    I say YES, Cena is a bigger star and draw than Flair ever was, he deserves to hold the record.
    Granted it woud be better if neither had won it as much, but cant change that now.

    Flair won the majority of his titles because he was in a second rate company with second rate stars. He also had his friends booking for him.
    Cena won his titles because of the right reasons, i.e. being over and making money for the company.

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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    To me, the amount of times you held a title doesn't mean much these days. It's the length and journey that matter. Cena's reign from 06 to 07 is much more important to his career than winning it twice last year (I'm not counting the reign from RAW to Summer Slam when Punk also held the belt).
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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    It's like comparing apples and oranges. Both great, but both different. If Cena does surpass Flair, and I think he will, it won't quite mean as much, as mutliple reigns are much easier to come by these days. And I say this as a guy who prefers Cena to Flair (although not by a whole lot).

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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    He should and he will. Cena has what, another 5-10 years left in him? Hes at 12 reigns right now. He will easily beat the record in a few years. Flair also pissed away the great send off WWE gave him because of his poor personal life decisions and being forced to work so he can pay off his 20 ex wives.

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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    Should he? No. Will he? Yes.

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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Greywolf View Post
    To me, the amount of times you held a title doesn't mean much these days.
    Ditto. To me, the number of title reigns never mattered. It was always about how the talent involved convincing us that this belt is worth perceivably killing themselves over.

    As overrated as he can be at times, Flair in the 80's personified that to me.

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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    I feel Cena should, because hes still has alot of more years left and they shouldn't be wastet just to protech Flair record. I mean I feel Wrestling going to be around for like ever and there going to come a time when the question comes should whoever the big name should surpass Cena.

    Now for a little fact that they don't like to talk about. Flair is on record as a 16 time Champ but if you count the wins not recorded he would be like in the 20. Now if we were to count heavy wright titles that wasn't giveing the name World. Lawler would be in the 30 with WCCW, USWA, and AWA titles won over the years.

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    Default Re: Should Cena surpass Flair?

    I'll start by admitting that I've never liked Flair and never understood his popularity, but I do recognize that he has been very influential and has a large fan base. I also admit that I do like Cena and believe he is overly criticized. After that disclosure, I believe Cena will and should surpass Flair. THe wrestling business is different today than when Flair was in his prime. Back then long title reigns were the norm. Prior to WCW changing the rules, 4 PPV's a year were standard and storylines had long slow build ups. That just resulted in fewer title changes. Today, the title changes hands more often. It only makes sense that Cena would have more title reigns than Flair, not because Cena is "better" but because the business is different.

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