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Thread: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

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    Question no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    credit pw insider

    The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain is going to stop showing WWE pay-per-view shows due to the price of the show per location being raised. The shows were reportedly around $200 to air at the restaurant, but have now been raised to $700.

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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    How popular exactly are WWE PPVs at these places? Even if all other PPVs are too expensive to return a profit, WrestleMania should have enough outside appeal to non regular fans to easily pay for the cost of airing it.

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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    I can agree that 700 is alot of money, but do they charge a cover to get in. When I live in State College PA there was Sports bars, Grills, and Clubs that show that show WWE PPVs. For the most part they were all free to get in. Only one that I knew of that charge was a place call Champs. They charged 3.00 a person to get in + any drinks or food. Which means that it they put 233 people in they already cover the PPV cost. Other thing for drinks you couldn't just order water, because if you didn't buy a reg drink even a soad you had to pay soad price for water. Now when a soad costs some around 3.00 and Beer and Mix drinks cost 4.50 +. Then you add in any food that people buy they more then cover the cost of showing the PPV. Now I don't know about anyone else but I know alot of people that would weather pay 3.00 + drinks to watch the PPV then order at home and pay anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars on cable or Satalight.

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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    We used to have a few bars around here that aired WWE and WCW pay per views. Buffalo Wild Wings is the last one left around here that would still air WWE ones. I haven't gone to one in a while (just watch online now) but most bars charged a cover, but they only started charging around 7:00. If you got there just before that than you could avoid the cover.

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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    Never been to B-Dubs for a WWE PPV. But I was there the night of a UFC PPV once (I didn't stick around for it), and I didn't notice them taking a cover charge. I think they mostly expect anyone who comes to watch the show to buy enough food and booze to make up for the cost. And if the cost was only $200, that's acceptable. But $700 sounds ridiculous.

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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    I go to BW3 every ppv and there is a line out the door and they have to turn people away. I have to get there at 5 to get a table for me and my 10 friends.
    I constantly hear that they do awesome business at the WWE PPV's.

    I hope ours still does it.

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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    Nice job, WWE!
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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    Used to go to Hooters in Nj to see the PPVs. That was fun. I could stand or sit at the bar, have a couple beers and an appetizer and spend less than $20. Don't know if they still do it or not.
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    Default Re: no more wwe ppv's buffalo wild wings

    Damn...just when I resolved to start going so I could watch them.


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