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Thread: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

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    Default November To Remember 2001 Part V of V

    The exhausted First Union Spectrum crowd reanimates when Bob Artese begins the introductions for tonight's main event.

    Bob Artese: "Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is one fall to a positive finish with no time limit, and is for the ECW Heavyweight Championship of the World..."

    The fans stand and applaud until Ken Shamrock's "Last Breath" entrance music begins hammering through the speakers of the Arena. Shamrock steps out to the ramp to sweeping boo's throughout the Arena. One of the most legitimately dangerous men on the planet ignores the raunchy crowd as he makes his way to the ring with his train of students from his Lions Den fight team. Ken's long time students and succesful MMA fighters Guy Mezger and Vernon White follow Shamrock down the ramp to the ring carrying cornerman gear, towels, water, etc. The two unnamed pupils bring up the rear of the group holding up the Lions Den flag. The two young men have made appearances in Shamrock's training vignettes, but have yet to debut or even be named in ECW...

    Shamrock enters the ring and removes his robe as he listens to last minute instructions from his corner. Shamrock's two young pupils fold up the Lions Den flag as Guy Mezger puts his mouthpiece in his mouth. Shamrock tightens up his 8 oz. fingerless gloves and shadowboxes as the fans continue booing him relentlessly. A loud chant of "FUCK! YOU! SHAMROCK!(clap, clap, clap~clap~clap)" starts up as Ken continues to stalk the ring. Ken Shamrock debuted in ECW in August as part of an effort to clean up the sleaze and soap opera style, eradicating "Extreme" wrestling and pushing ECW forward with a more realistic style. Shamrock tore through ECW for weeks, injuring guest commentator Bas Rutten with a kneebar, putting Joey Styles out of action with a brutal chokeout that injured his throat, destroying the popular tag team Thug Life, stopping a hardcore deathmatch between Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten with brutal force, and laying waste to the Hardcore hero Terry Funk. Ken Shamrock quickly became one of the most hated men in ECW history due to his treatment of the fans(and Wrestling fans in general) in several derogatory shoot promos. Shamrock's reign of terror crossed the line when he choked Bam Bam Bigelow unconscious in the very first ever sanctioned shoot fight in pro wrestling history in ECW in October. Shamrock almost started a riot in the ECW Arena when he refused to release the choke after the fight was called by the ref.

    The Spectrum comes to life with cheers and applause when Metallica's "Turn the Page" hits the sound system. The cheers get louder when ECW World Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko walks out to the ramp with his title strapped around his waist. Dean stands on the stage with his trademark ice cold stare into the ring at the greatest challenge that he's ever faced. Dean's manager Dawn Marie walks out by Dean's side and looks around at the fans with a serious, worried look in her eyes. The fans shower the duo with cheers as they make their way to the ring.

    After being dragged through the mud for the past 2 years, Dean Malenko has elevated the ECW World Championship to heights never seen before with his dominant 5 month reign. Malenko fought for respect against MMA phenom Kazushi Sakuraba in a special 'MMA vs Pro Wrestling" exhibition match at A Matter of Respect, defeating him in one of the stiffest, pure wresting matches in ECW history. Malenko defended his title in another match of the year contender when he forced the young up and coming Horsemen Steve Corino to tapout at Anarchy Rulz. WCW owner Ric Flair succumbed to the Texas Cloverleaf when Dean Malenko defended the honor of ECW against him in front of a packed Georgia Dome crowd at WCW One Night Stand in September. Dean was set to face his ultimate rival Eddie Guerrero in one final showdown tonight, but it wasn't meant to be. Eddie was pulled from the card just two weeks out after being arrested and suspended by the WWF for a DUI. It was 2 weeks ago when Paul Heyman broke the news to the fans in a down to earth, honest shoot promo, declaring that everyone makes mistakes, and we hadn't seen the last of Eddie Guerrero in ECW.

    Ken Shamrock crashed the heartfelt segment and delivered a pipebomb of his own, shooting on Heyman and revealing the truth. It was Paul Heyman that brought Ken Shamrock to ECW to kickstart the new era of Extreme. Shamrock lambasted Heyman for lying about everything he promised, including bringing in his young 'Lions Den' pupils for a push that never happened. Shamrock insulted professional wrestling and Eddie Guerrero for being anything but professional. Dean Malenko came out and confronted Shamrock about his choice of words regarding Eddie Guerrero, as well as everything he's said about Wrestling over the past 3 months since his ECW debut. Malenko offered Shamrock the shot at the title to prove himself. Tonight Dean Malenko will face the toughest challenge of his nearly 23 year long career when he takes on one of the most dangerous shoot wrestlers on the planet!

    Dean enters the squared circle and never takes his eyes off of Ken Shamrock across the ring. Bob Artese goes through the introductions as both men stare each other down with intensity.

    Bob Artese: "Ladies and Gentleman introducing first...

    The Challenger....standing to my left...

    The fans boo Shamrock out of the building as he looks up at Malenko with fire in his eyes. Shamrock paces back and forth near his corner during his introduction. Dean stands firm with his title around his waist, peering into Shamrock's soul...

    Bob Artese: *"He represents the Lions Den fight team in Reno Nevada....

    Ladies and Gentleman he IS a former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

    A former King of Pancrase...

    A former WWF Intercontinental Champion and King of the Ring...

    Weighing in at 225 pounds...

    The Worlds Most Dangerous Man!


    The fans blow the roof off of the Arena with boo's as Ken steps out to the center of the ring and raises his hand up in the air. Ken bows to Malenko, flexing his muscles and gritting his teeth with intensity. Malenko stares back at Ken unphased.

    Bob Artese: "....And standing to my right...

    The entire Spectrum audience stands up and gives Dean Malenko a standing ovation. Ken Shamrock grows increasingly more impatient and seemingly more intense with each passing second.

    Bob Artese: "...He is accompanied tonight by his manager, Dawn Marie, and represents the Triple Threat...

    Coming to us tonight from Tampa Florida...

    Ladies and Gentleman he IS the reigning and defending ECW Heavyweight Champion OF THE WORLD!

    The crowd's cheers grow with each of Artese's lines. Malenko unstraps his title with pride, never taking his eyes off of Ken Shamrock with his deep, emotional stare. The crowd continues cheering as Dean hands his championship over to the referee.

    Bob Artese: "Weighing in at 209 pounds....

    The Iceman...

    The Man of 1,000 Holds....


    The Spectrum comes unglued as Malenko raises his arm up into the air to acknowledge them. The two men approach each other in the center of the ring and stare each other face to face just inches apart as the referee Jim Maulinaux goes over his final instructions. Shamrock fiercely stares into Dean's eyes. Dean stands his ground and shows no weakness or intimidation. The crowd goes crazy as the two men back away from each other and begin slowly circling.


    The fans cheers nearly drown out the sound of the bell as Shamrock and Malenko squat down in low stances as they circle each other. Both men simultaneously converge on each other in the center in a classic Greco Roman "collar and elbow" clinch. Shamrock quickly begins overpowering Malenko backwards, but Dean cuts around sharp to take his back. Ken Shamrock immediately rolls down and goes for a kneebar, but Dean spins out in a fast scramble. The action moves quickly as Ken shoots in on Dean for a takedown. Dean Malenko bucks his hips out and sprawls out on Ken. Ken pushes Dean back with incredible power, driving him strait back towards the ropes. Dean Malenko quickly pivots around and uses Ken's own momentum to fling him into the ropes.

    Ken pulls himself up as Dean backs away from him. The crowd cheers Malenko on as he keeps his ice cold stare locked into Ken's eyes.

    Shamrock rises up and circles around Malenko. Dean uses smart footwork to keep the center of the ring as Ken circles him like a hungry lion. The two men simultaneously shoot in low for double leg takedowns, clashing together in an explosive clinch. Ken explosively maneuvers around to take Dean's back, ripping him up off of his feet and slamming him down face first into the mat. Dean maintains a textbook wresting base to keep his balance, but Ken scrambles around to lock him in a tight front headlock. Dean quickly spins out of the headlock, but Ken never relents with his aggressive mat wrestling style. Shamrock keeps Dean's back with a waist lock. Dean Malenko breaks Ken's lock and spins free on his knees. Shamrock scrambles with Dean on his knees, spinning around with him to regain the superior position. The crowd applauds both men as they go move for move on the mat in a sequence that looks closer to an Olympic wrestling match. Dean turtles up on his hands and knees with a strong base to keep his balance. Shamrock stays locked to his back, trying to break him down and pin him.

    Shamrock rips Malenko from his base and forces his shoulders for the mat for a quick 1 count. Dean bucks out before the 2 count, but Shamrock continues to try to force his shoulders down. Dean Malenko bridges his shoulders up to avoid the pinfall as the referee watches closely. The fans cheer when Dean generates leverage with his legs, creating enough space to scramble out of Shamrock's grasp. Dean swiftly and smoothly transitions himself around to Shamrock's back, entangling his leg and locking him into the Stepover Toelock Facehold(STF)!

    The fans cheer as Dean pulls back on Shamrock's face. Shamrock reaches out and barely gets a hand on the ropes. Dean Malenko releases the hold and gives Shamrock enough room to stand up, tightening his wrist bands as he looks through his heart.

    Shamrock and Malenko cautiously tie up again in the center of the ring, violently battling for underhooks in an over-under clinch as they jockey for position. Dean outsmarts Shamrock to attain double underhooks, keeping him off balance by controlling the clinch. Ken Shamrock becomes enraged and frustrated, using his anger to drive him. Shamrock manages to break Dean's double underhooks and pivot around to take his back. Dean quickly counters with a standing switch, but Shamrock immediately retakes his back with another standing switch. Dean attempts another standing switch, but Shamrock catches him in the position for the T-Bone Suplex. Dawn Marie winces as Shamrock explosively rips Dean up deadweight, slamming him down into the canvas with brutal force.

    Shamrocks' young pupils sit crouched down near the apron, sitting and silently watching as Dean rolls around in the center of the ring clutching the back of his neck. Dawn Marie hammers her hand into the apron and screams for Dean in an attempt to rally him. Ken rises to his feet and approaches Dean as his corner men scream instructions at him at the top of their lungs, shouting for him to take Dean out of his element and force him into a fight.

    The crowd boo's Shamrock as he slowly pulls Dean up and locks him into the position for a German Suplex. Dean grapevine's his legs around Shamrock to block the Suplex, breaks his wristlock around his waist, and shoots around to take his back. The crowd screams out loud when Dean leaps up onto Ken's back and locks him into a tight Rear Naked Choke(Sleeper)!

    Shamrock's face turns colors as he staggers around fighting to stay on his feet with Dean on his back. Dean chokes the life out of Shamrock, causing him to fall backwards as he loses consciousness. Shamrock frantically fights to break one of Dean's arms free of the choke. The fans continue blowing the roof off of the Spectrum as Shamrock uses his incredible strength and break Malenko's choke. The crowd's cheers die down as Ken breaks Dean's choke and spins around into his closed guard. Malenko conservatively fights to survive in Shamrock's world, keeping him at bay with a closed Ju Jitsu guard.

    The fans sit silently observing as Ken smothers Dean Malenko while in his guard on the ground. Shamrock's corner men shout instructions as Dawn Marie can be heard calmly telling Dean Malenko to breathe, calm down, and think...

    Shamrock cautiously picks his shots, digging into Dean Malenko's ribs with vicious, stiff punches. Malenko works his guard to keep Shamrock off balance, but the originator of 'Ground and Pound' does what he does best, posting up on one knee to maintain his base as he wears down on the Champion.

    Shamrock grinds on Malenko, covering his mouth to block his air, digging his forearm across his face, and continuing to brutalize the same spot on his ribs with sickening punches. The camera zooms in on Malenko's ribs during a slowdown in the action, focusing in on the damage. Malenko fights to breath as he keeps Shamrock from advancing his position and doing more damage with a tight Ju Jitsu guard. Shamrock continues to batter Dean's ribs, turning them black and blue.

    Shamrock begins losing patience and getting overly aggressive. Dean takes advantage of the opening to sweep Shamrock over with an Elevator Sweep, reversing him and pinning him into the canvas on his back. Ken Shamrock explosively scrambles out to his knees, but Dean stays with him, locking him into a front headlock as they jockey on their knees. Ken Shamrock forcefully spins out of the hold and forces Dean back to the canvas. Both men grapple back and forth on the mat with pinpoint technical shoot wrestling, desperately trying to pin each other's shoulders, but failing to even get a 1 count.

    Dean Malenko begins showing signs of fatigue as he struggles to bridge his shoulders up off of the canvas, struggling to breath due to the damage to his ribs. Malenko pivots his hips around to lock Shamrock back into the guard in order to buy himself some time to breathe. Ken Shamrock clutches Dean by the throat and hammers down with strait punches to the face. Dean absorbs a punch before spinning his hips up and locking Ken's arm into an OMO-PLATA!

    Ken Shamrock quickly rolls through the submission and escapes to his feet as Dean rises up to his knees clutching his bruised ribs, squinting in pain as he fights to take in a breath. The fans all stand and cheer as the two men stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring, tuned into each other in an intense human chess match battle.

    Shamrock and Malenko slowly begin circling each other again, more cautiously than before. Shamrock shoots in on Malenko for a very low Single Leg Takedown, picking Dean's ankle out from under him. Dean grimaces in pain as he fights to keep Shamrock from gaining a dangerous position. Ken hustles around to take Deans' back. Dean quickly rolls over to escape, but Ken keeps his grip and rolls with him. Dean rolls back the other way in an attempt to break free, but Shamrock stays with him. The fans in the spectrum gasp when Ken Shamrock quickly transitions from Dean's back down to snatch up his ankle into his trademark Ankle Lock! Dean quickly spins out of the hold and breathes heavily, clutching his ribs as he rises to his feet.

    Shamrock smells blood and keeps the pressure on Malenko with an aggressive grappling attack. Dean clinches up with Ken and fights to protect his badly bruised ribs. Shamrock works for double underhooks and sneaks in a quick knee to Dean's abdomen. Malenko grunts out loud in pain. Shamrock hammers him in the side of the head with a stiff elbow that sends sweat flying. Malenko is dazed and locked into a HEAD AND ARM SUPLEX!

    Shamrock flips Malenko all the way over in the suplex, driving him into the canvas and knocking the air out of him. Dean Malenko lays on the mat arching up in pain as Ken looks up at the crowd with an evil look in his eyes. The fans boo as Ken rises up and approaches Dean, pulling him up slowly by his hair as he clutches his ribs and struggles to breathe.

    Dean Malenko pops the crowd when he fires back with all of his heart, nailing Shamrock with an elbow to the side of the head! Shamrock backs up dazed as the crowd swells with cheers, getting louder as Dean digs in with hard punches, and brutal, stiff, barbarian chest chops. The fire burns in Dean's eyes as he fights back at Ken Shamrock with harrowing stiffness.

    Ken Shamrock fights back at Dean with a hard overhand right that knocks him dizzy. Shamrock shoots in high on Dean and slams him over his head with a perfectly executed Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge. Dean kicks out on instinct at 2. Dawn screams for Dean to get up as Ken rises and looks down at him. Dean recovers to his hands and knees, but Shamrock knocks him back down with a hard kick to the ribs. The fans tear into Shamrock with boo's as he looks around at them with a scowl on his face.

    Dean Malenko fights through the pain and pulls himself up in the nearby corner. Shamrock approaches him with his hands up. Dean shoots in for a takedown, but Ken easily sprawls out on him. Ken uses his strength advantage to force Dean back across the ring towards the corner with ease. Dean cuts a sharp corner with his footwork and sends Shamrock into the turnbuckles. The crowd rallies behind the champ as he fires into Ken Shamrock with an elbow, but Ken keeps the distance closed with a clinch. Shamrock pivots Dean around and reverses him in the corner with a tight grip around his waist, letting out a scream as he rips him up unassisted into a Belly to Belly Suplex out of the corner.

    Shamrock stands up over Malenko and mocks him as he lays in the fetal position in agony. The crowd lynches him with boo's as he points down at Dean Malenko and asks, "This is your champion?" with frustration in his voice...

    Shamrock slowly pulls Malenko up and goes for the finish. Dawn Marie screams at the top of her voice for Dean to fight back as Shamrock puts him in the position for his Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex finisher. Dean clutches Ken's wrist and pivots around to his back, locking his other arm and lifting him up into a DRAGON SUPLEX!

    The fans rise to their feet and cheer as both Shamrock and Malenko lay down and out on the canvas next to each other. Dean struggles to pull himself up with his ribs turned a sickening shade of black and blue. Dean pulls Shamrock's legs up and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Shamrock suddenly counters...


    Dean quickly spins out. Shamrock rises up and goes after Malenko with a Lariat attempt, but Malenko ducks underneath it and catches him in a Crucifix. Shamrock falls backwards into the Crucifix, just barely managing to kick out of the pinfall attempt at 2. The two men lock horns as soon as they rise back up. Dean drops levels and goes for a desperation takedown, but Shamrock sprawls out on him again. Shamrock slams down into Dean's badly bruised ribs with hard slugs, dropping him to his knees. Shamrock pivots around and quickly takes Malenko's back. Dean turtles up to protect himself as Ken hammers down into the sides of his head with left and right punches. Dean spins out and breaks away from Shamrock in a mad dash. He struggles to rise back up to his feet as Ken Shamrock continues coming after him.

    Ken ties up with Dean again with a furious takedown attempt. Shamrock violently drives Malenko backwards near the ropes, but Malenko uses his momentum against him to spin him around. Dean spins Shamrock up against the ropes in the clinch and devastates him with a hard knee to the abdomen! The crowd goes crazy!

    The crowd grows louder as Dean's heart shines through as he nails Shamrock with elbows and more stiff chest chops. Dean whips Ken into the ropes and scurries to the center of the ring to meet him on the return. The crowd blows the roof off of the spectrum when Dean catches Shamrock and rolls backwards with one of his legs into a Rolling Single Leg Boston Crab!

    Shamrock screams out in pain as Dean cranks back on him with the hold. The crowd cheers Malenko on as Dawn Marie goes crazy on the outside. Shamrock's cornermen frantically scream for Ken to reach the ropes. Shamrock pushes his way closer to the ropes, inch by inch, but Malenko keeps him locked up just short.

    All of a sudden Shamrock's cornerman reaches in and pulls him closer to the ropes while the referee isn't looking. The crowd boo's violently when Shamrock suddenly gets a hand on the ropes to break the hold. Dean Malenko releases the hold and looks out of the ring with frustration as Ken lays on the mat holding his leg.

    Malenko tells the referee that Shamrock's corner interfered in the match as Dawn Marie round the corner scolding the Lions Den team. Dean shouts for Dawn to stay back as Ken begins recovering in the ring. The Lions Den corner men shout threats at Dawn Marie as she scolds them for interfering in the match. All of a sudden Don Frye jumps the railing and knocks one of the Lions Den cornermen on his ass. The crowd goes wild.

    A scuffle unfolds on the outside of the ring between Don Frye and the Lions Den team when all of a sudden Ken Shamrock locks Dean Malenko into the Rear Naked Choke as he's distracted by the melee!

    The crowd goes wild with hot boo's as Shamrock fights to pull Malenko down in the choke. Dean fights with everything he has left, trying to stay on his feet. Don Frye fights with the Lions Den on the floor when all of a sudden Dean Malenko accidentally pushes Ken Shamrock into the referee in the corner, knocking him out cold!

    The ref goes down as the lights begin to go out on the champion. Shamrock squeezes the life out of Malenko with the choke as the melee ensues on the floor. Dean makes one last ditch effort to survive, making a push towards the ropes and going through the ropes to the floor with Ken on his back! Both men fly out of the ring through the ropes to the apron and then the floor. Shamrock's young Lions Den pupils begin overwhelming Don Frye on the opposite side of the ring, knocking him to the floor and kicking down on him.

    Dawn Marie comes sprinting around the corner to help Dean Malenko recover, panicking as Ken Shamrock begins pulling himself up to his feet. Shamrock scares Dawn Marie away from Dean Malenko as he lays on the floor holding his ribs. The crowd unloads on Shamrock with boo's when he pulls Malenko up to his knees and taunts them as he punches down on his forehead. Shamrock pushes Dean over to the floor and grabs the ECW World Championship from the nearby timekeepers table. Don Frye is shown completely decimated on the floor, beaten down like a dog by the Lions Den.

    Shamrock tosses the ECW Championship belt into the ring and rolls Dean in. The crowd boo's intensely as Shamrock lays the belt out in the center of the ring and looks down on it. Malenko tries to recover, but collapses back to the canvas. Everyone is on edge in the Spectrum. Shamrock lifts Dean up....


    Shamrock covers Dean Malenko, but the referee is still knocked out cold. All of a sudden another referee runs out and counts the fall...




    The crowd collectively gasps after Dean Malenko barely kicks out at 2 and seven eights. Ken Shamrock looks up at the referee with a horrifying look on his face. The referee back away slowly from Shamrock. Ken knocks the referee out with a hard right hand! Both referees are out cold! Don Frye has been destroyed by the Lions Den on the outside of the ring.

    Shamrock pulls Dean's leg up and goes to end his career....

    Ken Shamrock spins around Dean's leg and locks him in his infamous kneebar....

    Dean sets the Spectrum off when he rolls Shamrock over and counters his kneebar.......


    Dean pulls back on Shamrock with every ounce of heart he has left in his body. The Lions Den team is distracted as they destroy Don Frye on the floor with a vicious beating. The fans go insane, but both referee's are knocked out cold.

    The cheers hit their climax with the loudest pop of the night when all of a sudden Paul Heyman comes running out!

    Shamrock begins tapping out as Paul Heyman frantically runs into the ring. Heyman picks up the belt and begins pointing at the timekeeper to stop the match....

    But he doesn't.....

    Paul Heyman drills Dean Malenko in the back of the head with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship belt....

    The Spectrum collectively holds their breath in shock as Dean Malenko collapses unconscious on the canvas. Ken Shamrock rolls over and begins crawling towards Dean's lifeless body as Paul Heyman frantically screams for him to cover him. Heyman screams for Ken to cover Malenko as he crawls inch by inch closer and closer.

    The crowd realizes what's happening and begins destroying the Spectrum....

    Ken Shamrock lays his arm over Dean Malenko before collapsing due to exhaustion.....

    Paul Heyman counts the pinfall....




    Joey Styles is speechless on commentary with shock as the fans begins trashing the Spectrum. The Lions Den storm into the ring and hold Ken Shamrock up with the title with an emotional celebration. Dean Malenko rolls out of the ring and stumbles down the ramp with Dawn Marie, looking at Paul Heyman as he smiles in the ring with Ken Shamrock. Dean Malenko has been screwed out of his title. Ken Shamrock is the new champion.

    November to Remember comes to an end with trash flying into the ring as Paul Heyman holds up Ken Shamrock's arm in victory. Dean Malenko looks up into the ring heartbroken as Ken Shamrock holds up the ECW World Heavyweight Championship belt, celebrating in the ring with Paul Heyman and the Lions Den.

    Copyright 2001 Titan Sports Entertainment

    Coming September 1st, 2013 exclusively to PW Fan Fic...

    The sequel to the award winning ECW: The 2001 WWF Buyout....

    ECW: The 2002 (R)Evolution

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

    Amazing. Just... amazing. By far the best fantasty fed I've read. You really worked your ass off on this and it showed. Can't wait for 2002!

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

    I think it really paid off. Set up for the next fed beautifully. This fed shows that if you can stay with a fed long enough, it can be amazing. Now you have 3 months to think of new storylines.

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout.

    When I decided I wasn't going to continue NEW, I had Dean Ambrose take the title off Rob Van Dam because I wanted my "Empire Strikes Back" moment to leave things rocky leading into an eventual continuation of my fed.

    What you just did here makes what I wrote look like a finger painting done by a monkey with one arm.

    I know we embellish and exaggerate and tell each other how great one another is around here, and a lot of the time people laugh at us because "Hey, it's just fake stories about fake stories about guys in tights". Well, fuck that. This is not only one of the best shows I've ever read here, but one of the most fitting endings.

    How often does someone actually see a fed through? I can't even count on one hand how many I've seen in the decade or so I've been posting here. And you did it on your first try.

    This is me holding up a beer and applauding you. Holy fucking shit, dude. That's all I got to say.

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    Great job, Shinobi!
    We ARE pro-wrestling.

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    In the next three months, I'm going to read this entire fed.

    [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    Dear god, this was an amazing show. I'm extremely proud of you, good sir. I remember when you first joined here and never could have imagined back then how far you'd go with this fed. So many awesome moments that would have made me literally mark out in real life - Malenko kicking out of the Belly to belly suplex on the belt, La Parka's Sitout Spiral Bomb, Funk and Foley falling through the ramp together off the ladder (the 57 year old moonsault line had me rolling.) Just so much greatness.

    As awesome as the show itself was, you did a great job of building for the future too and giving us little appetizers to look forward to, namely CM Punk and Bryan Danielson set to debut in the Lion's Den and Don Frye making what looks to be a kickass arrival to the company (he'll fit right in, I'm sure.)

    Most of all, I'm honored to have been an inspiration to you in your writing and the Mark Cuban cameo made me feel a little more validated about a project that has always hovered over me like a dark cloud that read "unfinished possibilities." You reminded me with this show why I loved writing in full-length format so much - the atmosphere; I felt like I had a front row seat at the Forum.

    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future pal, and I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing everything you desire it to be.

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    November to Remember Review

    Well Shinobi, I need to try and get back into reviewing people, and if anyone deserves a review, itís you. I donít think I can quite express how proud of you I am. When you arrived, Iíll be honest, I rolled my eyes at some over-enthusiastic ECW mark stinking up the joint . But, you werenít a flash in the pan and you have since produced one of my favourite feds in my time in Fan Fiction. You not only entertained me in this sub-forum, but you have proceeded to educate me in the rest of them. This is your biggest moment so far and so I think it is important that people mark this occasion by dropping you some thoughts.

    Your opening paragraph was excellent. You did a brilliant job of showcasing the atmosphere here. This is not a WWE show Ė this is ECW and in just a few sentences you manage to get across what that means. It gets me into the right frame of mind as a I begin reading. Good job.

    I really liked the opening video. Do yourself a favour and go and hunt down some of jTj/Jeffís video packages. He was the expert and I think youíd really appreciate them. In fact, hereís a link to his most well-known collection: ( Anywho, you did a nice job. It did feel a little likw you were shouting at us about just how awesome ECW was and how much the other guys stole their ideas Ė Iíd like it if you could find a way to be more subtle. Having said that, itís ECW, it isnít exactly meant to be subtle, so it fits fine.

    Super Crazy vs. La Parka

    Onto the first match. I love Super Crazy and I hate La Parka . I just really dislike Parkaís attire, but I liked him being known as the chairman of WCW, so itís not all bad. The story behind this one is great and I really like the Mexican Death Match stipulation. I actually think itís something we donít see very often so it could end up quite exciting to write. Itís something I may use in the future myself.

    Right decision on the start of the match, it has to be intense. I loved this line : ďThe fans cheers drown out the music.Ē That instantly gets over both the intensity of the feud as well as the hotness of the crowd.

    It started so perfectly and I really like how you explain everything that is going on in the match, apart from the moves, thatís important. Itís why announcers donít just call the moves Ė they call the emotions. Thatís how you get a story over. Iím not overly fussed on the surfboard. If I wanted to kill a guy, if I was really pissed off, would I lock in a surfboard? Maybe? Iíd be more likely to wrap him around the ring-post or something, but itís a devastating enough move if done well so Iím really just nit-picking. I know theyíre luchas, but with a feud this intense, it needs to lean towards the brawling side of things, albeit in a lucha style.

    I can hear the ĎOHHHHí from the low blow in my head. Good spot.

    Corkscrew Crossbody through the table. Cool. Itís hard sometimes to visualise these things when theyíre written but I think you did a good job. I would have had Parka slam Crazyís head off the guard rails or something to make him a bit more groggy, but it was a good spot.

    Was Parka not meant to pin Crazy first? Did I miss that or have I misunderstood the rules?

    I absolutely loved the sunset flip spot. That would probably get a better reaction from me than the table spot Ė totally sick. Itís also the type of move that is realistic enough to pull off at this stage in the match. Crazy is tired and hurt, but the sunset flip is a great desperation move to change the momentum of the match again. Great spot. I feel like a 5 count if too quick to get back in but again, itís nitpicking.

    Kimona is a bitch. I like the use of her here. The attempted piledriver on the outside is one of my favourite spots in a heated rivalry so kudos for including it. My only issue is that is didnít seem dramatic enough. Thereís a whole paragraph of description to make that moment matter Ė you wrote it in a very matter of fact way when in reality, itís a massive moment that should be nerve-wracking to watch/read.

    In fact, that whole paragraph was very matter of fact. We go from attempted piledriver to reversal to scaring Kimona to getting out a table to Asai moonsault in one short paragraph. Make it matter more.

    Glad that was a 9 count. Awesome spot, we need lots of 9 counts now.

    Kimona is a bitch and I want to see her taken out. I was genuinely pissed when she pushed Crazy through the table .

    Holy Crap. That point to the balconly/throat slit? Goosebumps. That would be so cool of a moment live.

    The whole build-up to this spot is excellent. Not one table, not two tablesÖbut three tables? No way!!! SIT-OUT SPIRAL BOMB!!! NO FREAKINí WAY!!! Awesome ending.

    Well, yeah, I loved it. What a great opener to the show. Your descriptions lagged a little in the middle and that took away from the drama, but I think that was because you were so into writing the match and wanting to keep going. Overall I would give that match and A-. It was intense, nicely paced and had cool spots. It made me want to write a match like this, so thatís a great job. Well done.

    Corino Promo and aftermath

    Man, I needed a promo to catch my breath after that one. Corino is a guy who I didnít get into until his most recent ROH run, so I never really have seen anything from him in his prime. I have to say, that was a really good promo. I could totally hear Corino saying it, it felt very authentic.

    Totally donít get the random blonde valet, that felt very anti-climatic. I must say that for all the boundaries it pushed, itís a shame that ECW never featured women in a serious manner. If they had gotten over some amazing womenís wrestlers from Japan then they could have revolutionised womenís wrestling in America. Ah well, thatís not your fault!

    Douglas & Candido vs. Styles & Anderson

    I just want to say, since I havenít before, I think this is a great role for AJ Styles. Itís difficult to imagine what would have happened to Styles without TNA as he is so integral to the product, but I think this is a very sensible way to go about it.

    ďThe bell rings as Shane Douglas licks his chops at the sight of the younger, more inexperienced AJ Styles across the ring from him.Ē What a brilliant line. I absolutely loved that. I think I would have preferred if AJ stood toe to toe with Douglas, but heís a heel, so I get why he tagged CW in, but it works. I do hate CW Anderson Ė he looks like your middle-aged uncle Ė not good. Still, weíll see how this goes.

    The initial exchange between Anderson and Douglas is good. It doesnít read really well, but technical exchanges in Fan Fiction rarely do unless your name is Holzhammer. You do get the story across very well though and I dig that. Good to keep the story of the previously injured arm going.

    I also love Styles coming in once heís a wounded dog Ė great job there. It goes on to be fairly standard, isolate the weaker man bit. Thatís fine. The next big thing is the build-up to the cat fight and that is done very well. Itís teased a few times before they let lose at each other and I can imagine the crowd going wild. I do say, again, that I really wish this was a boundary that Paul could have pushed in a good way with regards to women. If ECW had treated women properly, then I believe that that would have translated over to the more mainstream product. Women must be used in wrestling for more than cat fights and Iíd like to challenge you to have a think about your use of women over your writing break. Look up Meltzerís list of 5* matches, look at how many come from women. Watch Gail Kim vs. Kong. Watch Lita vs. Trish main event Raw. Women can go too and Iíd like to see that in your ECW. /rantover

    AND THEN COMES THE SWERVE!!! Awesome. I was never comfortable with Arn being one of the four seeing as how heís a managerÖbut Candido fits perfectly. Really well done, I like it. That is a quality Four Horsemen line-up now.

    Tommy Dreamer vs. Vampiro

    I have to be honest and say that my younger wrestling days were solely WWF, so a guy like Vampiro is someone Iím just not very familiar with at all. I do love James Mitchell as Abyssí manager in TNA (check it out) so Iím intrigued at least by him here. The feud that led to this isnít my thing at all really Ė itís pure, unadulterated attitude era nonsenseÖbut at least you didnít hold back .

    I have to say, youíve done a fantastic job at making this feel like a very intense show. Every match means so much, this one included. I didnít really like the story, but I still want to see Vampiro get his ass kicked here.

    The brawl into the crowd is cool, but basic, but then I was very intrigued when Vampiro was on his knees smiling. What is this sicko up to? I love how Dreamer realized just who he was dealing with and keeps on him, but Vampiro keeps feeding off it. You tell such great stories in your matches man.

    at the fight in the concession stand. Also major at Vampiro slipping in the mess. Classic touch of realism there. I have little to say about this match other than itís good fun. Like it spilling to the carpark. The Fallaway slam through the window is a sick spot. Would be so cool live.

    I do struggle to believe that Vampiro would somehow still be laughing at this stage Ė feels a bit awkward as heís surely too beaten by now. The finish it genuinely intriguing though, as something sick is obviously going on that weíre not aware of. Itís strange as we should be marking out for the Spicolli DriverÖbut we know that something is going to go down. Letís click the spoiler tag.

    Dammit you tease, thereís something coming though, click the next spoiler andÖok, that was overbooked to the extreme. Just surprise after surprise and then I marked out for The Sandamn and thankfully the right man won. But then I marked out even more for Raven, as heís a favourite of mine. That was cool. Raven/Dreamer again is something I look forward to after the break.


    Iíve never watch MMA and likely never will, but itís cool that youíre brining these guys in. He looks like an 80s porn star with that moustache though

    Rey Mysterio vs. Juvi

    Now this is the type of ECW I could get into, I love both men and so am pumped to see how you write this. Great potential here. I have to say, the way you introduced Juvi and explained his character was excellent. I suddenly really cared about him and this match. Great writing. I love the general story behind this match and itís actually refreshing to have a match about respect at this stage in the card. It has been so intense so far that this is a very nice breather, yet still very exciting. In real life, this would be my expected show-stealer.

    That was an exhausting opening paragraph, I love it. Luchadores are very difficult to write because you have to get across the frantic pace while still making sense Ė itís difficult, but youíve started well.

    I like both Juviís working on the leg and the use of the Stretch Muffler Ė I love the Stretch Muffler. That Gorilla Clutch is sick looking, I love that. I also really appreciate you grounding this match a bit. Unexpected, but sensible. I dislike Juvi holding back when Rey gets out of the hold. I get they respect each other, but he should be pouncing on Rey.

    I thought the Double Underhook would have been the first fall. Cool that it wasnít. I also like the Handspring Back Elbow, thatís the type of move I can just imagine you marking out over. That sequence around the apron was cool, very innovative.

    WOW! Cannot believe we had a kick out after the Splash Mountain. We could have easily had two falls already and yet we havenít had any. Thatís cool. West Coast Pop on the ramp was badass. Iíd mark for that.

    WHAT??? How can Rey kick out again? This is cool. Like Juvi going quickly for another 450. Heís determined now and thatís great. WHAT??? Thereís no way heíd kick out of two!!! This is Taker/Michaels stuff If he had kicked out of the Super Juvi Driver I would have given up, but he didnít, so Iím still excited and enjoying it.

    I was catching my breath as we enter the second fall and then I nearly crapped myself as Rey suplexed Juvi to the outside. That was sick. SICK! Then the Somersault Plancha thing to the outside. Yeah, you write Luchas well. Iím right with the crowd chanting Lucha Libre!

    German Suplexes are one of the greatest things of all time. I love the La Magesterial being the move that gives us the second fall. It isnít as decisive as the first, but thatís cool. In my mind matches should be won with moves other than finishers regularly. And of course, it ties in with ONS which is great.

    I love the image of them in opposite corners exhausted. Theyíre both warriors in my mind. Hurricarana to the outside was great fun. Itís great how much more intense it becomes. Earlier Juvi wasnít pouncing on ReyÖbut now? Heís raming his head against the apron. He wants the win. I dig that. The finish was cool. Totally came out of nowhere which is the best thing about 2/3 falls matches. That was a great fun match. Really loved it. Great job. Great job.

    Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

    This match would be absolutely incredible. I love everything about it. Everything.

    I really like that you started with Foley and Flair working together. Itís something that makes so much sense yet doesnít happen a lot in these types of matches. The dilemma going on in Foleyís mind at that point is great. Of course heís going to suddenly feel like heís letting these fans down. Thatís a fantastic little story-telling device there.

    The missed chair shot spot was great. Iím glad Mick didnít give into his doubts straight away. Flair beggin for mercy is Vintage Flair, I love it. I also like that itís Flairís ego, rather than Foleyís conscious that ends up throwing the gameplan out the window. ďBoth Terry Funk and Mick Foley collapse to the canvas with hematoma in their chests.Ē I nearly died laughing at this one.

    Foleyís big comeback, kicking ass on the outside is great, great stuff. Iíd be marking like a man possessed at that. No one ever really wants to boo Foley. Kudos as well for Flair landing on Straw Hat Guy, thatís hilarious. This match is way funnier than I expected. Itís so much fun.

    I think Funk got up too quickly from the piledriverÖbut then again, nothing about this match is realisticÖso I guess I can let it go and just enjoy it. Love Funk just beating the crap out of them with a ladder. Ok, this is getting brutal. I donít think Iím going to comment on every little detail, Iím just going to try and enjoy it. I will say there is nothing greater in wrestling than a bloody Flair. WOOOOOOO!!!

    Heyman and the roster coming out to watch was a brilliant touch. This feels very important. Then the tacs come out and this is nerve-racking. Very tense exchange between Funk and Foley. THEN FLAIR GOES IN THE TACS!!! Awesome spot, didnít expect that. Flairís elimination there was perfect, it was so important that he was gone first and it comes down to the two greatest ECW legends of all time. (kinda)

    I loved Mr. Socko coming out. A great moment where the ECW fans would be so pissed at him for that. Funk with the barbed wire is incredible. I can just feel his passion and heart as I read the match. WHAT??????? THROUGH THE RAMP!!!! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! Ok, that was insane, I love love love it.

    Heyman dropping to his knees was gold Ė this is story-telling to the max. That was a fantastic end. Really loved it. IT was a mess of a match but it was great fun, I loved it. Great job. Very intense and glad to see ECW will be going forward. Well done.

    Ken Shamrock vs. Dean Malenko

    Ok, so onto the main event. Iím exhausted and Iím sure you are too, but this is what we are waiting for. Will Shamrock bust out another moonsault? In all seriousness I love your Malenko and desperately hope that he keeps the belt from that prick Shamrock. AND Holy Crap! Now I love Shamrock as CM Punk and Bryan Freakiní Danielson are with him. That is awesome. AWESOME!!!!!!! Seriously though, this rivalry has been great and I am really excited to see whatís going to happen.

    I loved the full introductions. This feels big-time.

    Your knowledge of grappling really shines through here. I can visualize an opening paragraph like that when Iím writing a match but I can never put it together in a way that doesnít sound clumsy. I really appreciate what you are able to do here and Iím learning from it. Thank you. Great opening paragraph.

    Love Malenkoís ice cold stare btw. I mark for that.

    This match is just so different from every so far. I love that and yet, this hold-for-hold stuff is every bit as exciting. Boom, weíre into an STF Ė something I recognize

    Again, I couldnít write this match and so Iíll struggle to give you pointers. I will say I enjoy Shamrockís students being made important and I marked out for the sleeper. Loved the description of Shamrockís ground and pound style and then I marked out again for the omoplata.

    I got very nervous when the ankle lock got locked in. This is a fascinating match. Shamrock is an absolute beast. Iím actually really appreciating him here, although I really want Dean to win. ďThis is your champion?Ē was amazing. Like something straight from David & Goliath. DRAGON SUPLEX! Yes! Something! Hope!


    Ah Shenanigans. I would rather have avoided them in this match, but still, it got me very angry when Shamrock locked in the rear naked choke. I loved them falling to the outside. Shamrock is evil. What a heel. That knee bar is sick but TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!!! Iíve never been so glad.

    And now Iím livid. You bastard. Why would Heyman do that? Why? Whatís going on? I hate you!

    What a match. By far my favourite match in a long time, mostly because it is so different from my style. I felt like I was suckerpunched by that ending, sickening swerve. I cannot wait for Malenko to get his revenge. Also cannot wait to see what you do with Bryan and Punk.

    Overall that was a stunning pay-per-view. I havenít been able to follow this fed religiously, and thatís a shame, as I have loved it every time I have. When you first arrived I rolled my eyes at some ECW mark who would bore us with the usual rubbish. Instead you have produced one of the enduring feds in the history of Fan Fiction. You have challenged my perspective on wrestling and you have kept us all entertained. Well done on a great achievement. I cannot wait for Part 2.

    s u r r e n d e r

    ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    Ok, Shinobi, my man. Feedback time.

    As I've mentioned before, I struggle with your thread because it's something I don't know that well. In 2001, I knew of ECW when they "invaded" - if you can call it that - with Stephanie McMahon into the WWF. I'd never heard of them before that. To say I don't know a lot of the guys you use would be an understatement and those I do, I don't know half their history - the Dean Malenko I know is very different from the one you obviously know! However, with you completing your show - an excellent accomplishment, sir *doffs cap* - I thought I would make an effort to feedback. I read the final part of your final PPV and thought, to be different, I would compare it to your first show. Obviously, I don't really know the storylines and such without reading it all so I thought you might appreciate something different in somebody simply telling you how much better your FF writing is nowadays!

    First of all, what strikes me reading the Shamrock vs. Malenko match is how well you clearly know the time period and the wrestlers you are using. I think my match writing is good but yours blows mine out of the water without being overly detailed and too complicated. The first two paragraphs of the match just make me envy you so much. I struggle to write the "hold and counter hold" style that you used; I've said before that Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle, despite being two of my all time favourites, would be a nightmare match for me because I can't write that technical match. High flying, fine. Power moves, fine. Technical, err, no. On the other hand, yours is superb. Kudos. Comparing to the first show, as I promised, match writing is so much better obviously. You have more detail but it is easy to read and easy to follow it and - despite being unaware of a lot about Malenko and Shamrock - I could picture it.

    At this point, I put my teacher hat on - I am a primary school teacher so, naturally, grammar and writing style is one of my pet issues. I have to say that I would be struggling to find an area for development though. The use of descriptive vocabulary is varied and has a good range and it is perfect for grammar. I like the way you easily build reactions of referee's, ringside guests, the crowd, the emotions of the wrestlers into the match writing, it's seamless. Again, I strive for this but I don't always get it right. This is an example of how I wish my match writing could be.

    Comparison to first show time - imagery. I'm glad you cut down the number of images and I'm glad you seemed to get more control over the sizing of them. The images in the first shows put me off - they're a bit hit and miss. You've got it just right by the time you've finished.

    Like I say, I can't feedback on the whole PPV and the show in general - I just don't know it enough. But the final part is a fitting end, mate. You're rightly taking a lot of praise and congratulations for this and I am adding mine. I had you top of the P10 for a reason. Your show screams out quality nowadays, be proud of it. Looking forward to your new thread in the future and I will, even if it is ECW 2002, try to read and follow it.

    Thumbs up, sir.


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    The Kid

    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    I have to say that I never really read nor followed this. I was never a fan of ECW, but what I see here is something I didn't even know was happening. It's not the bullshit ECW, it's ECW with an actual story. Shamrock and The Den is amazing especially with Paul Heyman helping them win. That's legit.

    Seriously, I sort of wish you were around the glory days because I would've so followed from the beginning and I would've been so happy to understand the magnificence of this thread. Only time I ever saw a fed legit reach its end was Phenomenal 1 and that was my favorite fed ever. As for this, you made a classic. A fed that'll be mentioned years down the road and if you continue doing your thing, there will be no doubt that you'll be enshrined into our awesome Fan Fic Hall Of Fame and that is something to be proud of.

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    WMS Reviews Shin’s November to Remember!

    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: ECW: The 2001 WWF buyout. **The Very Best Fan Fiction has to Offer**

    The Moneyball

    Its been a journey brother, I've been fortunate to join it at its zenith and really watch this narrative evolve over the course of time. So many segments, matches, moments that I can recall that have inspired me. You know that you've read something great when you can actually remember the moments vividly as if they happened in real life. I can honestly say there is no one's work I've read where I thought god damn it why is this guy so much more creative than me - and I really felt that when you did those FTW build up segments for Juvi/Rey, those were just pure beauty, poetry man.

    I've told everyone how I feel about FF, I'm not the most active guy on the forum but it really gives me the fix I need and you are one of those writers/colleagues/minds that has contributed to that. I'd like to think WPW and The Buyout grew together for a short space of time. And here we are, the end, and the beginning. Ahh man, I don't know if you weren't here in FF would I still be posting stuff? Same goes for the other forums too man, that ECW thread and your general opinion and positivity really encourages my writing.

    Love the mention of the loyal supporters of ECW from day one and Styles' disbelief at this whole thing, its like a surreal dream, straight out of the dungeons and into the bright lights of The Spectrum. Fuck. What an intro, what an intro - the right moments, the right screencaps, just right. This is it man, when I mention capturing the 'soul'. Thats what sets this apart from anything else I've ever read in Fan Fic, this has so much soul to it.

    Yeah! Perfect way to open, hot and heavy and into the thick of the action with La Parka and Crazy. Man this is just balls to the wall action right here, I loved the transitions in this match and the intensity with which you described Crazy's moveset. Sick, Corkscrew Crossbody. WTF SUNSET FLIP to the floor, whew. Everything after this is just insanity man, Asahi Moonsault, La Parka attempting the Piledriver and then Crazy crashing through the Timekeeper's table. OH MY GOD!!! Fuck, ECDUB! ECDUB! ECDUB! Holy fuck, fuck. La Parka's dead man...he's gotta be. Crazy wins a VERY entertaining match. Wow, what a start dude. Two super OGs just giving it their all.

    Hahaha, loved the Corino dialogue, he just sounds like a straight punk talking this shit and good that he's not even booked by Paul E. so far its so vivid. Everything's described perfectly. Awesome build to the match with the Valets making their presence felt, damn Bellars was truly hot as hell in her day.

    On to the match and again, you've incorporated the recaps into the pre-match build very respectably.Love the psychology right from the beginning and the vivid description of Douglas 'licking his chops' against the young Styles and the youngster showing some ring acumen by avoiding the more dangerous Douglas and letting CW handle the initial stages of the match. The Four Horsemen have trained well and look like a well oiled unit already. I marked out at the use of the Starmaker, I think Styles could incorporate that as a Finisher even, such a devastating move. Loved his timing of getting into the match after CW had done the dirty work. WTF!!! I did not see that coming in my wildest dreams. Fuck Candido and Sunny man, FUCK. But yeah, great, great swerve at the end man - absolute ECW style shocker right there. Ahh man I can't wait for Shane Douglas's revenge mission if you continue this story in the next installment. Awesome.

    This match with Dreamer and Vampiro has had some insane build up. I still remember the blood joining that Vampiro did, that was some real graphic stuff, and some of the most hardcore writing I've ever seen for anything. It's been choreographed exactly as I thought with Dreamer exercising his vengeance on Vampiro - great little bit of realism with the slipping and falling near the concession stand, I like that. Wow man - the rain and the parking area is a sick background and its so pertinent to this particular feud as well. Sick! Fucking insanity through the storefront window. Vampiro is taking the beating of his LIFE, this is the most one sided destruction and its alright! "Seething crowd of sexually frustrated smart marks" rotfl. Fucking Vader, man the odds are so stacked but....itsfucking Sandman. Perfect, PERFECT timing for his return here man. Holy shit man I can just picture Vader waiting as the mythical Sandman comes through the crowd - what an image.

    Oh my god....RAVEN! I literally had a chill go up as I clicked the spoiler tag man. This was such a dramatic match. Beautiful.

    Now it's time for MY number 1 match for November 2 Remember. Tequila Sunrise is one of my favorite songs by Cypress Hill, just loving this Shinobi - why even review this man? You already know what I am going to say. Again, great recap to bring us up to date on this. I will never forget those vignettes with the training clips of Rey and Juvi, those are some of the best segments in FF history.

    Great intro with the mention of both of them praying and saluting their faith before engaging in the battle. Very, very big feel here. One word for me to describe the way this match was written and how it unfolds is 'flow' - its like a river - its not competitive here - its two opposing forces complementing each other to turn it into a piece of artistic motion. The small nuances here man - that Somersault Leg Drop, just beautifully executed. A 619 into a Tilt-A-Whirl, just this is just showing off now man lol. Too good.

    That sequence leading into the first fall was unreal - just to get that one fall they both went through all that, just for one fall. If this is not Match of the Night I don't even know.

    FUCK Rey with the counter. Oh my god this match is unbelievable man. NO! NO! NO! Dude no Rey wins...fuck man. Dude the way you wrote the aftermath. Shinobi fuck you, there's too much soul in this man - if I would ever suggest someone to read fan fiction and understand why we do this - its for this match and the entire story of this rivalry. You took two guys from real life and elevated their characters to a new level here. I don't know if others see it this way but I am invested in this 110%.

    Time for the most important match in terms of stakes for the future of ECW. Man I am so exhausted from the epic from just moments ago I don't know if I can take this.

    Just the imagery here - Foley holding Funk for Flair to chop. My god, just surreal fantastic. Ahh man, Foley being Flair's bitch. Fuck this is painful reading. Just some real iconic images here man - Funk getting up with the ladder around his neck, sick. Sick. Great writing with the thumbtacks and Flair's eventual descent there, wonderful. Fuck and what a follow up, they eliminate Flair together - loved the Heyman and the boys in the background cheering it on.

    Oh man, Foley and Funk - this is it. This is absolutely graphic with the barb-wire. ECDUB! ECDUB! ECDUB! Fuck what a moment - Mick with his fucking face wrapped, his ladder falling away - Terry holding him - the dialogue - fuck. TERRY WINS, ECW lives. This was psychology - this
    is extreme psychology, technical aficionados know nothing of this. This is emotion.

    Again what a well written ending and aftermath - Foley, watching Terry be carried like a god, a saviour - and Terry crying out for Foley and Foley being embraced at the end. Oh my god. Fuck Shinobi you gonna make a brother cry man, I swear this is the best show ever man. I am almost in tears just imagining this shit. Fuck. Nah I just smoked a joint with RVD in the back I ain't cryin.

    Malenko time. It's Iceman time, its time to show Ken Shamrock what the fuck ECW really is motherfucker. Man I am amped, great introductions and I see the future being given the nod - Punk and Bryan in Shamrock's corner. This is epic.

    FUCK, loved Dean's stare after the first exchange and backing off - Malenko is such a fucking killer man. Just the atmosphere of this match is killer man, I can feel the tension - the crowd claps but I can picture more of a dreaded silence - because these are two of the coldest cats in the game they can finish a man in seconds. This is like a different type of deathmatch.

    Case in point - Malenko's Rear Naked Choke just fucking squeezing Shamrock's hunger right out. And before I can even think Shamrock comes back into this match with pure guts and rabidness. Great exchange but again Malenko is like a pillar, absolutely cool even in the face of a mauling.

    This is lovely, this is fucking lovely, Omo-Plata reversal into a stand off. Beauty. I have to say that when Holzhammer did his review for you, I read it and he was unbelievably harsh on your match writing skills and I think you've absolutely and completely laid any doubt about your understanding of psychology or emotion to complete rest through this entire event and as this match goes on I feel you have a mastery over this now.

    Malenko's wounded and just coming out of that Ankle Lock straight into another onslaught but still showing heart after being disrespected. Shamrock is going over HUGE here. "This is your champion?" fuck.

    I love LOVE how you built the Ankle Lock up in this match as an absolute killer submission hold as it should be - Dean's dodged it again, but his lives are running out here. Fuck man, did not expect the Lions Den to interfere at this point but it builds Malenko further and I am all for it. The heel/face thing has to be maintained but it was a badass fight even without that happening.

    Fuck, its a war - great timing to take the action to the next level and the switch has flipped, both refs out - CLOVERLEAF!!! Fuck...what a finish. What a finish. Goosebumps man, oh my god...Paul Heyman has brought the future by breaking everything down. Oh my god.

    This review has been months in the making and I couldn't rest until I finished it man. I am glad I did, and I hope these words of mine justify my admiration for your work brother. I suddenly feel like a sell-out for leaving WPW to languish while you stuck with your designs and brought it out this far.

    It was my mistake, I hope you stick with the Revolution man and as always I will be reading. You are the best writer to me, I don't give a fuck what anybody says but somehow this shit all connects with me man. The Juventud/Rey match - Foley and Funk, I have never ever thought that a hobby, a piece of fan fiction writing could get me to feel this way. I feel almost nostalgic man - me and you have traded reviews over the months and you kept my writing alive by not only reviewing my work but making me love everything you wrote in ECW 2001.

    I can't even imagine FF without this thread and without your writing and presence. That's how good this entire fed and you as a person and writer/thinker/friend have been to not only me but everyone else here.

    This is that perfect 5. Absolutely deserved. Cannot wait for Revolution.

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