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Thread: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, the Impact Zone shows their disgust with Mr. Anderson as he struts to the ring...wearing his gear and the TNEW Television Championship belt (same design with updated logo), he scoffs at the crowd and steps into the ring...

    As Mr. Anderson waits for the microphone to lower, a recap of his exchange with Christopher Daniels is shown from last week...

    -Taz "I never knew our Television Champion was such a jerkoff."
    -Mike Tenay "Which is why he's in action tonight! Stemming from last week's altercation with Daniels, the veteran Canadian Eric Young has requested this non-title match to try and beat some sense into Mr. Anderson!"

    As the lights fade and the spotlight hits, Mr. Anderson begins to address the crowd...

    -Anderson "Before Eric Young brings his crazy canuck ass down here for a proper kicking, I have a few things I'd like to talk aboot.

    "First and foremost, I really don't understand why everyone is up my ass over this Christopher Daniels thing. I only said what everyone else was thinking, there's no need to get all defensive! Fact: lately Christopher Daniels has sucked. Fact: I spoke my mind. Fact: I'm being chastised for it!"

    The crowd doesn't drink Mr. Anderson's Kool-Aid...they continue to boo...

    -Anderson "I didn't think any of you would understand, but that's fine. The only thing that matters is the belt around my waist, which will, for a long, long time, be in the possession of...MISTEERRRRRRRRRR...AAAANDERRRRSSOOOOO-"

    Mr. Anderson is LIVID as the music of Eric Young hits! He stomps his way to the ring, not taking his eyes of Mr. Anderson for a minute! The crowd cheers as he slides under the bottom rope and fights through a flurry of rights and lefts from Mr. Anderson, who wastes no time starting the match!

    Eric Young vs. Mr. Anderson
    Non-Title Match


    Mr. Anderson lays into Eric Young immediately, clearly upset that he interrupted his speech. Young battles his way to his knees and eventually his feet, laying shots into Anderson's ribs and kidneys. After a few more shots, Young blocks a right hand from Anderson and gives him a shot right in the neck!

    Anderson staggers backwards clutching his throat and the ref issues Young a warning that he doesn't even seem to hear...

    Anderson leans on the ropes and Young moves to grab him, but Anderson lifts his left leg, catching Young with a Low Blow! Young falls to his knees and Anderson catches his breath as the ref scolds him too. Setting the mood for the match early, the two men take a minute to recouperate after exchanging cheap shots...

    Anderson is the first to do so and he disrespects Young with a hard slap to the face! Young falls on his side and Anderson begins stomping on his back. Anderson then lifts Young to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Young comes back with a Clothesline, but Anderson ducks and plants Young with an excellent Sidewalk Slam! Anderson goes for the early cover and Young easily kicks out...

    Anderson takes Young to the turnbuckle now, slamming his head into the top pad. Young is helpless in the corner as Anderson lands a few stiff chops to his chest, each one sending a loud "SMACK!!" into the rafters. After a moment, Anderson whips Young into the opposite corner hard, causing Young to slam into the turnbuckles and fall to his knees. Anderson charges and plants a Seated Dropkick right into the chops of Eric Young. Another quick cover and a kick out again by Young.

    The match continues to be all Anderson for several minutes until Eric Young finally gets some breathing room. Anderson attempts a Running Bulldog from a corner of the ring, but Young manages to get his head free and shove Anderson onto the mat. Anderson immediately gets up and attacks, but Young thinks fast and drops Anderson with a massive desperation Clothesline!

    Both men are down and Eric Young struggles to catch his breath. They both start to get up...

    The crowd backs Eric Young as he and Anderson both get to their feet...they begin exchanging blows until Eric Young ducks under one and kicks Anderson hard in the stomach! Catching him totally off-guard, Eric Young has Mr. Anderson set up for a Northern Lights Suplex.....and nails it! Young bridges for the cover!




    Winner: Eric Young
    The crowd goes wild as Eric Young picks up a huge win! Mr. Anderson kicks out immediately following the three count, but he can't believe what just happened! He puts his hands on his head and stares at the ref, wide-eyed and completely in disbelief!

    -Taz "Eric Young picks up a HUGE win!"
    -Mike Tenay "Eric Young just pinned the Television Champion! This is certainly going to heat things up leading into our first TNEW Pay-Per-View!"

    Mr. Anderson watches as Eric Young backs up the entry ramp...he glares at him, but suddenly begins to smile when he sees someone coming down the ramp!

    ...WHAM!!! Eric Young doesn't see it coming as he's totally blindsided by Abyss!

    -Taz "Oh no, not again."

    Abyss targets Young, as he did Christopher Daniels last week...the crowd boos as Abyss slams Eric Young into the ring, then goes to pick up the ring steps...

    -Mike Tenay "This isn't going to end well."

    CRASH!!! The ring steps slam into Eric Young's midsection! He curls up into a ball to protect himself but Abyss simply lifts him to his feet and rolls him into the ring, right into the waiting arms of Mr. Anderson...Anderson stomps on Eric Young as the crowd boos, Abyss following close behind...the two men double team Young in a completely unfair beatdown...

    Suddenly, the crowd gets to their feet and cheers! Coming down the entry way is Christopher Daniels!

    -Taz "I knew it! Here comes The Fallen Angel!"

    Daniels slides into the ring and shoves Abyss from behind! He topples out of the way as Daniels B-lines it for Mr. Anderson! He tackles him to the ground, punching away at him while the crowd goes wild!

    -Taz "Daniels may have been out of it lately, but he can still throw!"

    Mr. Anderson can't protect himself from the flurry of punches! Daniels unleashes weeks of frustration on Anderson's face as he desperately tries to shield himself!

    Finally, Mr. Anderson is saved when Abyss gets to his feet...he grabs Daniels by the back of the neck and lifts him to his feet...Abyss wastes little time
    lifting Daniels into the air...he twists him to his side...

    ...Black Hole Slam!

    -Mike Tenay "Augh, that was hard to watch."

    For the second week in a row, Christopher Daniels falls victim to a Black Hole Slam...the crowd boos as Abyss looks over his handy work...he leaves the ring, as does Mr. Anderson, who has a small cut above his right eye...he wipes a trickle of blood off his face and backs up the ramp behind Abyss, leaving Eric Young and Christopher Daniels with their backs on the canvas...

    Commercial break...
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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    Back from the break, the crowd whistles and cat-calls as we see Christy Hemme standing backstage! They quickly end though, when the crowd sees who she is standing with...

    -Christy Hemme "Ladies and gentlemen, please help me in welcoming Hernandez and Hector Guerrero!"

    Hector waves at the crowd and smiles...Hernandez stands with his arms crossed behind him...behind both of them is a very poorly stitched up Mexican flag hanging on the wall, most likely the same flag that Orlando Jordan accidentally ripped in half...

    -Christy Hemme "So I have to ask, what brings the two of you together?"

    -Hector "Oh Christy, that's easy baby! Us amigos gotta stick together! Hernandez is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business today! He showed that when he was a Tag Team Champion and soon, he's going to show that as the TNEW Television Champion!"

    -Christy Hemme "Excellent! Now Hernandez, everyone is wondering-"

    Off-screen: "HEY!!"

    All three are interrupted by a voice off camera...stepping into view, sweaty and bleeding from moments earlier, is Mr. Anderson! He rudely pulls the microphone in Christy's hand close to his face...

    -Mr. Anderson "What's with all this talk of people taking away MY Championship? There's only one Television Champion in TNEW and his name is...MISSSTEEEERRRRRR...AAAANDERRRRSSSOOOOONNNNNN!"

    All three are silent as they stare at Mr. Anderson...they appear puzzled as he turns to the camera for a moment, then walks away...

    -Christy Hemme "Anyway, as I was saying, Hern-"

    Off-screen: "HERNANDEZ!!"

    Suddenly, Hernandez pushes Christy out of the way and charges the voice off-screen! Christy screams as all hell breaks loose and we see that Hernandez is attacking Eric Young!

    The two exchange blows as Hector tries to console Christy! In all the commotion, he accidentally grabs her chest, causing Christy to shout and slap him in the face! Christy storms off as Hector holds his cheek and shouts at Hernandez in Spanish as he exchanges blows with Eric Young! The two duke it out until all of a sudden, Christopher Daniels and Abyss get involved! Mr. Anderson simply stands in the background, watching the chaos!


    The view cuts back to the Impact Zone where Taz and Mike Tenay are standing by...

    -Taz "Oh boy Mike, I can't remember the last time there was this much heat surrounding the Television Title! Mr. Anderson's got a target the size of Kane on his back!"
    -Mike Tenay "And speaking of Kane, we still haven't received word on the whereabouts of Shane McMahon or Jeff Jarrett. But once we hear something, you'll be the first to know."
    -Taz "I sure hope they're ok."


    Cutting to a backstage office now, we see Eric Bischoff standing with Interim TNEW World Champion, Edge! The crowd boos as the two discuss something incoherently...

    After a moment, the door opens and Bischoff looks up smiling..

    -Bischoff "Ah, just in time!"

    The camera pulls back as we see the members of Fortune wander in! Dressed in street attire, they get a mixed reaction as Robert Roode and James Storm grab a seat on a leather couch...AJ Styles, Kazarian and Douglas Williams stand against a wall as Ric Flair steps forward to do the talking...

    -Bischoff "I'm so glad you guys could make it in."

    -Flair "Cut the crap, Eric. What do you want?"

    The fans react positively to Flair's tone...Bischoff is taken back a bit...

    -Bischoff "Cut the-...Ric, what's wrong?"

    -Flair "What's wrong? I'll TELL you what's WRONG! What's wrong is that Interim World Championship isn't on the shoulder of a member of Fortune, THAT'S what's wrong!"

    Bischoff looks puzzled as he steps in front of Edge, who is beginning to appear defensive...

    -Bischoff "Ric, hold it. I-"

    -Flair "No Eric, YOU hold it! I've had it! Ever since all this BS started, it's been nothing but "Edge this" and "Edge that"! Meanwhile, my boys in Fortune have done all the heavy lifting! What rewards do THEY get? NOTHING! They get ignored for two weeks, that's what they get!"

    The fans begin to cheer, backing Ric Flair as he turns beat red with anger...Bischoff looks at the other members of Fortune who simply glare right back...AJ Styles steps towards Bischoff with his arms crossed, smirking at him in a cocky fashion...

    Bischoff turns his attention back to Flair...

    -Bischoff "Ric, in all fairness, Robert Roode and James Storm were in last week's main event and I gotta be honest, I'm not sure what you're asking for here."

    -Flair "Retribution! You owe us, Eric! You owe us BIG TIME!"

    Bischoff steps back a moment and conferences with Edge...they whisper and nod, then Bischoff smiles...

    -Bischoff "Alright Ric, how about this. You stick with the plan and show up for the Main Event tonight and I'll make sure that at least one member of Fortune has a fair shot at the TNEW World Championship in the near future."

    -Flair "Not good enough!"

    -Bischoff "Ric, you're going to have to trust me on this one. I've got something big planned for the first TNEW Pay-Per-View and Fortune will be involved. I wouldn't have it any other way."

    -Flair "Eric..."

    -Bischoff "Also, as a show of good faith and since I'm the only one here tonight that gets to call the shots, I'm making a change. Last week, Team 3D became #1 Contender's for the TNEW Tag Team titles, but that doesn't mean they don't have to defend that right tonight against...BEER MONEY!"

    The camera zooms in on Robert Roode and James Storm...sitting on the couch, they don't really know how to react...they stand up and James Storm is the first to speak...

    -Storm "Well Eric that's awfully nice of you, but Team 3D beat us fair and square. They earned their spot and-"

    -Flair "They'll take it."

    Flair steps in front of Storm who simply shrugs and nods to Robert Roode...they leave the office, as do the other members of Fortune, as Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff smile and shake hands...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, we see Christy Hemme standing by once again, this time with the Olympic Hero himself, Kurt Angle!

    -Christy Hemme "Ladies and gentlement, it gives me great pleasure to welcome back to the Impact Zone, Mr. Kurt Angle!"

    -Angle "It's great to be back, Christy."

    -Christy Hemme "Now Kurt, how does it feel to be back in the Impact Zone after some time off?"

    -Angle "Christy, it feels great. 2010 was not the best year for the Olympic Hero, but now, in 2011, I plan on turning things around. I've put my differences aside both in the ring and in my personal life and now, it's time for the Olympic Hero to take back what's always been rightfully his and become World Champion for a 14th time."

    -Christy Hemme "So does that mean your first target is Edge, the Interim TNEW World Champion?"

    -Angle (laughing) "Oh Christy, as an Olympic Gold Medalist and 13-time World Champion, do you really think I'm going to concern myself with a petty squabble with the likes of a blond-haired, big-toothed Canadian? Edge is no threat to me. Taking the TNEW World Championship from him would be like taking candy from a baby, which I would never do, because I'm a caring individual that would rather fight child hunger than be a part of the problem."

    -Christy Hemme "...okay. So what's your plan then?"

    -Angle "My plan is to get revenge on the real TNEW World Champion, Jeff Hardy. Jeff, I-"

    -Christy Hemme "Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second. You do know that Jeff Hardy is out with an injury. He was in a coma and is still recouperating."

    -Angle "What? How can that be? I just saw him like five minutes ago."

    -Christy Hemme "WHAT!?"

    -Taz & Mike Tenay "WHAT!?"


    The view cuts to Eric Bischoff's office...Eric is sitting at his desk alone, feet up, hands behind his head, smiling to himself...all of a sudden, he's startled by a loud BANG!! He sits up quickly as the door to his office is kicked open! Standing in the doorway, glaring at Bischoff from beneath bright purple hair is none other than Jeff Hardy!!

    -Mike Tenay "Kurt Angle wasn't kidding! It's Jeff Hardy! He's back!"

    Hardy stares a hole right through Eric Bischoff as he slowly steps into the office...Bischoff backs up against his office wall, eyes wide as if he'd seen a ghost!

    -Bischoff "Jeff! Jeff, hi! Hey, how's it going? I-"

    -Jeff Hardy "SHUT UP!!"

    Hardy causes Bischoff to nearly jump out of his skin as he swipes his arm across his desk, knocking everything on it onto the floor! The crowd cheers as Jeff Hardy moves in closer, getting face to face with Bischoff!

    Jeff Hardy snarls at Bischoff through his purple locks, his brow narrowed, eyes blazing...

    -Jeff Hardy "Now you listen and you listen good. Whatever connection you and I's OVER!"

    The crowd roars!

    -Bischoff "Jeff, I-"

    -Jeff Hardy "NO! You've done enough talking. Now you listen. You convinced me to turn on my friends with the promise of glory. You used me as your little henchman, beating down the very people who had my back. I got greedy, I'll admit that...but YOU! How could you do this to me?"

    -Bischoff " what?"

    Jeff Hardy lets out a terrifying scream, punching his fist right through the wall beside Eric Bischoff's head!


    The Impact Zone can be heard gasping and cheering!

    -Taz "WHAT!?"
    -Mike Tenay "It was EDGE!?"

    Eric Bischoff cowers in fear at the hands of Jeff Hardy! Hardy raises a fist to Bischoff, then shoves him back against the wall...he simply shakes his head in disgust, then spits on Bischoff's cheek!

    Bischoff wipes off his face as Jeff Hardy exits the office...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, a recap of the confrontation between Jeff Hardy and Eric Bischoff is shown...we then see Mike Tenay and Taz standing by...

    -Mike Tenay "What an insane turn of events here tonight, Taz."
    -Taz "You said it, Mike! All this time we thought it was Kane picking off superstars left and right. While that's mostly true, it looks like Edge was responsible for taking down the Champ himself!"
    -Mike Tenay "It has to make you wonder if Jeff Hardy was ever on Bischoff's list of targets. Taking down Hogan made sense if Bischoff wanted to go solo, but to take down his Champion? His hand-picked investment?"

    Taz puts his hand to his headset..

    -Taz "OH! Hold on Mike, it looks like we're going backstage again!"

    The view cuts backstage quickly and we see Bischoff pacing in his office...he is absolutely livid! The crowd laughs at Bischoff's misfortune as Edge rushes into view!

    -Edge "Eric! I came as fast as I-...whoa, what happened?"

    -Bischoff "What happened? WHAT HAPPENED?! I'll TELL YOU what happened! You didn't do your damn job, THAT'S what happened!"

    -Edge "Alright Eric, no need to yell. Just tell me what-"


    Edge's mouth drops open...he doesn't say a word...

    -Edge "Does...does he remember everyth-"

    -Bischoff "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK!?"

    Edge just stares at Bischoff, then runs his hand through his hair, letting out a long sigh...

    -Bischoff "Whatever, this is fine. This...augh...just make sure you're where you need to be during the Main Event, got it? We're not letting this ruin our plan. We can deal with Jeff Hardy in due time."

    -Edge "But Eric, shouldn't we-"

    -Bischoff "Just. Go."

    Edge leaves the office as we cut back to the Impact Zone...

    The fans cheer as the music of The Amazing Red hits! He rushes into the Impact Zone and heads straight to the ring...

    -Mike Tenay "Don't forget folks, in just a few short weeks, TNEW will be hosting it's very first Pay-Per-View!"
    -Taz "That's right and YOU, the fans, get to pick the name! I'm so excited Mike, I can't wait to see what creative ideas the fans share with us!"

    As Amazing Red continues to warm up in the ring, a graphic flashes on the screen reminding the fans to visit the Fed Thread for details on how to submit their ideas and win $1,000 PW Cash!

    The cheers disolve into boos as the music of Shannon Moore hits...the Prince of Punk steps into the Impact Zone with his tongue hanging from his mouth, snarling at Amazing Red in the ring...

    -Taz "Hey, looks like Red might actually get a match!"
    -Mike Tenay "Well don't speak too soon, there's still one more superstar to go before we get underway and crown a new TNEW X-Division Champion."

    Shannon Moore steps into the ring and waits as the music of the third entrant hits...

    The fans go wild as they hear the music of The Blueprint, The DNA of TNA, Matt Morgan!

    -Taz "Oh BOY Mike! Matt Morgan is here!"

    Morgan enters the Impact Zone absolutely pumped! He beats his chest as pyros explode behind him and heads to the ring!

    -Mike Tenay "I think I know who my favourite is in this match."
    -Taz "Red and Moore have got speed, but Morgan has size and power. Hell, he's got a little speed too! What a Triple Threat Title Match we've got here tonight!"

    Morgan steps over the top rope and into the ring...the referee steps into the centre of the ring and holds up the updated X-Division Championship belt...the red "X" is replaced with white gold and the TNA symbol is replaced with a platinum TNEW symbol...the bell sounds and we're underway!

    Amazing Red vs. Shannon Moore vs. Matt Morgan
    TNEW X-Division Championship - Triple Threat Match


    Red and Moore put their differences aside, quickly realizing that they're out-sized in this match. They both charge Morgan at the same time, attempting a Double Dropkick. Morgan is knocked off balance, but he doesn't go down. Red and Moore pick themselves up, but immediately fall victim to a Double Clothesline from Morgan as he charges out of the corner! After laying out both men, Morgan immediately picks up Moore and tosses him out of the ring. He then goes after Red, picking him up and sending him into the ropes. Red comes back and is met with a hard Shoulder Block. Morgan bounces off the adjacent ropes and hits a devastating Big Splash! He covers for a quick 2 count...

    Moore dusts himself off outside the ring and sees Morgan dismantling Red inside the ring. With the ref unable to make a count out, Moore decides to use this to his advantage and simply sits down on the ring steps, smiling and resting. The crowd boos and some nearby fans start trash talking him, but Moore simply makes a "chirping" motion with his hand, then waves them off. He continues to smile and rest, clearly proud of himself...

    Inside the ring it's all Morgan. He dominates Amazing Red for several minutes, using his size to his advantage and not letting Red get any breathing move to attempt a high-risk maneuvre. After a few minutes, Morgan has Red leaning in the corner and is filling his midsection with rights and lefts. Morgan backs up and after running a few steps, hits a Body Avalanche! Red falls into a seated position and Morgan pulls him into the centre of the ring. Morgan then goes up top...

    ...he leaps!

    Leg Drop on Amazing Red! Morgan covers!



    Shannon Moore finally realizes what's happening...

    ...Amazing Red kicks out! Shannon Moore breathes a sigh of relief as the crowd gets to their feet, feeling that Red could pull off an upset...

    Matt Morgan slams his fist into the canvas and gets to his feet. He backs off of Red, allowing him to recover a bit and get up. The crowd cheers him on as he struggles to his feet...Matt Morgan lines him up and charges..

    ...CARBON FOOTPR-NO!! Amazing Red ducks just in time! Morgan falls to his knees, leaning on the second rope...Red quickly hops to his feet, using what little energy he has left to charge..

    ...718!! Red hits the 718 on Matt Morgan!

    -Taz "What a kick! Red nails the 718! This could be over!"

    Red is on the apron now, preparing to hop over for a Red Star Press...

    ...but he falls off the apron! Shannon Moore finally moves in for the attack and pulls Amazing Red off the apron! He falls and hits his face hard, then lies on the outside as Moore slides in for a cover!



    Matt Morgan kicks out! Shannon Moore is in disbelief as Morgan pushes him upward, just getting his shoulder off the mat!

    Rather than run, Moore begins punching Morgan in the head! He then backs off and waits for Morgan to rise...he steps back into a corner, but doesn't see Amazing Red climbing onto the top rope behind him! The crowd roars as Red waits, then as Moore turns around...

    ...INFRARED!! INFRARED ON SHANNON MOORE! Amazing Red takes him down as the crowd goes wild! Amazing Red hops to his feet...

    ...CARBON FOOTPRINT!!! With a loud smacking sound, Matt Morgan's boot catches Amazing Red right in the jaw as the crowd lets out a loud "OHHH!!" Matt Morgan makes the cover!




    Winner and new TNEW X-Division Champion: Matt Morgan
    The crowd cheers as Matt Morgan kneels in the ring, arms raises! He shouts to the heavens as the referee awards him the TNEW X-Division Championship belt!

    -Taz "What a finish! Matt Morgan does it!"
    -Mike Tenay "It had to be expected, but what an effort by Amazing Red! He almost had this one in the bag!"

    Morgan is on his feet now hoisting the X-Division Championship belt...the crowd applauds and settles as Shannon Moore sits on the outside, holding the back of his neck...Amazing Red begins to stir and eventually rolls to his side, just in time to watch Matt Morgan exit the Impact Zone with the X-Division Championship...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, we see all the members of Fortune standing backstage, minus Ric Flair...

    -AJ Styles "Alright boys, are you ready? You're going to walk out there tonight and come back with the #1 Contendership to the TNEW Tag Team titles!"

    Styles raises his arm in anticipation of a high five, but he's left hanging..

    -AJ Styles "What's the problem?"

    -James Storm "The problem is that Bischoff is out of control, that's the problem."
    -Robert Roode "Yep."

    Styles quickly looks around the area with a finger to his lips, as if worried someone might be listening...

    -AJ Styles (whispering) "Shh! SHH! Shut up! Do you know what will happen to us if someone hears you?"

    -James Storm "C'mon AJ, like who?"

    -AJ Styles "Oh I don't know. Let me think of who could possibly be wandering around Orlando, beating the hell out of anyone that crosses Eric Bischoff! Oh gee, let me think."

    -Robert Roode "AJ relax, we're not in any danger."

    -AJ Styles "Oh really? You want to ask Hulk Hogan if he ever thought he was in danger? Oh right, you can't. None of us can. He's gone for who knows how long, but don't worry, we'll just ask Jeff Hardy how he feels about the situation! He seems like he's in high spirits about the whole misunderstanding in the parking lot!"

    As AJ Styles gets all riled up, Kazarian steps in to calm him down...

    -Kazarian "Alright alright, cool it AJ. You need to chill out."

    -AJ Styles "CHILL OUT!? There's no 'chilling out' here, man. You guys sit here and gossip about Bischoff all you want, I'm staying the HELL away from all of you! I'm not ending up like Brian Kendrick; in the hospital for a God damned Tweet or Twit or whatever you call it. I'm out of here!"

    -Kazarian "AJ! WAIT!"

    But it's too late..AJ Styles storms down the hallway and out of sight...

    -James Storm "Let him go."

    -Kazarian "Easy for you to say! He's in the Main Event tonight!"

    -Robert Roode "Well, let's hope he shows up then."

    Robert Roode gives Kazarian a hearty pat on the back as he and James Storm start heading to the Impact Zone for their match...


    Meanwhile, in the Impact Zone, Taz & Mike Tenay are standing by...

    -Mike Tenay "I knew this was going to happen."
    -Taz "Knew what?"
    -Mike Tenay "Eric Bischoff is going to have to sit back and watch his creation implode on itself. It happens every time."
    -Taz "I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch, Mike. Bischoff's been two steps ahead of everyone this past month or so. How do you know he hasn't taken a mutiny into account?"
    -Mike Tenay "Who said anything about a mutiny?"
    -Taz "I-..err..."
    -Mike Tenay "You be careful Taz. If AJ Styles' fears are justified, Kane could walk out here and put you in the hospital!"
    -Taz "Ha ha ha! Ha...ha're kidding, right?"
    -Mike Tenay (turns to camera) "Well folks, you're in for a treat! We've got a special guest standing by LIVE from his home in Michigan!"
    -Taz "Oh BOY!"

    The fans cheer and cat call as Christy Hemme stands by in the ring...

    -Christy Hemme "Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I welcome back to the Impact Zone, live via satellite...


    The audience goes absolutely nuts as he appears on every screen in the Impact Zone! As RVD sits on a large armchair in his living room, we see that he's wearing a hood, covering his hair...a large gauze pad covers most of the right side of his face and his lips are chapped and scarring...

    RVD's voice is coarse as he speaks and can barely be heard over the roar of the crowd!

    -RVD "Hello Impact Zone!"

    RVD waves at the crowd...the "R-V-D!!" chants are deafening! Christy Hemme is forced to wait a moment before speaking...RVD waves at the crowd some more, clearly emotional over the warm response...

    -Christy Hemme "Rob, thank you so much for taking time to talk to us tonight. We all know you're busy with rehab and in dire need of rest."

    -RVD "Anything for the fans, Christy. They've-"

    The Impact Zone explodes again in a huge pop! RVD works up a half smile from beneath the gauze and blisters...

    -RVD "They've really had my back these past few weeks. When I was lying in the hospital thinking about what happened, all I could say to myself was 'you're going to heal. You're going to heal and get back to the fans, man'."

    -Christy "That's excellent news. I'm sure you're glad to be home."

    -RVD "Of course. If anything good came out of this accident, it's that I get to spend some time at home with my family. It's been hard these past couple years to see them."

    -Christy "Well we're glad to hear it. We know you just got home, but everyone's dying to know Rob: when will you be back in the Impact Zone?"

    -RVD "It's still early to tell, Christy, but the second the doctors give me the go ahead, you can bet that the Whole F'n Show is going to fly in there and squash everyone in his way with the biggest 5-Star Frogsplash the Impact Zone has ever seen!"

    Another big pop from the crowd!

    -Christy Hemme "Right on! Everyone knows we could use some RVD in our lives, especially with Kane terrorizing everyone."

    The crowd boos as RVD lowers his head...staring down at the floor, he goes silent for a moment, then begins to talk quietly to himself...

    -RVD "...Kane?.....KANE?..."

    RVD begins breathing heavily...he then does something nobody expects and reaches up for the gauze covering his face...

    -RVD "...KANE!?"

    RVD tears the gauze from his face! Several women in the audience gasp in horror as he looks up at the screen! He pulls the hood covering his head back to reveal that the right half of his head is shaved! Most of the skin on the right side of his face is red from serious burns! His right eyes is covered with a smaller patch of gauze and his ear is bent and disfigured!

    Even Christy Hemme is forced to shield herself in disgust...the look of horror in her eyes tells the whole story...

    -RVD "Kane may think he can get away with whatever he wants, but that's only because I'm trapped here in Michigan, hundreds of miles away. Kane's days are numbered. When the Whole F'n Show recovers, I'm never going to forget what Kane did to me. I'm also going to make sure Kane doesn't forget what he did to me either. You-"


    Suddenly, the ring posts around Christy Hemme explode! The arena goes dark and RVD disappears from all the screens! After a brief moment, screaming can be heard from the ring!

    -Christy Hemme "NO!! NOOO!! LET GO OF ME!! EEEEEEEEKK!!

    -Mike Tenay "What the hell is going on!?"

    The microphone hits the canvas and lets out a loud squeal from feedback! After a moment, the lights return to normal and Christy Hemme is gone!

    -Taz "Where's Christy!?"
    -Mike Tenay "Oh dear lord."

    The screens show nothing but static, the feed to Rob Van Dam's house having been the crowd rubs their eyes, momentarily blinded by the flames and sudden darkness, they realize Christy has disappeared...

    The only trace of her existence left in the ring is the microphone she was holding seconds ago...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, the fans give a astounding ovation for Team 3D! As Brother Ray and Brother Devon make their way to the ring, a quick recap is shown from moments ago...

    -Taz "What we saw a few minutes ago was just sickening, folks."
    -Mike Tenay "You can now add the lovely Christy Hemme to the list of kidnap victims at the hands of Kane."
    -Taz "It's disgusting. It's one thing to kidnap men who have a slight chance at defending themselves, but now...poor Christy."
    -Mike Tenay "If we've learned anything tonight, Taz, it's this: nobody is safe and it's all Eric Bischoff's fault."
    -Taz "Edge too."
    -Mike Tenay "Right. Him too."

    Brother Ray and Brother Devon pound fists in the ring as Devon takes his place and Ray steps out of the ring onto the apron...

    The fans continue to applaud and cheer as the music of Fortune hits...wasting no time walking to the ring are Robert Roode and James Storm, otherwise known as Beer Money!

    -Taz "Now this is going to be a match. If anything can take my mind off what just occured, it's a killer tag team match between Beer Money and Team 3D with a lot on the line!"
    -Mike Tenay "Don't forget either that Team 3D already pinned Robert Roode last week to become the #1 Contenders. Now, with this new ruling by Eric Bischoff, Team 3D is forced to defend what they rightfully won just 7 days ago. The crowd isn't happy about it, Team 3D isn't happy about it and surprisingly, Beer Money doesn't seem to be happy about it either."

    As Storm and Roode step into the ring, they approach Team 3D's corner, bringing Brother Ray back into the ring...Roode and Storm approach with open arms, offering their hands for Devon and Ray to shake...

    The music fades and the crowd cheers as Devon and Ray look for answers...they step in close to the members of Beer Money, who are clearly unhappy that they're forced to be in this match, but, like Team 3D, won't back down from an opportunity...Team 3D appears to respect this and the four men shake hands as the bell rings, much to the delight of the crowd...

    Team 3D vs. Beer Money
    #1 Contendership for the TNEW Tag Team Titles


    Brother Ray and Robert Roode step out onto the apron as Devon and Storm begin to circle...Storm removes his shirt and tosses it out of the ring, then steps in to Devon and the two lock up...Storm immediately overpowers Devon and gets him in a Wrist Lock, easily controlling him in the centre of the ring...Devon drops to one knee and looks as if he might swing at Storm, but Storm puts a quick end to that by snapping Devon's arm down, wrenching his shoulder...Devon turns away and screams in pain as Storm kicks him in the side...he then lifts him to his feet and sends him into the ropes, bending down in anticipatin of a lift of some kind, but Devon hits a stiff kick and stands Storm up! Devon bounces off the adjacent ropes and takes him down hard with a Diving Chopblock! Devon gets up and drops an elbow on Storm, but then gets up favoring his arm and tags in his half-brother...

    Ray takes over the match and for several minutes beats and kicks James Storm around the ring...he uses every advantage he has in weight, muscling Storm into the corner several times and wearing him down physically...Ray eventually hits a Running Body Avalanche that knocks the wind out of Storm, but he manages to stay on his feet...Ray quickly tags in Devon and before leaving the ring, he gets greedy and goes for another Body Avalanche, this time with Storm throwing an elbow right into Ray's jaw! Ray stumbles and falls, rolling out of the ring as Devon tries to even the score...NO! James Storm drops him with a Clothesline and falls to his knees! With Devon down, Storm gets an opportunity to tag in the fresh Robert Roode!

    Roode goes to work on Devon, completely turning the tables on Team 3D...Roode takes full control of the match, isolating Devon from his corner...Devon might as well be miles away from his half-brother as Roode beats him against a turnbuckle, giving Storm a moment to rest...once Storm is back and ready, Roode tags him in and the double-team begins, first with a Double Suplex that sees the first cover of the match by Storm and a 2-count...

    Ray tries his damnedest to coach on Devon, but it's no use...Storm and Roode are schooling Devon in the art of tag team isolation and this goes on for what must have felt like hours to Devon, but was only a few minutes in reality...after many quick tags and 2-count pinfalls, James Storm decides it's time to finish the match once and for all...

    Devon is all squirrely as he tries desperately to get to his feet...

    -Taz "Devon should consider just staying down."
    -Mike Tenay "With a shot at the Tag titles on the line? Really?"
    -Taz "Good point."

    As Devon pulls himself up with the ropes, he finally turns to face James Storm, who is waiting patiently in the corner...he lines Devon up for The Last Call and charges...

    ...NO! Brother Devon ducks! Storm is off-balance as Devon reaches behind himself and clutches Storm by the head, dropping him with a Reverse Neckbreaker!

    -Taz "Oh MAN!"
    -Mike Tenay "You were saying?"
    -Taz "Team 3D is the best tag team of all time, that's what I was saying!"
    -Mike Tenay "Right."

    Both men lie on their backs on the canvas, neither moving for a moment...the crowd is going nuts in anticipation of a big finish and they cheer on both superstars as they begin to stir...Devon is lucky as he finds himself much closer to his corner than James Storm...Brother Ray looks like a bulldog at feeding time as he desperately reaches for Devon's hand, seeing an excellent opportunity slowly crawling to it's corner...

    Finally, Devon reaches and slaps his brother's arm! Ray hops in the ring and manages to get a stiff kick to the back of Storm's head before he can tag out! Following his momentum, Brother Ray charges Robert Roode, knocking him off the apron! Ray waits as James Storm stirs again and begins to pull himself to his feet...

    ...Storm is on his knees as Ray leans in close, almost nose to nose with him...

    ...Storm is on one foot now, still woosy...Devon is leaning in the corner, breathing heavily, but watching the events closely as they transpire...

    ...Ray shuffles his feet as Storm finally stands up and sees that he's surrounded...he spins to find the whereabouts of Brother Devon, which proves to be his demise! Brother Devon uses his last ounce of strength to lift James Storm into the air!

    Brother Ray runs into place!

    3D!!! 3D ON JAMES STORM!!!

    Brother Ray covers!




    -Taz "Son of a-"

    The crowd boos out of control as the culprit comes into view...pulling the ref from the ring and punching him in the face is none other that interim TNEW World Champion, Edge!

    Edge quickly slides into the ring as Ray realizes the ref has stopped counting...exhausted, Brother Devon slides out of the ring, unaware of Edge's presence and thinking they've locked in another win...Ray gets to his feet and turns as Edge springs from the corner...

    ...SPEAR!! Spear on Brother Ray!!

    The fans are inconsolable as they shout and boo at Edge...Edge runs right through Ray and out the other side of the ring, running up the ramp and out of view as Devon finally gets wise to what's occuring...

    At ringside, Brother Devon and the now recovered Robert Roode find themselves side-by-side at the bottom of the ramp...both men are glaring at Edge as he smiles back at them with his huge, toothy, evil grin...Brother Devon is shouting at Edge and motions as if to go after him, but Robert Roode stops him...he leans over and whispers something to Devon, then the two men go back towards the ring...

    Back in the ring, James Storm finally begins to stir after receiving a 3D...Ray is still down and James Storm tries to cover, but Robert Roode and Brother Devon are back in the ring already...before Storm can cover, Roode picks up Storm and dusts him off...Devon checks on his half-brother as Storm and Roode discuss something...Roode points at Edge, who smiles and heads backstage...Storm eventually nods in agreement and the two men step out of the ring!

    -Taz "Wait...where are Robert Roode and James Storm going?"
    -Mike Tenay "I think they're taking their pride and leaving!"

    Robert Roode and James Storm stand outside the ring as Devon talks to Ray, making sure he's okay...Ray eventually leans over and sees Beer Money outside the ring...he looks at Devon confused and Devon assures him everything is okay...

    The ref is back in the ring and after assessing the situation, begins a 10-count...

    -Taz "Are Roode and Storm doing what I think they're doing?"
    -Mike Tenay "They're sticking it to the man and these fans are loving it!"

    After deciding their pride is more important than the TNEW Tag Team titles, the fans roar in approval for this new side of Beer Money!




    Winners via Count Out: Team 3D
    Beer Money stands at ringside and watches as Team 3D get back to their feet...the crowd gives a standing ovation for the veteran tag team as they modestly celebrate their 'win'...

    Robert Roode and James Storm applaud from ringside, then point at Team 3D, making a belt motion on their waists...Brother Ray and Brother Devon nod in approval, understanding that Beer Money is first in line for a title shot if and when they become Tag Team Champions once again...

    Team 3D continues to celebrate as Beer Money exits the Impact Zone...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    Back from the break, we see AJ Styles pacing backstage...Kazarian and Douglas Williams are trying to console him...

    -AJ Styles "Oh Jesus...oh man! OH GOD!"

    -Kazarian "AJ, would you get a hold of yourself?"

    -AJ Styles "NO! YOU get a hold of YOURSELF!"

    -Kazarian "What does that even mean?"

    Douglas Williams shrugs...

    -AJ Styles "We're all finished man! DEAD! WE'RE DEAD! And it's all Rob and James' fault!"

    -Kazarian "Look, what they just did is none of our concern."

    -AJ Styles "IT'S ENTIRELY OUR CONCERN! We're a team, man! Fortune is a team!"

    -Kazarian "Not lately..."

    -AJ Styles "That's exactly my point! We haven't had each other's backs lately and now look at us! We've lived as a team, now we're going to DIE as a team if Bischoff has his way!"

    Suddenly stepping into view behind AJ Styles is Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair!

    -Bischoff "I heard my name"

    -AJ styles (jumps) "AHHH!"

    -Bischoff "What's the problem, AJ?"

    -AJ Styles "Uh...oh...noth-*ahem*...nothing...SIR! Nothing sir!"

    -Bischoff "Well if there isn't a problem, why aren't you making your way out to the ring for your match with The Originators?"

    The fans can be heard faintly cheering as Bischoff continues...

    -AJ Styles "I, uh...well...I don't know..."

    -Bischoff "Then maybe you should get going."

    AJ Styles lowers his head and slowly walks away like a scolded child...Kazarian and Douglas Williams follow close behind...

    Ric Flair steps up beside Eric Bischoff and the two watch as the three men head down the hallway...

    -Bischoff "Ric, you'd better get your team in line. I wouldn't want them to have an unfortunate 'accident'."

    Bischoff pats Flair on the shoulder and walks away as the expression on Flair's face fades to that of worry...


    As the view cuts back to the Impact Zone, the fans go wild as the music of The Originators hits! They briskly enter the Imapct Zone, CM Punk and Paul London dressed for the ring while Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin wear their black "New Era Original" t-shirts with worn-out and faded jeans...

    -Mike Tenay "Well folks, the details are sketchy regarding tonight's Main Event, but one thing is for's going to be one hell of a fight if CM Punk gets his way."
    -Taz "He and The Originators are men on a mission for sure."

    A brief recap of CM Punk's tirade at the start of the show is aired as Taz and Mike Tenay discuss the reasons for The Originators anger...they've watched their friends get injured and now that Kane has resorted to kidnapping their superiors on behalf of Eric Bischoff, they've stood together and said "No more!"

    -Taz "And don't forget that earlier tonight, Christy Hemme was kidnapped too!"
    -Mike Tenay "Yeah, what's the deal with that? Why Christy?"

    As the music of Fortune plays, the fans give a mixed reaction, certainly not as warm and welcoming as they are of Robert Roode and James Storm...Douglas Williams and Kazarian enter the Impact Zone, pausing for a moment to pose on the stage together with Kaz wearing ring attire and Williams wearing street clothes...shortly after they start making their way down, AJ Styles is pushed out of the entry way and onto the stage by a man with a headset and clipboard...AJ Styles shouts something at him as the stangehand points at the ring...

    -Taz "Man, I've never seen AJ Styles this terrified."
    -Mike Tenay "Who can blame him? He has every reason to be scared! He might be the only sane one in Fortune, which is scary within itself."

    Styles finally makes his way down the ramp, clearly he gets about half way down, large gold pyros erupt behind him with a loud "BANG!!, startling him and making the audience laugh...

    Styles looks around at the laughing audience and raises his hand to a young man in the front row...he can be heard shouting "Shut up!", which only causes the fans to get on him further with chants of "YOU'RE A PUSSY!" followed by clapping...

    With the audience already inside AJ Styles' head, he steps onto the apron as Kazarian and CM Punk square off...CM Punk may be the only person in the Impact Zone not laughing as the bell rings...

    "The Originators" CM Punk & Paul London w/Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
    AJ Styles & Kazarian w/Douglas Williams


    The ancitipcation for this match is huge and the fans reflect that as they cheer and chant for The Originators...Kazarian does his best to ignore the crowd and readies himself, stretching his arms and rotating his shoulders as he circles in on CM Punk...

    CM Punk hasn't moved a muscle though..he simply stares a hole right through Kazarian, who relaxes a bit and steps closer to CM Punk...he looks at CM Punk, puzzled, then looks to the audience and laughs...he shrugs, then turns back to CM Punk and winds up for a hard right hand, which CM Punk immediately blocks! He grabs Kazarian by the wrist and spins him around, causing Kazarian to shout in pain and fall to his knees!

    Hunched over and in huge amounts of pain, Kazarian grits his teeth as CM Punk stares down at him with the most serious of looks...he controls his arm, wrenching it hard over Kazarian's head! CM Punk leans in and screams in Kazarian's ear, "KANE WAS THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES!"


    CM Punk jerks Kazarian's arm back, bending it awkwardly over his knee! Kazarian falls to the canvas, clutching his arm and screaming in pain! He shakes on the mat and continues to scream as CM Punk steps over him and moves towards AJ Styles!

    -Taz "What the hell just happened?"
    -Mike Tenay "I think CM Punk just broke Kazarian's arm!"

    Kazarian flops out of the ring and sits against the apron as Douglas Williams checks up on him...Williams then looks at the referee, clearly angry with the actions of CM Punk...the referee shrugs, shouting back "What do you want from me!?"

    CM Punk doesn't even flinch as he gets to AJ Styles' corner and grabs him by the head...Styles tries to defend himself but it's no use...CM Punk tosses AJ Styles into the ring, causing him to flip over the ropes and land hard on his back...AJ Styles gets up and turns around as CM Punk charges...

    ..GO TO SLEEP!

    CM Punk lays out AJ Styles with a loud "THWACK!!" The audience lets out a loud groan as they feel AJ Styles' pain, but that doesn't stop them from cheering! CM Punk stands over Styles, who is totally out cold...he then grabs Styles and starts to lock in a submission...

    Douglas Williams sees this and decides he's had enough! He tears off his shirt and throws it aside, then slides into the ring! He pushes the pleading referee aside, who has lost total control of this match already, and rushes at CM Punk, but Paul London, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin step in his way! Shelley and Sabin restrain Douglas Williams as Paul London simply puts a hand on his chest, motioning to his lips with his finger and telling him to be quiet...Paul London then points at CM Punk, who has locked in the Anaconda Vice on AJ Styles!

    The ref spends a moment trying to pull CM Punk free, but can't even get his fingers in on the tight grip...the ref has no choice but to call for the bell...

    Winners by DQ: AJ Styles & Kazarian
    The Originators pay no mind to the ringing bell and continue their demonstration in the ring...

    The sudden burst of pain causes AJ Styles to wake up and begin screaming! CM Punk's eyes are dead cold as he tightens the hold, only making Styles scream louder! The fans lose their sense of humor and instead, a sense of discomfort fills the air...but CM Punk pays no attention as the only thing on his mind is causing AJ Styles a considerable amount of pain...

    -Taz "CM Punk has snapped. There's no denying it."
    -Mike Tenay "Yeah, but who can blame him, or any of The Originators for that matter?"

    As Douglas Williams tries to fight his way free, Paul London talks trash right in his face...Williams is absolutely livid, but begins to struggle less...he instead snarls and glares right at Paul London, who smiles and watches the torture along with Williams, Shelley and Sabin...the referee, unsuccessful in pulling CM Punk off of AJ Styles, begs for them to talk some sense into him, but they ignore the ref's pleas...

    AJ Styles' screams are faint now as he drifts off into unconsciousness...CM Punk waits a moment before releasing the hold, then stands up...he looks down at AJ Styles and is now surrounded by dozens of referees and staff who have come to the ring to assist...they protect AJ Styles from CM Punk by putting their bodies between the two ref rolls him out of the ring and onto the floor...

    CM Punk turns back to Douglas Williams and says something to him, which causes more referees and staff to intervene...Williams finally breaks free, but is held back now by staff members...after shouting at CM Punk and The Originators for a moment, Williams crawls to the outside and checks on his injured partners...

    -Taz "This is absolutely insane!"
    -Mike Tenay "Taz! SHH!"

    Through the chaos in the ring, Paul London manages to get a microphone to CM Punk...The Originators stand in the ring, surrounded by staff and referees begging them to just leave...the fans continue to cheer them on though, seeming to back them no matter how violent they get...

    -CM Punk "This was only a taste of the kind of HELL we're going to bring down on Eric Bischoff's head!"

    The fans roar in approval!

    -CM Punk "Until we get what we want, you can bet your ass that this kind of behavior will continue and anyone that steps into this ring with The Originators is going to be in for a WORLD of PAIN!"

    Another big pop!

    -CM Punk "So let this be a warning to you, Bischoff! You can send whoever you want our way! They'll only be joining our friends on the sidelines! From this point forward, The Originators are fighting FIRE with FIRE! Because WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS! AND WE...ARE...BETTER...THA-"


    Everyone's attention turns to the tunnel as the Fires of Hell explode!

    -Taz "CM Punk might finally get his wish!"

    CM Punk is practically frothing at the mouth as he grits his teeth in anticipation of an attack! The fans go wild, anticipating the same thing! The other members of the Originators surround CM Punk and all four men watch a different direction, each one watching the other's back...they wait and wait as an eerie red glow fills the Impact Zone, but with no sign of Kane...

    ...finally, the screens in the Impact Zone all flicker to life and as the static clears, we see a dark, smoke-filled room and the sobbing face of Christy Hemme!

    -Taz "Christy!"
    -Mike Tenay "Quiet Taz!"

    Christy Hemme's hair is matted and scattered...her expression is of complete fear as her mascara runs down her face...big tears stream down her cheeks and her voice begins to crack as she struggles to speak into a red microphone through sobs...

    -Christy Hemme "I'm...*sniff*..I'm Christy...Christy Hemme. Please join me...*sniff*...join me in welcoming...*sob*...Shane McMahon & Jeff Jarrett..."

    The crowd gasps in horror as the camera pans sideways...two men are strung up against a wall with their hands bound above their bags cover their heads, but a large figure steps in front of the view, back to the camera, and rips the bags off their heads, exposing their unconscious bodies!

    The crowd buzzes as CM Punk and the Originators pace in the ring, staring wild-eyed at the screens...the referees and staff have all snuck away to the back, leaving The Originators alone in the ring...

    -Christy Hemme "...*sniff*..tell me, does it feel finally...

    Christy breaks down in tears...her sobs cut right to the bones of every audience member in the Impact Zone...

    Suddenly, a loud BANG! is heard, causing Christy to jump and scream!

    -Christy Hemme "AAH! Okay! Okay! Please...*sob* does it feel to finally be face to face with Kane?

    Christy holds up the microphone to Shane's face, but the unconscious former Owner & CEO of the NEW doesn't move...Christy looks at the camera and continues to try and fight back tears...

    Off-camera, a deep, eerier laughter can be heard...the laughter gets louder as Christy Hemme looks into the camera and whimpers...

    -Christy Hemme "Can...can I go now?"

    The laughter rises and becomes deafening as the camera drops! Christy Hemme can be heard screaming for a brief moment as the screens all cut to static!

    Back in the Impact Zone, the lights return to normal...The Originators stand in the ring, unsure what to do...they look at CM Punk, who has his head down and his eyes closed...he breathes heavily, his shoulders moving up and down in rapid succession...

    Finally, CM Punk puts his head back and lets out a terrifying scream! He screams at the top of his lungs, the sound echoing through the arena!

    TNEW Impact! goes off the air...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*


    Friday Feb. 4th, 2011 - 5:14PM
    Quote Originally Posted by IMark4Punk
    Re: Friday Night Smackdown! Party - hosted by Mal
    You guys! I'm at the taping tonight posting this from my Blackberry! I'm not sure if this will affect tonight's show, but I have a HUGE SPOILER!


    What could he possibly be doing here!!??
    Friday Feb. 4th, 2011 - 5:15PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mal
    Re: Friday Night Smackdown! Party - hosted by Mal
    Since I have no way of proving you wrong, I can't ask that you're banned. Still, know that what you're saying makes almost no sense at all and makes you sound crazy. Don't try and hijack the Smackdown! party before the show even airs.
    Friday Feb. 4th, 2011 - 5:16PM
    Quote Originally Posted by mytimeisnow
    Re: Friday Night Smackdown! Party - hosted by Mal
    So I wasn't dreaming? I saw him too. He peeked out from the curtain for just a second. I'm sitting really close to the stage and made eye contact with him before he ducked back behind.

    I'm so excited for the show to get underway now. Could just be that he's visiting, but why now? Why tonight of all nights? This is going to be amazing...
    Friday Feb. 4th, 2011 - 5:17PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mal
    Re: Friday Night Smackdown! Party - hosted by Mal
    Guys...seriously stop, ok? Nobody believes you. It's not funny.
    Friday Feb. 4th, 2011 - 6:10PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Originators4LIFE
    Re: Friday Night Smackdown! Party - hosted by Mal


    Friday Feb. 4th, 2011 - 6:11PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mal
    Re: Friday Night Smackdown! Party - hosted by Mal
    Okay, they can be banned now.

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*


    Matt Morgan Does The Unthinkable!

    In an astonishing turn of events, newly-crowned TNEW X-Division Champion Matt Morgan has joined former TNEW Superstar Jay Lethal on WWE Smackdown!

    During Friday's taping of the show, the forums were abuzz when rumors from posters writing in on their smart phones hinted that Matt Morgan was in the building. After writing a few spoilers, most other posters were skeptical, thinking it could be an elaborate hoax. But the doubters were silenced later Friday night when WWE Smackdown! hit the airwaves.

    Early in the show it was announced that William Regal and a partner of his choosing would be facing Jay Lethal and a partner of his choosing in a Tag Team match later in the night. When it was time for the teams to go at it, Regal thought he had stunned the world when his partner, former RAW Superstar & Nexus team member Daniel Bryan, joined him in the ring. However, it was Jay Lethal that had the last laugh in this clip seen below...

    William Regal and Daniel Bryan stand side-by-side in the ring, eye-balling Jay Lethal, who is standing at the bottom of the entry ramp, smiling...

    -Michael Cole "This is going to be one helluva match tonight! Daniel Bryan has made his way over from RAW just to join his former trainer and beat some sense into Jay Lethal! While we're still unclear if Daniel Bryan is a permanent member of Smackdown!, one thing is for sure, the fans are in for a treat tonight!"

    Jay Lethal continues to wait for his partner, the smile never fading from his face...Regal and Bryan wait patiently as Lethal's music fades out...

    ...the crowd buzzes in anticipation...

    -Michael Cole "Oh. My. God."

    Several fans in the arena immediately recognize the music and begin cheering wildly! Strict WWE fans are confused for a moment, but as the man emerges from the entry way and word spreads amongst the crowd, everyone is eventually on their feet to welcome Matt Morgan to WWE Smackdown!

    -Michael Cole "Matt Morgan! Matt Morgan is on Smackdown!"

    As Morgan stands on the stage and poses, he is seen carrying a black bag in his hand...Morgan reaches into the bag and removes the TNEW X-Division Championship! He holds it high above his head as pyros explode behind him! The fans, all on the same page now, go absolutely berserk!

    -Michael Cole "History has been made here tonight on WWE Smackdown! William Regal complained last week that there wasn't enough talent on this show, so Jay Lethal answered the call. He brought over his friend Matt Morgan and in turn, he brought the X-Division Championship with him!"

    -----Video Skips To End Of Match-----

    After a hard collision, Daniel Bryan (who has been doing most of the fighting in the match) and Jay Lethal are down and out in the ring...both men eventually tag out and Matt Morgan rushes into the ring...Regal waits and bides his time, not stepping through the ropes...Morgan charges into his corner and is met with a low shoulder to the mid-section! Morgan hunches over and Regal steps through the ropes, but not before picking something up at ringside...

    -Michael Cole "William Regal has a hold of that X-Division Championship belt!"

    ...SMACK!! Regal lays out Morgan with the title right in front of the ref! The ref calls for the bell and disqualifies Regal, who looks at the X-Division title belt and spits on it! The fans boo loudly as Regal tosses the belt aside and begins stomping on Matt Morgan! He and Daniel Bryan continue to beat down on Morgan and Lethal as the video clip comes to an end...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*


    TNEW May Sue WWE! Triple H Speaks! Impact Rumors & More!

    Lawyers! Assemble!
    After the earth-shattering debut of TNEW X-Division Champion Matt Morgan on WWE Smackdown! Friday night (yes, you read that correctly), the roster section over at was immediately updated to show Matt Morgan and Jay Lethal in a stable together.

    Their name? T.N.E.W., or "Totally Newer Era Wrestlers".

    With this open mocking of Total New Era Wrestling, one has to wonder if this will see the lawyers emerging yet again. Well, wonder no more. Sources say that at TNEW headquarters in Orlando, Florida, activity is at an all-time high. The big brass has been in and out of meetings all week with suits coming and going all day long. TNEW appears to be working overtime trying to find a way to stick it to the WWE, although no word has come yet as to if they're taking legal action or not.

    After the way the last trial went, TNEW might want to consider themselves lucky and just let this one go.

    Triple H Steps Into The Spotlight
    After the amazing events that took place on Smackdown!, all eyes were on RAW Monday night as the show took in its highest viewership in nearly 3 years. Unfortunately, aside from seeing Daniel Bryan rejoin the roster after teaming with William Regal for one night only, the fans were rather disappointed for most of the night with no mention of TNEW...

    ...until Triple H took centre stage.

    Although Triple H is currently listed as "inactive" on the roster, his mouth has been exactly the opposite. After a couple candid interviews with ProWrestling Observer, Triple H had this to say in a promo on Monday night...

    As Triple H's music fades out and the fans' cheering dies down, Triple H begins to address the crowd openly...

    -Triple H "My fellow WWE fans. Not since the famed Monday Night Wars of long ago have we seen such events transpiring in the world of sports entertainment."

    Small pop from the crowd at the mention of the Monday Night Wars...Triple H looks around, perhaps expecting a bigger cheer, but quickly remembers the average age of the WWE audience in can only assume how old this must make him feel, but the veteran and future Hall of Famer keeps it professional, showing no emotion and continuing on...

    -Triple H "Now, I can't even begin to tell you how we found ourselves in this mess. While it's no secret that I'm privvy to the ins and outs of this company, even I can't tell you what led us here because it goes way over my head. I'm merely a small piece in a much larger puzzle at WWE HQ, so if you're looking to me for answers, you're going to be sorely disappointed."

    No real reaction from the fans...they whistle and cheer from the cheap seats and continue to listen intently...

    -Triple H "But what I can tell you is this: no matter who jumps ship, no matter who joins our side and no matter what happens in the immediate or distant future, the WWE will always come out on top!"

    There's the cheap pop he was hoping for! The fans erupt in applause as Triple H begins to get fired up in the ring! He leans over the top rope, placing his foot on the bottom to get extra leverage...he looks right into the camera and shouts into the microphone!

    -Triple H "So LISTEN and LISTEN GOOD, Eric Bischoff! If you think the worst is over, you're sorely mistaken YOU LITTLE WORM! We've invaded your show before AND WE CAN INVADE IT AGAIN!! So if you're not down with that, the WWE and all its fans HAVE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA..."

    Triple H hops into the centre of the ring and raises the microphone above his head!

    -Crowd "SUCK IT!!!"

    Instead of Triple H's music that he came out to, the DX Theme hits! The fans continue to cheer widly as Triple H climbs a turnbuckle and does several crotch chops...
    It looks like things have finally gone from the courtroom to the ring with the WWE striking first. Grab a drink and strap yourselves in, sports entertainment fans. You're not going to want to miss a second!

    Do NOT Miss TNEW Impact! Tomorrow Night!
    With everything going on between TNEW and the WWE this week, it's not like you need a reason to not miss Impact! tonight. But if for some reason you're still not convinced, here's some news for ya.


    While all of this is completely rumor for the time being, they come from EXTREMELY reliable sources. For that reason, we are including Spoiler Tags

    In an e-mail received from's source inside the TNEW, the following points were made:


    Injury Update
    Brian Kendrick
    Has been cleared to return to action at his discretion.

    Tommy Dreamer
    Still nursing cracked ribs and suffered a recent setback during rehab. Doubtful for TNEW PPV event.

    Rob Van Dam
    In good spirits and resting at home. Still has plenty of recovering to do, but it was still good to see him on TNEW television last week.

    Hulk Hogan
    Listed as day-to-day. Hogan has recently released another book regarding his personal life titled "I Didn't Die At 40, So Now What?" and is planning a signing tour. Don't expect to see him back on TNEW television any time soon.

    Stevie Richards
    In a situation that has even doctors baffled, Stevie Richards barely suffered any injuries in the explosion. Doctors have said he 'won the lottery' so to speak and escaped the accident with minor burns and cuts from flying debris. Strangely though, Richards has rejected painkillers for the burns and has shown little emotion since the event. He also hasn't said a word to anyone, even though he's been completely conscious with no signs of head trauma or brain damage. will keep you posted on his progress...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    Several of TNEW's biggest stars flash on the screen as the offical TNEW theme song, "Hear Me Now" by Hollywood Undead fills homes across the world! Pyros explode in the Impact Zone and the fans are all riled up as it's time for another edition of TNEW Impact!

    As the camera pans across the screaming crowd, Mike Tenay & Taz welcome everyone to the Impact Zone!

    -Mike Tenay "Like the song says, can you hear us now, world? I'm Mike Tenay alongside Taz for yet another huge edition of TNEW Impact!"
    -Taz "If the world can't hear this crowd, I don't know who can."
    -Mike Tenay "Well there are certainly people in the World of Wrestling Entertainment that I hope are listening VERY closely tonight."
    -Taz "Oh, very nicely done."
    -Mike Tenay "We've got a big show for you tonight folks. Our main event of the evening revolves around an on-going feud between several of TNEW's brightest stars."
    -Taz "That's right Mike. Over the past few weeks, Christopher Daniels has been struggling, which was fine...until the bullying started."

    Highlights from the past few weeks are shown as Taz & Mike Tenay give the run down of the events...Daniels' loss to Hernandez...his loss to Shannon Moore after interference from Abyss and eventually his run-in with TNEW Television Champion Mr. Anderson that led to a non-title match between Anderson and Eric Young...

    A graphic then appears on the screen for the night's main event...

    -Mike Tenay "...which brings us to tonight. TNEW Television Champion Mr. Anderson will be teaming with The Monster Abyss against Eric Young and The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels."
    -Taz "What a match that is going to be! With only a couple weeks to go to our first TNEW Pay-Per-View, the Television title scene is absolutely exploding! Anything can happen here tonight!"

    With that, the view cuts backstage and we see Eric Bischoff in his office...the fans in the Impact Zone boo loud enough that they're picked up by the microphones backstage...

    Bischoff is speaking with someone on his office phone...

    -Bischoff "Yeah that's fine....yeah....oh I already know what the Pay-Per-View name is going to be. Believe me, it's great! I'm actually upset I didn't think of it myself! Alright I-...hello? Hello?"

    The line having gone dead, Bischoff tries hanging up several times and repeating himself..

    -Bischoff "Hello?...Hello?...He-ah, SCREW IT!"

    Bischoff slams the phone down and gets on his intercom...he presses the key, but hears only static...

    -Bischoff "Irene can you ple-...Irene?...Hello?...what the hell is going on?"

    As Bischoff continues to have technical difficulties, his office door opens...Bischoff looks up, then down quickly, then slowly back up, his eyes wide with fear...the crowd begins to buzz, but are pleasantly surprised when the person in Bischoff's office steps into's none other than the Owner & CEO of the company, Dixie Carter!

    Bischoff continues to stare at her, wide-eyed...he forces a smile and speaks..

    -Bischoff (clearing his throat) "D-..Dixie! Hi! How are you?"

    -Dixie "Hello Eric."

    -Bischoff "I wasn't expecting you. Please, have a seat. Uh, forgive me if you heard shouting. My phone, it-"

    -Dixie "It's fine, Eric."

    -Bischoff "So uh, how are you? Can I get you anything?"

    Bischoff presses his intercom...

    -Bischoff "Irene, can you get Ms.-"

    Bischoff hears only static...

    -Bischoff "AH HELL!"

    He tosses the intercom on the floor and stares at it angrily..he then looks back at Dixie and smiles...

    -Bischoff "So, what brings you here?"

    -Dixie "Eric, I'm worried about you."

    -Bischoff "Worried? Why worried? You have nothing to worry about. I appreciate the thought, but you don't have to be worried. Why, what's wrong?"

    -Dixie "Well for starters, you're sweating like a horse in a glue factory. It doesn't take a genius to know that you're overwhelmed."

    -Bischoff "Overwhelmed? Well, maybe a little, but it's nothing I can't handle?"

    -Dixie "Nothing you can't handle, Eric? How am I supposed to trust you when you say that?"

    -Bischoff "What do you mean?"

    -Dixie "Eric, just watching you on television is more than enough to see that you've bit off more than you can chew. You're becoming more frantic every week, your Twitter posts scare the heavens out of me and you just threw a tantrum because your phone wasn't working."

    Bischoff glares down at the intercom on the floor as Dixie Carter continues...

    -Dixie "Eric, are you even aware that one of our most prestigeous titles, one that has been in our company for almost 10 years, the X-Division Championship, is now on WWE television?"

    -Bischoff "Of course I'm aware! Everyone is!"

    -Dixie "That title was a staple in our company. It symbolized our originality and dedication to the fans. But you let it slip away without even a second glance."

    -Bischoff "Yeah, but-"

    -Dixie "But nothing, Eric. There's no excuse for your actions. Have you even booked a match for the Pay-Per-View in 2 weeks?"

    Bischoff says nothing...

    -Dixie "Oh Eric...I'm ashamed."

    Dixie Carter shakes her head and stands up to leave...

    -Dixie "Eric, you're on thin ice. You've started a war with the WWE and I have zero confidence that you can lead us to victory. Either you turn things around tonight, or you're fired."

    The fans go wild as Dixie Carter turns and leaves the office! Eric Bischoff slumps back in his desk chair and watches her leave in total disbelief!

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    When we return from the break, we see TNEW Knockout SoCal Val standing by backstage with the Olympic Hero himself, Kurt Angle! The fans give a mixed reaction for Angle as SoCal Val begins...

    -SoCal Val "Ladies and gentlemen I'm backstage with a true Olympic Champion, Kurt Angle! Kurt, what are your thoughts on returning to the ring here tonight?"

    -Kurt Angle "Valerie, I couldn't be happier. After a bit of time off to patch up my personal life, it brings me great pleasure to come back to the company that has been so good to me these past years."

    -SoCal Val "Can we get some thoughts on your opponent tonight, Hernandez?"

    -Kurt Angle "My opponent tonight is a tough individual, but he's not Olympic Hero tough. Sure, it was probably hard for him to hop that fence and take advantage of our society and government, but he's no match for a true American. When it's all said and done, I'm sure Hernandez will have no problem sitting back and collecting our tax dollars when I put him on the injured list."

    -SoCal Val ", any closing remarks?"

    -Kurt Angle "Thanks for asking, Valerie."

    Kurt takes the microphone and turns to the camera..

    -Kurt Angle "Hello Jeff. I'm sure you're somewhere in the building tonight, so if you're not too busy getting your hair and nails done, or catching the latest episode of "Glee"I'd like you to listen closely. You represent everything that is wrong with the world today. A true American doesn't express themselves like you do. A true American doesn't dye their hair every colour of the rainbow and prance around the ring like a fairy. No, a true American is someone like me. Someone who does their job and doesn't ask questions. They only give answers, whether people like to hear it or not. And in the future, when the world is looking for answers, they'll look to true American heroes like the honesty of Glenn Beck, the true grit of Sarah Palin and the power of John McCain. And when they look for heroes in the ring, who do you think they're going to look for? Will they remember the 3-dollar bill freak? No. They'll look no further than The Olympic Champion, KURT...ANGLE. Oh it's's DAMN true!"

    Angle hands the mic back to Val and exits...


    Back in the Impact Zone, the fans are still booing loudly as Angle's promo comes to an end...

    As the music of Hernandez hits and he enters the Impact Zone with Hector Guerrero at his side, Taz and Mike Tenay comment on Angle's remarks...

    -Mike Tenay "Well folks, Kurt Angle certainly had some strong words for Jeff Hardy and his opponent tonight, Hernandez."
    -Taz "I can't believe Kurt Angle. He thinks he's a true American? Well THIS American says he can go to hell!"
    -Mike Tenay "I think most of the fans here would agree with you, Taz. They seem to be warming up to Hernandez, who has given them no reason to do so."
    -Taz "Probably out of spite."

    Hernandez and Hector Guerrero don't acknowledge the fact that the fans are warming up to them...they simply get to the ring quickly, Hernandez staring straight forward and Guerrero jacking him up as much as he can...

    By the time we hear the music of Kurt Angle, Hernandez is fuming in the ring! Angle stands on the stage and raises his arms upward as red, white and blue pyros explode behind him...the boos are relentless as he eyeballs Hernandez while marching to the ring...

    -Mike Tenay "I don't think Kurt Angle is even aware that the fans are ready to kill him!"
    -Taz "He's the most oblivious, obnoxious, close-minded-OH! LOOK OUT!"

    Hernandez doesn't even wait for Angle to get to the ring! He charges out of the ring and attacks Angle at the bottom of the ramp! Hernandez and Angle exchange hard shots with Hernandez eventually getting the upperhand! As he pounds Angle againt the crowd barrier, the fans go wild!

    Hector Guerrero urges Hernandez to continue the punishment as the fans in the area cheer and wave at the cameras...Hernandez grabs Angle by the head and leads him towards the ring...he goes to slam Angle's face into the ring steps, but Angle blocks it! He throws an elbow into Hernandez's gut and returns the favour...*SLAM!* Hernandez falls into a daze as his head bounces off the unforgiving steel of the stairs!

    Angle uses the opportunity to slide into the ring...after getting to his feet and talking with the ref, the referee nods his head and calls for the bell, signaling the start of the match...

    Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero


    Kurt Angle quickly urges the ref to begin a count out. The referee is forced to oblige and begins counting out Hernandez.

    Outside the ring, Hector Guerrero coaches Hernandez back to his feet. Hernandez gives his head a shake and pulls himself up using the ring apron. The referee's count reaches 5 before Hernandez manages to get up on the apron. Angle tries to knock Hernandez off the apron, but Hernandez sees him coming and drops a shoulder right into Angle's mid-section. Hernandez then grabs him by the head and falls to the arena floor, using the ropes to Guillotine Angle! Kurt Angle flops onto his back and clutches his throat as Hernandez crawls into the ring.

    Hernandez uses his size advantage to muscle Kurt Angle to his feet after a few stiff kicks to the ribs. Hernandez hooks Angle's head for a DDT and Angle tries to punch at Hernandez's ribs to break free. Hernandez takes the pain and keeps his arm hooked, then takes his other arm and hooks Angle's left leg. He hits a HUGE Fisherman's Suplex and holds for the cover!



    Kick-out by Angle!

    The crowd cheers for Hernandez and his technical display. Angle quickly gets to his feet and glares at Hernandez, nodding and smiling, as if to say "Alright, let's play".

    Still favouring his neck, Angle disregards the pain and meets Hernandez for a lock up. They jostle back and forth for position, Hernandez forcing Angle to his knees a few times, but Angle not letting go of the grapple. Finally, Angle slips an arm free and hits a stiff Uppercut, knocking Hernandez backwards. With Hernandez off-balance, Angle quickly strikes with a Chop Block, taking Hernandez down. As Hernandez clutches his knee, Angle quickly controls his leg and starts stomping on the inside of his knee, working the now tender area.

    This continues for several minutes as Angle works over Hernandez's knee, kicking and dropping elbows on it. Angle eventually twists his leg around and attempts a Sharpshooter, but Hernandez quickly flips towards the ropes and grabs them, forcing Angle to stop the submission attempt. Angle doesn't seem to mind and instead, lifts Hernandez to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and as Hernandez comes back, Angle hops over him, allowing him to run into the opposite ropes and build momentum. As Hernandez rebounds, Angle runs into the opposite ropes and meets Hernandez in the middle of the ring, nailing a picture-perfect Crossbody! Angle tries to hold for the pin, but Hernandez rolls through and locks in a Roll Up!



    Another kick-out by Angle!

    Frustration begins to set in and Angle beats Hernandez to his feet. He charges at Hernandez, who is having trouble pulling himself up and is favouring his knee. Angle goes for another takedown, but this time Hernandez manages to side step, sending Angle charging head-first into the ring post! With Angle in a daze, Hernandez takes a minute to lean on the ropes and rest his knee...

    Angle gets back to his feet and is favouring his head. He stumbles around slightly and even falls to one knee for a moment. As he picks himself up, a small trickle of blood can be seen coming from the crown of his head...

    -Taz "Angle's head connected with that ring post! If we're lucky, he'll have a concussion and leave us alone for another couple weeks!"
    -Mike Tenay "Now now, Taz, it's never proper to wish an injury on a TNEW Superstar, even if they are a total jackass."

    Angle moves into the centre of the ring and Hernandez is ready...he kicks Angle hard in the stomach and sets him up for the Border Toss!

    ...NO! Angle slides over Hernandez's back! He drops in behind him and grabs at his injured leg, sweeping him off his feet! Angle holds onto his targeted leg's ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock!

    -Mike Tenay "That's it. Angle has him locked in."
    -Taz "Ah DAMN it!"

    Angle yells and trash talks Hernandez as he control his ankle, wrenching the submission in deeper and deeper...Hernandez screams in pain as he looks for an out, but after realizing he's right in the centre of the ring with nowhere to go, he raises his arm and prepares to tap.....

    Suddenly, the lights dim as a theme never heard before begins to play...

    -Taz "Alright! Kane's finally going to beat up someone that deserves it!"
    -Mike Tenay "I don't think it's Kane..."

    As the music builds, black lights hit the stage...every screen in the Impact Zone lights up with wild neon colours...

    The ringposts around the ring shoot purple laser beams up into the air! Several other purple lasers dance around the Imact Zone as the crowd cheers! Several female fans dance along with the beat, as do several young fans caught up in the moment!

    -Taz "It's like Laser Floyd in here, Mike! This must take you back, huh?"
    -Mike Tenay "I wouldn't know what you're talking about Taz."

    "We Are The Prodigy!"


    As huge purple flames explode from the stage, the fans go absolutely crazy as Jeff Hardy emerges from the tunnel!

    -Mike Tenay "It's Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy is here!"

    Through the darkness and purple glow, Kurt Angle can be seen fuming in the ring! He glares at Hardy, having already released the Ankle Lock on Hernandez! Hernandez lies in the centre of the ring, clutching his leg as Angle shouts from the ring and argues with the referee!

    Up on the stage, Jeff Hardy puts on a show for the fans! Covered in purple and green body paint, Jeff Hardy glows vibrantly as he waves his arms and dances on the stage! The fans dance and laugh along as the show continues!

    -Taz "This is awesome, Mike! Jeff Hardy knows how to party!"

    Jeff Hardy continues to flail around the stage as he usually does, then after a moment, he disappears back down the tunnel! The fans go crazy with chants of "HARDY!! HARDY!!" while the lights return to normal and the lasers fade away...

    As the smoke clears from the stage and ramp, Kurt Angle can be seen cursing at the ref and generally losing it! What he doesn't notice is Hernandez getting to his feet!

    Kurt Angle finally gives up, scoffing at the ref and turning around.....right into a stiff kick from Hernandez!

    Angle is lifted high up in the air! The crowd goes wild!

    ...BORDER TOSS!! Hernandez covers!




    Winner: Hernandez
    The Impact Zone erupts as Hernandez leaps to his feet in celebration! The celebration only lasts a minute though as he immediately favours his injured leg...

    -Mike Tenay "Hernandez did it! Hernandez beats Kurt Angle!"
    -Taz "Gotta give an assist to Jeff Hardy though! What a show he put on! I'm still in the mood to bust a move after that one!"
    -Mike Tenay "Please, for all our sakes, don't ruin the moment."
    -Taz "Good idea. YEAH HERNANDEZ!"

    Hector Guerrero joins Hernandez in the ring and helps him through the ropes...Hernandez is all smiles as he backs up the ramp and waves at the fans! Hector Guerrero waves his huge Mexican flag, proudly displaying his country's colours through the stitching, symbolizing that although his country is broken, they still hold a lot of pride and a fighting spirit...

    Angle stirs in the ring and watches as Hernandez disappears he realizes what just happened, he grits his teeth and breathes heavily in the ring...he lowers his head and slams his fist hard into the mat, then stands up...the ref offers help, but Angle shoves him aside and exits the ring, quickly storming up the ramp...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, we see Eric Bischoff standing in his office...he paces back and forth, rubbing his hands together, clearly nervous...he mutters to himself...

    -Bischoff "What am I going to do? Think, Eric. Think!"

    Just then, the door to his office bursts open and in storms Kurt Angle! The fans boo as Angle shouts at Bischoff..

    -Bischoff "Kurt!"


    -Bischoff "Whoa, what? Didn't you just have a match?"

    -Angle "I don't care! I want that freak in the ring RIGHT NOW!"

    -Bischoff "Alright, alright calm down Kurt. I'm not about to put one of my top guys in harms way. Besides, Jeff Hardy isn't cleared to wrestle yet, so you're not fighting him tonight, but-"

    Suddenly, Eric Bischoff gets an idea...he looks away for a second, then smiles and nods...Angle looks over his shoulder in the same direction as Bischoff...

    -Bischoff "...yeah. Hey, YEAH!"

    -Angle "Wh-...what? What are you looking at?"

    -Bischoff "Oh Eric, you GENIUS! Alright Kurt, here's the deal. You'll get Jeff Hardy on the biggest stage in our very first Pay-Per-View! But that's not all!"

    -Angle "It's not?"

    -Bischoff "No! It's going to be Kurt Angle.....vs. Jeff Hardy....are you ready? Ready for this? a STEEL CAGE!!"

    Bischoff claps his hands together and laughs as Kurt Angle looks on..

    -Angle "Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!"

    He and Bischoff shake hands as the crowd goes nuts! Angle leaves the office and continues to pace in his office, this time smiling to himself..

    -Bischoff "Let's see how Dixie likes THAT! Ha ha!"

    Bischoff picks up the phone, completely forgetting that it isn't working...he immediately gets no signal and grabs the phone, tossing it across the smashes against a wall and Bischoff heads out of his office in search of Dixie Carter...


    Back in the Impact Zone, Mike Tenay and Taz are standing by...

    -Mike Tenay "What the hell is going on in Bischoff's office tonight?"
    -Taz "I'll give you three guesses, Mike, but the first two don't count."
    -Mike Tenay "Really? You think Kane is responsible?"
    -Taz "Who else could it be?"


    We cut backstage again and this time we're in the locker room with Originators Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin! The fans can be heard screaming and chanting from the Impact Zone!

    Alex Shelley is taping his wrists as Chris Sabin laces up his boots...the fans continue to cheer in anticipation of the Motor City Machine Guns being in action later tonight, but the cheers change purpose as CM Punk & Paul London appear on screen!

    -Paul London "Hey guys, how's it going?"

    The four men exchange pleasantries and high fives as Shelley and Sabin stand up to welcome their stable mates...

    CM Punk seems rather down and steps in front of the three of them to address them properly..

    -CM Punk "Listen, guys, before you go out there tonight, there's something I want to say."

    The cheers die down as CM Punk continues...

    -CM Punk "Last week I really lost my cool. The frustration over the past little while has been wearing me down and...well, I just snapped. I didn't take your feelings into account at all when I took matters into my own hands against Fortune."

    Shelley and Sabin both place a hand on his shoulder...

    -Shelley "Listen, dude, it's ok."

    -CM Punk "No, it isn't. All I wanted to do was set an example and try to lure out Kane, but it only made things worse. Fortune may be a bunch of complete as[BLEEP]les, but they didn't deserve what I did to them. Beating the hell out of a couple of jerkoffs isn't going to lure Kane out."

    -Sabin "Then we're just going to have to stick together until he makes his move."

    -CM Punk "But how long will that take? How many people are going to see their lives ruined before Kane emerges from his festering hole in the ground to get what's coming to him?"

    The rest of the Originators nod in agreement...they look down at the ground, unsure what to say next...

    Suddenly, the silence is interrupted when smoke begins emerging from one of the lockers...

    -London "What the-?"

    The smoke turns black and pours out of the locker even more! The fans buzz as the Originators shield themselves, preparing for the worst!

    -CM Punk "WATCH OUT!"
    -Sabin "GET DOWN!"

    The smoke continues to pour as they all take cover behind a bench...after a moment, they hear a loud banging from inside the locker!

    -Female Voice "HELP!! ..*COUGH COUGH*..HELP ME!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!..*COUGH*"

    Without even thinking, the Originators all rush the locker! They use all their strength to wrench the locker open as the voice inside continues to cough and wheeze, pleading for help!

    The door is ripped open and out falls Christy Hemme!

    -Taz "CHRISTY!!"

    Christy Hemme falls from the locker and right into the arms of CM Punk! He catches her and pulls her away from the smoke...the fans cheer and applaud as CM Punk lays her down on a bench, pushing her matted and dirty hair out of her face..

    -CM Punk "Water! Get her some water!"

    Alex Shelley pulls a bottle of water out of his locker and puts it to Christy's lips...she takes the bottle and a few big gulps, she coughs and speaks..

    -Christy Hemme "..*cough*..Thanks. Thanks you guys. Boy am I glad to see you."

    Christy coughs a bit more and clears her throat...the Originators give her some space as she sits up and hands something to CM Punk..

    -Christy Hemme "Here."

    CM Punk takes what's in her hand and looks at's a small voice recorder...he looks back at Christy Hemme, puzzled...

    -Christy Hemme "It's from Shane."

    The fans erupt as CM Punk and the rest of the Originators look at one another in shock!

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, we see Eric Bischoff storming down a hallway backstage...the fans boo as he turns a corner and bumps into James Storm & Robert Roode! The boos turn to cheers as the men known as Beer Money eye Bischoff up and down...

    -James Storm "Excuse you."

    -Bischoff "Whatever. Outta my way."

    Bischoff tries to push between both men, but they each put a hand on his chest and hold him back..

    -Robert Roode "Whoa whoa whoa, not so fast there friend."

    -Bischoff "Augh, what do you want?"

    -Storm "We wanted to talk to you about the upcoming Pay-Per-View."

    -Bischoff "Really? What about it?"

    -Roode "Well, what kind of Pay-Per-View would it be without Beer Money? We want a match."
    -Storm "Yeah."

    The fans cheer at the thought of Beer Money included in the first ever TNEW Pay-Per-View!

    -Bischoff "Oh really? You two are going to stand here and request a match at our biggest event to date after the crap you pulled last week?!"

    Roode and Storm rub their chins and look at their feet, remembering their count out loss to Team 3D...

    -Bischoff "That's what I thought. In fact, due to your actions last week, the two of you are suspended until after the Pay-Per-View! Now if you'll excuse me."

    Bischoff goes to push past them again as the fans boo loudly...Storm goes to stop Bischoff, but Roode simply puts a hand on his chest and shakes his head, mouthing the words "Just let it go."...Bischoff gets past them, but this time he walks right into Ric Flair!

    -Flair "Whoa! Hey Eric! Where do you think you're going?"

    -Bischoff "Jesus Chr-WHAT IS IT, Ric?"

    -Flair "Hey now friend, no need to raise your voice at the Nature Boy! Listen.."

    Flair puts his arm around Bischoff's shoulders...

    -Flair "Last week you made the Nature Boy a promise. You promised him that at least one member of Fortune would have a fair shot at the TNEW World Championship in the near future if we held up our end of the deal last week."

    -Bischoff "So? What's your point?"

    -Flair "Well, we held up our end, so now it's your turn."

    -Bischoff "My turn!? You call that holding up your end? CM Punk ran both your guys over last week! AJ Styles has a concussion and Kazarian has a dislocated shoulder! Sorry, in my book, that's NOT holding up your end! Besides, with Styles and Kazarian injured and your other two morons earning themselves a 2 week vacation, who's left?"

    Flair smiles as he steps back and allows Douglas Williams to step into view! The fans cheer as Williams rubs his hands together, staring down at Eric Bischoff...

    -Bischoff "Doug Williams?"


    The fans cheer again as Bischoff looks Douglas Williams up and down...Bischoff thinks to himself for a moment, then ever so slowly, an evil grin crosses his face...

    -Bischoff "Alright Ric, a promise is a promise. Doug, come with me."

    Bischoff puts an arm around Williams' shoulders and the two walk off...Ric Flair, Robert Roode and James Storm watch as Ric Flair smiles...Roode and Storm shake their heads, walking in the other direction...


    Back in the Impact Zone, the fans explode as the music of The Originators hits! From the tunnel appear Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin!

    As they make their way to the ring, Taz and Mike Tenay recap the recent events transpiring backstage...

    -Mike Tenay "Oh boy, Taz. Things are sure getting heated leading into the first ever TNEW Pay-Per-View."
    -Taz "Ha ha, you said it Mike! I'm DYING to know what's on that voice recorder!"
    -Mike Tenay "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. I'm just glad Christy Hemme is ok. It gives me hope that Shane McMahon and Jeff Jarrett are safe somewhere too."
    -Taz "You got that right."

    As Shelley and Sabin warm up in the ring and await their opponents for the evening, Taz and Mike Tenay continue...

    -Mike Tenay "Also, don't forget folks. Later tonight, Eric Bischoff is going to announce the winning pick for the TNEW Pay-Per-View name!"
    -Taz "I can't wait! Word is spreading backstage and I hear it's a good one!"

    The fans begin to boo loudly as the music of Generation Me begins to play...almost immediately, the TNEW Tag Team Champions Max & Jeremy Buck emerge from the tunnel...the newly designed TNEW Tag Team title belts are strapped around their waists as they head to the ring, ignoring the booing crowd...

    -Mike Tenay "Earlier this week, a challenge was laid down by the Tag Team Champions to the former Motor City Machine Guns. They requested a non-title match against Shelley and Sabin, stating, and I quote, 'As the best tag team in TNEW history, we want to show the world that we can be 'Originators' too. We deserve this match so we can embarrass one of the oldest teams in the business AGAIN before we embarrass Team 3D and show these so-called 'Originators' that it's time to hang up their boots'."
    -Taz "Oh my lord. I can't stand these guys."
    -Mike Tenay "Well, TNEW hasn't been around that long. They might be right about one thing."
    -Taz "Nope, sorry. They may have upset Shelley and Sabin in the past, but they got lucky. These little pukes are going to get what's coming to them tonight."
    -Mike Tenay "They can't lose their Tag Team Championships tonight, but they can certainly lose their egos, which I'm betting Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin are planning on beating out of them."

    Matt Buck and Alex Shelley square off in the ring as Chris Sabin and Jeremy Buck talk trash from opposite corners of the ring...they point and shout at one another as the referee retains order and instructs them to not get too hot-headed and obey the rules...the bell sounds and we're underway!

    "The Originators" Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
    "Generation Me" Max & Jeremy Buck

    Non-Title Match


    Jeremy Buck reaches down by his feet and lifts up one of the TNEW Tag Team title belts high above his head. He holds it for Sabin and Shelley to see, simply grinning at both of them. Shelley ignores this while Sabin continues to shout from his corner.

    Alex Shelley and Max Buck circle one another and Shelley moves in for a Lock Up. Max Buck quickly drops to his stomach and slides behind Shelley, tripping him up along the way. Shelley falls face-first onto the mat and Max goes for an Elbow Drop, which Shelley quickly rolls away from. When Max hits the canvas, Shelley springs to his feet and bounces off the ropes, quickly nailing a stiff Seated Dropkick to the side of Max Buck's head! Shelley quickly gets back to his feet and starts stomping on Max Buck, keeping him incapacitated in the centre of the ring. He turns around and has some choice words for Jeremy, who decides to make a rookie mistake and step through the ropes, drawing the ref to his corner. Shelley capitalizes on this mistake and quickly brings Max to his corner where he tags in Chris Sabin.

    Sabin goes up top and Shelley picks up Max, hitting a Backbreaker. Sabin leaps as Shelley holds him in position...

    ...Leg Drop from Sabin! Sabin covers!



    Max Buck just BARELY kicks out! Feeling that this match could end early, Chris Sabin wastes little time picking up Max Buck and sending him into the ropes. He hits a lovely Backdrop, then runs off the adjacent ropes before bouncing back and hitting a Running Shooting Star Press for another quick cover and a 2-count...

    Sabin tags Alex Shelley back in, who once again has some choice words for Jeremy Buck. Jeremy doesn't fall for Shelley's tactics this time and simply scowls at Shelley from his corner. Shelley isolates Max Buck in a corner and slows the pace of the match, deciding to inflict some pain on Generation Me and perhaps, teach them a lesson.

    After several minutes of Alex Shelley punishing Max Buck, he hooks him in a Suplex position and looks as if he's setting up for the Golden Gate Swing, but Max Buck manages to wriggle free. He shoves Alex Shelley into the ropes, but Shelley comes back and attempts a quick Super Kick, which Max Buck ducks under! Max Buck drops to one knee and gives Shelley a hard shot right in the genitals!

    Alex Shelley drops to his knees and screams in pain as the crowd boos...Max Buck is scolded by the referee, but he ignores it and quickly tags in his partner, Jeremy Buck...

    After several agonizing minutes trapped in his corner, Jeremy Buck decides he's going to taunt Alex Shelley. He laughs at Shelley and mocks him, holding his own groin and wiping fake tears from his face.

    This only enrages Chris Sabin, who lets his emotions get the better of him and now he steps through the ropes, drawing the referee to him. Jeremy Buck picks up Alex Shelley and takes him over to his corner where Max Buck is resting on the outside. Jeremy Buck places Alex Shelley upside down in a Tree of Woe position, which Alex Shelley quickly tries to get out of, but finds that his head is being held by Max Buck!

    The referee is distracted by Sabin, who desperately tries to get the ref to turn's no use however and Jeremy Buck backs up, then hits a devastating Dropkick right into the face of Alex Shelley!

    Shelley slumps down off the turnbuckle as Sabin runs his hands through his hair in frustration. He steps out of the ring and referee turns around in time to see Jeremy Buck pinning Alex Shelley!



    Shelley kicks out!

    -Taz "I didn't think Alex Shelley had it in him to kick out of that one!"
    -Mike Tenay "Neither did I Taz, but I'm glad he did and so is Chris Sabin!"

    Chris Sabin smiles to the crowd and gets them clapping along, trying to coax Alex Shelley back to his feet...Shelley tries to get up, but Jeremy Buck quickly tries to take him back down with a few hard stomps on the back. Shelley fights through the pain and pushes himself up to his knees, then eventually his feet, all the while fighting through hard punches from Jeremy Buck! Alex Shelley is on his feet now and he manages to block a hard right from Jeremy..Shelley hits a few rights and lefts of his own, beating Jeremy Buck against the ropes! He whips Jeremy into the opposite ropes and when Jeremy comes back, Shelley hits a Drop Toe Hold, then quickly scrambles into position and locks in the Border City Stretch!!

    -Mike Tenay "Border City Stretch! Alex Shelley has that deadly submission locked in tight!"

    Sensing the end is near, Max Buck charges into the ring and stomps on Alex Shelley, breaking up the submission! He looks down at Shelley, but doesn't see Chris Sabin leaping over the ropes! The crowd explodes as Sabin knocks Max Buck to the ground with a hard Springboard Clothesline!

    The referee has already signaled to the timekeeper though to ring the bell. The bell sounds and Jeremy Borash takes over while chaos erupts in the ring...

    -Jeremy Borash "The referee has called a stop to this match as a result of an illegal man in the ring. The winners, by Disqualification...Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin!

    Winners: "The Originators" Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
    Shelley and Sabin stand up and look at one another as the crowd roars! They look back down at the motionless Tag Team Champions, then shrug at one another and go back to work!

    -Taz "Oh baby! Shelley & Sabin ain't done yet!"

    Jeremy Buck clutches his sore neck and rolls out of the ring as Max Buck is left alone with one of the deadliest tag teams in the company's history...Sabin and Shelley both lift him up and send him into the ropes..

    ...Double Backdrop! Sabin and Shelley slap hands, then run off opposite ropes...Shelley plants a Leg Drop on Max Buck's head while Sabin lands simultaneously with a Running Senton Splash! Max Buck rolls around in pain, but Shelley and Sabin aren't finished...

    -Mike Tenay "CM Punk made an example out of AJ Styles and Kazarian last week and it looks like Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are going to make an example out of Generation Me this week, specifically Max Buck!"
    -Taz "I don't care what they do, as long as they don't stop! I'm loving this!"

    Chris Sabin lifts Max Buck into a Powerbomb position, but backs into a corner...

    -Taz "Oh boy, I know what's coming next!"

    ...Alex Shelley pulls himself up to the top rope and readies himself...he hooks Max Buck's head and leaps!


    The entire ring shakes as Max Buck is planted hard on the canvas! Jeremy Buck can only watch as the devastating maneuvre is executed with perfect form!

    -Mike Tenay "The Originators Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin have really made an impact here tonight! Generation Me may still be walking out of here Tag Team Champions, but the embarrassment they've endured will never leave their side!"
    -Taz "I can't wait to see what Team 3D is gonna do to these two punks! Ha ha!"

    Shelley and Sabin head back up the ramp towards the tunnel, pausing for a moment to signal to the roaring crowd! Jeremy Buck finally enters the ring to check on his partner as we cut to commercial...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    We once again see Eric Bischoff walking backstage with Douglas Williams at his side...

    As they march down the hallway, they pass The Amazing Red, who sees Bischoff and runs up behind him...

    -Red "Mr. Bischoff! Mr. Bischoff!"

    Bischoff tries to ignore him, but eventually rolls his eyes as Amazing Red catches up with him...Bischoff stops and lets out a deep sigh...

    -Bischoff "What?"

    -Red "I just wanted to ask you if you had any plans for us, now that the X-Division Title is-"

    -Bischoff "THANK YOU! Goodbye!"

    Bischoff turns to leave and starts walking away, completely ignoring The Amazing Red! As Bischoff walks away, Red shouts from down the hallway...


    Bischoff stops dead in his tracks...he and Douglas Williams turn around and walk back to Red, Douglas Williams getting right in Red's face..


    Eric steps in between the two men..

    -Bischoff "Douglas, it's ok. Red, listen. I admire your courage, I really do...but that mouth of yours is going to get you into SERIOUS TROUBLE!"

    As Bischoff screams in Amazing Red's face, he doesn't back down an inch...he sticks out his chin and stares nose-to-nose with Bischoff...

    -Bischoff "Look, you feel like you've got something to prove? Fine. You've got a match coming up next, so you'd better go get ready."

    -Red "Really? Against who?"


    Bischoff stares down Amazing Red as he slowly backs off and turns down the hallway...Eric Bischoff and Douglas Williams continue on their way...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    Once again after the break, Eric Bischoff and Douglas Williams are walking briskly down a dark hallway...

    -Douglas Williams "So...where is Ms. Carter anyway?"

    -Bischoff "We're not looking for her anymore. I changed my mind."

    Douglas Williams looks at his surroundings...he starts to sound nervous as the hallway gets darker...

    -Williams "Um, where are we going?"

    -Bischoff "You'll see."

    That evil grin returns to Bischoff's face as he turns a corner and Williams follows...

    Suddenly, a door flies open directly behind Eric Bischoff! A huge plume of steam emerges from the room as Douglas Williams screams in fear! He's pulled into the room by some unknown force as Eric Bischoff stops in his tracks!

    Without turning around, Eric Bischoff simply stands and grins that evil grin...Williams can be heard screaming in the room as loud crashes and bangs are heard! It seems to go on forever, until finally the door opens slowly and Douglas Williams slumps out of the room, falling to his back...

    Eric Bischoff slowly turns around and looks down at Douglas Williams...he crouches down and leans in close to his face...Williams is clearly unconscious, but Bischoff speaks anyway...

    -Bischoff "Did you really think that I would allow my career to rest on your shoulders? I have to come up big tonight to keep my job and unfortunately for you, Douglas, you're nothing. I'd rather the TNEW World title wasn't defended at the Pay-Per-View than have your sorry ass in the ring with one of the greatest men in the business today."

    Bischoff leans in closer...Douglas Williams is still completely knocked out...

    -Bischoff "Oh, sorry...what's that? Your boys in Fortune will teach me a lesson? You really think that's true, Douglas? Well I've got news for ya buddy. With Kane on my side, I'm unstoppable."

    Bischoff stands up and grins for a moment more, then wipes the smile from his face and begins to yell down the hallway...


    Bischoff walks down the hall and continues to call for help as we cut back to the Impact Zone...


    The fans give a great ovation for The Amazing Red as he runs out of the tunnel and onto the stage! He poses for a moment and is all smiles as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring...

    -Mike Tenay "Don't let his size fool ya, folks. This man is one of the most courageous superstars this company has to offer."
    -Taz "He sure is. Unfortunately, with the X-Division Championship stolen away from us, The Amazing Red's future is uncertain. He's always been one of those X-Division guys that just didn't fit anywhere else, y'know what I mean?"
    -Mike Tenay "I do, Taz, but if anyone can come out of that division today and shine, much like past superstars have, it's this man."

    The Amazing Red stands in the ring, chatting with the referee as he waits his opponent...

    Red's smile fades and the crowd begins to boo as not one, but two men step into the Impact Zone! Staring at Amazing Red from the stage are Gunner & Murphy!

    -Taz "Oh great."
    -Mike Tenay "Come on! Hasn't this guy had a tough enough month already?"

    Gunner and Murphy smile as they both step into the ring, remove their t-shirts and face off with Amazing Red...they crack their knuckles and rub their fists together, flexing their muscles in an intimidating fashion and preparing for an all-out beat down as the bell sounds...

    The Amazing Red vs. Gunner & Murphy
    Handicap Match


    Gunner and Murphy continue to smile at Amazing Red, who doesn't really seem to know what to do first. He looks to the crowd, who stop booing and begin cheering, trying to rally Amazing Red along.

    -Taz "Don't encourage him, folks! He's just going to get hurt!"
    -Mike Tenay "I'm inclined to agree with you, Taz. There's no shame in walking away from this clear disadvantage."

    But Amazing Red doesn't back down from any fight. He charges at Gunner and Murphy, who both release huge Haymakers...and miss! Amazing Red slides behind the two huge men, hitting a stiff Dropkick into the back of Gunner and sending him stumbling forward! By the time Murphy turns around, Red is already mid-air, planting a hard Enziguri Kick right to the side of his head!

    The crowd goes wild as Amazing Red uses his speed to quickly hop to the top rope! He sees Gunner charging and leaps for a Flying Crossbody...

    ...but Gunner catches Red mid-air. Red tries to struggle out of it, but Gunner simply holds onto him and smiles. The crowd boos as Gunner flips Red high into the air, allowing him to fall onto his shoulder. Gunner then turns and squashes Red with a devastating Powerslam!

    Gunner looks as if he might pin, but he stands up and looks down at Red, smiling. He grabs Murphy, who is shaking off the Enziguri, then points at Red. Murphy lifts Red to his feet as the crowd continues to boo. Taz and Mike Tenay beg for someone to come to Red's aid, but nobody does, allowing Gunner and Murphy to continue the double team, once again planting Red with a huge Double Powerbomb!

    Gunner remains in a seated position and holds Red's legs for the easy pinfall..




    Winners: Gunner & Murphy
    The crowd continues to boo as Gunner & Murphy stand up and raise their arms in victory...

    -Taz "Yeah, what a 'victory'. Way to squash a kid that's a fraction your size you clowns."
    -Mike Tenay "You have to feel for Amazing Red in this situation. He showed more courage here tonight than anyone I've seen in recent memor-...oh God, what now?"

    Murphy goes to leave the ring, but Gunner stops him...they decide to appease Eric Bischoff even more and pick up Red...the referee pleads for them to leave the ring, but Murphy grabs the ref and tosses him from the ring..the crowd boos as Gunner and Murphy set up Amazing Red again...

    ...another Double Powerbomb!

    -Mike Tenay "Just leave the kid alone already!"

    Gunner and Murphy high five as Amazing Red lies motionless in the ring...the fans boo loudly as the two men slowly leave the Impact Zone...

    As Gunner & Murphy take their time and finally leave the Impact Zone, the camera zooms in on Amazing Red...the crowd watches as he begins to stir, then slowly pulls himself onto his side...the referee checks on him and talks to him, but Red is in a daze and can't answer...the referee signals for EMT's, but Red finally puts a hand up and shakes his head, telling the ref to stop...

    After another moment, Amazing Red pulls himself into a seated position...the fans are cheering now as the referee offers help, but Red waves him off...another minute passes and Red finally pulls himself to his feet, leaning hard on the ropes! The fans go wild as Red slowly exits the ring and manages to head up the ramp on his own power!

    The fans give a standing ovation as Red shows his toughness and exits the Impact Zone...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    Back from the break, the fans boo as the music of the TNEW Television Champion hits and Mr. Anderson heads to the ring...

    -Mike Tenay "Folks we've got a huge Main Event tonight that's guaranteed to get explosive, but I have to ask Taz: can you believe Eric Bischoff?"
    -Taz "Are you surprised, Mike? The way he's been acting, he was bound to finally snap. Kane and Edge have been doing his dirty work for weeks now!"
    -Mike Tenay "But to blantantly injure someone just to deny them a shot at the Pay-Per-View Main disgusts me!"
    -Taz "You and everyone else, Mikey."

    Mr. Anderson steps into the ring and raises his arm...the spotlight hits him and his microphone lowers...he grabs it as his music fades and paces in the ring, smacking on his chewing gum...

    -Mr. Anderson "Now a lot of you are probably wondering why I'm teaming with Abyss here tonight."

    -Taz "Nope, it's pretty obvious."

    -Mr. Anderson "Well the answer is simple, but I'll explain it for the slower fans in attendance tonight. Abyss and I have a bumpy past, but we do have a common goal that overpowers the differences we may have once had. That goal, you ask? To crush Christopher Daniels!"

    Loud boos from the crowd...Anderson pauses, then continues...

    -Mr. Anderson "Now I know you all have a little soft spot in your hearts for The Fallen Angel, but it's time to move on. It's time for you all to embrace a new hero. And who better than your reigning TNEW Television Champion, MIIISSSTEEEERRRRRRRRR...AAANDERRRSSSSOOOOOOOONNN!!"

    Mr. Anderson releases his microphone and spits his gum into the audience as the music of Abyss plays...the Monster enters the arena and quickly joins his partner in the ring...

    Anderson barks an order at Abyss and points at their corner, signaling that he wants to start the match...Abyss simply stands in the centre of the ring, then steps towards Anderson...not wanting to start a fight with his partner already, Anderson backs down and steps through the ropes, but he's not happy about it...

    The fans erupt in cheers as Eric Young quickly makes his way up the tunnel and into the Impact Zone! He doesn't waste any time marching down the ramp and getting into the ring, not fearing Abyss or Mr. Anderson enough to wait for his partner...

    The fans pick up on his courage and continue to cheer him on...Young simply glares at Abyss, who glares right back...both men begin to step towards the centre of the ring as the fans get even louder!

    Fearing the fight may begin without him, Christopher Daniels hurries into the Impact Zone as the fans go wild! He's too late, however, as Abyss and Eric Young already begin exchanging punches in the ring!

    The fans cheer and chant for him and Eric Young as Daniels jogs to the ring and hops onto the apron in his corner! The bell sounds and the Main Event is underway!

    Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs. Christopher Daniels & Eric Young


    As Abyss and Eric Young exchange blows in the ring, Christopher Daniels stands in his corner and cheers on his partner, knowing that he's going to need a lot of encouragement to continue his assault against the Monster, Abyss.

    Meanwhile, in his respective corner, Mr. Anderson simply stares across the ring at Christopher Daniels with a slight smirk on his face. He places a new stick of gum in his mouth and could care less how the match in the ring is going, not taking his eyes off Daniels for a second.

    The fans care however as they cheer Eric Young on as he and Abyss continue to exchange blows.

    Abyss' size proves to be too much and Young is eventually beaten into a corner. Young watches as Abyss winds up for a huge Haymaker and manages to slip out of the way just in time. Abyss' arms come crashing down on the top turnbuckle and before he can turn around, Eric Young falls backwards, hitting a lovely Bicycle Kick right to the back of Abyss' head! Abyss falls forward into the corner and Eric Young leaps up, grabbing the back of his head. Young falls backwards, hitting a Double Leg Backbreaker!

    Eric Young gets to his feet and looks to the crowd. They get to their feet as well and cheer as Young tags in his partner, Christopher Daniels!

    With Abyss set up nicely for him, Daniels enters the match and takes control. He uses his smarts to keep Abyss on the ground, knowing that as long as Abyss stays off his feet, he has a chance. Every time Abyss tries to pull himself up, Daniels sweeps his arms and keeps him on his stomach or back. Daniels locks in a Read Chin Lock and holds it for several minutes, keeping Abyss away from his corner and wearing the Monster down.

    In Abyss' corner, Mr. Anderson is barely paying attention. He looks to the crowd and yawns, mocking Daniels. Some fans nearby boo him loud enough that they get Mr. Anderson's attention. He looks at them and spits his gum in their direction, prompting security to step between the fans and the crowd barrier.

    Back in the ring, Abyss begins to fight to his feet. Daniels tries to keep the hold locked in, but Abyss throws a heavy elbow into Daniels' gut, forcing him to release. Abyss bounces off the ropes and comes at Daniels, taking him down with a Shoulder Block. Abyss bounces off the adjacent ropes, but Daniels manages to sneak in a Drop Toe Hold and lock in a Half Boston Crab to the crowd's enjoyment.

    Mr. Anderson continues to mock Daniels, leaning on the top rope and pretending to doze off. The fans continue to boo him, but he ignores them, as well as what's happening in the ring. Had he not, he may have seen Christopher Daniels get up and walk over to his corner! As Mr. Anderson opens his eyes, Daniels winds up and slaps him across the face!


    -Mike Tenay "I guess Christopher Daniels has had enough of Mr. Anderson's disrespect!"

    Mr. Anderson rubs his cheek, then slowly turns and glares at Daniels in shock! Rather than jump in the ring, though, he simply smiles and points behind him...Daniels turns around and his eyes widen as he sees Abyss on his feet!

    CHOKESLAM ON DANIELS!! The crowd begins to boo as Abyss takes Daniels down to the canvas with a heavy Chokeslam!

    Christopher Daniels is laid out cold, but the damage has been done...Abyss kneels, favouring his leg from that Half Boston Crab and doesn't cover right away...he finally reaches over and manages a pin attempt..



    Daniels kicks out! The crowd cheers again as Daniels lies face-down in the ring...Abyss reaches up and tags in Mr. Anderson, who enters the ring for the first time in the match...

    -Taz "Oh boy, here we go."

    Mr. Anderson begins disrespecting Christopher Daniels immediately...he walks around Daniels, throwing in the odd kick to Daniels' midsection while Eric Young watches from his corner...

    Finally, Mr. Anderson picks up Daniels and puts his head between his legs, signaling for a Powerbomb...Mr. Anderson flips Daniels up..

    ...Daniels reverses into a Hurricarana! He reaches back and hooks Anderson's legs!



    Anderson kicks out just in time! Daniels falls forward and Mr. Anderson springs to his feet!

    Daniels tries to get to his corner, but Mr. Anderson has him by the leg! Daniels pulls himself up..

    ..ENZIGURI! Mr. Anderson ragdolls onto the canvas as Daniels tags in Eric Young!

    Young sprints into the ring and hops over Anderson, going right at Abyss, who is resting in his corner..Abyss looks up as Young hits him with a hard punch, sending him to the arena floor! Mr. Anderson gets to his feet and, in a total daze, he turns to face Eric Young, who is waiting patiently...

    He kicks Anderson hard in the gut..

    ...SPIKE PILEDRIV-NO!! Anderson reverses, lifting Eric Young high into the air with a Back Body Drop! Anderson turns around to face Young, who slowly gets to his feet..

    Young swings at Anderson, who ducks out of the way! He hooks Young in position for the Mic Check, but Eric Young counters as well! He throws two heavy elbows into Anderson's head, knocking himself free! Anderson staggers backwards and falls forward, allowing Eric Young to hook both his legs! He lifts up Mr. Anderson into the air!

    ...YOUNGBLOOD NECKBREAKER!! Eric Young covers!




    Winners: Eric Young & Christopher Daniels
    The fans erupt as the ref's hand comes down for the 3-count! Eric Young and Christopher Daniels have won!

    -Taz "What a finish! Eric Young, for the second week in a row, has pinned the TNEW Television Champion!"

    Christopher Daniels gets into the ring and begins celebrating with his partner...outside the ring, Abyss watches the celebration, but rather than crash the party, he simply shakes his head and exits the Impact Zone, leaving Mr. Anderson lying flat on his back in the ring...

    Daniels and Young continue to celebrate as the view cuts backstage...


    Backstage, Eric Bischoff is all smiles as he is making his way out to the Impact Zone...he's almost at the arena entrance when he bumps into interim TNEW World Champion, Edge! The fans boo loudly as they both stop at the same time..

    -Bischoff "There you are! Where have you been all night?"

    -Edge "Around. Why, what did I miss?"

    Bischoff simply shakes his head in frustration...

    -Bischoff "C'mon, you're not gonna want to miss this."

    He and Edge head towards the arena...


    The view quickly cuts to another hallway backstage...the fans roar as we see The Originators standing together, all in their black "New Era Original" t-shirts...chants of "N-E-W!!" can be heard from the Impact Zone as CM Punk addresses the group...

    -CM Punk "Alright, when we get out there, we've gotta be ready for anything. Don't let Bischoff distract you when he starts running his mouth. We stick together and if Kane shows up, our numbers are going to be the only thing that can save us, got it?"

    -Shelley, Sabin & London "Got it."

    Off-camera, a female voice is heard...

    -Female Voice "You guys got room for one more?"

    Stepping into view is Christy Hemme! The fans simply melt as she struts on screen wearing a black tank top that reads "New Era Original"! A black mini-skirt shows off her legs and she finishes off her outfit with a pair of black heels...her vibrant red hair falls perfectly over her shoulders and she looks as if nothing has happened to her at all!

    -Taz "Mike, I'm in love."
    -Mike Tenay "I think you've got a lot of competition here, Taz."
    -Taz "I don't care. I'll Tazmission my way to Christy if I have to!"

    The Originators all stand with their mouths gaping open and their eyes wide...

    -CM Punk "...Christy. What are you doing?"

    -Christy Hemme "You think I'm going to give Kane the satisfaction of besting me? Don't forget, I'm a New Era Original too y'know. Now c'mon, we've got work to do."

    Christy Hemme turns and leads The Originators towards the Impact Zone...they push and shove for position as they all want to be the first one to follow her out...the fans laugh as we cut to the last commercial break of the evening...

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    The Impact Zone becomes the most hate-filled place on the planet as the music of Eric Bischoff hits...the co-CEO steps into the Impact Zone alongside the interim TNEW World Champion, Edge...Bischoff is in his trademark black suit while Edge is wearing a black coat with white pants and white shoes...his long blond hair is pulled back in a ponytail and the TNEW World Championship belt is gleaming from his shoulder...

    -Mike Tenay "I can't even stand to look at this grinning weasel."
    -Taz "I'm trying to figure out who's smile looks more evil: Bischoff's or Edge's?"
    -Mike Tenay "Bischoff. Definitely Bischoff. He's pure evil. Edge is simply a misguided idiot."

    Bischoff continues to grin at the audience as he steps on the apron and sits on the second rope, bending it down for Edge to easily step through...Edge thanks Bischoff and gets in the ring, immediately climbing up on a turnbuckle and raising the TNEW World title belt above his head...the fans continue to boo while Eric Bischoff applauds from the ring...

    Bischoff eventually takes a microphone from Jeremy Borash and begins to address the crowd...

    -Bischoff "Y'know, I was beginning to think that my luck would never turn around tonight, but after that wonderful, warm welcome, I can't help but feel like my luck is changing."

    The fans can be heard cursing and insulting both Bischoff and Edge from ringside...the boos echo through the Impact Zone so loudly that Bischoff is forced to pause...chants of "ASSHOLE!! ASSHOLE!!" emerge from the boos, causing Bischoff's smile to fade...

    -Bischoff "Now there's no need for name-calling, folks. I've had a hard enough night as it is. My job being in jeopardy aside, I had to witness a horrific incident with Douglas Williams who-"

    The "ASSHOLE!!" chants get even louder!

    -Taz "Oh give me a break!"
    -Mike Tenay "The gall on this guy! Dixie Carter, I hope you're listening!"

    Bischoff begins to get worked up...he lowers his head and glares upward at the crowd...


    The booing gets even louder as the fans sense they're getting under Bischoff's skin...

    -Bischoff "I TRIED TO PLAY NICE!! I've done in mere WEEKS what your beloved Shane McMahon has been trying to do for YEARS!! IF YOU CAN'T RESPECT THAT, THEN TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU!!"

    Bischoff's face turns beat red as he paces around the ring, shouting at the entire audience! Edge has his arms crossed in front of him and he scowls and nods in approval...

    -Taz "Bischoff's finally lost it."
    -Mike Tenay "No, he hasn't lost it. I've seen him lose it and he's close, but he's not quite there yet."

    Bischoff stands in the centre of the ring and lowers his head, taking a deep breath...he brushes his hair out of his face and looks up, smiling...

    -Bischoff "I apologize, my dear fans..."

    -Mike Tenay "Alright, NOW he's lost it."

    -Bischoff "...I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me. And what an emotional night it has been, no? We've seen a lot of ups and downs, but we're forgetting the most important event that has yet to take place...announcing the winner of the TNEW Name The Pay-Per-View Contest!"

    The fans give a weak round of applause, excited to hear the name of the Pay-Per-View, but still annoyed with Bischoff and Edge...

    -Bischoff "Now, you're all going to just love the name that I, Eric Bischoff, have hand-picked to bring TNEW to the Pay-Per-View world! In fact, it's a damn shame that Shane McMahon isn't here to hear this, because I know he would have loved it. I'm actually rather upset that I didn't think of the name on my own, but that's no matter because, as fate would have it, the name is absolutely perfect."

    Bischoff pauses and smiles as the crowd buzzes in anticipation...

    -Bischoff "Ladies and gentlemen, in just 10 days time, Total New Era Wrestling will be LIVE! from the Impact Zone with...


    The fans absolutely blow their tops! They boo and curse Eric Bischoff and Edge as they stand in the ring, arms raised above their heads!

    -Mike Tenay "Of all the lousy things to do..."
    -Taz "Can you believe this?! He's busting Shane McMahon's balls and he's not even here to defend himself! What a scumbag!"

    As the huge Main Attraction XII banner lowers above the stage, Eric Bischoff and Edge are all smiles as the crowd boos and begins to toss garbage into the ring...

    Edge looks at the banner, then poses similarly to the way he is on the banner...he smiles as he does it and Bischoff continues...

    -Bischoff "That's right! In just 10 days time, Total New Era Wrestling brings to you Main Attraction XII: The Fire Still Burns!!"

    Bischoff and Edge share another laugh, but are interrupted when...

    Just before a riot is about to break out, the boos turn to wild cheers as the music of The Originators hits!

    -Mike Tenay "Thank God!"

    Christy Hemme leads the rest of the Originators onto the stage and all five members stand shoulder to shoulder, glaring at Eric Bischoff and Edge...

    Eric Bischoff grins at the men (and woman) on stage, almost as if he expected them to show up..

    -Bischoff "You're all just in time. Did you come to congratulate the winner of the PPV naming contest in person? They're probably watching at home."

    Not a single member of The Originators budges...they all glare at Bischoff for a moment, not saying a word...

    In the ring, Bischoff and Edge look at one another, then chuckle to themselves as Bischoff continues...

    -Bischoff "So what is it then? Why did you all feel the need to come out here and drool from the stage like the group of retards you all are!"

    Bischoff and Edge laugh from the ring...Edge offers up a high five and Bischoff accepts as the crowd boos...

    After another moment, CM Punk simply raises one arm, holding a microphone...he then raises his other arm and in his hand is the tape recorder that Christy Hemme gave him earlier in the night...

    A hush falls over the crowd as CM Punk presses play on the recorder...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane McMahon

    "Hello? God I hope this works...*cough*...

    My fellow NEW Originals. Thank God I keep this recorder on me for memos and the like. If any of us get out of here, hopefully this makes it to you guys...*cough*..

    As you already know, Kane is holding Christy Hemme, Jeff Jarrett and myself hostage. I don't know where we are or what he intends to do, but just know that I'm safe...for now.
    There's some more static on the tape...Christy Hemme begins to tear up, clearly still traumatized from the the static clears, Shane continues as wild screaming from a female can be heard in the background..

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane McMahon
    "Dear God, what is he doing to her?

    (away from the recorder) "LEAVE HER ALONE, YOU MONSTER!!"

    "I really hope this gets to you guys because I need to tell you something. I need you to know that even though things seem hopeless right now, they aren't. Eric Bischoff is going to try and destroy you from the inside out, but you need to beat him at his own game. Need an example? Go out into the Impact Zone after you get this message, preferrably when Eric Bischoff is addressing the crowd..."
    Bischoff and Edge begin to look worried in the ring...they continue to wait patiently as the crowd begins to buzz...CM Punk and the rest of the Originators continue to stare Bischoff down...the anticipation in the air is overpowering...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane McMahon
    "You see, Eric Bischoff isn't the only one that has tricks up his sleeve. I promised you guys that you wouldn't be alone and I'm about to deliver on that promise because you and I know the true meaning of being an NEW Original...

    ...and so does MY 'insurance investment'."
    The fans go absolutely nuts! Bischoff looks as if he's seen a ghost! Edge steps forward and takes the microphone from Bischoff, interrupting the tape recording...

    -Edge "Whoa whoa whoa, that's enough! Turn that crap off!"

    The fans boo loudly as Edge snarls at the Originators from the ring...CM Punk lowers the recorder and presses the pause button...

    -Edge "I don't know what kind of BS this is, but I've heard enough! Mr. Bischoff came out here to do two things tonight, one being announce the name of the TNEW Pay-Per-View and two, announce who would be facing me, the interim TNEW World Champion, at said Pay-Per-View! Since number one is out of the way and none of you have come out here to challenge me, then I suggest you pack up and get the HELL OFF MY STAGE!!"

    Edge breathes heavily from the ring as the fans continue to boo him...

    Even with his loud tirade, Edge gets zero reaction from The Originators...the suspense continues to build as CM Punk does nothing but raise the microphone and the recorder again, pressing play and finishing the recording...Edge throws up his arms in disgust as the recording crackles to life...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane McMahon
    "...and so does MY 'insurance investment'.

    Eric, if I know you well enough, you've come out here tonight and tried to embarrass me yet again. You've come out here to laugh behind my back as I'm held hostage against my will. But what you haven't done is truly understand the POWER that the NEW holds.

    Sensing something was wrong, I called up Dixie Carter. I told her that in case I went missing, to make sure my final orders were taken care of. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome MY 'insurance investment', the man who was hand-picked by Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and myself to be the first man to face Edge for the TNEW World Championship, J-

    The fans groan in disappointment as the tape crackles and fizzes out...Bischoff and Edge breathe a sigh of relief, until...


    The lights slowly fade out as a haunting piano tune fills the air...

    With the lights out, the fans can be heard screaming and cheering as Eminem's "'Til I Collapse" begins to play...

    Eminem - "'Til I Collapse"
    Yo left, yo left, yo left right left
    Yo left, yo left, yo left right left
    Yo left, yo left, yo left right left
    Yo left, yo left, yo left right left

    As the hand claps begin, the tunnel behind The Originators lights up in blinding white light! The silhouette of a man can be seen standing in the entry way, arms folded in front of him, his head down...

    Till I collapse I’m spilling these raps long as you feel em
    Till the day that I drop you'll never say that I'm not killing them
    Cause when I am not then I am stop pinning them
    And I am not hip-hop and I’m just not Eminem.

    The fans in the Impact Zone begin clapping along with the song! Camera bulbs flash like crazy through the darkness! The sound in the Impact Zone is deafening, but the dark silhouette in the tunnel doesn't move...

    Subliminal thoughts when I'm stop sending them women are caught in webs spin and hauk venom
    Adrenaline shots of penicillin could not get the illing to stop.
    Amoxacilin is just not real enough.

    The Originators move onto the entry ramp, still not taking their eyes off of Bischoff and Edge...

    The criminal cop killing hip-hop filling minimal swap to cop millions of Pac listeners.
    Your coming with me, feel it or not you’re gonna fear it like I showed you the spirit of god lives in us.

    As the music builds, Edge and Bischoff can be seen through the darkness, their eyes wide in fear...

    You hear it a lot, lyrics the shock is it a miracle or am I just a product of pop fizzing up.
    For shizzle my whizzle this is the plot listen up you bizzles forgot slizzle does not give a fuck.


    In a huge eruption of blue pyros, the lights in the Impact Zone flash bright white! The silhouette has finally begun moving as he charges across the stage and lets out a loud, wild scream! The fans in the Impact Zone absolutely lose their composure as we finally see who the silhouette belongs to!

    Standing in the Impact Zone is none other than former WWE Superstar, WWE World Champion, NEW Original and former NEW World Heavyweight Champion...


    The music fades out and the lights have finally returned to normal, but the fans in the Impact Zone don't let up a bit! They scream and cheer as John Cena stands on the stage behind the five Originators in front of him!

    -Mike Tenay "I can't believe what I'm seeing! John Cena is in the Impact Zone!"
    -Taz "This is unbelieveable! This is unreal! This...THIS..."
    -Mike Tenay "This is Eric Bischoff's WORST NIGHTMARE!!"

    John Cena glares at Eric Bischoff as chants of "CENA!! CENA!!" erupt from the crowd! He points and talks trash as the Originators continue to stand and watch Bischoff's every move!

    In the ring, Eric Bischoff and Edge are white as ghosts! Neither one budges as they simply stare in disbelief!

    As the crowd continues to roar, The Originators, John Cena, Eric Bischoff and Edge have one of the most intense staredowns in sports entertainment history...the camera zooms in on Bischoff's face and just before cutting the feed, we see Bischoff mouth the words "How could this happen?"

    TNEW Impact goes off the air...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*



    The Cena Has Landed!
    TNEW ImpacT! went off the air last night with a HUGE twist of events!

    When Eric Bischoff came out to announce the name of the first TNEW Pay-Per-View, Main Attraction XII: The Fire Still Burns, he was confronted by The Originators, who added Christy Hemme to their entourage. Christy was released from Kane's clutches with a recording from Shane McMahon. On the recording, Shane told Bischoff that he and Dixie Carter chose an opponent for Edge to face at the first TNEW PPV.

    That opponent? Former WWE Superstar, WWE Champion, NEW World Champion, federal prisoner and now, New Era Original, John Cena.

    As the episode went off the air, Bischoff could be seen mouthing the words "How could this have happened?" and we're inclined to agree.

    How DID this happen? TNEW finds itself on the brink of an all-out war with the WWE and one of their biggest and brightest stars shocked the world when he came to the aid of the New Era Originals and Shane McMahon in what will now go down as one of the most historic moments in sports entertainment.

    But why? In the eyes of the wrestling community, Cena, who bounced back from a cocaine possession charge that saw him serve 2 years of a 5 year sentence, who embraced his ex-convict personna when he thrust himself back into the spotlight in the now defunct NEW, who now appears to have "given it all up" for what some still regard as a less-popular "smaller venue".

    Perhaps Cena has heard the call of a friend in need, or perhaps Cena believes that something much bigger than the WWE is about to transpire. Perhaps Cena is expecting a war that could change the face of sports entertainment as we know it.

    Regardless of why Cena showed up in the Impact Zone last night on behalf of Shane McMahon, one thing is obvious: he's against Eric Bischoff. Cena has chosen his side and with Bischoff's recent track history, we now have to wait and see what's in store for him.

    Over The Edge
    While we haven't heard from John Cena yet and it will probably be some time before we hear from Shane McMahon again, we also haven't heard the other side of the big match next Sunday. We haven't heard from the interim TNEW World Champion, Edge.

    But really, we haven't heard a lot from Edge period. Bischoff seems to do all of Edge's talking for him, which would lead one to believe that he does a lot of Edge's thinking too.

    Given his history, we know Edge is a smart man. We know Edge is always only looking out for number one, so why stand back and let Bischoff dictate his future? How does Edge benefit from this? Was turning on his powerful friends and choosing Bischoff's side the smartest move?

    Edge has to be asking himself this question now that the tables have turned and Bischoff has finally begun to show weakness. But if Edge decides he's made the wrong choice, Champion over friendship, will his old pals that once looked up to him to lead, ever take him back?

    Main Attraction XII: The Fire Still Burns
    "The Fire Still Burns"...clearly, in Bischoff's attempt at embarassing Shane McMahon further, he threw in this little gem to really dig at the fact that Bischoff has single-handedly learned how to control the most intimidating man to come out of the NEW, Kane.

    But how? How does Bischoff seem to make Kane do his bidding? We rarely see Kane, but we have seen Kane, so we know it isn't just some ruse. Kane is on Bischoff's side and that scares the HELL out of everyone.

    With Kane and Edge on his side, Bischoff believes he's unstoppable. But with the growing number of opponents calling themselves New Era Originals, how can Bischoff be so sure? Throw in the fact that the major league, the WWE, is making open-ended threats about squashing the TNEW like they did the WCW, Bischoff had better have a plan for his henchmen. As powerful as they may be, they're still only two men against the world.

    With shocking answers seems to always come new questions. These answers and many more will continue to unfold on TNEW Impact!, so don't miss a moment of the action.

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    WMS' review of RT's latest TNEW Impact.

    -Love the addition of the graphics. It makes the presentation of your fed look better than it already was. The graphics are really clean and nice on the eye. Just like the writing I guess!

    -First of all, I’m enjoying the intertwining with WWE and Triple H in particular. Interesting stuff.

    -I like the angles you’re developing with Daniels and Young, especially Young. I see him as being TNEW’s answer to Richards in NEW: the guy that gets a massive push unexpectedly.

    -Bischoff cut off by static. Foreshadowing of something big happening perhaps? If it is, just another example of how subtle things can help build something big.

    -The interaction between Dixie and Bischoff was very well written. You made Dixie come across as strong, upset and angry. You also put over the X-Division title in the process and portrayed Bischoff as losing power by being short-sighted. Very good opening.

    -Didn’t care much for the Angle interview but it’s nice to see him back and I look forward to seeing what you do with him.

    -Heel versus Heel, always nice and a refreshing change.

    -Really fun summarised match while it lasted and one I wouldn’t mind seeing play out again.

    -I loved the introduction of Jeff. Invaders Must Die is one of my favourite Prodigy songs and its scary how well it fits Jeff. I liked the distraction and Hernandez gets the rub of the green too by going over Angle. An Angle/Hardy feud will be all sorts of fun. Good job.

    -Good interchange with angry Kurt and Bischoff and we get a match at Main Attraction out of it. Not just any match, a steel cage match. Good booking.

    -The Originators – the best stable in Fan Fic history. And I’m not saying that because four of the men involved are in my top five favourites. (Kendrick is the other!)
    -Really enjoyed the following segment with Punk lamenting on what he did last week, admitting that his feelings got the best of him. And I liked the unity that followed.

    -The segment ended strongly also with Christie being saved and her handing the guys a tape from Shane. I don’t know if there is anyone better than you for lulling in a reader, wrapping them with suspense and forcing them to read on. It’s a skill I wish I had.

    -Bischoff came off great there with Beer Money and Flair. What a dick! He really put over Punk as well by going over how Fortune got their asses kicked. Williams getting a title shot could be interesting. With Flair by his side, he’ll get the rub. I wasn’t too keen on having Beer Money suspended as that could affect your tag division but we’ll see how that goes.

    -On the other hand, with these two teams your tag division might be alright. I really liked your writing of Gen Me as heels. They aren’t really charismatic in real life but you pulled it off well here and it translated into the match.

    -Your best match of the night by far, explosive and a fun read. I may be biased as that’s the wrestling I favour but either way you did a grand job.

    -I liked the post-match attack: it shows that they really mean business. Add that with Punk’s attack last week and we get that The Originators are pissed off and ready for a fight with Kane, Bischoff and anyone else who gets in their way. Great storytelling.

    -Segment between Red and Bischoff worked in terms of emphasizing the stress Bischoff is in. And it got us a match.

    -Fuck, that was some swerve. Bischoff is evil. I loved that he completely undermined Williams and also that he shrugged off any worry saying that with Kane he is unstoppable. I’d have loved to have seen something similar with those two on RAW years back.

    -Uggh, didn’t care for the squash of Red. One, I hate Gunner and Murphy and two, I don’t like Red getting squashed.

    -The commentators put Red over but the squash was needless. I’d have preferred someone meaningful kicking his ass. Not those two jokes.

    -Red came across well as the segment ended but yeah, not a fan of Gunner and Murphy.

    -I love Anderson as TV Champ. I think that if you’re going to have a TV Champ, it should be someone that actually has charisma and a face for the TV. Anderson suits that.

    -Anderson’s pre match promo was short but fun and a good way to build before the beginning of the match.

    -The finish was excellently written. Lots of near falls and then finally Young picked up a big win. A Young/Anderson feud over the TV Title writes itself and then you can continue Daniel’s storyline also. Good work once again.

    -It looks like we’re on course for a showdown!

    -Bischoff has been the MVP of tonight’s show. Hands down. I love the PPV name, good choice by PB.

    -Loved that ending, you wrote it perfectly. Having The Originators just stand in silence then Punk play the tape. The reveal was huge and having Cena announced like that was a kickass idea. You teased us with the static ending, then teased us again with the music and then bam, he shows his face. A-maz-ing!

    -I loved Edge and Bischoff’s reaction and I can’t wait to see how Cena plays into all of this. Having Cena on Shane’s side will be interesting also.

    -Anyway, another solid show. Some parts dragged on but most was written superbly and built foundations for future shows. Keep it up.
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*


    Cena Shocks The World! Vince McMahon Finally Speaks! Impact Highlights & More!

    TNEW's Newest Recruit Reports For Duty
    In a move that absolutely nobody saw coming, Shane McMahon struck back at Eric Bischoff even though he's held in captivity by Kane. When Bischoff entered the Impact Zone to announce the name of the upcoming TNEW Pay-Per-View, he had no idea what was in store for him.

    After Bischoff announced the PPV would be called "Main Attraction XII: The Fire Still Burns", The Originators showed up on stage with a recording from Shane that was smuggled from Kane's lair by Christy Hemme when she was released unexpectedly. In the recording, Shane claimed that he would "beat Eric Bischoff at his own game" and he, Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter chose an "insurance investment" of their own to face Edge for the TNEW World Championship.

    That "insurance investment"? None other than the NEW Ex-Convict himself, John Cena.

    Nothing was said after Cena entered the Impact Zone and even if it were, it would have been drowned out by the immense cheering and celebrating going on. As Cena rushed the Impact Zone and fired everyone up, Eric Bischoff could only be seen mouthing the words "How could this happen?"

    We have a feeling that question will be answered on Thursday's episode of Impact!, the last episode before Main Attraction XII. Don't miss it!

    Vince McMahon Breaks His Silence
    WWE Owner & CEO Vince McMahon hasn't said a word regarding the explosive month in TNEW...until now.

    WWE Raw kicked off from TD Garden in Boston with Vince McMahon and Triple H entering the arena to a roaring crowd. As the camera panned the audience, a handful of signs could be seen with such phrases as "Why, Cena? Why?" and "TNEW: Totally Not Entertaining Wrestling". The war had begun and after Triple H was unable to hold his tongue regarding the matter, it appears now Vince can't either.

    A clip of Vince's speech is below:

    Vince stands in the ring alongside Triple H and the two stare out over the crowd...both men are wearing dark suits and both men are grinning as they notice that the WWE crowd is holding true to their roots...

    -Vince "It's good to see that you all didn't show up in Orlando tonight instead of coming here!"

    The crowd cheers and laughs as Vince continues...

    -Vince "You all have seen what happened on Thursday night. Since I choose to view quality programming when I'm at home, I didn't hear about what happened until my cell phone went crazy with calls, texts and e-mails. When I realized I wasn't being pranked, I immediately called the one person I can trust outside my immediate family, my, my SON, Triple H!"

    Triple H nods at Vince as the crowd goes wild! Chants of Hunter's name shower on the ring below...

    -Vince "As far as I'm concerned, Triple H is my only son!"

    More cheering, although Vince seems to be losing some of the crowd as booing can be heard from the cheap seats...

    -Vince "This is the second time that my so-called 'son' Shane has betrayed me with this New Era Wrestling nonsense. Last time around, he may have got the upperhand, but as I said all along, his business was doomed to fail. Now, like the virus that the NEW is, it's clung on to a once-great company with decades of history behind it and is sucking the life out of it!"

    The crowd is completely divided now...more and more "N-E-W!" chants can be heard, which catches the ear of Triple H...

    -Vince "Even though Shane goes through failure after failure after failure, he still refuses to give up on his pipe dream. Now, Shane has enilisted the help of one of the greatest stars in WWE history, John Cena."

    Finally the crowd agrees on something and the boos are deafening! More chanting is heard, this time of "CENA SUCKS! CENA SUCKS!"..

    -Vince "Well Shane, if you're listening...oh, of course you're not. Apparently you've been 'kidnapped'. Doesn't surprise me. Anyway, you'll get the message I'm sure. I just wanted to let you know that I've enlisted some help of my own. The man beside me joined forces with me against you once and now, he's prepared to do it again."

    Triple H stands beside Vince, arms crossed, looking as intimidating as he can...he and Vince stare right into the camera...

    -Vince "And may have won this week's battle, but I assure you...the war is going to be violent and long. By the time we're through with you, you're going to wish you never escaped the prison you're being held in now."

    Vince moves the microphone towards Triple H, who leans in over his shoulder..

    -Triple H "And if Shane McMahon, John Cena and the New Era Originals ain't down with that, the WWE and all it's fans HAVE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!"

    -Crowd "SUCK IT!!!"

    The DX music hits as Vince leaves the ring...Triple H lingers a moment to play to the crowd as the video fades out...
    The war is officially on, folks. Don't you DARE go anywhere!

    So, What's The 'Impact'?
    Now that we've heard the WWE's threats regarding the matter, what's in store for TNEW Impact! this Thursday?

    Even though it was Eric Bischoff that adopted the TNEW name to spite Shane McMahon, Vince seems to be directing his anger at Shane for starting this whole mess and luring Superstars away from the WWE in the first place. Vince and Bischoff share a common enemy who isn't even around to defend himself, yet he still manages to surprise the world and enlist one of today's biggest stars, John Cena.

    The power that Shane and the New Era Originals seem to hold is clearly bigger than any of us imagined, including Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon. We've seen Vince's reaction and it's a safe bet that Bischoff's reaction will be similar.

    What's Bischoff's next move in this battle? There's only one way to find out. Tune in to TNEW Impact! tonight!

    Inury Update
    Rob Van Dam
    RVD continues to rest at his home in Michigan with his family. When his progress is updated, will be the first to know.

    Tommy Dreamer
    Dreamer is still sidelined nursing injured ribs. His rehab was only supposed to take a maximum of 30 days, but it appears he'll need at least another 14, if not more. His age and past health issues are a factor and the longer Dreamer spends on the bench, the less chance he'll have of making a full-time return.

    Brian Kendrick
    Kendrick has been cleared to return to action for 7 days now. Keep an eye open for him...

    Stevie Richards
    As doctors are still baffled at Stevie's luck, Stevie has been released from the hospital, although he has not contacted anyone and his whereabouts are unknown at this time...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    Before TNEW Impact! hits the airwaves, the fans are treated to a shot of the locker room where we see all of The Originators standing by with John Cena! At the bottom of the screen, the words "Last Thursday" are emblazened...

    The roaring in the Impact Zone is deafening! Chants of "CENA!! CENA!!" shake the rafters! After another minute, the crowd settles enough that we can hear Cena address The Originators, who are all celebrating in the locker room after last Thursday's episode of Imapct!...

    -Cena "It's damn good to be back with you guys!"

    Cena continues to shake hands and hand out high-fives...he turns his attention to the lovely Christy Hemme...

    -Cena "And Christy, after all you've been through. It's so good to see you're ok."

    -Hemme "Thanks John."

    The two embrace, Christy all smiles after being in tears mere moments ago...

    -Paul London "Man, I wish I had a camera. Did you SEE the look on Bischoff's face when John walked out on the stage!"

    Everyone shares a laugh, then CM Punk steps forward..

    -CM Punk "It was a great moment for us, that's for damn sure...but now the hard part starts.

    We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we want to beat Eric Bischoff at his own game. Now, I have a plan and next week we'll have a lot of work to do, but for tonight...we celebrate!"

    Everyone cheers and embraces and begins heading out of the locker room...

    -CM Punk "John, wait a sec."

    CM Punk puts a hand on Cena's shoulder, stopping him as the others leave...

    -CM Punk "Remember our deal. You're here to teach Edge a lesson, but WE get Kane."

    Cena nods and offers his hand to CM Punk...the two shake and grin, CM Punk giving Cena a hard slap on the shoulder...the two men join the others in the hallway...

    The Impact Zone springs to life as Hollywood Undead's "Hear Me Now" blasts through the air! We're LIVE! from Orlando, Florida for TNEW Impact!

    As the camera pans across the audience, we see dozens of Cena posters and signs! One even reads "HEY WWE! YOU CAN'T SEE US!"

    -Mike Tenay "Welcome one and all to TNEW Impact! It's 'Main Attraction XII Eve' and if these fans don't get you psyched up for tonight, I don't know what will!"
    -Taz "It's impossible not to be excited tonight, Mikey baby! The air is tense, Main Attraction XII is only 3 days away and we're on the verge of one of the biggest company battles not seen since the Monday Night Wars!"
    -Mike Tenay "Of course you've all heard the remarks from a certain 'Mr. McMahon' regarding this issue."
    -Taz "Pff!"
    -Mike Tenay "My sentiments exactly, Taz. But lets not let the ramblings of a crazy, old man get us down tonight! With the appearance of John Cena last week in the Impact Zone, things are going to be insane here tonight!"

    Mike Tenay and Taz discuss Cena's earth-shattering debut last week...highlights of Bischoff and Edge in the ring listening to Shane McMahon's recording are shown, then the video ends with a shot of John Cena staring them down from the stage as the crowd goes wild...

    -Mike Tenay "..which brings us to tonight. Before Impact! goes off the air, Eric Bischoff plans to call John Cena AND Edge down to the ring to sign a contract for this weekend's TNEW World Championship match!"
    -Taz "With both those guys in the ring with only days to go before they have the fight of their lifetimes, who knows what can happen?"

    As the fans settle down, they immediately begin booing as the music of TNEW Television Champion Mr. Anderson hits...he steps into the Impact Zone, but doesn't acknowledge anyone as he storms his way to the ring...

    -Mike Tenay "Well Mr. Anderson appears to be walking with a purpose."
    -Taz "He's lucky to even have that belt around his waist after the couple weeks he's had."

    Highlights of Anderson's last two matches are shown...with the phrase "Two Weeks Ago" below one clip, we see Eric Young challenging Anderson to a non-title match after a run-in between Anderson and Christopher Daniels sparked a feud...Young gets the pinfall victory there and in another clip that reads "Last Week", we see Eric Young pinning Mr. Anderson yet again in the Main Event Tag Team match that also involved Christopher Daniels and Abyss..

    Mr. Anderson is in the ring now, spotlight upon him...he doesn't do his usual stance waiting for the microphone...instead, he simply glares out over the crowd and smacks his gum in a disgusting fashion...

    The microphone lowers beside him and without looking, he snatches it into his hand and begins...

    -Mr. Anderson "Eric.....Young..."

    The fans cheer at the mention of his name as Anderson quickly looks over his shoulder at some fans in the front row, then turns up his nose and continues...

    -Mr. Anderson "You guys here in the Impact Zone are sooo predictable. I say one person's name and you all light up like the sheep you are."

    Loud boos..

    -Mr. Anderson "The reason I'm out here, my little lambs, is because a lot of you have been 'Twittering' and 'Facetubing' and 'Youspacing' and whatever else you all do to avoid talking to your significant others...and you've been saying some, if I dare say, laughable things."

    Anderson pauses and begins pacing in the ring..

    -Mr. Anderson "You all seem to think that because your little Canadian hero, Eric Young, has scored two QUESTIONABLE...pinfall victories over me, then he deserves a shot at MY Television title."

    Big pop from the crowd...Anderson lowers the mic and looks down at the crowd, then turns to the entry way, pointing a finger at the tunnel..

    -Mr. Anderson "Even those clowns in the back seem to think I owe it to Eric Young, but I say NO! Eric Young wouldn't have beaten me last week if it weren't for that fumbling retard, Abyss! HE'S the one that should answer for this!"

    Anderson stares at the entry way and the fans all turn their attention the tunnel, eagerly expecting Abyss to answer Anderson's harsh words...

    ...but after a moment, nothing happens..

    -Mr. Anderson "Just as I thought. Everyone backstage and eeeeveryone here in this audience are nothing but two-faced MORONS that talk big, but when it comes to stepping up to the plate, everyone just cowers in fear. But I can't blame them for being afraid. I too, would second guess myself if I had to step into the ring with MIIISSSTTEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR...


    Before Anderson can finish, he's cut off by The Fallen Angel himself, Christopher Daniels!

    The Impact Zone goes wild and gives a rousing ovation for Daniels as he heads down the ramp and into the ring, microphone in hand...

    From across the ring, Anderson glares at him, breathing heavily, not even blinking, clearly upset that he was interrupted..

    Daniels begins to address Anderson..

    -Christopher Daniels "Listen Anderson, I-"


    After finishing his sentence, Anderson lowers the mic and turns his attention back to Daniels..

    -Daniels "Are you done?"

    Anderson doesn't budge, he simply continues staring at Daniels menacingly...

    -Daniels "Anderson, I couldn't stand back there any longer and listen to you spew absolute crap all over the place and continue to BORE these poor fans to DEATH."

    Small pop...Daniels pauses, then gets right to the point..

    -Daniels "No Anderson, I'm a man of few words and tend to let my actions speak for me, so if you'll oblige me, I'd like to have a chance at shutting you up once and for all this Sunday at Main Attraction XII."

    The fans go wild! Anderson lowers his head, then rubs his chin and looks back at Daniels...Anderson is laughing!

    -Anderson "Ha ha, seriously? You!? SERIOUSLY!? You're one of the LAST people on this planet that deserve a shot at my title! See that guy right there? No, the fat, the FAT one...that guy right there in the front row stuffing his face with processed cheese has a better shot at this belt than you!"

    Anderson continues to laugh, but Daniels doesn't see the joke...

    -Daniels "Well Anderson, I wasn't asking for a shot at your Television title, but if you're offering, then yeah, not only will I shut you up once and for all, but I'll take your Championship in the process!"

    Daniels steps closer to Anderson as the crowd roars in approval! Anderson wipes the smile from his face and gets serious, stepping even closer to Daniels...Anderson gets nose to nose with Daniels, then raises the mic to his lips...

    -Anderson "NO...GOD DAMN......WAY!!"

    Anderson steps back and smiles, chewing his gum...Daniels hangs his head, then continues...

    -Daniels "Well, Anderson, I had a feeling you'd say that...which is why I'm prepared to lay my career on the line."

    -Mike Tenay "NO!"
    -Taz "WHAT!? Are you kidding me?"

    The crowd rises to their feet, some cheering, some booing, some just making noise for the sake of making noise! The Impact Zone starts to get crazy with anticipation...

    -Daniels "What do you say, Anderson? You lay your Television title on the line and I, The Fallen Angel, will lay my career on the line. You have the opportunity to retire one of the greats in this business. Think of how it'll look on your list of accomplishments."

    Anderson lowers his head and thinks a moment...he then releases the microphone from his grasp and lets it rise back to the ceiling...Anderson steps forward and offers his hand to Daniels...Daniels hesitates just for a second, then accepts...the two shake hands in the middle of the ring as the crowd goes wild!

    -Daniels "You won't regret this, Anderson. Well, you might regret calling out Abyss..."

    Anderson's eyes widen with fear as the crowd roars! As he and Daniels were shaking hands, "The Monster" Abyss slid into the ring behind him! Anderson quickly spins around and is lifted high in the air!


    Abyss stands over Mr. Anderson as the fans cheer! Daniels slides out of the ring and exits the Impact Zone, leaving Mr. Anderson flat on his back!

    -Mike Tenay "What a Black Hole Slam from Abyss! Mr. Anderson will be feeling that on on Sunday!"
    -Taz "Yeah, and what a match we have! Christopher Daniels' last match could be this Sunday!

    Either a title will change hands, or one of the greatest men to ever step foot in the ring will hang up his boots for good! You don't want to miss that!"


    The view cuts backstage and we see Eric Bischoff pacing in his office...his collar is unbuttoned, his shirt untucked, sweat dripping from his brow...the booing gets even more intense when Edge steps into view wearing a black trench coat and with the TNEW World Championship belt slung over his shoulder...

    Edge tries his best to console Bischoff...

    -Edge "Look, it's not that bad, ok? John Cena is incredibly overrated. He's nothing compared to the King of Awesomeness, the Prince of-"

    -Bischoff "SHUT UP! God damn it, just SHUT UP!"

    Edge is taken back as Bischoff snaps at him..

    -Edge "Eric, er..Mr. Bischoff, you really need to relax. Freaking out isn't going to solve anything. Clearly you trusted me enough to hold on to the TNEW World Championship until a worthy opponent came along and now that one is here, there's no reason to lose it, unless..."

    Bischoff stops pacing..

    -Bischoff "Unless what?"

    -Edge "Unless you don't think I can win."

    The crowd goes wild! Edge and Bischoff stare at each other for a moment, Edge glaring down at him and Bischoff hanging his head in shame...Bischoff quickly looks back up..

    -Bischoff "No no no! That's not it at all."

    -Edge "Oh phew! I was worried for a second."

    -Bischoff "Look, we both know you're going to win on Sunday, that's not the issue. The issue here is Shane McMahon."

    The crowd pops at the mention of Shane's name..Bischoff puts a hand on Edge's shoulder and clenches a fist with his other before continuing..

    -Bischoff "Shane somehow managed to become a thorn in my side and pull off one of the biggest moves in this company's history, all the while trapped wherever the hell Kane took him."

    -Edge "Yeah, where is that anyway?"

    -Bischoff "Uh, no idea...uhm, anyway, you should go get ready. No need to concern yourself with these matters any further."

    -Edge "Ready? Ready for what?"

    -Bischoff "You really think I'm going to let you walk into your match on Sunday cold? You've been inactive for months now. You've got a warm-up match later tonight, so go get changed!"

    -Edge "Warm-up match?! Against who!?"

    Bischoff leans in and whispers in Edge's ear...Edge smiles and pounds fists with Bischoff before leaving the office...

    -Mike Tenay "Edge is going to be in action tonight! The TNEW World Champion has a match coming up later tonight!"
    -Taz "Interim. Interim TNEW World Champion."
    -Mike Tenay "Either way, he's fighting someone! This is great!"
    -Taz "Judging by his reaction, I'm guessing it isn't Kane. BUt still, anything can happen! Stay tuned!"

    Commercial break...

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    Default Re: RT Presents: Total New Era Wrestling *Spotlight of the Month*

    After the break, the lovely SoCal Val is standing by with two of Fortune's members, AJ Styles and Kazarian!

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction for the pair as Val begins..

    -SoCal Val "Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome AJ Styles and Kazarian back to the Impact Zone tonight! Guys, how was your weak off?"

    Kazarian simply looks down at the sling over his arm...he looks back up, disgusted at the question, but AJ Styles steps forward..

    -AJ Styles "Fine! It was, uh...fine."

    -SoCal Val "Do you hold any animosity towards CM Punk for his actions?"

    The fans can be heard cheering from the arena..

    -AJ Styles "What kind of question-..yes, of course we do. Thanks to him, there isn't a single member of Fortune involved in this Sunday's Pay-Per-View. We're both missing out on the biggest Pay-Per-View in recent memory, not that I remember much, BECAUSE I HAVE A CONCUSSION!"

    AJ Styles turns red in the face and staggers a little, putting his hand to his head...

    -SoCal Val "You ok?"

    -AJ Styles "Yeah, I'm fine."

    Just then, the cheers get even louder as CM Punk steps into view! AJ Styles and Kazarian are suprised to see him and don't react immediately, but they quickly stand up straight and get in CM Punk's face!

    Anticipating a bad confrontation, SoCal Val steps out of the way..

    -Kazarian "You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here."

    -CM Punk "I know, I know. Guys, I came here personally to apologize."

    -Kazarian "APOLOGIZE!? I swear to God, when this arm heals-"

    AJ Styles steps forward, cutting Kaz off..

    -AJ Styles "Kaz, hold on...alright, so apologize."

    -CM Punk "I apologize."

    -AJ Styles "Say you're sorry."

    -CM Punk "I'm sorry."

    -AJ Styles "Not good enough. Get on your knees and beg our forgiveness!"

    CM Punk throws his arms in frustration...Kazarian pushes AJ Styles aside..

    -Kazarian "AJ, move!...Listen, Punk, we're so glad you came to apologize. Now if you don't mind, we'd like you to get the hell out of our faces before we give you a reason to."

    The crowd boos Kazarian...CM Punk hangs his head bashfully, then hands something to Kazarian..

    -Kazarian "What's this?"

    -CM Punk "It's a DVD. It's footage that I think the two of you should watch. Consider it my formal apology. If you still don't think it's good enough and you still have hard feelings, know how to find me."

    CM Punk walks away as the crowd cheers again! Kazarian and AJ Styles look at the DVD in Kaz's hand as we cut back to the arena...


    The fans in the Impact Zone welcome the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle with a round of loud boos...Angle ignores the booing and poses on stage as red, white and blue pyros erupt behind him...he quickly makes his way to the ring and steps through the ropes, putting his arms out and quickly twirling before accepting a mic from Jeremy Borash...

    Angle paces in the ring, clearly distraught about something...Angle is forced to speak over the continuously booing crowd..

    -Angle "Last week I was the victim of a robbery."

    The fans begin to cheer as recollection of Jeff Hardy's distracting rave party comes to mind, the one that cost Angle his match against Hernandez..

    -Angle "I wasn't only robbed of a clear win against Hernandez, but I was robbed of my dignity too."

    More cheering..

    -Angle "How can you all sit there and be happy about what happened? How can you cheer and wail and scream, knowing that I, your Olympic Hero, a true American, was robbed of a victory over a good-for-nothing Mexican by a flaming weirdo in body paint!?"

    The crowd is mixed now, some booing Angle, some cheering for Jeff Hardy and/or Hernandez...

    -Angle "You people make me sick. You people make me disappointed in America today. We might as well just open all our borders and legalize gay marriage while we're at it!"

    The crowd goes wild! Angle looks as if he's about to snap!

    -Angle "Well fine! If that's what you want, then I'm issuing a challenge, right here, right now! I'm going to show all of you non-patriots that I'm not messing around! I'm challenging Hernandez right a SUBMISSION MATCH!!"

    The crowd continues to cheer as Angle readies himself in the ring!

    Almost immediately, Hernandez answers the call! The cheering continues as Hernandez and Hector Guerrero step into the Impact Zone...Guerrero has a mic in hand..

    -Hector Guerrero "Listen here, Senor Angle. We-"

    -Angle "That's MISTER Angle!"

    -Guerrero "That's what I said. 'Senor Angle'."


    Hector Guerrero looks at Hernandez, clearly confused..Hernandez takes the microphone..

    -Hernandez "Enough of this crap! Angle, I'm going to make you wish you never started flapping those little white lips of yours!"

    Hernandez throws the microphone aside and begins storming down the ramp! The fans go wild as he slides into the ring and begins exchanging blows with Angle!

    Kurt Angle
    Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero

    Submission Match


    As Angle and Hernandez exchange blows in the ring, Hector Guerrero shouts in Spanish from ringside, cheering on Hernandez. The crowd begins to rally behind Hernandez and he gains the upperhand, throwing right hands faster and harder than Angle and eventually standing him up off-balance. Hernandez winds up for a hard Haymaker, but Angle manages to regain his balance quickly and throw a hard knee into the stomach of Hernandez.

    With Hernandez bent over and the wind knocked out of him, Angle is free to grab him by the head and slam him hard onto his back. Angle immediately grabs a leg and looks for a quick submission, but Hernandez kicks Angle backwards, knocking him into the ropes. Hernandez rolls to his feet before Angle can recover and with the two men standing, it's anyone's game.

    Hernandez swings at Angle again, but this time Angle spins behind him, setting him up for a German Suplex. Hernandez manages to hook Angle's leg and prevent it, but he can't prevent another takedown by Angle, this time onto Hernandez's stomach. Angle quickly scrambles and locks in a Rear Chin Lock.

    With all his weight on Hernandez's back, Angle is free to wear him down with the easy submission maneuvre. The referee gets into place and watches for any signs of Hernandez tapping. He has his hands blocking Angle from cutting off his airway, so he's fine for now, but still in a vulernable position.

    Angle keeps the Chin Lock in for several minutes, then, feeling Hernandez go limp, he rolls him over and wraps his legs around Hernandez, tightening the grip. Angle manages to slide his arms in deeper, putting Hernandez to sleep.


    -Mike Tenay "Hernandez is out cold! Angle could have the win here!"
    -Taz "I didn't think Hernandez stood a chance anyway. He's a big guy, but stepping into the ring with Kurt Angle in a submission match is a very tall order."

    The referee grabs Hernandez's right arm and raises it above his falls...


    The ref does it again and his arm falls again...


    The referee lifts his arm one last time...

    THR-NO!! Hernandez shoots his arm back into the air and Angle can't believe it! Hernandez begins fighting his way to his feet with Angle riding on his back! Angle refuses to break the hold, but Hernandez forces him to with hard elbows into Angle's ribs! Angle finally breaks the hold and Hernandez backs into the ropes! He charges at Angle, looking for a Running Big Boot...

    ..ANGLE TAKES HIM DOWN! Kurt Angle hits a Drop Toe Hold on Hernandez and with his leg in the air, he easily falls forward! Angle spins behind him and grabs his right leg...

    ...ANKLE LOCK!! Kurt Angle has the Ankle Lock locked in!

    -Mike Tenay "That's gotta be it!"
    -Taz "Nowhere for Hernandez to go now! He better tap before Angle breaks his ankle!"

    With complete control over Hernandez, Kurt Angle shouts and yells as Hernandez screams in pain! Angle can be heard shouting for Hernandez to tap, but he doesn't give up that easily...

    The fans get behind Hernandez as he begins struggling his way to the ropes! He pulls himself closer and closer, inching towards them! Hector Guerrero is mere inches away at ringside, pleading for Hernandez to grab the rope....

    ...but it's not meant to be! Angle pulls with all his strength and drags Hernandez back into the centre of the ring! Angle locks the Ankle Lock in even tighter and Hernandez has no choice but to tap out!

    Winner: Kurt Angle
    The bell rings as Hernandez taps in the centre of the ring, but Angle doesn't break the hold...

    -Taz "I had a feeling this would happen."

    The referee instructs Angle to release Hernandez, but Angle refuses! His eyes narrow and he stares down at Hernandez as he screams in pain! Hector Guerrero is on the apron now, shouting at Angle, but it only makes him tighten the hold!

    After a moment, Hernandez stops tapping and passes out from the pain, but Angle still doesn't let go!

    -Mike Tenay "Damn it! Someone stop this!"

    Then, the lights go out...

    The Impact Zone is pitch black and the fans go crazy! Camera bulbs flash for a moment as "Invaders Must Die" begins to play over the speakers!

    The laser and black light show begins, same as it did last Thursday...then, a spotlight hits Kurt Angle, who has released the hold on Hernandez! Hector Guerrero helps him out of the ring and onto the arena floor...

    Back in the ring, Angle doesn't know where to turn...with the spotlight on him, we can only see him in the darkness, spinning in circles, looking for whatever's coming at him..


    Purple fireworks erupt from the rafters and shower down over the ring! Angle looks around in confusion as the lights all return to normal!

    The fans go crazy as they see a man dressed all in black with wild purple hair crouching on one of the turnbuckles! Angle doesn't turn around in time to see Jeff Hardy leaping through the air!

    ...WHISPER IN THE WIND!! Jeff Hardy twists and turns through the air and nails his signature Corkscrew Senton right on Kurt Angle! With Angle down in the centre of the ring, Hardy immediately rolls across the canvas and hops to the adjacent turnbuckle!

    -Taz "INCOMING!!"

    ...SWANTON BOMB!! The fans in the Impact Zone explode as Jeff Hardy plants Angle with not one, but two beautiful aerial moves!

    -Mike Tenay "What an attack from Jeff Hardy! He strikes against Angle just days before their huge Cage Match at Main Attraction XII!"
    -Taz "Oh baby! Jeff Hardy is back and he's MAD! Kurt Angle had better watch the skies this Sunday!"

    Jeff Hardy hops onto another turnbuckle and poses for the crowd as the lights dim and the lasers come back on! "Invaders Must Die" continues to play, creating quite the scene in the Impact Zone! Hardy bobs his head and continues to thrash his arms, dancing along with the crowd as we cut to commercial...

    Commercial break...

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