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Thread: FF NXT by Alyon

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Oh, shit....
    Quote Originally Posted by African Mike
    I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    íWild and Youngí plays and the live crowd of NXT is popping until Matt Striker hops into the ring.

    Striker: Thank you, thank you, thank you. If youíd all please be quiet, I have some, well grievances, to share with all of you.

    The crowd boos and Matt Striker approaches the table where Josh Matthews and CM Punk are laughing and talking.

    Striker: I know, youíre making some snoody little comment over there Punk, but no one can hear you except for Josh and the members of the WWE Universe who are within earshot, because one of my conditions for making my return to NXT was that when my microphone comes on, your microphones come off! I will not have my colleagues be undermining my authority. You see, I am the host here. I am the teacher! I am the one teaching the entire WWE Universe about these six remaining NXT Rookies, and I REQUIRE that all eyes and all ears be on the teacher when I am talking!

    The crowd boos some more as Punk and Matthews throw up their arms.

    Striker: That being said, it has come to my attention that we have gotten a little off of the original format in the weeks that I have been gone, so tonight, we go back to my format. That being three, rookie versus rookie matches. Weíre not going to go completely back to the format, but I originally gave the match making power to the pros, but tonight I have decided the matches in the context of fairness. The first match of the evening will be a very fair battle between wrestlers of similar size and style, it will be the mouthy Run In versus the mysterious PI. Both of the adjectives I used to describe them also start with the Ďmí. Little hidden teachable moment in there.

    The crowd groans as Striker shows off his intelligence.

    Striker: Now, booing me isnít going to get you what you want! Listen, I know you werenít the particular audience that mistreated me, but I am a reflective thinker and I know, from reflection, that I was not the only victim in all of this, I too made some mistakes, so tonight, Iím going to try to rectify one of them. On the second week of NXT, I abruptly ended a match that had the entire NXT Universe on edge, I let it end without conclusion and that was wrong. Therefore tonight, Iím going to give you jTj versus Holzhammer!

    The crowd actually cheers at this and Striker smiles.

    Striker: See, I told you it wasnít all bad. Now for the third match, we have another opportunity to diversify the episode. Now last week, the person calling the shots wasnít exactly a responsible decision maker, jTj put Mike in a match when Mike was coming off of a serious concussion due to a chair shot in the head from MVP. Now maybe it wasnít his fault, certainly no one couldíve anticipated the kind of match that those two men would have. Therefore, I am giving Heavy Mike the night off.

    Suddenly, ĎSoloí by Jason DeRulo plays and Matt Striker looks a little annoyed when WP walks out. WP has an annoyed look on his face, per usual, when he enters the ring and takes the microphone from Striker.

    WP: This is the only one that works, eh?

    Striker grabs WPís wrist instead of trying to take the microphone.

    Striker: If you wouldíve been patient, I was going to introduce you.

    WP: And I came out on my own, because I need no introduction. These people know who I am. Everyone knows who I am. I am the hottest rookie in NXT, I should be Number One, but regardless, I have a lot to say!

    The crowd boos and Striker just throws his hands up in the air.

    WP: You see, last week, my original pro revealed his master plan. He revealed to the entire WWE Universe his entire big old plan about how he was going to try to stay relevant, but there was one major flaw in that plan....He wasnít relevant in the first place! He came to me from the moment we were introduced with this big convoluted plan about how he was going to make sure I won NXT because he was embarrassed by Percy Watson. Now I shouldíve kicked his arse right then and there for putting me in the same class as Percy Watson, but thatís beside the point.

    The point is, I didnít need him. I didnít need to be a part of his little plan. So you all come to me and say why did you take his help? Why did you let him make sure you won all of your matches? Why did you let him cheat? Why? Because I am too good. I am too good to waste my energy on this little show. I didnít want to waste my time, my efforts, my abilities on a show that I shouldnít have even been on. You see, I shouldíve never been on NXT. I shouldnít have had to go through this process. I was put on this show out of greed. I was put on this show out of laziness. They didnít want to make their other mega stars come on this show so since Iím much younger than say some of the other mega stars like John Cena, Triple H, or The Undertaker, they said I couldnít be on the WWE unless I went on this show! They abused my talents because they needed the dough! They wanted this show to be a success and they knew none of those other half-bakes could cut it!

    So I let that little fool MVP think he knew what was going on. I let him think he was the one in the know, because letting him do what he wanted made my job easier. Iím going to coast through this show, win, and I guarantee you will see me in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 27....Probably by myself because there is no other star in the WWE Universe that can match my ability. So MVP got fired, for whatever reason, and they tell me they got me a new pro. They tell me even further that heís my opponent tonight. So I say thatís just fine, but whoever it is can listen up. As far as Iím concerned, Iím the pro! Youíre the rookie! You do what I say and you take notes!

    The crowd boos as WP looks to the entry way and Matt Striker has a big smile on his face.

    The crowd erupts at the introduction of WPís new pro as WP falls into the ropes and drops the microphone. Matt Striker comes over and picks up the microphone as Show steps over the top rope.

    Striker: WP, come on, this is your new pro! Whatís the matter? You look like you nearly soiled yourself!

    WP: What?! What! I didnít soil myself....But if I did, maybe there would be something in this ring equal to you and...and...and that big....big buffoon!

    WP then jumps out of the ring as Show takes the microphone with a smile.

    Big Show: Where are you going? That was a good one!

    WP shouts ĎI have to go get ready for my match!í

    Big Show: Did he say he had to go change his pants? It doesnít matter. I just wanted to say that we can joke and have fun now WP, but later tonight? Later on, when that bell rings, Iím going to teach you something MVP never taught you, and thatís losing. Now losing, as my friend DDP might say, thatís a good thing. Losing only makes you better. Now you just lost your dinner when my music came on, youíre going to be losing your ego in our match tonight.

    Striker: Thank you Big Show! Now weíre going to give WP a few minutes to clean up and when we come back, itís going to be Part One of Extreme Boot Camp with Sgt. Slaughter!

    Striker and Big Show exit the ring as the cameras come to the announce table as Josh Matthews and CM Punk seem less than impressed.

    Matthews: They left our mics off, for that?

    Punk: Poop jokes?

    Matthews: It was appalling.

    Punk: I donít even want to talk about it anymore.

    Matthews: It was appalling.

    Punk: Matt Strikerís back?

    Matthews: Thatís kind of appalling too.

    Punk: At least King doesnít have to tape Glee anymore.

    Matthews: I thought he watched old Memphis tapes on his nights off.

    Punk: He watches Glee too, come on Josh, itís about a high school show choir, and itís got cheerleaders on it.

    Matthews: Iíve seen an episode or two.

    Punk: I bet. We folks, weíre going to go to a commercial before Josh over here bursts out in song.
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Matthews: We’re back and it’s now time for us to go back on mute for the winner of the secret WWE Diva Search, Matt Striker.

    Punk: He’s a seven.

    Matt Striker makes a weird face as the six NXT Rookies are now in the ring.WWE Hall of Famer, Sgt. Slaughter is also in the ring.

    Striker: Thank you for that...disturbing transition! Now it’s time for part one of Extreme Boot Camp. THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE!

    The crowd boos.

    Striker: I know, sometimes we have to learn lessons we don’t want to learn, but the fact of the matter is, a lot of the members of the WWE Universe could benefit from learning the values of fitness. Now, Sgt. Slaughter will give you instructions on this aspect of the challenge.

    Slaughter: You maggots are going to give me fifty! Fifty seconds worth of pushups! If any of you take a break or get sloppy form you’re eliminated! If you are still in it at the end of the fifty seconds you get a point which will get you a break in the final course.

    The timer starts and Slaughter walks around the ring for awhile and looks at all of the rookies. He sees Holzhammer is still just standing there.

    Striker: Holzhammer, you’re eliminated!

    Holzhammer: I couldn’t possibly care less.

    PI suddenly stops doing pushups and Sgt. Slaughter comes over to blow the whistle.

    Striker: PI, what’s wrong?

    PI: These voices....They’re new... They’re looming.

    Mike then gets distracted by PI’s bizarreness.

    Striker: Mike’s out!

    The buzzer then goes off and Sarge blows his whistle.

    Striker: There you have it! One point for jTj! One point for Run In and one point for WP! Good job gentlemen! A little bit later we will have another competition for another point!

    The rookies exit and the cameras go back to Punk and Matthews.

    Matthews: Who thought muting us during the competitions was a good idea?

    Punk: Matt Striker.

    Matthews: So that’s why it was a bad idea.

    Punk: It could be worse, I could be Todd Grisham.

    Matthews: That sounds like some kind of sick horrible alternate reality. Speaking of sick horrible alternate realities, let’s take a look at a guy who lives in his own, WP!


    Shows WP debuting on NXT with MVP.

    Michael Cole: Whether you like it or not, he’s undefeated.

    Shows WP winning by DQ.

    Daniel Bryan: He’s had some...unconventional victories.

    Sheamus: The guy has an egocentric personality.

    Shows WP in the Rock Em Sock Em Rookies Competition.

    Zack Ryder: Bro gets it done in those competitions though!

    Rey Mysterio: He’s very disrespectful to the WWE Universe.

    Shows him flaunting his stuff.

    Michael Cole: Yeah, I get it, you’re good in the ring, but you’re not The Miz.

    Sheamus: He needs a good kick between the eyes fella.

    Zack Ryder: While Holzhammer’s pro was in the gym getting Zacked, WP’s pro went and got himself sacked! Whoo whoo whoo you know it!

    Big Show: Everything you knew about WP is about to change.

    Cuts to the back where Daniel Bryan is on the phone.

    Bryan: Weird, I didn’t get to be in my rookie’s video...I’m sorry.....You say you’re...Man-tastic? No, that sounds good and all, but uh, I already have a rookie. Yeah, no, I’m not letting you in the building. Well Season Four started weeks ago.

    The scene cuts to Chris Masters, taking a nap. He wakes up from the light from the camera.

    Masters: Did Smackdown start already? Wait, am I in the wrong locker room?

    Then cuts to R-Truth in the back.

    R-Truth: NXT, What’s up?!

    Ted DiBiase and Maryse enter.

    DiBiase: What’s up with you being here?

    Maryse: What is up with us being here?

    Camera cuts to the parking lot. Oh, Ricardo Rodriguez is there too.

    Rodriguez: Presento, Alberto Del Rio!

    That was Spanish for, ‘I present Alberto Del Rio’, I think I haven’t taken Spanish in like a year. A white Mercedes Benz drives by, doesn’t stop. The camera cuts to Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Kaitlyn, and some other guy.

    Ziggler: Sorry, I don’t know a Jacob Novak. My rookie was eliminated last week. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Josh Matthews?


    Cuts back to the ring where PI is already in the ring. Rey Mysterio is standing on the outside and PI is trying to avoid eye contact.

    Matthews: What in the hell is going on?

    Punk: Don’t you think Dolph Ziggler kinda looks like one of those guys from the Spirit Squad?

    Matthews: Punk, why do you keep ignoring this PI thing?

    Punk: I’m trying to think, I wanna say he looks like Mikey. You know, I was almost in the Spirit Squad, look it up on YouTube.

    ’Working Man’ By Rush then plays and Run In walks down to the ring with Daniel Bryan behind him.

    Punk: Now Run In is on his way down to the ring, but I want to address something you’ve been ignoring every week Josh and that’s the strange behavior of PU.

    Matthews: It’s PI!

    Punk: You’re correcting me? You don’t even know what it stands for!

    Matthews: Coming from the guy who said it stood for Pissing Iris!

    Punk: Way to evade the subject Matthews! Great journalistic integrity there!

    PI [with Rey Mysterio] versus Run In [with Daniel Bryan]

    The referee calls for the bell as Run In goes right after PI, who while in a headlock spots Mysterio again, breaks free in a fit of strength, jumps to the floor and runs up the ramp to get counted out.

    Winner, by count out, Run In [with Daniel Bryan]

    Matthews: What is going on!?!

    Punk: I think it’s obvious Josh, he thinks-

    Punk can suddenly no longer be heard when Matt Striker walks on stage followed by Sgt. Slaughter, a number of rookies including PI, and the WWE Pros.

    Striker: All right rookies, now that PI is warmed up and Run In is thoroughly confused, it’s time for the next part of Extreme Boot Camp! Sarge, take it away!

    Slaughter: All right, all of you maggots are going to start at this line at the top of the ramp, and sprint, AND I MEAN SPRINT around the ring, the first two rookies to finish will get a point! On your marks, set, go!

    All of the rookies take off, except Holzhammer. PI takes up the front while Mike follows, then jTj followed by Run In and WP who are about even. They seem to be plotting something and double team Mike from behind as jTj is passing him. PI crosses the finish line as jTj goes back to help Mike.

    Striker: You lost your match, but you gained a point in the challenge! How does it feel?

    PI: The phantom cloud is lingering in the shadows amigo. I fear it hungers for my soul.

    As the scuffle is passing all four men now make their way to the line, but it is Heavy Mike who pushes through and crosses the line!

    Striker: VERY INTERESTING! Heavy Mike and PI get a point! And now everyone has a point, except for you Holzhammer, what do you make of that?

    Holzhammer: Nothing.

    Striker: OK then! We’ll see what you have in the ring after a commercial break!
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    We come back from commercial with ‘Warrior’ by Kid Rock is playing as jTj stands in the ring while Michael Cole is obviously not here because of his injury.

    Matthews: No Michael Cole this week.

    Punk: Come on Josh, we’re on mute half the show, we finally get the chance to talk and you want to talk about Michael Cole?

    Matthews: You want to share your theory about PI?

    Punk: Not really, my whole point is that cake is just as good at Thanksgiving, it doesn’t always have to be pie.

    Matthews: I’m talking about the wrestler.

    Punk: Why? Mickie Rourke is overrated. Let’s talk wrestling.

    ’Carmina Burana’ plays and the crowd boos as Holzhammer comes down to the ring with Zack Ryder following timidly.

    jTj versus Holzhammer [with Zack Ryder]

    This match starts out with a lot of posturing. Holzhammer is trying very much to intimidate jTj, but it isn’t working. The two men circle the ring and both show very much respect toward the other. Finally jTj is the first man to throw a punch and it is blocked and the crowd is in awe. Holzhammer goes for a knife edged chop and jTj moves out of the way. Finally the two men lock up and it’s a struggle for control as the crowd is on the edge of their seat. Both men are locked both in arms and in frustration as their try to dominate their adversary. Finally jTj gets the upper hand and the crowd goes crazy as he puts the villain in his place and the crowd cheers for their hero as he lifts the big man up and slams him. jTj goes for the pin and the crowd gasps as Holzhammer manages to get the kick out. Holzhammer sits up in what could be a moment of foreshadowing and grabs jTj by the neck as he catches him by surprise. Holzhammer pushes him into the corner as the referee reprimands him and he doesn’t care. He takes jTj up for a SuperPlex and he nails it, the crowd boos. Holzhammer gets up and looks sickly satisfied as he has dethroned the beloved hero. However the energy of the crowd pushes life back into jTj as they chant for him Holzhammer slowly gets up as it becomes abundantly clear he should not go for the pin. jTj gets up from the pure adrenaline of the crowd as Holzhammer backs into a corner with jTj building up a head of steam. jTj comes running at him, but gets his head nearly kicked off with a corner rope assisted Sole Hammer! The crowd nearly dies as the momentum is instantly crushed and Holzhammer goes for the pin, picking up the victory.

    Winner, Holzhammer [with Zack Ryder]

    Punk: Nothing to stop the momentum train like a big ol’ kick to the head!

    Matthews: An impressive win from-

    Matt Striker walks on stage with Sgt. Slaughter and the other four rookies and the crowd boos.

    Striker: All right, this is the last points competition tonight! The next competition will be called the HANGTIME CHALLENGE! Explain it Sarge!

    Slaughter: Each one of you maggots will hold onto this bar. The bar will then gradually raise up, if you let go, you’re out. Whoever holds on the longest, or is still hanging on when the bar gets to the top, gets a point.

    Striker: May I quickly explain that if anyone other than Holzhammer wins, that person will get doubly rewarded in the final, but if Holzhammer wins, you’re all starting out equal. Ready rookies? Get your hands on that pole!

    CM Punk throws up his hands as the rookies get started. They all grip the pole except Holzhammer.

    Striker: Holzhammer, we’re not starting this thing until you grab the pole.

    Holzhammer puts one hand on the pole as it starts to go up. He then lets go.

    Striker: Holzhammer, you’re eliminated. Please spare me a comment this time. No Punk, you cannot take his comment for him.

    The pole continues to rise as Mike’s eyes start to change and he looses grip.

    Striker: Mike, you’re now out.

    Heavy Mike: Thanks Matt.

    The pole goes a little higher and WP looks a bit nervous. He lets go.

    Striker: If you’re afraid of heights, I’d hate to imagine how you’re going to fair against Big Show!

    WP: I have to go get ready for my match.

    Three men remain and PI looks around and gets high enough to see where the pros are and quickly drops down running away before Striker can get a comment. jTj looks on in concern, but still holds on, Run grins and tries to use this opportunity to kick his adversary off the pole, but misses and loses his grip landing hard on the floor.

    Striker: Two points for jTj, congratulations! After the next match, we’ll see you all over in Extreme Boot Camp!

    ’Big Show’ plays as the seven foot monster comes down to the ring with the seven foot grin.

    Punk: You know what bothers me the most about it though Josh? He sets us up when he knows we can’t be heard! People would be tweeting and chatting about our funny jokes and we can’t even hear them!

    Matthews: We’re back on.

    Punk: Oh who cares! What hasn’t already been said about The Big Show! End the Mute-ny! Write your Senators or Ministers or Moderators!

    Matthews: Moderators?

    Punk: Yes, moderators, obvious someone doesn’t know his foreign politics very well!

    ’Solo’ plays and WP comes out looking like he may have bitten off more than he can chew. However, he then pulls out a microphone from his back pocket.

    Punk: Can he mute us?

    WP: Hold on Big Show, I want to talk to Matt Striker.

    Matthews: No, but he can.

    Matt Striker comes on stage.

    WP: Matt, listen, you know this is a big, important, match right?

    Striker: Yes, probably the biggest of your young career.

    WP: Absolutely, and being that I’m young, and being that you used to be a teacher, you understand young people.

    Striker: I certainly do.

    WP: Well, Mr. Striker, since we both know this will be a very important match and I’m a young superstar, well, what would you say to an extension?

    Big Show shrugs with anger as Striker gives a curious glare.

    WP: One week, that’s all I’m asking. Giving me tonight off and next week I’ll face The Big Show, I promise.

    Striker: Well, you know what, we still have another competition tonight and I’m in a giving mood, having a good first night back, fair enough! I’ll give you an extension, the match between WP and The Big Show will be next week!

    WP: Thank you! Thank you!

    Striker: I have one condition.

    WP: Oh, anything.

    Striker: Big Show chooses the stipulation. Show, do you think you could give the fine folks at a call this week, whenever you devise your stipulation?

    Show nods his head.

    Striker: All right then! Can we get the other five rookies out here? It’s time for Extreme Boot Camp!

    The other rookies come out along with Sgt. Slaughter.

    Striker: Now whichever rookie wins this competition, will get a three hour training session with Sergeant Slaughter. Sarge, tell them what they’re doing.

    Slaughter: All right, there are a few steps here. First thing is you have to climb the deadly rock wall, followed by the monkey bars which will take you to the balance beam, once you cross the balance beam you’ll go down the zip-line, crawl under the barbed wire, get up, ring the bell, and you win.

    Striker: Now jTj has two points, so he gets a head start. The four rookies with one point cannot start until jTj clears the deadly rock wall to start. Holzhammer, you cannot start until the other four get up. jTj ready? Go!

    jTj starts up the wall quickly and the crowd is excited. He slips up at one point, but quickly gets to the top.

    Striker: Other four rookies go!

    As the other four start, jTj is almost down the monkey bars and is approaching the balance beam. PI monkeys up the wall quickest and makes it to the bars just as fast. Run In and WP both scale up the wall and make it to the top. Mike is having all kinds of problems as Holzhammer hardly seems to be paying attention. jTj falls off the balance beam as PI approaches it.

    Striker: jTj, I’m sorry, but you have to start over!

    jTj hurries around and sees Mike struggling up the wall and makes calls of encouragement as he scales up next to him. PI slips on the balance beam as well, and Run In and WP are making their way onto it now. jTj gets to the top of the wall and turns around offering Mike a helping hand as Holzhammer still cannot even begin the course. The others are trying to make it across the balance beam to get to the zip line when as Mike gets his second leg over the wall...


    No one seems quite sure what happened, but the wall has collapsed into pieces and most of the rookies have hit the ground. The lights are out after a huge ball of fire could be seen near that stage and purple lights come on as the smoke billows out of the stage that the wall was on. jTj and Mike come down and lift up the wall which landed right where Holzhammer was standing. Matt Striker is standing by the finish line as the other three rookies wait while Mike and jTj try to help.

    Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, I....

    Matthews: What is going on?

    Punk: This is serious guys, we need some serious help out here.

    Striker: There’s no way he survived that....There’s....There’s no way he survived that.

    Matthews: I don’t know what is going on, but...I think Holzhammer is dead.

    Zack Ryder and the other pros rush out with the EMTs and they start to pull back the debris of the explosion, looking for the rookie.

    © World Wrestling Entertainment
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    NXT Newsfeed

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Striker
    With one loss comes another. Even with the apparent loss of Holzhammer, we must still continue NXT and another rookie must go home. Send your votes as you have in the past.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zack Ryder
    Whoa. You know, I wanted to be more than a pro. I wanted to be his bro. I’m gonna try to find the words for a eulogy for him next week. WWWYKI
    Quote Originally Posted by Rey Mysterio
    My rookie has been acting weird for weeks everybody, it’s finally time to call him out on it!
    Please send me your lists. 1-5 for who should be eliminated next.

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Quote Originally Posted by African Mike
    I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    System's Semantics



    - Good intro, served its purpose. The few things I wonít like in the shows, will be things I donít like in the IRL show (like stupid contests) so I wonít criticize that for obvious reasons.


    - Good promo, havenít been following the fed until recently, so I may be oblivious to some storylines/character development. Disadvantage of this type of fed, is people donít automatically have empathy for a wrestler (Eg, you write a fed with say Jericho, and people will say ďI like Jericho, I hope winsĒ but I suppose you have the pros and everyone marking for themselves to guide you lol).

    - Haha, The Big Show promo was pretty chessy however believable as I can see Show saying that. The last sentence about WP losing his ego is worded really strangely.

    EX Boot Camp:

    - Eh, the segment did its job, nothing too painful.

    - Haha cool segment, got me to understand the character a bit more which was nice.
    EDIT: Oh I though the Twilight Zone music was for this, (alternate realities and other sc-fi stuff. I am an idiot).
    - Interesting segment, like to see where it goes.
    - Couldnít follow any of that, moving on.

    PI Vs Run In:



    - PIís character seems interesting.
    - For some reason, Holz comment cracked me up.
    - Aww man, I was waiting for a Pi (the film) reference coming up in the commentary then, especially when you referenced another Darren Aronofsky film in the next line!
    - lol, I think Kid Rock is the complete opposite of jTj but I guess the song would fit.

    jTj Vs Holzhammer:

    - That just seemed like the opening minutes of the match, I think for an NXT show a more summarized format would work. Not shorter, just write in the key elements, Eg ďHolzhammer and jTj were all about mind games in the opening minutes of the anticipated match upĒ something like that (just an idea)Ē.

    Its just something I like, but small headings for each segment would be nice IMO. Iíve seemed to lose track Iíve what segment I was reading 3 times now. Lol end the Mute-ny, nice one. The mainevent that was promoted from the start of the show isnít all?! Iíd understand if it was modified or a cheap finish but thatís pretty odd booking man.

    - End was very interesting, almost covered for having the main event cancelled.


    - Fun little show, somewhat confusing in parts (due to me having not followed the fed from its inception, and the small cuts between segments). If I read some of this stuff in another FF show (Some of it reminded me of the dumb basketball segments that I use to tell WMSí sucked all the time ) in regards to the competition Iíd give it a poor review, but its NXT so its of course forgiven (and partially entertaining). Liked the character development, WP seems to be my favourite but this was his episode to shine so it seems. Sorry if that wasnít as in-depth (or as coherent :lol) as you would have liked, but you have a new reader. Looking forward to the next show.

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    In Memory of Holzhammer
    Episodes 1-8


    Shows Holzhammer not participating in activities.

    jTj: I donít want to say he brought this one himself, but he didnít play the game. He didnít follow the rules. He wanted to be different, he wanted to be defiant, and it cost him.

    Heavy Mike: Itís just, hard to realize that heís gone. We werenít close friends or anything like that, but the fact of the matter was, he was another one of us and I respected him.

    Shows Holzhammer dominating in the ring.

    PI: He was very tough, very tough, but death is just something you canít beat.

    Run In: He definitely stood out in the ring, I have to acknowledge that. I canít sit here and say he wasnít a great competitor. Was he better than me in the ring? Doesnít really matter now.

    Video of Holzhammer and Zack Ryder together.

    WP: Holzhammer is probably one of the only other guys on NXT who was better than their pro in every sense of the word. Now Iím the only one.

    Heavy Mike: Holz tried to bully Ryder and Iím not going to sit here and condone bullying, but it was a little entertaining.

    jTj: Holzhammer was a human being. Every human being has the right to a great life. That is the gift they are given, what they do with their life is up to them. Holzhammer, like all of us, choose to live that life wrestling, but he approached it in a different way than the rest of us.

    PI: That whole night, there was an evil spirit looming, I do believe it will show itself...Eventually.
    The video stops and Matt Striker is standing in the ring along with a casket, purple carpeting, and a wreath.

    Striker: Good evening everyone and welcome, to NXT. Tonight, is not meant to be a mourning of loss, but rather, a celebration of life, and a celebration of survival. Tonight, we have prepared a very special service, so it is at this time, that I invite anyone who wishes to come to the ring for an opportunity to say good bye to Holzhammer, please do so now.

    íWild and Youngí plays and jTj comes down to the ring first, followed by Heavy Mike, PI, Run In, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, and finally Zack Ryder. There are some people noticeably missing, but they all enter the ring. CM Punk then comes into the ring also.

    Striker: Is there anyone who would like to say a few words or share a story?

    Punk immediately raises his hand and takes the microphone.

    Punk: Hi everybody, CM Punk, here, Iím the Color Commentator on this show, Slammy Award Winner, and I just wanted to say ĎHií, you might not know that Iím the color commentator on this show because Matt Striker is a diva and requires my microphone be turned off most of the time. I would just like to say, end the mute-ny, and if you want to join our cause, please log onto and grab one of these ĎEnd the Mute-nyí T-Shirts! Makes a great stocking stuffer.

    Striker: What about Holzhammer?

    Punk: Iím one step ahead of you Matt.

    Punk reaches into his jacket and grabs another ĎEnd the Mute-nyí t-shirt, takes it over to the casket, putting it in. He then exits the ring.

    Striker: Would anyone like to say anything about Holzhammer?

    jTj takes the microphone.

    jTj: Yeah Matt, like all of the other rookies, I already shared a lot of what I felt about this in the video we shot earlier today, but I would like to say that Holzhammer may have not been the most charismatic or the most friendly, but he was a damn viscous competitor in the ring. He really pushed me to my limit and that was a challenge that I am disappointed to know I will never face again. Peace on the other side brother, wherever you end up.

    Striker: Thank you, anyone else before I invite Zack Ryder to share his eulogy.

    Daniel Bryan takes the microphone.

    Bryan: Yeah, ah, I think I might have an appreciation for Holzhammer that no one else really had. I mean, Iíve travelled all over the world and Iíve wrestled in several different countries and that was even before I was with WWE. You see, I got to wrestle in these different countries against the natives and I got exposed to their style and their way of doing things. I think Holzhammer was a very unique competitor and he definitely reminded me of the styles of some very European or Asian style wrestlers and-

    Daniel Bryan has stopped now because he sees his rookie, Run In, has laid down on the mat.

    Bryan: Run In, is there something wrong?

    Run In: Yes Daniel, this crowd is almost as dead as Holzhammer is! Iím sorry, Iím trying to be respectful, I really am, but for crying out loud! Doesnít the man have some family or some other people who would be more interested in this? Iím sorry, but this show is our time! This is our opportunity to shine! This show is how we get our exposure, and certainly Holzhammer is in no condition to win NXT! How about giving some TV time to those of us who still can?

    Daniel Bryan rips the microphone out of Run Inís hand.

    Bryan: You know what Run In? Iíve been trying to be flexible with you. Iíve been trying to let you do things your own way, but blatantly disrespecting someone is wrong! Itís just wrong. Iíve tried to teach you how to do things the right way, but maybe, Iíll just have to beat some respect into you!

    Striker: Gentlemen, gentlemen, please! That sounds like a great idea and I think we will see Daniel Bryan versus Run In right after the break, but please, for right now, I want to let Holzhammerís pro, Zack Ryder say a few words.

    Ryder: Holzilla? You didnít want me to be your bro. Heck, I donít even think you wanted me to be your pro, but the fact of the matter is, I was. So, now youíre gone and we never really got to develop that relationship, I still love ya bro. I want to do things the way you would want them to be, short and sweet. So Iíll just say, wherever you are, wherever you went, good bye. Woo. Woo. Woo. You totally know it, big guy.

    Striker: Let us all bow our heads.











    Striker: Weíve lost some rookies because of a decision made by WWE Management. Weíve lost some rookies to a Pro Poll. Weíve lost some rookies to the vote of the WWE Universe. Weíve never lost a rookie like this. As you all stand on your feet, Holzhammer lies on his back. He is eliminated from NXT, and tonight...One of you will join him. Maybe not in the great beyond, but certainly in NXT Exile, lying on the mat, dejected, with your dream of being a WWE Superstar taken away.

    The rookies and pros all exit the ring as we cut to the announcers.

    Matthews: What a sad moment for NXT. Another wrestling tragedy.

    Punk: Well, itís a sad time for the whole WWE Universe, another loss to someone under contract. He joins the ranks of several great superstars including The Undertaker and Mr. McMahon.

    Matthews: But Mr. McMahon is in a coma...

    Punk: Right, but his limo blew up, before that whole, other thing.

    Matthews: But that was staged.

    Punk: OK, he still joins The Undertaker, who has died like five times, making it a much more significant fact.

    Matthews: When we come back, itís going to be Daniel Bryan versus Run In, one on one!

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*


    Shows WP walking down the aisle on NXT.

    Run In: WP is the definition of arrogance and thatís coming from me!

    PI: Itís like he thinks heís the only one out here! Heís....not.

    Shows WP getting the win.

    jTj: The guy is undefeated and hasnít earned a single win.

    Run In: Weíd all be undefeated if we had out pros cheating for us.

    Heavy Mike: What MVP did for him was just wrong.

    Shows WP cutting a promo after MVP was fired.

    PI: Someday he will learn, calling people the wrong name and complaining to JJ Dillon wonít get you everything.

    jTj: The guy let MVP do all of the dirty work and then acted like he did nothing.

    Shows WP finding out The Big Show was his new pro.

    Run In: I donít know if Big Show will help him or not. Itís too early to tell.

    Heavy Mike: I think Big Show needs to do all of us a favor, and knock his ass out.
    Punk: Is he dead too?

    Matthews: No.

    Punk: You sure? He wasnít out there for the little funeral deal...

    Matthews: I saw him get here earlier today.

    Punk: Oh, yeah, I guess I did too. He couldíve died since then?

    Matthews: Iíll have someone check. Meanwhile, Run In and Daniel Bryan have been waiting for them to clear the ring.

    Punk: Why did they leave the casket up on the stage? Itís kind of creepy, like foreshadowing or something.

    WWE United States Champion, Daniel Bryan versus Run In

    The bell rings and the two men circle around each other as the crowd watches with anticipation. Run In immediately starts to put the offense on heavy. He shows his own ability to use strikes effectively and really looks like he knows what he is doing. However he tries to apply the Dragon Sleeper far too early in the match and Daniel Bryan quickly escapes it. Run In shows frustration at this and it turns out to be the pace changer of the match. Daniel Bryan turns the match around and really shows the kid how it is done when it comes to striking as Run In has to exit the ring in order to escape the lethal kicks from his pro. Bryan tells him to come back into the ring and instead he starts to walk away. Daniel Bryan goes for a suicide dive to the floor and both men go down. The referee begins a double count out, but they both get up and slide in around the same time. Now both back in the ring Run In turns an arm drag into an arm bar and looks like he might have it, but Bryan gets to the ropes. Run In is quick to break the hold so he can continue to dish out the damage. However when Run In tries to pick Bryan up it is turned into the LeBell Lock. Run In is in the ropes so the referee immediately calls for the break, but Daniel uses the four count before he breaks. Run In is now very upset and yells at his pro from the apron where heís gone for salvation. Bryan hits him with an upper cut before pulling him over the top rope and dropping him with a bulldog which he quickly modifies into a LeBell Lock. Run In is nowhere near the ropes this time and has no choice but to tap out.

    Winner, by submission, WWE United States Champion, Daniel Bryan

    Matthews: What a win for the US Champion!

    Punk: That was pretty awesome, submission victory! Doesnít make him any less of a nerd though!

    Matthews: OK Michael Cole.

    Punk: He won a Slammy too.

    Matthews: I know, I watched.

    The scene cuts to the back where Big Show is standing outside a door.

    Big Show: I know youíre in there WP, and thatís fine, if you didnít want to pay your respects to Holzhammer, thatís your business, but youíre going to have to pay your respects to me sooner or later!

    Cuts back to the ring.

    Punk: He needs to go in there and check on him, I think heís dead.

    Matthews: Punk, no one is dead.

    Punk: Oh my god, youíre so stupid. Lots of people are dead Josh.

    íBooyaka 619í plays and Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring in his street clothes.

    Mysterio: As all of you know, my rookie has been having a difficult time since the beginning because I was out with an injury. But now Iím back and instead of acting normal, heís been crazier than ever before. I want to bring him out here to address this little problem.

    The crowd is confused and so is Mysterio as PI walks down to the ring, not using his own theme song. He has his own microphone.

    Mysterio: So, do you have anything to say?

    PI: So, do you have anything to say?

    Mysterio: Well, he can hear, thatís not the problem! Ha!

    PI: Well, he can hear, thatís not the problem! Ha!

    Mysterio: Listen man, messing with me is one thing, donít mess with the people.

    PI: Listen man, messing with me is one thing, donít mess with the people.

    Mysterio: PI!

    PI: REY!

    Mysterio: Oh! Now you cooperate!

    PI: Oh! Now you cooperate!

    Mysterio: What is with you?!

    PI takes his microphone and smashes Mysterio in the head.

    PI: What is with you?! What? What? You want to know who I am? You already know who I am!

    PI gets on top of Mysterio and starts choking him before yelling in a fake Mexican accent.

    PI: You know who I am! You know who I am, holmes! Itís me! Itís me amigo!

    PI drops the accent right after he hits him with the microphone one more time.

    PI: You want to find out my mystery Rey? Well, I want to find out yours. What do you say? Next week, you and me, mask versus mask!

    PI lets Rey go and Mysterio exits the ring.

    Mysterio: You think youíve got some kind of secret? Fine, Iím real curious! But Iíve got a secret for you, that you wonít have to wait a week for. Itís your opponent tonight, I was hoping heíd find his mean streak and beat a little sense into you! The two of you have one win over the other a piece, so maybe this can be your tie breaker!

    íAnimal I Have Becomeí plays and Heavy Mike comes out to a big reaction.

    PI [with Rey Mysterio] versus Heavy Mike

    This match started out more or less as a game of cat and mouse. PI was doing everything he could to stay away from Heavy Mike and the big man was doing everything he could to catch him. Finally PI couldnít keep away anymore and Heavy Mike started to throw him around like a rag doll. Mike works him over in the corners careful not to get disqualified. Rey Mysterio watches on the outside as Mike is watching Mysterio to ensure that this is what he wants. PI doesnít seem to be moving when Mike goes up top and drops the African Earthquake. Mike looks at Rey before he goes to the second rope again. He goes for the African Earthquake again, but Rey pulls PI out of the ring. Mike looks annoyed and yells ĎThis is what you asked forí at Mysterio. PI shoves Rey and then goes back into the ring. However he is met by Mike who gives him a sick suplex before going for the pin and getting the victory.

    Winner, Heavy Mike

    Matthews: Mike showed that angry side a bit again.

    Punk: Well it looks like Mysterio asked him to teach him a lesson and then went back on the decision.

    The referee checks on PI and Mike grabs a microphone before going over and grabbing PI again.

    Heavy Mike: Listen PI, you and I are friends, at least in my mind, and I like you, but if you canít treat your pro with respect, I canít treat you with respect. That was just a lesson.

    íWritten in my Faceí then plays and the crowd seems surprised as Sheamus makes his way down to the ring. PI and Mysterio exit the ring side area as Sheamus and Heavy Mike face off once again. Sheamus takes the microphone from his rookie.

    Sheamus: Listen Ďere fella. Two weeks ago, you and I had a great match and you achieved something I wasnít sure you could. You earned something. You earned me respect, fella. So I wanted to come out Ďere and say very simple, shake me Ďand, Mike.

    Mike looks around to the WWE Universe before he shrugs his shoulders and accepts the hand of his pro. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, but when Mike tries to let go, Sheamus doesnít.

    Sheamus: You earned me respect when ya beat me, but Mike, ya canít beat me twice!

    Mike takes back the microphone.

    Heavy Mike: I guess thereís only one way to find out.

    Sheamus: Is that right? Well, next week then.

    Matthews: Did you hear that Punk? Sheamus versus Heavy Mike!

    Punk: And Rey Mysterio versus Pissing Iris!

    Matthews: You still insist on calling him that?

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Run In

    Shows Run In in the beginning.

    Heavy Mike: I thought Run In has a lot of potential in the beginning.

    WP: He was a boring little dude in the beginning.

    Shows Run In turning on Daniel Bryan.

    jTj: He did what he had to do to get noticed. I can’t blame him for that.

    PI: Jericho wanted him to be just like him and eventually Lenny had enough, everyone can understand that.

    Shows Run In in tag team action with Dolph Ziggler.

    WP: He’s good in the ring, but there has to be more to it than that.

    jTj: No one is going to argue the kid’s in ring ability.

    Heavy Mike: He’s very young. He’s very green. Do I think he could get there? Absolutely. Is he there yet? Well, that’s not up to me.
    We cut the video and The Big Show is standing in he ring.

    Big Show: All right, I know WP is here, so now it’s only a matter of him pulling his tail out of his legs, coming down here, and finding out exactly what is in store for him.

    Punk: If he’s dead and Show is messing with us, he just turned.

    Matthews: Punk!

    Punk: What! He turned toward the entrance way, waiting for his opponent! If you’re not going to call the action, I will!

    ’Solo’ by Jason DeRulo hits and the crowd boos, they boo even more when they realize WP is in his street clothes.

    Big Show: You don’t look ready for a fight rook!

    WP ignores him and walks right down to the ring.

    WP: Listen, you big, ugly buffoon. I’m not ready for a fight. I’m not fighting. There isn’t going to be a match.

    The crowd boos.

    WP: Show, I’ve been saying it since the beginning, I’m too good for this show. I’m too good for NXT. Look at me, I’m the only rookie who is actually undefeated! All of those other pipsqueaks have losses under their belts. Not me, I’m effectively better than everyone else on NXT, so I thought about it. I took a little vacation to Wales and I thought long and hard about my future on NXT. When I came back from Wales, this is what I decided. I am too good for this show. I have made the appropriate contact with WWE Management and as of noon today, I have officially withdrawn from the NXT competition. With that being said, I am courting both the Anonymous Raw General Manager and also Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long. I am going to do something totally revolutionary, that has never been done before, I am withdrawing from NXT in favor of maintaining my undefeated streak in the pursuit of a WWE Contract!

    Big Show shrugs.

    Big Show: You know what, you’re right. That is smart, and it is revolutionary. Leaving the show on your own terms, like a coward, but that’s ok, you know what they say on this show, you all go out on your back!

    Show throws a wild right hand right to WP who is instantly floored as the crowd goes wild. Show pushes him out of the ring with his foot before taking the microphone.

    Big Show: Well, that was disappointing. WP ruined the main event once again. I guess I’m a bad pro. It also looks like we have a lot of time left in the show. I was planning on giving the kid a real working over-

    Big Show is cut off when ‘Warrior’ by Kid Rock hits and the crowd explodes as jTj walks through the curtain. He comes down to the ring and looks Big Show in the eyes.

    jTj: As it turns out Show, I have the night off tonight, and as it also turns out, I don’t want, need, or desire the night off tonight. I have wrestled on this show every week since the beginning, sometimes twice, and damn it, I want to wrestle you tonight!

    Big Show: Well? What are we waiting for?

    A referee comes down to the ring and calls for the bell.

    The Big Show versus jTj

    This match started out with an intense face off and the crowd totally eats it up. Big Show has a sizeable advantage. jTj does everything he can to take the big man off his feet using both his own strength and also his speed advantage to take a series of shots at the World’s Largest Athlete. He throws several shoulder blocks at him, but none of them are quite enough for taking down the big man. Show is taking a largely defensive approach, almost trying to coach the rookie as to how he needs to overcome the bigger athlete. jTj finally gets an idea and tries to lift Show up for a scoop slam. Show is just smiling, confident that he won’t be able to do it, but JTJ DOES IT! He goes for the pin on Big Show, but it wasn’t quite enough. He stays right on him and applies a front facelock as he eases Show up. He motions for the PatriotPlex, but Show spins out of it and hits him with the KO Punch! Show goes for the pin and gets the victory!

    Winner, The Big Show

    Matthews: Valiant effort by jTj there.

    Punk: Yeah it was, if only-

    Punk and Matthews are cut off as Matt Striker enters the ring.

    Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have received word from WWE Management that WP withdrawing from the competition is NOT going to constitute tonight’s elimination. Run In, PI, Heavy Mike, please come down here. It’s time for the Elimination Ceremony.

    ’Wild and Young’ plays as the other three rookies come down to the ring.

    Striker: All right, of the four of you remaining, let’s see where you stand.

    #1-jTj (No Change)
    Striker: jTj, you can stand up, well, if you can stand up.

    #2 PI ^ One Spot
    Striker: PI, you may stand up. Now this next person is going to be the last one safe.


    Striker: Heavy Mike, stand up.

    #4-Run In Eliminated
    Striker: Well Run In, what do you have to say?

    CM Punk jumps up from the desk.

    Punk: Oh crap, never mind, it’s just from Michael Cole...Why isn’t he here?

    Run In starts to speak again.

    Punk: Wait, I’m sorry, it’s forwarded from....Wait, can I redo this?

    The crowd pops.

    Punk: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I please have your attention please? I am so good at this. I have just received an e-mail from Michael Cole from The Anonymous Raw General Manager AND I QUOTE ‘Changes are coming faster than we ever could’ve imagined and now we’re down to three. Heavy Mike and PI both have matches with their pros next week, but jTj, you have a bigger opponent. You’ll be facing WWE Champion, The Miz. Also Gentlemen, next week is your most important, because just like tonight it will be the last for two of you. Next week marks the Season One Finale for NXT!’

    Suddenly the crowd gasps because LIGHTENING STRIKES and the arena goes BLACK.

    (OOC: Disregard the picture. I'm only using this for the song)

    Four druids dressed all in black enter and grab the casket which has been left on the stage and take it out of the arena area.

    Punk: They can’t do that! Can they do that? They’re stealing Holzhammer!

    Matthews: I don’t know, all I know is that next week is the Season Finale of WWE NXT! Who will be the next WWE Break Out Star? We’re finally going to find out!

    © World Wrestling Entertainment

    Send me your lists! Season Finale Next week!
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Itís All Been Leading to This

    You better watch who you talkin 'bout
    Runnin ya mouf, like ya know me
    You gon' fuck around and check why the "Show Me" get called the "Show me"

    Sheamus: My NXT Rookie is a fella who has all of the tools to be the next breakout star, and he will be because I donít fail. This is HEAVY MIKE!
    Mysterio: My NXT Rookie is a little mysterious, just like me, here he is, PI!
    Cole: Now my NXT Rookie certainly isnít as good as The Miz, hell, he isnít as good as Alex Riley, but what he is...Well, heís jTj.
    While one-on-one you can't hold me if your last name was Haynes
    The only way you word me out, is stitch my name on your pants
    No resident of France (wooo), but ya swear I'm from Paris

    Heavy Mike goes to the second rope...AFRICAN EARTH QUAKE!
    PI goes to the apron...He jumps up...FLYING PI!
    jTj has this right where he wants him...Here we go...PATRIOT PLEX!
    Hundred Six karats, total, nah thats per wrist
    Tryina comfirm this, my chains to yo chains
    I'm like Sprint or Motorola, no service, outta ya range

    Heavy Mike: I understand the experience my pro brings to the table, it might not be my style, but I do understand. Iím just an easy going guy, I always play by the rules, and I donít like taking cheap shots. If Iím going to get to the top, Iím going to do it the right way.

    Shows Mike in the ring one more time.

    Heavy Mike: My name is Heavy Mike and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star.
    Your outta ya brains, thinkin I'ma shout out ya name
    You gotta come up with better ways than that just to get ya fame
    All that pressure you applyin, it's time to ease off
    Before I hit ya from the blind side, takin ya sleves off

    Shows PI in action against WP in FFCW.

    PI: My name is PI and I will be the next WWE Break Out Star!

    Shows PI going for the 6-1-9 and missing it in the ring.
    As much as we's floss, still hard to please boss
    Don't be lyin, bitchin and cryin, suck it up as a loss
    Cause ya, acts is whack, ya whole lable is whack
    And matta fact eh eh eh eh eh eh, hold that

    jTj: I stand out because of my discipline. I was taught to always do what was right, donít question authority, but remember that the real authority isnít here in Earth, at the end of the day we still say out prayers and we still have to answer to the big man upstairs.

    Shows a close up shot of jTj.

    jTj: My name is jTj and I will be the WWEís Next Break Out Star.
    I am number one
    Don't matter if ya like it, herr take it, sit down and write it
    I am number one, eh eh eh eh eh eh

    Shows an image of PI. Shows an image of Heavy Mike. Shows an image of jTj.
    Now let me ask ya man
    What does it take to be number one
    Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers, eh
    What does it take to be number one, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

    Announcer: Who will be the WWEís Next Break Out Star? Tune in For NXT Week on WWE Programming and
    NXT Final Interviews-Thursday @
    Season Two Winner Kaval versus PI-Friday @ WWE Smackdown on SyFy 8ET/7CT
    Special Final Challenge-Saturday @ WWE Tribute to the Troops on NBC 9ET/8CT
    PI versus jTj versus Heavy Mike-Sunday @ WWE TLC on PPV 8ET/7CT
    jTj and Heavy Mike versus Season One Winner Wade Barrett and David Otunga of The Nexus-Monday @ WWE Raw on USA 9ET/8CT
    NXT Season One Finale-Tuesday @ WWE NXT on SyFy 10ET/9CT
    Follow me on Twitter: @1RealSmartAlex
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Today all three remaining NXT Rookies sat down with Joey Styles for a quick interview getting their thoughts before the big finale.

    Heavy Mike

    Styles: Hey Mike, how are you doing today?

    Heavy Mike: Iím good Joey, thanks for asking.

    Styles: So, did you think you would make it this far?

    Heavy Mike: I wasnít sure to be honest. I was confident in my abilities, no doubt, but thereís always that lingering doubt. I work an interesting style and I wasnít sure the fans would get behind it.

    Styles: You certainly do, Iíd say youíre one of the few big men that actually show a lot of compassion.

    Heavy Mike: Yeah Joey, the fact of the matter is, Iím a big boy. I donít go out there trying to put the hurt on guys or injure them or anything like that, but whether I like it or not, a leg drop from me hurts a little bit more than say, a leg drop from PI.

    Styles: Speaking of PI, the two of you had a pretty intense match Tuesday night, in which the fans saw a side of you they had only previously seen against Sheamus, would you like to shed some light on that?

    Heavy Mike: PI has been frustrating me for a long time Joey. I still consider him a friend, but heís had a change of attitude, itís almost as if heís transformed since NXT happened. Those of us who trained with him before NXT hardly recognize him.

    Styles: Well, enough about him. Letís talk about you, a lot of people would say your best match this season was the Lumberjack Match against Sheamus, would you agree?

    Heavy Mike: Yes and no. Did it entertain the fans? Yes, I think so, but because a lot of them saw that as Sheamus getting his just desserts, but to me, that wasnít a match, it was a fight. That wasnít the display of a good athlete or good sportsmanship on either of our parts, it was just raw brutality and ruthless aggression.

    Styles: Well you certainly do have a very interesting demeanor. Anything else you want to tell the WWE Universe?

    Heavy Mike: Vote for the person you want to win and donít regret it. This is all of our dreams and I think all three of us have the heart to make it.

    Styles: Hey, PI thanks for-

    PI: I donít even know why this is necessary. I know what you think and I didnít do it.

    Styles: What?

    PI: I am not a murderer. I donít have any ill feelings.

    Styles: No one called you a murderer.

    PI: The man is my pro. Why would I kill him? Why would people think that?

    Styles: I donít think anyone thinks that.

    PI: What do you say we think up some reasons?

    Styles: I donít really think thatís necessary....

    PI: Could it be, because he abandoned me after the first week of NXT? Or maybe because I didnít start losing really until he came back? Or, because I have a secret? He wants to take my mask....I want to take his, but that doesnít mean I would kill him.

    Styles: Well, no one said that so, I donít know why you thought that...

    PI: You can check my room. You can check my bags. The evidence is gone...If it ever existed. Youíll find no more of his blood...Not that any was there.

    Styles: Are you ok?

    PI: Thatís why I asked him too. And just because he wonít answer my calls, that means I murdered him? Just because he wonít pick up the phone? See, they all think I did it, but I donít care what they think. I donít care that they all like him more than they like me....Thatís a lie. Iím sorry that was a lie. I do care. I want them to love me. I need them to love me.

    Styles: Youíre making me really uncomfortable.

    PI: What? Why? I wouldnít kill for them. I wouldnít kill him for them!

    Styles: This interview is over
    DISCLAIMER: Rey Mysterio is alive and fine. PI was reprimanded for Ďplaying aroundí with Joey Styles.

    Styles: Joey Styles here with the last NXT Interview, how are you doing today jTj?

    jTj: Good Mr. Styles. Thank you for interviewing me today.

    Styles: No problem, so youíve come a long way and it all comes down to Tuesday night. Whatís on your mind?

    jTj: Well, Iím pretty booked this week. Tomorrow night I am going to be in attendance at Smackdown watching my good friend PI, take on Kaval. From there, and this is probably the one thing Iím looking forward to the most is Tribute to the Troops. Being on pay per view and Raw and everything like that will be awesome, but getting to perform for my fellow service men and women will be a true honor.

    Styles: Youíre going to be involved in all facets of WWE programming this week and in your last chance to connect with the WWE Universe, what do you think of the fact that PI is facing Kaval one on one and yet you and Mike are going to be in a tag team match?

    jTj: It really doesnít matter to me. Iím out there to do what is asked of me, entertain the WWE Universe, and achieve my dreams.

    Styles: What about your relationship with your pro, Michael Cole?

    jTj: Michael Cole cares about himself, he cares about The Miz, he cares about Alex Riley, and he cares about the Anonymous Raw General Manager. I donít get the vibe heís a big jTj fan, but it is what it is. I never expected him to be able to teach me a lot.

    Styles: Youíll be working three matches in three days next week, which one are you looking forward to the most? The Triple Threat? The Nexus? Or The Miz?

    jTj: Certainly winning the triple threat would be great, but thereís a little bit of a story and a little bit of animosity between me and Wade Barrett, the last time we were both in the same ring, my friend Zap was slapping him in the face. As for The Miz? Heís WWE Champion. Whether I like him or not, itís going to be an honor to face him.

    Styles: So, following that, if you face The Miz and then Mike or PI win, how does that end for you? Your last match in the WWE was against the WWE Champion.

    jTj: Well Joey, as a lot of the other guys have said and as Iíve told friends who have been eliminated, this is our first shot, this isnít our last. Whether I win NXT or not, my match against The Miz will not be my last in the WWE.

    Styles: Well, that seems like a good note to end on. Good luck jTj and I thank you for your time.
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    íWild and Youngí plays as the last episode of the first season of NXT comes on and the camera pans around the arena to all of the screaming fans. The camera comes to the announce table where Josh Matthews is sitting by himself.

    Matthews: Good evening everyone and welcome to the final episode of Season One of NXT. I am Josh Matthews and so far it looks like I may be calling this one by myself tonight.

    As soon as Matthews gets the words out of his mouth, ĎThis Fire Burnsí plays and CM Punk walks down to the announce table. He takes up a microphone.

    Punk: Have no fear NXT, I have not left you. While I may be returning to Raw in some capacity, Iím still here to get a first hand view of this trainwreck known as NXT, because letís face it, Iíd never wrestle on this show. However, I think youíd all agree, this show is missing something. Raw has myself, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler. Smackdown has Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker. However, NXT is the only show that still only has a two man announce team. So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce the third member of the NXT broadcast team!

    Matthews: Who is it?

    The crowd boos as WP walks down to the ring. He has a designer suit on, but is also sporting an arm cast. He takes the microphone from CM Punk and the crowd finally shuts up long enough for him to talk.

    WP: I told you! I told you people I didnít need to win NXT to land a contract with the WWE! Iíve been signed to an announcersí contract and I already make more than Steve Stanford! So over the next few weeks, you better be prepared because Iím going to be the greatest announcer there ever was!

    WP sits down as the crowd continues to boo.

    Matthews: Welcome aboard WP. So, whatís with the cast?

    WP: I was trampled by a crowd of untamable fans.

    Punk: Here I thought it was a tribute to ĎCowboyí Bob Orton.

    WP: Who? Iím actually injured!

    Punk: Thatís fine if youíre injured, just donít be one of those guys that does commentary while heís injured and then all of a sudden decides heís fine and heís ready to abandon the table and get back into action. I hate those guys.

    Matthews: All right guys, well letís take our first look at one of many videos weíre going to watch tonight, this one from the first rookie eliminated from NXT, Zap.


    Zap: Am I surprised these three made it to the finals? A bit, I thought I wouldíve made it. But thatís my demeanor. Itís not arrogance, itís just how I live my life. I was in it to win it.

    Shows an image of Mike wrestling Sheamus.

    Zap: Mike is the biggest of three and he can really move for his side. Heís a beast to say the least. I think he has the fans behind him and really has the potential to connect to the WWE Universe.

    Shows an image of jTj in the Survivor Series match.

    Zap: jTj is a guy I have a lot of respect for. Heís great in the ring and heís just an all around good guy. I canít say much bad about him in the ring either. Heís got the total package I think.

    Shows PI hitting Flying PI.

    Zap: PI is crazy man. Heís got his own brand of uniqueness about him. Thereís definitely something that makes him stand out.

    Shows all three.

    Zap: Who do I think is going to win? Iím going to say Heavy Mike. He just has the tools to make it.
    Matthews: Well there you have it gentlemen, one vote for Heavy Mike.

    Punk: Too bad the rookiesí votes donít need anything.

    Matthews: Thatís right, itís up to the WWE Universe.

    WP: Maybe thatís why I dropped out of this stupid contest.

    íWritten in My Faceí plays and the crowd boos as Sheamus now comes down to the ring, looking ready for his match. He asks for the microphone upon entering the ring.

    Sheamus: Tonight marks me final night as an NXT Pro. Now, I wasnít even originally supposed to be Mikeís pro, but they thought it would be more interesting if someone who would put him in his place for a pro. So they gave him me and for the past ten weeks, Iíve been struggling to get this fella to actually perform at a level respectable to the WWE Universe. It wasnít until he got the opportunity to take me on that I actually saw his potential. But letís make one thing very clear, old Mikey boy got lucky. He got lucky when he pinned me and he couldnít do it again if his life depended on it. I fully expect him to win NXT, but heís not going to beat me tonight, nor is he ever going to beat me again!

    The crowd pops like crazy when ĎAnimal I Have Becomeí hits and Heavy Mike walks on stage with a microphone.

    Heavy Mike: You know Sheamus, I didnít have a lot of respect for you when we first started. I thought you were a coward who used his size and his brutality to take things he didnít deserve. I didnít think you respected the business because you used underhanded tactics to get to the top. You bullied your way through the ranks, you disrespected people, but that was just how I saw you. The more time Iíve spent in this business the more Iíve realized that everyone does what they do and does what they have to do for a reason. Just like tonight, Iím doing things for a reason. Iím going to win NXT because it is my destiny and I am going to beat you....Again.

    Sheamus: Hey Mike, itís really easy to say that up on the stage. Why donít you come down to the ring and say it to me face?

    Heavy Mike makes his way down to the ring and the crowd is pumped.

    WP: He isnít going to say it to his face. Heís a coward.

    Punk: Oh come on WP, I canít even play the hater on this one. Mike looks super determined.

    Matthews: Come on guys! If you two are going to argue then I have to pick a side! Oh, who am I kidding, Punkís right.

    Heavy Mike finally enters the ring and gets right into Sheamusí face.

    Heavy Mike: Ií

    BAM! The crowd pops as Mike nails Sheamus with a right hand dropping the microphone as the referee calls for the bell.

    Sheamus versus Heavy Mike

    Mike gets the early advantage clearly having caught Sheamus off guard. He throws several wild and crazy strikes and eventually throws Sheamus down. The crowd is so behind the rookie, but the Pro takes the time to get to the floor and regroup a bit. Mike goes on the second rope to challenge Sheamus to come back in, but the Celtic Warrior grabs the bossy Aussie and pulls him to the floor. The fall causes a pretty big impact and Sheamus takes advantage of the pained rookie. The Celt now has control of the match on the floor and Irish whips his rookie into the wall a few times, throwing him in just to break the count. Sheamus now circles the ring and waits for Mike to get to his feet. He taunts his rookie, but Mike gets up and dives toward Sheamus and tries to take him down, but Sheamus knees him in the face. The Celtic Warrior now works over his rookie some more after another mistake and finally decides to go for a pin. Mike kicks out after almost a count of one and Sheamus looks irritated. He tries to go for the Braugh Kick, but Mike ducks and the referee intercepts it. Sheamus smiles at the misfortune of the official and goes to the floor. He comes in with a chair and looks like heís going to finish Mike. He goes into the ring, but Mike spears him! The crowd is going wild as Mike picks up the chair and looks down on his pro. He then throws the chair to the floor and Senton Splashes all of his weight onto Sheamus. The crowd is going crazy as Mike goes up for the African Earthquake...HE HITS IT! He hooks the leg, but the referee is still knocked out. He waits for awhile and then goes to check on the official. Sheamus uses this time to recuperate and when Mike turns around he hits his patented bicycle kick before the referee recovers and he puts his rookie away.
    Winner, Sheamus

    Sheamus goes to the floor and grabs the microphone.

    Sheamus: You canít beat me again.

    íWritten in My Faceí plays again as Sheamus throws up his arms in celebration. Heavy Mike watches his proís arrogance and then rips off his tie dye t-shirt before coming behind Sheamus delivering a Half Nelson Suplex which gains a huge pop. He then hooks one leg before slapping ĎOne! Two! Three!í on the mat to the approval of the crowd!

    Heavy Mike: I can still beat you!

    WP: That wasnít fair! The bell already rang. The match was over!

    Punk: Well itís not like it was Festus, whoís to say Sheamus couldnít have still taken him after the bell?

    Matthews: I feel so useless.
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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    WARNING: The following segment is Rated TV 14. Viewer Discretion is advised.


    Shows the final three rookies.

    WMS: I thought NXT was incredibly competitive. There wasnít a single guy on the show that I wouldíve said, ĎOh yeah, thereís no way heís making the finals.í We all had our qualities that made us appealing.

    Shows jTj in action.

    WMS: Talk about a total class act. Just a very respectable guy, hard to say anything bad about him honestly. Heís got a great physique, great personality, and he connects with the WWE Universe. What could be better?

    Shows Heavy Mike wresting.

    WMS: The nicest guy in NXT. Heavy Mike answered a very important question during NXT, and that was, could he show his mean streak? He certainly did and it frightened me.

    Video of PI cutting a promo.

    WMS: What is with this guy? Heís been acting more and more strange as of late. I just donít get him, but the fans seem to like him for one reason or another, so I guess that is all that matters.

    Shows all three of them once again.

    WMS: I am going to have to give it to jTj.
    Punk: Another irrelevant opinion.

    Matthews: Iím interested to hear what the other rookies have to say about the final three.

    WP: You should be really excited for when I give my reasons later on in the show.

    Punk: That will be irrelevant too.

    WP: Punk? How could you?

    íBooyaka 619í plays and the crowd pops as Rey Mysterio comes through the curtain to a huge ovation from the capacity crowd. He high fives several fans before entering the ring.

    Matthews: Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Rey Mysterio would put his mask on the line against PI tonight?

    Punk: Thatís the level of mind games that PI has played with him. Rey wants to know what kind of games that PI is playing with him and this is the only way he can find out. He has to put it all on the line.

    WP: He also knows that no matter how good PI may or may not be, heís still a two time World Heavyweight Champion and that is a feat that PI canít even compare to.

    íSink to the Beatí plays and PI comes out with the WCW Cruiserweight Championship over his shoulder. He enters the ring and looks around before laying the championship across the ring.

    Punk: PI is obviously not the Cruiserweight Champion, unless he beat Hornswoggle at a house show, but the level of mind games between these two just keeps rising.

    Justin Roberts now enters the ring as the two men stand in their respective corners.

    WP: Whoa! Iím better than both of these two put together and I never got a ring announcer introduction.

    Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is the Mask versus Mask Match and it is scheduled for one fall! In the corner to my left, from San Diego, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, he is the master of the 6-1-9, REY MYSTERIO!!!

    The crowd pops for Rey as PI has a smug look on his face.

    Roberts: And his opponent, from New York City, New York, weighing in at one hundred and seventy six pounds, he is the master of Flying PI, PI!!!

    Mask versus Mask
    Rey Mysterio versus PI

    The bell rings and the crowd is excited for what should be a fast paced match. PI is quick on the offensive and really puts the blows to Mysterio. It then becomes clear that his objective is to rip off the mask during the match which garners several warnings from the referee. He tears at the mask, but Mysterio manages to get some advantage as he reverses one big move that turns around the momentum of the match. He actually sets PI up for the 619 pretty early in the match, but the astute rookie jumps to the floor and avoids the move. He then reaches into his boot for some kind of foreign object. He reenters the ring and strikes Rey with whatever it was he had and the referee didnít see it, but there is now a hole in the forehead of the mask and Mysterio starts to bleed through the mask which causes the referee to stop the match momentarily.

    Matthews: Well, it looks like Rey Mysterio has been busted open through the mask here and as a safety precaution, it is WWE policy to stop the match in the case of bleeding for the official to come in and patch it up however necessary.

    The referee is cleaning Rey up in the corner of the ring when suddenly PI goes off the ropes and baseball slide dropkicks Mysterio into the official.

    Punk: What is PI doing?

    PI pulls the bloody Mysterio back into the ring and lifts him up, dropping him right on his head in the middle of the ring with a Brainbuster!

    Matthews: The brainbuster is an illegal move. PI should be automatically disqualified here.

    The referee gets to his feet and calls for the bell as PI pulls the spike he used on Mysterio back out.

    PI: Stay away from me, Iím crazy!

    Officials start to try to come into the ring, but PI threatens them with the spike.

    PI: I wonít hurt him anymore! I wonít hurt him!

    Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner as a result of a disqualification, Rey Mysterio!

    PI raises Reyís arm in the ring as none of the officials dare enter. PI then asks for a microphone.

    PI: Iím not going to hurt him!

    They slide in the microphone and PI starts to unlace the mask.

    PI: I want you to see this Rey. Let me clean the blood out of your eyes amigo!

    PI gauges Reyís eyes as the officials look to come in, so he then stops. He has blood on his fingers and wipes it on his chest before pulling off his mask, to reveal a Rey Mysterio mask.

    PI: Donít you get it Rey? Donít you understand my secret now? My face isnít my secret....This is. Iím you Rey! Iím reliving your career amigo! Iíve been walking in your shoes and now Iíve got your blood...Our blood on my hands! Let me explain Rey.

    The crowd boos as PI goes to the corner and grabs the Cruiserweight Championship.

    PI: Iím your doppelganger. Iím your REVISIONIST HISTORY, Iím taking ever career choice you ever made, every move you ever took, and Iím making it so much better. Iím your Ghost of Christmas Past. Iím what you couldíve been. Thatís my career choice Rey. Thatís my lifestyle choice. I could be me, or I could be a better you than you could have ever been. Just remember this, amigo, winners write history.

    íBooyaka 619í plays as PI exits the ring with the championship over his shoulder.

    Matthews: Everything makes so much....sense now.

    WP: Like bloody hell it does!

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Run In

    Shows the final three rookies.

    Run In: I donít really think these three shouldíve been the final three. I mean, the whole NXT concept was a bit flawed. We didnít get sufficient chance to show what we could do. What happens to us now? It doesnít matter. I thought we were all too talented for only one of us to make it to the end.

    Shows PI in action.

    Run In: Just another masked guy, but I guess they need to start finding a replacement for Rey Mysterio. I donít think he has what it takes to win, but then again he can fill a void which the other two canít.

    Shows Heavy Mike in action.

    Run In: Heís got a weird style and a weird attitude. Thereís certainly no one like him, but the fact of the matter is, heís just a big guy, but WWE loves big guys, so I donít know.

    Shows jTj in action.

    Run In: jTj? Heís a flag wielding loser. Thereís nothing really special about him. Heís just every man, typical American. Nothing really special.

    Shows all three rookies.

    Run In: Who wins? Eh, I guess Iíll say PI.
    We come back and PI is in handcuffs being pulled away by security. Teddy Long comes by.

    Long: Get him out of here!

    PI: Itís a gimmick Teddy! Iím not crazy! Itís just a gimmick!

    Long: A gimmick playa? You call attacking my superstar a gimmick? Well guess what playa, you said winners write history, but you ainít gonna be writing any, because whether you were supposed to win or not, youíre fired playa! Now you can bíleídat!

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction as we cut back to the announce table.

    Matthews: Well, that was shocking. PI, fired. Who wouldíve thought?

    Punk: Well, he had about a two thirds chance of being fired, but now jTj and Heavy Mike each have a fifty percent chance of being fired.

    WP: And I, WP, have a zero percent chance of being fired, because I am so good at this job.

    Punk: I will politick your ass right out of here if you keep stealing my lines.

    Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen, donít forget, log onto PW tomorrow to see two of the Season Two Rookies.

    Punk: Was that necessary?

    Matthews: What? I wasnít necessarily breaking kayfabe. If this show was real, they would probably cover it on PW. And you were the one who said, oh, cut it back for a few weeks and bring it back on the finale and itíll be trademark Alyon or whatever.

    Punk: Itís the finale Josh! Letís take things a little more seriously.

    WP: Exactly, donít make me ban you two.

    The camera turns to the center of the ring, where Michael Cole is standing.

    Cole: VINTAGE ALYON!!!

    Yeah, thatís what he said, but you couldnít really understand him because the crowd was booing so much. Iím done breaking kayfabe though.

    Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, for three miserable seasons, I had to sit next to Josh Matthews and call this terrible show. Through all of that time, there was a shining light, at least for the first two seasons, that shining light, was the greatest pro in the history of NXT. He was ĎThe Awesome Oneí. He is the only one who I could stand having represent me tonight on the finale when all of the rookies were facing off with their pros.

    íWarriorí by Kid Rock plays and jTj comes out to a huge reaction from the crowd. He gets into the ring to a point where Michael Cole is uncomfortable and has a huge smile on his face.

    jTj:Michael, I just came out here to say thank you. Thank you, for letting me work harder than any other rookie on NXT. Thank you for letting me find my own footing in the WWE. Thank you for having absolutely nothing to offer me as a pro. I appreciate the opportunity to do these things on my own. Thereís only one thing I wish could be different.

    Cole: Whatís that?

    jTj: I wish, that like all of my rookie friends, I could get my hands on you here tonight and really thank you for all youíve done.

    ĎI Came to Playí hits and The Miz and Alex Riley come down to the ring. Miz gets into the ring first and takes the microphone right out of jTjís hand.

    Miz: You. Are. Pathetic. You have the opportunity to face the most awesome superstar in the history of sports entertainment and youíre out here complaining, because you donít get to fight an announcer? That, is pathetic. Listen, you have talked about honor and pride, but you want to fight a man who isnít even a wrestler. Michael asked me to fight for him tonight, but Iím not going to. No, tonight, youíre going to face my apprentice, Alex Riley!

    Cole: Hold on. No disrespect to A-Ri, youíre my boy A-Ri, you know you are, but I really want to see you teach him a lesson tonight Miz.

    jTj: In the words of someone whose name Iím probably not allowed to mention, ĎIím hardcore...Iíll takeíem both!

    jTj goes after Miz, but Riley gets him from behind. Miz jumps to the floor.

    Miz: The answer is no, youíre facing A-Ri!

    jTj versus Alex Riley [with The Miz and Michael Cole]

    Alex Riley takes advantage of the cheap shot for a while and really puts the boots to jTj. He goes for a quick pin and jTj kicks out just as quickly. The crowd starts a ĎjTjí chant and he starts to almost ĎHulk upí as he starts to get back to his feet. He delivers a few quick scoops slams and the crowd is eating it up. He then takes Riley up and delivers the Patriot Plex. He goes for the pin, but Michael Cole pulls the referee out of the ring. He yells at the referee who then calls for the bell.
    No Contest

    Cole: I am his pro. I decide the opponent, heís facing The Miz!

    Cole chastises the official some more, long enough for Riley to get a low blow on the irate jTj

    jTj versus WWE Champion, The Miz [with Michael Cole and Alex Riley]

    The Miz comes in and hits a Scull Crushing Finale on the blown up, vulnerable rookie. He then hooks the leg with a hand full of tights. The referee gets into position, but jTj KICKS OUT! The crowd is cheering like crazy and Michael Cole jumps on the apron. The official is arguing with him when Alex Riley slides in the WWE Title. Miz nails jTj with it! He throws it to the floor and goes for the pin. The official comes back and makes the three count.

    Winner, WWE Champion, The Miz [with Alex Riley and Michael Cole]

    Cole: YES! LOSER! Youíre a loser! Another win for The Miz! He just beat you jTj! Because heís better than you! Heís better than just being better than you! Heís The Miz and heís AWESOME! YEAH!

    The crowd is booing and jTj looks irate. Suddenly the school bell rings and Matt Striker comes down to the ring.

    WP: What is he doing out here? I thought I was going to get to air my thoughts on these goons.

    Punk: Striker just interrupted you before you could even get started.

    Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, PI has been officially eliminated from NXT by Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, but I have to say it would not have made a difference. PI was in last place. Mike, if you would please come down here, itís time for the moment weíve all been waiting for.

    ĎAnimal I Have Becomeí plays and Mike makes his way down to the ring.

    Striker: All right gentlemen, itís time for someone to celebrate tonight and I canít hold this moment back any longer. Who is the winner of NXT?

    #2- Heavy Mike ^ One Spot-Eliminated
    Striker: Well...That can only mean one thing!

    Winner- JTJ
    Confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling as jTj gets down on his knees and thanks God. Heavy Mike is smiling and clapping with a bit of a tear in his eye. jTj bows down to the Lord once more and then Heavy Mike helps him up and the two men hug. jTj then hugs Matt Striker who does not seem to welcome it, at all. He then takes the microphone as he sees Michael Cole walking up the stage.

    jTj: Michael! Michael! Come back! You were my pro and you deserve to be a part of this moment!

    Cole turns around and smiles, coming back to the ring.

    jTj: Thank you, Michael! Thank you for being my pro! You were a great pro...

    Matthews: This is strange.

    Cole smiles as jTjís face suddenly changes.

    jTj: But NXT is over....And youíre not my pro anymore.

    jTj pulls Cole closer and drops him with the Patriot Plex!!! The roof comes off the arena!

    Matthews: Weíll see you next week for the debut of NXT Season II!

    Punk: Next season weíll even start spelling Joshís last name right!

    WP: No more breaking kayfabe!

    © Copyright World Wrestling Entertainment


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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon *Spotlight of the Month*

    Congrats on the end of season 1 AM, and thanks for making us apart of it. You did such a great job and I have finally gotten around to reading the finale. Great show and I wish you all the best for Season 2, which I'm going tostart reading..... now!

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    Default Re: FF NXT by Alyon

    Sorry to bump a thread, but I was bored and spent the last hour or so reading back through this. I miss this thread, it was so much fun. The PI storyline was one of the finest I've read here and Punk in this thread is up there with my favourite ever characters to read in FF, he's hilarious.

    New guys, give this a read. Old guys, re-read it.

    Apologies again for the random bump, AM.
    Man of the world.

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