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  1. UFC 60 - Hughes Vs. Gracie
  2. PRIDE FC Bushido 11 "Survival 2006"
  3. Pride OW Grand Prix round 2 matchups
  4. tito ortiz to box ufc president (dana white)
  5. Ultimate Fighter Season 3 Finale
  6. UFC 61.....Who's getting it?
  7. Ali vs. Inoki 30th Anniversary Super Show
  8. UFC 40?
  9. UFC #61
  10. UFC DVD's??
  11. Getting into MMA
  12. As a Mayhem Monkey, I pass along news of an upcoming MMA PPV
  13. Tito Ortiz to Spar with UFC President Dana White
  14. Bonner/Griffen II confirmed for UFC 62!
  15. Martial Arts/MMA
  16. Best MMA fighter ever?
  17. Pride FC Bushido: Survival Round 2
  18. when did they start having ufc fighters wear gloves
  19. Pictures That Define MMA
  20. MMA: Silva vs. Liddell
  21. Shamrock / Ortiz III *merged*
  22. Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre
  23. What Pro Wrestler should join MMA?
  24. Diego Sanchez vs. Karo Parisyan
  26. Ultimate Fight Night Predictions
  27. UFC 33?
  28. St. Pierre OUT of UFC 63
  29. Pride FC: The Real Deal (USA Debut) - First Matches Confirmed - Coleman Vs. Fedor
  30. Nick Diaz is back in the UFC-- fighting Josh Neer at UFC 62
  31. I know this was a few months ago but I gots to know.
  32. UFC 62 Discussion Thread
  33. Guess who's meeting Tito Ortiz?
  34. MMA Bitch Bet-- Robbie Lawler vs. Jason "MayheM" Miller
  35. "Mayhem" Reigns: Miller Taps Lawler, Wins ICON Belt (Monkey's Unite!)
  36. Bitch Bet: Matt Hamill vs. Seth Petrozulli
  37. My official boycott of "The Ultimate Fighter"
  38. Stephan Bonnar fails post UFC 62 drug test
  39. MMA: Pride FC OWGP Discussion Thread
  40. UFC 63 Discussion Thread
  41. UFC 63 BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes
  42. mma questions
  43. Interview with UFC up and comer Joe Lauzon tommorrow!
  44. ifl superfight on fsn
  45. who will chuck lidell fight?
  46. militage vs gracie tonight on fsn
  47. If mark kerr never fucked with the painkillers
  48. Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock 3: Tonight on Spike TV 10/10/06!!!
  50. UFC 64 Unstoppable
  51. Shamrock (during prime) vs. Tito Ortiz (now)
  52. UFC 64 Discussion Thread/Preview
  53. Pride this sunday coleman vs fedor
  54. UFC 64 Bad Intentions
  55. My Interview with former UFC and current Bodog Fighter Nick "The Goat" Thompson
  56. UFC Greatest FIGHTER EVER ?
  57. Official UFC thread. *fighter and upcoming fight discussion*
  58. PRIDE or UFC
  59. Mayweather-Baldomir
  60. The Ultimate Fighter Season Finale Fights
  61. Iron Mike Whitehead is going to smoke Mark Kerr this weekend
  62. The Ultimate Fighter Season Finale Picks Thread
  63. kinda old but wanderleigh silva calling out chuck lidell at fedor vs coleman ppv
  64. Mike Bisping's fight with Eric Schaffer for the TUF Finale this Saturday post-poned
  65. Matt Hughes vs Georges St Pierre = Your Thoughts About It
  66. Chuck Liddell .vs. Tito Ortiz- UFC 66- Who do you think will win?
  67. UFC Heavyweight Championship = Tim Sylvia (c) vs Jeff Monson
  68. Hughes vs. St. Pierre Bitch Bet Thread
  69. The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale Play By Play Here
  70. Klitschko Vs Brock
  71. News from the MMA World
  72. My UFC Experience (pictures with fighters)
  73. Why did everyone boo tim silvia?
  74. Fedor vs. Hunt Official for Pride's NYE Show!
  75. PRIDE vs. UFC - We need one.
  76. PRIDE Shockwave 2006 Thread
  77. UFC 66 VBookie (Liddell-Ortiz 2)
  78. Huge MMA News.. Bodog Signs two big names (One Huge) and has mega fight set
  79. Kimbo Slice's most recent "fight" now posted..
  80. UFC acquires the rights to Rampage Jackson and Heath Herring
  81. Cro-Cop Jumps Ship-- Filipovic chooses UFC offer over new Pride deal
  82. Kimbo Slice Has Been Called Out And Is About To Die
  83. Historians UFC 66 Predictions (feel free to debate)
  84. UFC 67 "All Or Nothing"- 2/3/07
  85. UFC 66 Discussion Thread
  86. PRIDE FC Shockwave 2006 Official Predictions
  87. Best UFC Event (TV and PPV) of 2006?
  88. PRIDE:shockwave results as they happen.
  89. MMA Fight and Fighter of the Year
  90. Jason MacDonald to fight Rich Franklin at UFC 68
  91. MMA Greatest PPV's/ Stuff in General- A new fan
  92. The State Of UFC in 2007 (Especially The HeavyWeight Division)
  93. MMA Diehard Award: Stallone vs Kid A vs Dismantler vs Agent004sho
  94. Breaking UFC News: He'ssssssss Baaaaaaack!!!!! Couture to challenge Sylvia at UFC 68
  95. Pride 33- The Second Coming 2/24 (Middleweight Championship Fight)
  96. Pride Strikes Back: Nick Diaz Signs With Pride
  97. Ultimate Fight Night VBookie
  98. UFC 67 VBookie
  99. Kevin Randleman suffering from kidney failure
  100. Bodog Fights April 6-- Fedor vs. Matt Lindland
  101. PRIDE 33 official matches
  102. UFN 8: Heath Herring's Debut
  103. UFN 8 Results
  104. Diego Sanchez vs. Josh Koscheck signed for UFC 69
  105. Tension between Dana White and Rashad Evans?
  106. A dilemma
  107. About UFC odds
  108. UFC 67 Official PBP Thread
  109. Poll: Who should Cro-Cop fight next?
  110. Is MMA about to suffer from over-exposure?
  111. Breaking MMA News: Cro-Cop's next fight announced
  112. Rampage- Chuck 2 one of 3 More Fights On Verge of Completion
  113. UFC 70 in the UK
  114. I may be getting an interview with UFC vet Elvis Sinosic
  115. MMA: Your Top Ten Pound For Pound Fighters?
  116. Upcoming MMA Fight Schedule
  117. Ask your questions for UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic Now!
  119. Pride fighting vs UFC
  121. Randy and Fedor in negotiations...
  122. Do you think Sakuraba could have beaten Rickson Gracie?
  123. Good Bye "El Peligroso" Gilbert Aldana :(
  124. PRIDE 34 line up
  125. Question...
  126. Breaking News: Zuffa LLC Purchases Pride
  127. Kimbo Slice to make MMA debut against former boxer Ray Mercer
  128. Shogun To Fight For The UFC
  129. Do you think Lesnar will actually fight in May?
  130. What the hell is this??? UFC related
  131. UFC: GSP vs Serra / Sanchez vs Koscheck
  132. UFC : UK Updates~!
  133. Rich Franklin vs. Martin Kampmann June 16th
  134. Ultimate Fight Night Discussion Thread
  135. UFC 69 PBP Thread
  136. It's Time for PRIDE. TONNNNNNNNNIGHT!
  137. Pride's Lightweight Grand Prix 5/28 (First batch of Fighters Named)
  138. Fedor vs. Lindland
  139. UFC 70 Discussion
  140. The Coaches Of The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 Are...
  141. Will "Cro Cop" Retire Soon?
  142. The Ultimate Fighter 5 Discussion Thread
  143. *Breaking News* Couture to defend title against Gonzaga/Koscheck- St. Pierre signed..
  144. sokoudjou vs shogun??
  145. MMA/Boxing forum name
  146. The First MMA Forum Contest-- UFC 71 Pick 'Em
  147. UFC and Pride - an analysis
  148. Hendo vs. Liddell? If Dan has his way, it'll happen
  149. Will MMA become bigger than boxing with in the next 10 years?
  150. Breaking News: IFL Fighter Jeremy Williams Passes Away
  151. Big Nog vs. Heath Herring III at UFC 73
  152. Strongmen in MMA
  153. Dynamite!!
  154. Boxer Kermit Cintron challenges UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk
  155. Randy Couture to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated
  156. Royce Gracie vs. Sakuraba II
  157. Tim Sylvia's fight with Brandon Vera falls through-- rematch with Mir coming
  158. You can train with any camp, where do you go?
  159. UFC 72 NOT Free
  160. Melvin Guillard Suspended 8 Months, fined $2,100
  161. Chuck Liddell on the cover of ESPN The Magazine
  162. Newest member to the MMA/Boxing Boards
  163. The Axe Murderer?
  164. This Week's Ultimate Fighter Poll Question
  165. UFC's First Death
  166. Ricky Hatton
  167. This week's debate: Was Franklin- Shamrock fixed?
  168. MMA League Weekly Matchups
  169. Brokenlabia vs. Akoi, Akoi Akoi: Heavyweight (Josh Barnett vs. Aleksander Emilienko)
  170. Brokenlabia vs. Akoi Akoi Akoi MW (Amar Suloev vs. Matt Lindland)
  171. Brokenlabia vs. Akoi, Akoi Akoi LW (Kid Yamamoto vs. Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki)
  172. Brokenlabia vs. Akoi, Akoi Akoi LHW (Rampage Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell)
  173. Brokenlabia vs. Akoi Akoi Akoi WW (Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Drew Fickett)
  174. The Bigger Upcoming Fight?
  175. Brock Lesnar
  176. Does anyone know where i can watch the ultimate fighter online?
  177. MMA/UFC Women and The Olympics?
  178. What should I look for in UFC?
  179. Wandy Taking A YEAR Off
  180. The UFC 71 Thread (Predictions and Whatnot)
  181. Roger Huerta on the cover of SI
  182. UFC Fight
  183. IFA The Killers of MMA vs. Team Hotness MW (Denis Kang vs. Yushin Okami)
  184. IFA The Killers of MMA vs. Team Hotness WW (Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz)
  185. IFA The Killers of MMA vs. Team Hotness WW (Mike Swick vs. Diego Sanchez)
  186. IFA The Killers of MMA vs. Team Hotness HW (Brandon Vera vs. Gabriel Gonzaga)
  187. IFA The Killers of MMA vs. Team Hotness LHW (Tito Ortiz vs. Shogun Rua)
  188. June 2 K-1 Dynamite News
  189. Rampage awesome video!
  190. ESPN.com adds MMA section
  191. The Iceman versus Rampage Event Discussion
  192. Paul Buentello vs. Allister Overeem
  193. Kurt Angle
  194. Fedor
  195. To Tap Out or not Tap Out?
  196. Who do you think Hits the Hardest in MMA?
  197. Who is your money on, Hendo or Rampage?
  198. In need of help Lads
  199. complete fighter payroll for UFC 71
  200. MMA and Poker....?
  201. My UFC 70 'Nations Collide' Experience
  202. Favourite MMA shows of all time?
  203. wtf paulo filho to the wec ?
  204. eliteXC june 22nd
  205. interesting read, ESPN shits on Lesnar's MMA career, high on charisma and Angle
  206. Lesnar Impressive in MMA debut
  207. Anyone watching WEC?
  208. Current state of Pride Fighting?
  209. Kurt Angle UFC?
  210. Liddell vs Silva OR Couture vs Fedor?
  211. Diego Sanchez vs. Mach Sakurai signed for UFC 74
  212. Rampage/Henderson to Headline UFC 75 in Engurlund
  213. This interview with Rampage is fucking awesome
  214. did dana really say this??
  215. Kimbo=Model MMA Student?
  216. Team TRI-angle Choke vs. Team America MW (Nathan Marquardt vs. Rich "Ace" Franklin)
  217. Team TRI-angle Choke vs. Team America LHW (Little Nog vs. Mario Sperry)
  218. Team TRI-angle Choke vs. Team America HW (Big Nog vs. Tim Sylvia)
  219. Royce Gracie tests positive for Steroids
  220. UFC 73 PRE-SHOW Discussion: No Belts, Good Fights and Yushin Okami killing 'The Ace'
  221. Holy shit. UFC 72 is ON!
  222. Hey Anthony
  223. Tips For MMA Newbies
  224. Pro Wrestling or MMA?
  225. Michael Bisping vs. Ken Shamrock at UFC 75
  226. GSP's Loss Still Causing A Stir.
  227. The Green Ranger STILL Kicks Ass
  228. Paulo Filho's first WEC Opponent is......
  229. Tapout
  230. Pride back on 8/18?
  231. New Nick Diaz highlight video
  232. Breaking News: TUF Fighter Fails to Make Weight
  233. Frank Shamrock defeats Phil Baroni; Buentello wins
  234. TUF 5 Finale quick predictions and discussion
  235. The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale Discussion
  236. CCFC PBP and Discussion Thread (Kimbo vs. Mercer)
  237. God in heaven he may truly be coming. You know who I mean.
  238. MMA Poll 1: WSBJD?
  239. MMA Poll 2: Was the Maynard- Emerson No Contest Call The Right One?
  240. *RUMOR* BJ Penn to fight Diego Sanchez in August?
  241. *UFC 73: STACKED* Predictions and discussion
  242. SportsCenter's Who's Now
  243. *UFC 74: RESPECT* Predictions & Discussion.
  244. Din Thomas - Spencer Fisher signed
  245. ESPN.com interview with Dana White
  246. HERO's July 16 + Gomi news
  247. Breaking News: UFC Fighter Babalu Arrested
  248. UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion to be Broadcast on Spike TV
  249. Team KTFO needs You.
  250. Lightweight ROID TITLE FIGHT~!