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  1. OFFICIAL DISCUSSION THREAD for... The Legacy of Legacy!
  2. *MERGED* Official JOHN CENA Discussion Thread *MERGED*
  3. Jim Ross: on XPac/Hogan returning, Rock vs Cena, etc..
  4. Do you think USA should repeat Raw?
  5. *MERGED* Official KEN KENNEDY Discussion Thread *MERGED*
  6. *merged* New RAW GM (all new threads will go in here)
  7. *MERGED* Official TRIPLE H Discussion Thread *MERGED*
  8. AAE with Carlito...thoughts?
  9. Possible summerslam spoiler
  10. Do you think a Trish/Mickie-type storyline would have worked better for Cena?
  11. Can you dig it....Suckah?
  12. Admit it, You Love Raw
  13. ****Summerslam Spoiler****
  14. Iron Sheik on RAW tomorrow....
  15. Linda McMahon
  16. RAW house show for 8-23-07
  17. Question for the November 5th Raw
  18. *MERGED* Official SHAWN MICHAELS Discussion Thread *MERGED*
  19. Looking back on the funniest threads in the RAW section
  20. The Dominator
  21. SS IC Title Match Thread
  22. The Fake HHH = Gold moment forever
  23. *MERGED* Official JEFF HARDY Discussion Thread *MERGED*
  24. Ron Simmons + Dialogue =
  25. RAW Wrestlemania Main Event *Rumour*
  26. Ron Simmons vs. Santino Marella for Summerslam??
  27. Who's the real monster of RAW?
  28. Why the HHH/King Booker match failed to get the build it needed...
  29. Anyone else sense Morrison vs Cena on Raw?
  30. After RAW went off the air!
  31. Why have we still not been given HBK vs Jeff Hardy?
  32. Next week’s WWE Monday Night RAW will be taped on Sunday night
  33. Would Triple H have started a program with Carlito had Kennedy not been pinned?
  34. We still might see DESTINY~!
  35. why hasn't anyone stolen from cryme tyme?
  36. Whos Next to Come Up From OVW?
  37. Since there are spoilers for Monday Night RAW...
  38. Carlito,s Shorter Hair *Like Or Dislike*
  39. Booker T may quit WWE
  40. And the Raw rating is.......
  41. Title change in South Africa
  42. Who will Jeff fued with over the I-C belt now?
  43. Daivari <3 Hassan *merged*
  44. Am I the only one who thinks...
  45. Should Ron Simmons Wrestle?
  46. Mistake on John Cenas Bio on wwe.com Raw superstar page
  47. Jim Ross on: his future as announcer, Flair quitting?, drugs, and more!!
  48. Cena as heel....or....Orton as face?
  49. WWE releases Sandman
  50. Wanted: Heels
  51. The WWE severly needs a faction war.
  52. Vince and Steph are hating us more and more
  53. after unforgiven should Raw trade for Undertaker?
  54. Vince Mcmahon interview on WWE.com about Hornswoggle
  55. got my tickets for raw this monday
  56. Vince's Raw . TheStorylines cursed?
  57. Umaga's Return Fued
  58. Cena: There needs to be an equal.
  59. Will Raw still go 3 hours?
  60. RAW Preview for tonight.
  61. Edge's Departure has hurt Raw SO MUCH
  62. Put Cena and Orton in the Cell
  63. No Love for RAW's Tag Title Match?
  64. World Wrestling Federation Champion
  65. *MERGED* Official CHRIS JERICHO Discussion Thread *MERGED*
  66. ***Spoilers*** Regarding Hunter/Cena/Orton Plans
  67. Review Raw Thread 9/17/07
  68. The Lashely Return
  69. Signs of the night
  70. OMG Raw is in trouble - Hacksaw got injured !
  71. Who else is liking the Cena/Orton fued?
  72. where oh where is snitsky?
  73. *Spoiler* New Unforgiven Match!
  74. How many of you?
  75. Vince McMahon is F'n Boring!
  76. New No Mercy Match
  77. Randy Orton vs John Cena - I Quit, Hell In A Cell Match
  78. new jim ross blog: sandman's release, lack of stables, sting, brand ppvs, etc..
  79. RAW hits Wembley
  80. Maria on Smackdown
  81. God!!! I miss King Bookaah!!!
  82. Will Cody Rhodes get the IC push?
  83. 3 hour raw?
  84. Who else thinks....
  85. The next anti-establishment stable?
  86. Vince Mcmahon vs HHH next week.
  87. Regal vs. Coach storyline
  88. What's Next for Carlito?
  89. Re-Sign Cryme Tyme
  90. john cena next dvd details
  91. Rumor: Top Raw babyface star to turn heel
  92. Do the Fans Know Who Shelton Benjamin Is?
  93. I made the Observer Web site!!
  94. To anyone that has the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (spoilers?)
  95. Details behind Sandman's release
  96. Cena vs Kennedy on raw
  97. McMahon's Bastard Son, continuing tonight?
  98. Ron Simmons Spoke!
  99. Appreciate Umaga?
  100. Shooting Star Press
  101. Val Venis push?
  102. Was that a pop ... for the Highlanders?
  103. WWE Championship poll on WWE.com
  104. *merged* WWE Championship Belt discussion
  105. Who put Randy Orton over? (Or did anybody?)
  106. I Think We Should All Step Back For A Second
  107. Rainbow haired Warior!
  108. a new JBL on Raw??
  109. The WWE will Continue!
  110. So what happened?
  111. King Booker causing more tension?
  112. Can any of the younger guys run with the ball now?
  113. Triple Threat match At Maina
  114. Who will get the bigger return push when they come back
  115. A champ can be replaced but what about WWE's spokesman ?
  116. 2007-Worst year in WWE history?
  117. What is Umaga holding on the main page of WWE.com
  118. Lashley as a Heel...
  119. Read This!
  120. When HBK returns, he needs to....
  121. Orton & Kennedy vs Helmsley & Colon
  122. What's wrong with London & Kendrick?
  123. What's next for Umaga?
  124. They try to make me watch The Condemned, I say NO, NO, NO
  125. Val Venus
  126. Cyber Sunday - RAW Main Event
  127. Will Shawn Michaels be at UK House Shows? *Contains RAW Spoiler*
  128. RAW Has Gotten A lot Better As Of Late
  129. *living in the past, a WWE story* The 'OMG IS DX COMING BACK!?' ALL IN HERE!
  130. Super Crazy really needs to go to SmackDown! or ECW
  131. Did HBK Return Too Soon?
  132. Mysterio to RAW!?
  133. Why did the Highlanders beat London and Kendrick?
  134. Does anyone have WWE on demand?
  135. Do Brian Kendrick and Paul London remind anyone else of the Rockers?
  136. Which SD wrestler would fit better on Raw with Cena gone?
  137. Who from Raw will be in next yrs money in the bank match?
  138. Jim Ross on: TNA, Y2J, Flair, Rock, Divas, etc
  139. Sheriff Austin return?
  140. Entire Cyber Sunday card announced after Raw
  141. *merged* Lack of signs......did it help "you" focus and enjoy the show?
  142. It's Official, Booker T and Sharmell have been released
  143. Daivari released
  144. What happened to val venis?
  145. How long before they turn Mr Kennedy face?
  146. Next RAW's Main Event
  147. Cody Rhodes vs. Hardcore Holly Feud to End Up as Tag Partners
  148. Do you think Trump will be used to bring back Lashley?
  149. Major Backstage Altercation Between HBK & Vince McMahon
  150. JR's take on: Booker T, Daivari, if he'd consider going to SD, and more!
  151. Who would you like to see as GM of RAW?
  152. Val Venis getting pushed?
  153. Austin on RAW this week or next?
  154. What if Kennedy won the vote?
  155. Do you like how WWE is booking Harry Smith?
  156. Raw main event=botchamania
  157. Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes (WWE T-T Champs)
  158. Send Carlito to Smackdown
  159. Shelton and Hass got to talk!!!! Holy shit, where are the WGTT marks!?
  160. At some point
  161. The New Tradition will/would be awesome together as a heel stable
  162. RAW Cursed Before PPV
  163. WWE RAW rating
  164. Do you like this idea for WM24?
  165. if hardy had turned on HBK??
  166. Raw's Roster
  167. Chris Jericho On John Cena, Triple H and So Much More
  168. Why on Gods green Earth would anyone want"Not so Hardcore" Holly's respect?
  169. something that really pisses me off
  170. Mick Foley mean nothing anymore & Steve Austin gets 80% with no hype thoights?
  171. Handicap Match Tonight!
  172. DX 1 night only????!
  173. Cade and murdoch tension brewing?
  174. Harry "DH" Smith
  175. The new heelish highlanders.
  176. Survivor Series Raw main event inside SPOILER
  177. When Cena comes back
  178. About the superkick on RAW?
  179. Does Trevor Murdoch's gimmick remind you of John Goodman in "Raising Arizona"?
  180. So beth Phoenix...
  181. Australian Survivor series tour
  182. John Cena's Prime?
  183. Are Cade and Murdoch faces now? - Or will they break up?
  184. wwe writers
  185. Mysterio/J. Hardy vs. Kennedy/Finlay
  186. Tonights raw, a 'must see' .. ?
  187. Why is WWE burying Orton?
  188. Should Evolution still be around?
  189. Raw 15th Anniversary
  190. All I want for Thanksgiving is more William Regal
  191. WWE Mobile
  192. Lashley to help Hornswoggle?
  193. Could JR Mention The Traditional Survivor Series Match More?
  194. Raw Rating!
  195. The Australia Zoo gets RAW!
  196. Let's say they DO move Mark Henry to RAW..
  197. So WWE went all out for the last RAW...
  198. Weird seeing HHH and Kane together
  199. Overkill: The Cade & Murdoch story.
  200. What show was I watching last night?
  201. Edge is right
  202. Anyone going to Raw this Monday?
  203. Three Tag Teams to battle Thursday Night on WWE.com to face Cade and Murdock at SS
  204. Anyone notice?
  205. Cena coming back early?
  206. SHANE O MAC DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  207. Break the Walls down! - The stunning one at a Y2J book signing (with pics)
  208. Q&A with HBK
  209. Hall of Fame question regarding the McMahons
  210. UK fans - help needed
  211. McMahon Son Stroyline?
  212. A Historical Raw on Nov. 19th
  213. Raw roster: hits and misses
  214. Report: Harry Smith Failed Drug Test Before RAW Debut
  215. Over/under for this week's Raw rating: Will Monday night be "saved"?
  216. Who's the MVP on Raw from this year ?
  217. What will Raw look like after SS?
  218. WWE changes Live RAW event in Carolina’s
  219. How should Shawn be tonight?
  220. Does Triple H Look Our for Number 1 instead of what's best for the company?
  221. What should they do with Orton from here?
  222. Hornswoggle and Khali Match Outcome SWERVE??
  223. Hardy vs Umaga Tonight
  224. Jeff Hardy and Triple H at SS
  225. RAW is back!!!
  226. Armageddon Idea
  227. Finlay Being McMahon Son
  228. Grisham/HHH Segment
  229. Hardy-Helmsley-Jericho vs ?
  230. Raw too stacked with good guys??
  231. Orton's lackluster push....
  232. RAw 15th anniversary
  233. Upcoming Live Event (Look Whos Getting a Title Shot)
  234. Damn you Triple H!
  235. Torch Runner
  236. Does anyone know the origin of the "Lion tamer" move?
  237. Now that SS is over and a stacked ME, will Raw be exclusive?
  238. Which WWE Championship Title Do You Like?
  239. For some odd reason....
  240. Stephanie McMahon on RAW this Monday?
  241. would this tag team work.......
  242. Natural Born Thrillers in the WWE
  243. Umaga's Facial Tattoos
  244. Bring back Dustin Rhodes...
  245. Anyone else miss monday night wars?
  246. Elimination Chamber
  247. Big Fish Small Pond Syndrome
  248. Hardcore Holly....botch prone
  249. Four Horsemen
  250. Hornswoggle Future??? Bright or Dim